Trading Ideas
Loving this TLT Less, possibly inverse H&S
Tue, 28 Mar 2017 17:24:05 -0500
The only think I see happening is an ih&s forming on the daily. I tried a call spread and got burned. Sitting on the sidelines here for now.
TLT Short more
Tue, 28 Mar 2017 16:24:07 -0500
Gap resistance rejected, down more
Wave 4 in treasuries is finished, TLT likely goes down to 95.
Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:26:25 -0500
Nobody expects that. 95 is 0.786 retrace of the multi-year ending wedge. We need to travel at least that low before bulls can take over.
Strangle on TLT
Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:02:00 -0500
Sold the 118/124 Strangle with 52 days to expiration on TLT for 1.95 credit. Always like to have trades on TLT so even thou the IV rank is low I like to add trades keeping the qty small and will look to diversify with other trades in bonds later on next week. I am basically betting that we are still in a correction and will stay between my 124 calls and 118 puts. Our break even are: 116.05 125.95 With a Probability of profit of 62%. Target is to buy it back at 50% of credit received increasing our probabilities to 75%.
Bounce Off Channel Support
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:56:17 -0500
Good adding opportunity through the rest of year
TLT Synthetic Straddle
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:14:19 -0500
Trade Setup: -1 TLT May 19 114/122/122/130 Synthetic Straddle @ $4.00 DTE: 53 Max Win: $400 Max Loss: $400 Breakevens: $118 & $126 Trade Management: 25% profit; Full loser, will take off near worthless side if we test an extreme. Green zone is profit; Vertical black bar is expiration.
Some recent ideas review: TLT - great winner
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 03:55:57 -0500
Absolutely best one. Now trades just under a trend line - maybe it's time for a little retracement
Retracement in Bonds
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:19:06 -0500
Treasuries could make some gains as tax relief or doubts in timing of fiscal stimulus could send capital to "safety". Fed seems to be cautious on raising rates too fast.
TLT worth wathing
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:29:46 -0500
TLT has been popping up as money is moving out of stocks. We are now coming into the first major resistance zone, It's worth watching along with the banks and see how they react with each other.
Go long.
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 01:56:14 -0500
Double bottom , coiling up.
Breakout here
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 01:49:19 -0500
Good job breaking it out
Stays above strong resistance
Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:18:55 -0500
10yrs bonds ETF managed to stay above 118 - strong recent resistance. which probably opens the way for going into 119.50 and higher
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