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Call for Alfie Dingley to be allowed medicinal cannabis
A mother shows the bruises from her "aggressive and angry" six-year-old son in the campaign for a special licence to use medicinal cannabis to treat his epilepsy.
Patient and medics tackle Sahara race for Air Ambulance
Medics and a former patient take on a gruelling Sahara race to raise funds for London Air Ambulance.
Teenagers with HIV: 'Just a little illness'
Missed sleepovers, exam issues, secrets from siblings - the challenges of growing up with HIV.
Cannabis oil: Meet the woman taking it for breast cancer recovery
Nikki Bednall says she takes cannabis oil through "desperation not recreation" after her breast cancer.
Chantelle Millward on Orkambi drug for cystic fibrosis patients
MPs are debating a petition calling for all people with cystic fibrosis to be given the life-changing, but very expensive, drug.
'Game changer' treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients
Louise Willetts says she is completely well following treatment that was originally used on cancer patients.
What does your knee sound like inside£
A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a stethoscope for your knees.
Living healthily in Qatar: Why's it hard£
In Qatar, over 70% of the population is overweight or obese.
Dorset orchestra forms 'first ensemble of disabled musicians'
The musicians hope to show that disabled people can and should be more involved in classical music.
'I wish I had the confidence to go out without make-up'
Twenty-nine-year-old Tracy has acne, and worries about what people think of her at work.
'You have to present the perfect face online'
Lex has rosacea and says it's hard to be honest about her skin online.
A better way to care for dementia patients
Infrared technology and artificial intelligence offer a better way to take care of dementia patients. It can scan their vital signs 24 hours a day.
'I take 'smart drugs' despite risks'
Leora is a student who takes a 'smart drug' to help her cope with the pressures of university.
Disabled girl's Hoddesdon home adapted by volunteers
A toddler who was born with a hole in her heart has had her home revamped by builders.
Professor Stephen Hawking's greatest wish
The physicist, who has died aged 76, had motor neurone disease.
Corbyn quotes Hawking to May
Jeremy Corbyn quotes the late Prof Hawkins when he asks about finances and staff numbers in the NHS.
The country where more than 70% of people are overweight or obese
Qatar is taking drastic action to help people lose weight and fight diabetes.
Australia fights drug addiction with plane flying lessons
A moment of fear in the air is part of a rehab programme in Australia.
A boy’s creative response to his mother’s illness
When Noah's mother was diagnosed with cancer, he came up with an idea to express his grief. Now his idea is being made into a book.
Sugar tax: The Norwegians travelling to Sweden for sweets
Here's why some Norwegians are making a day trip to Sweden to get their sugar fix.
Why two sisters are both having double mastectomies
A faulty gene means two sisters are at a higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.
What I'd say to my younger self
Four people from the University of Birmingham's 1000 Elders group on what they might do differently.
Tumour patient's donor plea over snow-hit blood stocks
Beth Cobbold, 21, from Ipswich, said she would not be alive without blood donations.
3D nipple tattoos - helping women after mastectomies
Lucy, from Bradford, uses a US developed technique currently not available in the UK, to produce realistic 3D looking nipples for breast cancer survivors.
Rare identical triplets go home in Kansas City, Missouri
Mother Nicole decided against a Caesarean section, and all the boys are doing well.
Guess how many calories are in your lunch
Newsbeat went to find out if people could guess how many calories are in typical lunchtime meals.
Tom Rebair wins ambassador award after overcoming anorexia
Tom Rebair has won a Prince's Trust award for turning his life around after developing anorexia.
Trampoline park injuries 'more serious', hospital finds
Children suffered worse injuries at trampoline parks than when using home equipment, a hospital finds.
'Miracle' baby born between chemotherapy and menopause
Doctors told Sarah she had a 1% chance of conceiving after chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer.
'I had my leg cut off to get my life back'
Victoria Snell chose to have her leg amputated after six years of "constant pain".
What's it like to care for the dying£
Two former nurses from Ghana and Malawi share their experiences of caring for the dying.
Government must give more money to healthcare, says professor
Satisfaction with the NHS is falling and Prof John Appleby says the government needs to address this.
