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Argentina's economy minister makes sudden exit
Martin Guzmán's departure leaves a big question mark over Argentina's future economic policy.
Russia moves to take control of Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project
The Russian government moves to take over Sakhalin-2 in which Shell has a share of more than a quarter.
UK and New Zealand expand working holiday visas
The age limit for a visa to live and work in either country will go up to 35 under a new deal.
UK sandwich chain Pret A Manger to launch in India
Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries will open outlets across the country under a franchise deal.
Missing Cryptoqueen: FBI adds Ruja Ignatova to top ten most wanted
Ruja Ignatova is accused of defrauding victims out of $4bn (£3.2bn) through a cryptocurrency scam.
Sri Lanka fuel crisis: Waiting for days to get fuel
Even taxi drivers and car salesmen are forced into two-day mile-long queues for petrol in Sri Lanka.
Heathrow flight cancellations cause queues and 'chaos'
Travellers complain of disruption after the airport asked airlines to cancel 30 flights on Thursday.
US stocks see worst first half drop in more than 50 years
The S&P 500 index dropped by more than 20%, while major indexes around the world also fell sharply.
Pride: Amazon restricts LGBT goods in United Arab Emirates
The online retail giant says it has to comply with the laws of the countries in which it operates.
Thousands of BT workers vote to strike over pay
Strike action would disrupt broadband rollout and cause issues with working from home, a union says.
Hello Kitty firm strikes China deal after viral hit
Shares of Japanese company Sanrio rose by almost 14% in Tokyo after the agreement was announced.
Google sign-up 'fast track to surveillance', consumer groups say
Ten European consumer organisations join forces to launch complaints to privacy and data regulators
Ben & Jerry's criticises resumption of sales in Israeli settlements
The ice cream maker is unhappy with Unilever's deal to continue sales in the occupied West Bank.
Steel import tariffs extended for two years
Controls have been extended because of "global disruptions" to energy markets, the government says.
Airbnb permanently bans parties and events around the world
The home rental platform said a temporary ban, which was introduced in 2020, was popular with hosts.
Farmers cut food production as costs soar
Soaring costs are forcing farmers to cut back on food and milk production.
Heinz products off Tesco shelves after pricing dispute
The beans, sauce and soup-maker is pausing supply to the UK's largest supermarket in a price rise row.
Sandwich shops bite back after challenging years
Sandwich sellers are seeing customer numbers return, but hybrid working means some remain quiet.
Why I kept my sexuality a secret at work
How an aircraft engineer overcame his fear of revealing his sexuality and set up a Pride network.
Fertiliser shortage hits African farmers battling food crisis
The global fertiliser shortage is driving up prices and raising fears of food scarcity.
Hajj travellers unable to fly due to ticket delay
Some British Muslims who booked pilgrimages to Mecca could not fly after problems with a new system.
The staff shortage slowing down air cargo and bags
A lack of skilled cargo handlers is now hampering the booming air freight business too.
How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans
Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.
Could nuclear desalination plants beat water scarcity£
Engineers are developing mobile, floating nuclear desalination plants to help solve water shortages.
US parents turn to black market due to formula shortage
As the US grapples with a formula crisis, parents are turning to the black market for supplies.
How India could become a 'mushroom superpower'
Changing tastes mean mushroom entrepreneurs are only just getting started.
How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots£
As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology£
Could flat tyres soon be a thing of the past£
Airless tyres that do not puncture are getting close to market but some remain sceptical about them.
Why you may have a thinking digital twin within a decade
Within 10 years people may be able to have a intelligent online version of themselves.
'It is all about raising the profile of carers'
The UK economy cannot afford to have more of its 10.5m army of carers quit the workforce for good.
India's loan scams leave victims scared for their lives
Bogus apps are being used by hackers to access mobile phone data to threaten and blackmail victims.
Love Island stylist gives sneak peek inside the wardrobe
For the first time, ITV's Love Island contestants will be dressed in pre-owned clothes.
Why your haircut is getting more expensive
Chain Trevor Sorbie says they are now spending thousands more each month.
'An hour a day built my million-pound side hustle'
Joel Remy-Parkes of kids tableware company Bamboo Bamboo shares his business advice for CEO Secrets.
Why I didn't use my real name at work
Should you change your name to fit in at work£ We look at why some people have anglicised their names.
This plug socket tells you if your energy is green
A power socket that helps you save electricity and tells you if it's from renewable sources.
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