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Why US firms are desperate to retain ageing workers
Elderly people are forecast to be the fastest growing sector of the US labour force.
Would you accept a loss to keep your money safe?
Some pension fund investors are paying to hold government bonds due to fears over the global economy.
Lightning strike 'partly to blame' for power cut
Regulator Ofgem publishes National Grid report into outage that hit homes and transport in England and Wales.
US delays Huawei trade ban for another 90 days
The reprieve allows US companies to do business with Huawei for a further 90 days
Greene King pub giant snapped up by Hong Kong firm CKA
The Suffolk-based pub chain and brewer is the latest to be bought in a wave of consolidation in the sector.
Corporate leaders scrap shareholder-first ideology
Companies need a fresh direction because capitalism is "fraying", says a powerful US business group.
Trump calls for big rate cut and economic stimulus
The US president tells the Fed to consider a one percentage point cut and return to QE money printing.
Juul: Vaping attracts fresh funding despite new lawsuits
Investors pump another $325m into e-cigarette market leader Juul as health concerns increase.
'My Instagram got hacked and I lost my business'
Micro businesses say Instagram hackers are costing them money by compromising their accounts.
No-deal papers reveal council fears over food supply
Councils' no-deal Brexit plans warn of more expensive school meals and lower nutritional standards.
Why we lie about being retired
When we retire we often pretend that we're still working according to one Harvard academic.
'The bomb actually landed in the room I had been in'
Laila Pence fled war in Egypt to go on and become a multimillionaire US businesswoman.
Can big investors save the world?
Will the big polluters clean up their acts if the people who actually own them say they must?
'How I lost £25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen'
Investing in digital currencies is fraught with danger, not just because the prices are so volatile.
The farmers who worry about our phone batteries
Lithium is being mined in Chile to make batteries, but at what cost to the local environment?
Six things that affect your chance of a pay rise
Being a skilled negotiator may help, but other factors play a much bigger part.
The plight of a US dairy farm
It's a family business which has been around since 1942 - but now the last remaining cows are being sold off.
The Penny Post revolutionary who transformed how we send letters
Despite having no direct experience of the postal service, Rowland Hill invented the Penny Post.
Libra: Could Facebook’s new currency be stopped in its tracks?
How Facebook’s Libra could be stopped in its tracks
Is this the end of Macri's vision for Argentina?
President Macri has pledged to revive the south American country's economy, but are his hopes now over?
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The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.
The floating farm for cows
The cows on this floating farm in the Netherlands are helping find ways of making food sustainably
'Fall in love with the problem not the solution'
"Love the problem", advises Sean Petterson whose firm makes monitors to curb workplace injuries.
How the plastic bag became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the plastic bag became a million dollar idea.
'Treat your customers as all-knowing'
Treat your customers as "all knowing", says beauty and fashion firm boss Michael Broukhim.
Why young Indians are live streaming on social media
Hoping to be social media stars, young Indians are joining a live streaming app called Bigo Live
China tariffs devastating, says soybean farmer
The trade war between the US and China has escalated, and US farmer John Boyd Jr says he is feeling the pain.
Would you watch someone eat on the Internet?
American 'Meokbang' YouTuber Blove became a millionaire by having people watch her eat.
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