International Association for Identification Job Postings
Biometric (Tenprint) Examiner I - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Manual comparison (on screen) of known fingerprints with candidate prints retrieved from the DoD ABIS to eliminate individuals or effect positive identifications; Verification of fingerprints to validate the correct sequence and orientation; Comparison of Known palm prints to eliminate individuals or affect positive identifications; Facial images to eliminate individuals or effect potential, positive identifications; and Encoded, iris scans to eliminate individuals or effect positive identifications; and Preparation of fingerprints, palm prints, face images, and/or iris images for entry into the DoD ABIS and other biometric repositories.
Biometric Examiner & Intermediate SME Opportunities (Facial & Iris Recognition) - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Perform face and iris biometric examinations using Government-provided equipment and technology, Receive and process files and images, Pre-process images for image enhancement, Submit images into biometric systems, Compare facial and iris images and provide comparison results
Forensic Technician - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Receive and inventory evidence, Process evidence for development of latent prints, Prepare chemical solutions, Preserve latent prints present or developed through digital imaging techniques, Enter latent prints for search through ULW or other database software, Create examination documentation for work performed, Provide expert testimony on work performed
Latent Print Examiner - Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office
Under the general direction of the Biometric Records Manager, performs skilled technical work in comparison and identification of fragmentary friction skin impressions, the entry and verification of latent prints in the AFIS computer, and development of latent friction skin impressions. Incumbents may be required to locate and preserve latent impressions by the use of powders, chemicals and other development techniques following recognized rules and procedures. Work is reviewed through observation and results obtained.
Latent Fingerprint Examiner - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Department
This is advanced technical work in fingerprint identification. An employee in this class applies advanced knowledge and skill in revealing the existence of latent fingerprint evidence, in the positive identification of such evidence and in the subsequent legal presentation of evidence and the articulation of ACE-V methodology in courtroom testimony. The work demands extreme accuracy and requires the exercise of considerable initiative and independent judgment within the limits of established practices and procedures. All identifications are peer reviewed by another fully trained Latent Examiner. Work is reviewed by an assigned superior in conferences with the employee, by examination of fingerprint materials and files, through reports received from police and legal personnel and through direct observation of work results.
Quality Assurance Manager - Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department Crime Lab
Reporting directly to the Crime Lab/Evidence Unit Director, incumbent is responsible for oversight and management of the quality assurance program of the Salt Lake City Police Department's Crime Lab. Establishes practices, policies, and procedures required to maintain laboratory accreditation; assesses, evaluates, and oversees forensic program examination services including qualitative and quantitative analyses of chemical, physical and biological evidence; ensures compliance to quality assurance and accreditation standards through periodic audits, reviews and corrective actions; administers proficiency tests; manages maintenance and calibration of equipment; reviews staff training, safety records, and performs related quality assurance duties necessary to support criminal investigations.
Crime Scene Technician - City of Grand Rapids, Michigan
This is technical work responsible for locating, identifying, and collecting evidence at crime scenes. Technical and scientific procedures are utilized to process and prepare the evidence for laboratory submission and court presentation. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Forensic Services Manager or shift supervisor with considerable latitude for individual initiative and judgment.
Police Forensic Specialist II - City of Whittier, CA
Under general supervision, performs complex technical crime scene investigation work involving the identification, collection, processing, and preservation of crime scene evidence; performs other related duties as required. The Police Forensic Specialist II is the journey level class in which incumbents are expected to independently perform the full scope of assigned police forensic duties. Incumbents are responsible for performing the full range of journey level police forensic work. The work requires independence and discretion in investigating crime scenes.
