Eye On Housing
Post-Winter Storm Uptick for Sawmill Output in March
The historic climb for lumber prices, combined with delays and higher costs for other building materials, is a significant limiting factor for home building in 2021. Despite a historically diminished level of overall housing inventory and solid demand due to low mortgage interest rates and demographics, new construction has been limited in its ability to add needed supply to the market,... Read More ›
Rising Material Challenges, Declining Builder Sentiment
Rising material prices and supply-chain shortages resulted in builder confidence dipping to its lowest level since August 2020. The latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) shows that builder confidence in the market for newly built single-family homes fell two points to 81 in June. Despite the monthly decline, the reading above 80 is still... Read More ›
Time to Build an Apartment Building in 2020
The average length of time to complete construction of a multifamily building, after obtaining authorization, is 17.4 months, according to the 2020 Survey of Construction (SOC) from the Census Bureau. The authorization-to-completion time in 2020 was relatively unchanged from 2019, slowing down the upward trend since 2013.   The average time to build multifamily homes varies with the number of... Read More ›
April Single-Family Permit Gains; Austin 2nd Largest Multifamily Market
Over the four months of 2021, the total number of single-family permits issued year-to-date (YTD) nationwide reached 384,196. On a year-over-year (YoY) basis, this is a 35.6% increase over the April 2020 level of 283,344. Year-to-date ending in April, single-family permits reported increases in all four regions. The relatively more affordable Midwest reported the strongest increase of 49.8%, followed by... Read More ›
Real Estate Market Values Surge in the First Quarter
The latest results from the Federal Reserve’s Z.1 Financial Accounts of the United States, i.e., the “Flow of Funds”, show that, in the first quarter of 2021, the aggregate market value of all owner-occupied real estate in the United States registered the largest numerical quarterly increase in the last 20 years’ worth of data. From $32.84 trillion in the fourth... Read More ›
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