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Facebook's digital currency dealt another blow
Leaders of the G7 group of major world economies issue a warning about digital coins like Libra.
General Motors strike: 'We've got to fight for what's right'
Four weeks into the car giant's strike, workers are losing money but say they will continue to protest.
US postpones next tariff hike after China trade talks
US President Donald Trump hails a "phase one deal" and suspends a planned tariff hike.
Hunter Biden to step down from China board amid Trump attacks
The move by the son of former US Vice-President Joe Biden follows attacks by President Donald Trump.
Brexit: Pound surges on renewed hopes of a deal
The pound hits a three-month high, and UK-focussed shares soar, on optimism of a Brexit breakthrough.
Payments giants abandon Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
Mastercard, Visa, eBay and Stripe join PayPal in no longer supporting Facebook's effort to launch a currency.
Is Victoria’s Secret finally embracing all women?
The lingerie group is known for its impossibly-sculpted models but a new campaign may signal change.
Boeing and FAA criticised over 737 Max certification
A panel has sharply rebuked the regulator and Boeing over certification of the 737 Max.
Barclays made ‘dodgy’ deal with Qatar, court hears
Two Barclays executives dishonestly hid a payment to Qatari investors, prosecutors allege.
Renault ousts chief executive Thierry Bolloré in 'coup'
Thierry Bolloré is abruptly dismissed by the French carmaker after only nine months in the role.
Google pulls Hong Kong protestor game from store
Another company faces a boycott for banning an esports player who supported the protestors.
Facebook under fire over 'outrageous' UK tax bill
Tech firms have been criticised for the amount of tax they pay, but Facebook says it pays what is legally owed.
Half of all debit card payments now contactless
Industry figures reveal the 50% mark has been reached for the first time as the way we pay changes.
Dyson has scrapped its electric car project
The technology firm, which has already built the first cars, says the project is not commercially viable.
Aerospace industry seeks Brexit reassurance
Aerospace firms say it is "vital" the UK and EU have regulatory alignment.
Why Starbucks? The brands being attacked in Hong Kong
For Hong Kong businesses, voicing support for China or the police can make them a target.
Nissan Europe 'unsustainable' in no-deal Brexit
The Japanese carmaker is concerned about the impact of export duties in the event of no-deal Brexit.
Few convinced by Apple's case for Hong Kong app removal
Apple's removal of an app used to track Hong Kong police leads to claims it was bowing to Beijing pressure.
US sanctions Guptas for South African 'corruption'
The US Treasury Department said the Gupta family participated in a "significant corruption network" in South Africa.
Apple drops Hong Kong police-tracking app used by protesters
The company says the app has been used to target and ambush police and to threaten public safety.
Holy tech! Churches try new ways to connect
Churches are increasingly using social media and specialist software to help reach their congregations.
Love Island: How Amber Gill and Molly-Mae changed fashion
Social media is a powerful tool used by fast fashion companies, but with big names alongside them are they unstoppable?
How interchangeable parts revolutionised the way things are made
One man's desire to create the perfect gun profoundly changed manufacturing.
How 3D technology is capturing the world
From computer games to railway tracks, capturing 3D images in exquisite detail is now big business.
Femtech: Right time, wrong term?
The 'femtech' label for women's health tech is flourishing but not everybody is a fan.
The boss who rescued 300 Syrian refugees
Entrepreneur Jim Estill spent CA$1.5m of his own money to bring Syrian refugees to Canada.
‘I’m being jailed for four emails from 12 years ago’
A former trader says the US government submitted misleading evidence to court.
The incinerator and the ski slope tackling waste
Billed the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy plant, Denmark's Copenhill project had a troubled start.
What can Silicon Valley learn from tinned food?
What's the best way to encourage innovation?
Jet fuel from thin air: Aviation's hope or hype?
A pilot project at Rotterdam airport plans to capture CO2 from the air and turn it into jet fuel.
A former diet cola addict built a $100m firm
Kara Goldin, the founder of US flavoured water company Hint, used to drink 10 cans of cola a day.
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Turning Paris's underground car parks into mushrooms farms
Paris is renovating many of its underground car parks and some are now growing mushrooms.
How the speed camera became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the speed camera became a million dollar idea.
What does the new £20 note look like?
The BBC's Simon Gompertz explains what the new £20 banknote looks like.
Brexit: Will the flower industry wilt or bloom?
Radio 1 Newsbeat follows a bunch of flowers on its journey from Europe’s largest auction to a florist in Kent.
Fast-food chain CEO: 'Don't treat business as war'
Doing business isn't like waging a war, says fast-food chain boss John Vincent.
Forecasts of post-Brexit economic gloom 'were accurate'
The Institute for Fiscal Studies says forecasts of post-Brexit economic gloom 'were accurate'.
India shelves crackdown on single-use plastic
India has shelved a planned crackdown on single-use plastic due to business worries over disruption.
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