Forensic Lab Technician (Grant Funded) - City of Wilmington, North Carolina
Please note that this is a grant funded position through September 30, 2018. Renewal of grant is expected for period 10/01/2018 - 09/30/2019. Continued employment is contingent on the availability of grant funding. The purpose of this position is to provide administrative and technical support to the crime laboratory. This is accomplished by performing daily and weekly performance checks, safety checks, instrument maintenance, laboratory housekeeping, typing, reviewing, and distributing laboratory reports, communicating with all external agencies for lab services, screening correspondence for general lab business, maintaining lab calendars (maintenance and subpoenas), developing evidence pick-up and drop-off schedules, receiving, maintaining, and re-packaging evidence, keeping lab supplies stocked, preparing solutions and standards used for analysis, and managing schedule of volunteers and interns. Other duties may include assisting with quality system audits, court testimony, assisting chemists with weighing drug samples and marijuana analysis (if qualified), and acting as the assistant to the Forensic Lab Manager.
Faculty - Forensic Science - College of Science, Engineering and Technology - Grand Canyon University
As a full-time Faculty member, you'll provide program instruction incorporating innovative teaching methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and other industry trends reflecting advancements in your discipline. Faculty cultivate a supportive classroom environment, provide for the mentorship of students in our science programs, and have the opportunity to participate in faculty-driven research projects coupled to undergraduate student training. If you are highly motivated and passionate about teaching exceptional quality instruction in modern facilities with smaller class sizes, we'd like to hear from you.
Forensic Analyst - Multimedia (Audio/Video) - Houston Forensic Science Center, Inc.
HFSC is now seeking a full-time Forensic Analyst in the Forensic Multimedia (Audio/Video) Unit. HFSC offers a competitive salary and benefit package that is commensurate with experience.
Sheriff's Supervising Crime Scene Specialist - San Bernardino County, CA Sheriff's Department
The Scientific Investigations Bureau of the Sheriff's Department of San Bernardino County is recruiting for Sheriff's Supervising Crime Scene Specialists who supervise a unit of Sheriff's Crime Scene Specialists and provide administrative staff support. In addition, this class is expected to fully participate in crime scene investigations, as well as the review and approval of subordinate reports. Successful candidates will remain on the eligible list for six months.
Latent Fingerprint Examiner - St. Louis County, MO Police Department
An employee in this job class performs work of marked difficulty in the analysis of latent fingerprints in criminal cases to develop facts useful in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of suspects. Work is performed under the supervision of the Unit Supervisor. Work involves the examination and comparison of latent fingerprints, chemically processing items for fingerprint evidence and testifying as an expert witness. Work is reviewed for quality and performance.
Junior Biometric Examiner (Facial / Iris) - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Perform biometric examination services using government-provided equipment and technology for biometric modalities other than fingerprints, such as face and iris. Review and resolve instances where a biometric system cannot determine a definitive result. Receive and process of biometric files/images and associated data for search of biometric system(s) to include pre-processing of images (e.g., image enhancement), image quality analysis, submission for search of biometric systems, comparing biometric images and providing/recording comparison results and associated case data when applicable, reviewing and resolving conflicting biometric identity records, and creating biometric files as requested by the Government.
Firearms / Toolmark Examiner - PAE
PAE is currently seeking a Firearms/Toolmark Examiner based in Fort Gillem, GA. Will be required to travel OCONUS to Afghanistan and/or Kuwait.
Latent Print Examiner - PAE
PAE is currently seeking a Latent Print Examiner based in Fort Gillem, GA. May be required to travel OCONUS (as needed).
Firearms Examiner - InCadence Strategic Solutions
InCadence Strategic Solutions is currently seeking a Firearm Examiner to work on our client site in Atlanta, GA. The Firearm Examiner is a short term assignment of about 16 months. 12 months will be deployed to Afghanistan and/or Kuwait, with a 3-4 month assessment period prior to deployment. Target date for deployment is July 08, 2018. There will likely be no follow on assignment after 12 months deployed. The examiner must be willing and able to obtain/maintain a Secret security clearance.
