Brooke and Jubal
Phone Tap: Reservations of Thrones 2
Jubal calls a restaurant with one simple goal: he wants, no… demands a reservation and nothing will stop him.
Second Date: John and Jillian (Yoga Pant Bandit)
John put on his date's Yoga Pants and texted her a funny picture and now she wants nothing to do with him.
Whatcha Doin' At The Courthouse£ - April 28
We head down to the local halls of justice to ask the fine citizens hanging around a simple question... Whatcha Doin'£
Laser Stories - April 28
In today's Laser Stories, one guy ran BACK into an apartment fire to rescue some obscure valuables.
Phone Tap: Fine from the Home Owner's Association
Jubal calls a woman who recently moved into a new place and unfortunately for her the HOA has been keeping an eye on her
Shock Collar Question of the Day - April 28
Which famous 90's show had two actresses that secretly wore prosthetics during shooting£
60 Seconds with Jubal - Listener Questions #4
Time for another edition of Listener Questions!
Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 27
Kim Kardashian speaks publicly for the first time since she was robbed in Paris.
Second Date CHECK IN: Lazer Tag Broke My Nose
Robert and Melissa went on a lazer tag that ended in a huge injury. What happened after their second date£
Second Date: Kevin and Denise (Micronaps)
Kevin's date with Denise fell flat in more ways than one. Can he salvage a second date or is he unlucky in love£
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