'I prayed to die' after FGM aged six, says victim
Hibo Wadere was a victim of female genital mutilation and talks about her experience.
'Wired differently': a mum's tribute to her son
Tristan has Asperger's syndrome and his mother penned a poem about his life.
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome not stopping Natalie Wilson's 5,000 mile ride
Natalie Wilson is starting a 5,000 mile challenge to cycle the coastline of Great Britain on a recumbent trike.
Teenager wants to raise awareness of rare eye condition
Holly was born with a condition that made it hard for her to open her eyes fully.
Period poverty: Helping homeless and vulnerable women
The Homeless Period delivers boxes with sanitary products to centres supporting vulnerable women.
The blind MMA champion helping others defend themselves
When Ronald Dlamini went blind it ended his sporting career, but now he's training other blind people to protect themselves.
Fighting female suicide in a country with a tragic record
How one former beauty queen made it her mission to reduce the rate of female suicide in her country.
Animal antibiotics reduced in bid to tackle superbugs
Vets and medical staff teaming up to reduce antibiotic use on farms.
Miniature heart inventor
Scientific breakthroughs take time to catch on, says the inventor of miniature hearts.
Wearable tech could help stroke patients with recovery
US scientists are developing wearable sensors to speed up the recovery of stroke patients.
Grieving dad urges people to talk about mental health
Andrew MacLeod's daughter Kayley took her life, aged 21, after battling mental health problems.
World Hacks: Putting your leftover pills back to work
An app in Greece is helping people donate their leftover drugs to those who can't afford to buy them.
What you need to know about fruit tea
Sipping acidic fruit teas between meals can wear away teeth, a study shows – and it's not the only thing.
'Anti-depressants help me function'
Scientists say more people could benefit from taking pills to reduce the symptoms of acute depression.
Alfie Evans' father: 'My son's been sentenced to the death penalty'
The parents of a boy with a mystery illness lose a fight in the High Court for doctors to continue life support.
Cancer drugs could help Nikki's blood vessel disorder
Scientists uncover faulty genes behind a rare blood vessel disorder and say cancer drugs could treat it.
How Malawi reduced infant mortality
Every year 2.6m babies around the world don't survive beyond a month but Malawi's number is dropping.
'I forgot my mum had died'
After waking from a coma following a brain injury, Peter was forced to grieve all over again.
What you need to know about bread
Ultra-processed foods have been linked to cancer - so should we be worried about eating bread£
'How doodling helped my depression'
James Garden says drawing helps him cope with his feelings.
Is loneliness affecting your health£
BBC Radio 4 wants you to take part in an experiment on the extent and effects of loneliness
'I have Parkinson's at 39 but it's no reason to panic'
Marathon runner Aaron found he had Parkinson's aged 39 but through his love of exercise he's found a way to combat the symptoms.
Scientists have developed a lung probe that finds infections
The probe provides access deep inside a patient’s lung, which means doctors will be able to diagnose lung conditions much quicker and more accurately.
'Xanax made my daughter an aggressive zombie'
A mum describes how she had her daughter arrested after she became violent because of the drug alprazolam.
Orthorexia: My 'healthy food' eating disorder
Here's what extreme "clean-eating" did to one woman.
'Punished for a crime I hadn't committed'
Joanna is one of at least 9,000 non-smokers in the UK diagnosed with lung cancer every year.
What makes us happy£
Scientists are researching how life's ups and downs affect our mental health.
Transgender child: 'I think I'm a girl in a boy's body'
Kiera Puddefoot, 13, who is transgender, was previously known as Lucas.
Josh Quigley cycled the world after surviving suicide
Josh Quigley rode over 10,000 miles to raise awareness of mental health issues after attempting to take his own life.
Dorset schoolgirl 'lost confidence after fat letter'
A cricket-loving schoolgirl says she lost her passion for the sport after receiving the letter.
Why you should love your 'saggy boobs'
Blogger Chidera Eggerue wants women to celebrate breasts of all shapes and sizes.
