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Metals Stocks: Gold under pressure as dollar regains some traction
Gold prices were falling Thursday, moving in the opposite direction of the dollar, which was firming up.
How trading bitcoin could actually ruin your mental health
Distress during the ups and downs of trading Bitcoin. Where have we seen this before£
The Margin: Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ flop, as site crashes
Awards presentations aren’t easy. Steve Harvey bungled the Miss Universe winner. The Oscars mangled the best-picture winner. And on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards” stunt backfired as the site crashed almost immediately.
The Wall Street Journal: Graham pleads with Trump to support bipartisan immigration bill
In a sustained and unusually personal plea for support for a bipartisan immigration bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor late Wednesday night to make his case directly to President Donald Trump and his Republican and Democratic colleagues.
New YouTube rules likely to have little effect on ad sales
The new rules that YouTube rolled out Tuesday — among them reducing the number of channels that may carry ads and beefing up human oversight on those which do — will likely have a minor, if any, effect on advertising revenue, analysts say.
Asia Markets: Nikkei tops 24,000 for first time since 1991 as Asian markets build on gains
Asian stocks rose early Thursday, helped by strength in technology stocks and record highs on Wall Street overnight.
Windows shattered as Apple, Google shuttle buses targeted on freeway
Five charter buses shuttling workers for Apple Inc. and Google were the apparent targets of vandalism Tuesday, resulting in shattered windows but no injuries.
MarketWatch First Take: Apple has less cash than you may think, but plenty to fund a large acquisition
Apple Inc. could potentially have as much as $44 billion in cash left over from its repatriation bonanza so the big question is what will the company known for strategic small acquisitions and conservative spending do with all that money£
The Wall Street Journal: NASA spells out safety steps that SpaceX, Boeing need to take before manned launches
NASA is working with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to redesign part of the fuel system for the company’s Falcon 9 rockets and then will demand at least seven successful unmanned flights before allowing astronauts on board.
The Sniff Test: Apple didn’t say it was hiring 20,000 new workers, nor bringing back its overseas cash
Apple Inc. announced a series of plans on Wednesday that were celebrated as promises to hire thousands of workers and bring home billions of dollars in cash, but that isn’t what Apple said.
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