Brooke and Jubal
2nd Date: Lucas & Gemma (Want My Spaghetti Noodle)
Lucas asked out his coworker, but after a few kisses on the first date she bailed. So he called us for some help.
Awkward Tuesday - Slut Resume
Be careful when pranking a friend. The tiniest thing could be life-altering, just like this Awkward Tuesday Phone Call.
Jose's Love Life - Girlfriend
Jose has a big update in his pursuit of the woman of his dreams!
Phone Tap: Hotel Do No Disturb
Jubal calls a guy who left his hotel a week ago but since he left the do not disturb sign on his door, he's got to pay.
Phone Tap: We Lost Your Taxes
Jubal calls a guy to tell him they lost his taxes and they're gonna charge him to refile them. Ooops!
Shock Collar Question of the Day - March 28th
Which woman won People Magazine's Most Beautiful Person 4 times since 1990£
60 Seconds with Jubal - Office Plant Prank
Jubal has been practicing for April Fools' Day. Check out his office plant prank on Jose!
Second Date: Thomas and Cindy (Bowling for Booty)
Thomas and Cindy went bowling on a first date. Is she interested in a second date or did Thomas strike out£
Phone Tap: Boobie Wipe
Jubal poses as the CEO of a company that needs tech help right away! His computer is full of nudes! Nude photos!
Laser Stories - March 27th
All the best news stories from around the globe brought to you by our patented laser beam!
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