Dystonia chronic pain 'completely changed my life'
Ann Pierce-Jones used to be full of confidence but now lives "day-to-day" in chronic pain.
'I could've recovered from anorexia sooner'
A woman says it was only when she had therapy as an adult that she started to recover from anorexia.
Mum explains why she kept teen pregnancy secret
Lucy Sherwood explains why she kept her pregnancy secret at the age of 15.
The promising leukaemia trial treatment
Simon Cox reports on developments in the treatment of the most common form of leukaemia.
What's going on in a toddler's brain£
Scientists want to find out more about how very young children develop a sense of self.
'I miss her so much': NHS doctor separated from daughter
An Egyptian doctor recruited by the NHS in 2016 has had an application for her three-year-old daughter to come to the UK rejected.
Rochelle Bugg's cancer blog for bereaved children
31-year-old Rochelle blogs to try and help other young people who have lost a loved one.
Harry Potter star's message of thanks to Hereford hospice
Daniel Radcliffe surprised staff with a message of thanks for the "incredible" work they do.
Delayed cancer diagnosis leaves family with 'what ifs'
A grandfather faced delays for chemotherapy - only to find out his condition had become terminal.
Fentanyl: The synthetic opioid being bought on darknet
The prescription painkiller that's being taken to get a high, and has killed 112 people in the UK since 2016.
The extraordinary healing powers of music
The US National Institutes of Health is exploring the relationship between music and the brain.
Who, or what, defines you as a woman£
Why some feminists and trans activists are clashing over the way people legally change gender.
Teen who self-harmed finds boxing refuge
Kirsty, 16, has tried to take her own life but says she has found an escape at a boxing gym.
Disabled comedian faces 'aggressive' abuse over her size
Tanyalee Davis is 3ft 6in (109cm) tall because of a bone disorder and is taunted in the street.
Rally in London calls for action on NHS 'crisis'
Thousands take part in a march calling for more government support for the NHS.
Rett syndrome: Woman fundraises for three-year-old daughter
Sophie Edes cannot talk due to the rare syndrome.
'What if they leave her sitting in the corner£'
Three in four family carers have no plan for when they can't look after their relatives, a charity suggests.
Emotionally charged Commons hears stillbirth account
Labour MP weeps as she tells how not being able to register her stillborn daughter left her devastated.
Comedian Karl Minns: 'My battle with depression'
The performer has discussed his real-life struggles and the issue of men's mental health.
The mum and baby pole dancing class
A fitness class in north Manchester is teaching new mums how to pole dance and do aerial hoops - and their babies can come along too.
Eilidh Johnstone: Blind skier, 10, dreams of Paralympics
Eilidh Johnstone is in training to join a visually-impaired skiing team and has big ambitions.
Film-maker Tallulah Self, 18, challenges healthy eating advert
Film-maker Tallulah Self said a calorie-counting campaign was sending out a negative message to those living with eating disorders.
Endometriosis: 'My vagina tried to kill me'
Comedian Amy Vreeke has endometriosis and has written a comedy show about her condition.
Singapore vaping ban: My last legal puff
One Singapore vaper shares his thoughts on the ban on e-cigarettes.
Folic acid: Why scientists want it added to flour
Scientists hope folic acid in flour could lower the number of babies born with birth defects.
Can you freeze your body£
Arizona-based company Alcor offers cryonic preservation in the hope of reviving you in the future.
'Baby brain': Myth or reality£
"Four in five" women undergo changes in memory and concentration during pregnancy, new research suggests.
10,000 steps: Marketing ploy or fit for purpose£
Is the daily target of walking 10,000 steps really just a marketing ploy£ We put it to the test.
Promising NHS money 'not good enough'
More reform - not just extra money - is needed to ensure the NHS stays relevant, says Lord Darzi.
'I was addicted to pulling my hair out'
Megan Malone says it stopped her doing things she loved.
'Period ban is ruining my education'
Ghanaian schoolgirls have been banned from crossing a river to get to school while they are menstruating - and on Tuesdays.
Carer filmed slapping Kettering dementia patient
The 78-year-old is slapped and told she stinks by the carer, who was given a police caution.
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