Technical Explanation Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Study Global Flood dot org Told by John Baumgardner
Noah’s Flood is a joke to the wrongly educated biblephobes, but when they are challenged to study the material at John Baumgardner’s fabulous Global Flood dot org, the scales will either come off their eyes or remain yet with the seed planted that the Bible is true.  
Leen Ritmeyer Temple Mount Dimensions Royal Cubit of Great Pyramid Half of Standard Teotihuacan Unit
Without ancient global navigation, what are the odds that the cubit length (20.67 modern inches) used for Solomon’s Temple would be almost the exactly the same as the Egyptians’ royal cubit length (20.63 inches) used for the Great Pyramid and almost exactly half of the Standard Teotihuacan Unit of measure (41.71 inches) used for the […]
Discovery of Capital for Column of Solomon’s Temple Bad News for Israel Deniers Causing Shock Waves
Anybody with at least half-a-brain knows that Israel was a mighty nation circa 1000 b. c. when David then Solomon by Elohim’s blessing caused Israel to be the envy of the world, but those denying this, saying the Jews were never a power in the Holy Land, still say show us proof, more of which […]
Elohim Will Have Never Known Those in Hell Even the Professing Christians Not Born Again Who Prayed
Many pray to the Creator in the name of Jesus for fixes, never to become born again, so they will join those in hell whom Elohim will say He never knew, that He never had intimacy with any of them though offered to all.  
Omaha Mayoral Candidate Heath Mello Hits Wall for Supporting Women’s Right to Baby’s Ultrasound
For having supported a bill in the Nebraska state senate to force doctors to tell pregnant mothers considering abortion that they can see an ultrasound of the baby-in-the-womb if they so choose, Omaha democrat mayoral candidate Heath Mello is being pilloried by many Democrats saying they can’t support him because of that!  
Few Like to Talk About the Word’s Scary Description of the Fate for Those Having Rejected Jesus Christ
Having offered Himself as sacrifice (then to resurrect) for the sins of all who will believe and receive Him, isn’t it really fair to say that Elohim should be seen perfectly righteous in punishing all who will have rejected Him£ Most pastors don’t even talk much about hell, the description in the Word of those […]
Mysterious Moai of Easter Island Built in Megalithic Age of Transoceanic Navigators the Time of Moses
Mainstream archaeologists almost can’t accept that a third of the RongoRongo script signs of Easter Island are essentially identical to those of the Indus Valley Civilization, 13,000 miles away across the Pacific then on to the western coast of India, accepting the likeness of the two scripts nevertheless for its obviousness, though saying that the […]
Radio Host Michael Berry’s Funny Question to Ask Insufferable Food Smackers Like My Friend Flicka
We all aghast have witnessed those dreaded food smackers revealing the progress of their mastications for all the world to see, complete with the gross noises from their processing, so a good comment to them in the form of a question is to ask “what’s up Flicka£” (My Friend Flicka, a horse, was the star […]
Do Amy Schumer & Samantha Bee Support Trump’s Fight Against Islamic Female Genital Mutilation£
Over 500,000 female Muslims in the United States have no clitoris, cut off by islamic religious zealots, because they say women don’t deserve pleasure, only pain apparently.  
Easter Island’s First Settlers of Hotu Matua Displaced from Hiva Land End of Ice Age Now Marquesas
The people of Easter Island have ancestral recollection of the man Hotu Matua who first settled there, come from Hiva land, much of which was consumed when the Ice Age ended (circa 1500 b. c.), what remain the Marquesas islands (among which are Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, and Latu Hiva). RongoRongo, the undecifered written language […]
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