Latent Print Examiner - InCadence Strategic Solutions
InCadence Strategic Solutions is currently seeking a Latent Print Examiner to work on our client site in Atlanta, GA. The Latent Print Examiner will be based in Forest Park, GA, however travel may be required OCONUS, as needed: Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, or Djibouti.
DNA Analyst - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I-3) is seeking a DNA Analyst to assess an existing foreign national DNA laboratory within an existing criminal forensic laboratory to evaluate existing capabilities and identify additional requirements necessary to bring the laboratory to specified levels of operational capability.
Crime Scene Investigator - Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's Office
Perform duties conducting major crime scene investigations to locate, identify, preserve, photograph, and prepare evidence for submission to crime laboratories for analysis.
Crime Scene Supervisor - City and County of Denver, Colorado
The City and County of Denver is currently seeking a Crime Scene Supervisor to work within the Denver Police Department Crime Laboratory. This is the third level in the Crime Scene Investigations classification series. This class performs professional and supervisory work over forensic crime scene investigation staff members, provides leadership and direction, devises and evaluates performance standards for the assigned area, and develops long range and short-term goals and objectives for the assigned area in conjunction with departmental plans and goals. The Denver Police Crime Laboratory Crime Scene Unit investigates criminal cases from property crimes to sexual assault, homicide and other major crimes within the City and County of Denver. Each year the unit responds to over five thousand crime scenes.
Experienced Crime Scene Investigator - Houston Forensic Science Center, Inc.
The Crime Scene Investigator is responsible for identifying, documenting, collecting, and interpreting evidence from complex and high-profile crime scenes, typically in conjunction with an ongoing police investigation. This position responds to assignments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Quality Specialist - Houston Forensic Science Center, Inc.
Under the direction of the Corporate Quality Director, implements, monitors, and reviews the quality activities within the Houston Forensic Science Center. Partners with management and other staff to ensure tasks, documentation and systems meet quality standards. Responsible for facilitating large, complex projects. Provides advice on quality issues to other forensic scientists in the lab as well as to employees in other roles. Serves as a role model in upholding the established standards.
Crime Scene Specialist III - San Bernardino County, CA Sheriff's Department
The Scientific Investigations Division of San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is recruiting for Sheriff's Crime Scene Specialists III who is responsible for collecting, documenting, and preserving physical evidence at crime scenes; including fingerprinting, photography, crime scene reconstruction, gunshot trajectories, and bloodstain pattern analysis. This is the fully qualified working level of the series, under general supervision, incumbents respond to homicides, other major crimes, and collect all forms of evidence from crime scenes.
Crime Scene Specialist II - San Bernardino County, CA Sheriff's Department
The Scientific Investigations Division of San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is recruiting for Sheriff's Crime Scene Specialists II, who are responsible for collecting, documenting, and preserving physical evidence at crime scenes, while learning to process evidence including; fingerprints, photographs, and crime scene reconstruction. Sheriff's Crime Scene Specialist II also learn to process Advanced Crime Scene, Gunshot Trajectory, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. This is the second trainee level in the series; incumbents work under general supervision, and respond to lower level crime scenes for which they have been qualified, collect evidence from crime scenes and perform a variety of duties, including fingerprinting, photography, crime scene reconstruction, and other technical duties while receiving training in advanced crime scene techniques including bloodstain pattern analysis and gunshot trajectory reconstruction. Employees must qualify for promotion to Sheriff's Crime Scene Specialist III within 36 months or be terminated. This is the second trainee level in the series, incumbents do not attain regular status at this level.
Crime Scene Unit Manager - Plantation, Florida Police Department
This is an exempt position, which supervises and coordinates the daily operations of the Crime Scene Unit and provides onsite technical expertise. Work is performed under the general direction of the Investigations Division Captain.
Forensic Investigator - Pasco Sheriff's Office, Florida
Under general supervision of the Forensic Science Shift Supervisor or designee, performs technical work of average to advanced difficulty in criminal identification matters; photography, processing for latent fingerprints, collection and preservation of evidence.
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