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China rolls back strict Covid rules after protests
Officials say asymptomatic and mild cases will no longer be forced into state quarantine centres.
Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting coup
A far-right group is suspected of planning to storm parliament and install an aristocrat as leader.
Spanish train collision outside Barcelona injures scores
Two trains collide near Barcelona on Wednesday morning, leaving at least 155 people injured.
Georgia Senate runoff result: Democrats solidify Senate control after Warnock victory
Raphael Warnock fights off Republican challenger Herschel Walker to hold his Georgia Senate seat.
Indonesia's new sex laws and what they could mean for tourism
Officials insist visitors are unlikely to be affected but rights groups say "it will be a problem".
New Zealand places child in anti-vax blood case in custody
The baby needs life-saving treatment, but his parents oppose blood transfusions from vaccinated donors.
Ukraine war: US neither encouraged nor enabled Kyiv to strike inside Russia - Blinken
Russia says a third site was attacked by drones on Tuesday, a day after two of its airfields were hit on Monday.
San Francisco makes U-turn on 'killer robots' plan
San Francisco reverses its decision to allow police to use robots equipped with lethal weapons.
COP15: UN calls for 'peace pact with nature'
Countries are meeting in Montreal for a once-a-decade opportunity to put nature on the path to recovery.
Trump Organization found guilty of tax crimes after New York trial
The business is synonymous with the former president, but neither he or his family were on trial.
Top Republicans snubbed by family of deceased Capitol police officer
The family of deceased Capitol officer refuses to shake hands with top Republicans at an awards ceremony.
Cristina Fernández: Argentina vice-president found guilty of corruption
Cristina Fernández is found guilty of fraud over the award of public work contracts to a friend.
Iran protests: Ex-president Khatami says rulers must heed protesters' demands
A former Iranian president makes rare public comments praising anti-government protesters.
Watch Morocco fans celebrate historic World Cup win
The north African team reach the quarter-finals for the first time after beating Spain on penalties.
Silicon Valley Bank boss shares his career advice
Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, shares his business advice for the CEO Secrets series.
Ukraine war: Operating on a baby in the dark after missiles hit Kyiv
Doctors at Kyiv Heart Institute performed 10 surgeries without electricity after Russian missiles hit.
Medieval necklace found near Northampton 'internationally important'
Experts uncover a "once-in-a-lifetime" discovery near Northampton of international significance.
British Fashion Awards 2022: Stars descend on Royal Albert Hall's red carpet
Celebrities from across the world enjoyed an evening of glitz and glamour at the awards.
Timed Teaser: Why is mac and cheese up in court£
Test your knowledge of the news these last few days - 10 questions, 10 seconds each. Go!
India leopard cubs reunited with mother
Wildlife officials were called after the cubs were found in a field in India's Maharashtra state.
Mount Semeru: Indonesian volcano spews ash 15km into sky
Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated from the area around Mount Semeru.
Diamond surprises with 'Sweet Caroline' singalong
The legendary singer surprised guests on the opening night his Broadway musical 'A Beautiful Noise'.
Bob McGrath: Sesame Street icon dies aged 90
The veteran actor was one of the founding cast members on the hit children's TV show.
Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg was Wikileaks' secret back-up
Julian Assange gave me the files before they were in the press, the Pentagon Papers whistle-blower says.
Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years
The pelt and skull of the last known thylacine are identified in Hobart, solving an 85-year mystery.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Bollywood: 'I’d earn 10% of my male co-actor’s salary'
The actress spoke about her experience with pay parity, body shaming and the pressure of social media.
Georgia Senate runoff vote: What Warnock's win means for him, the Senate and Georgia
Raphael Warnock's re-election gives Democrats total Senate control - and some breathing room.
The airline policy that cost pregnant flight crew their jobs
Singapore Airlines recently dropped its five-decade-old policy, after demands from human rights groups.
Tech layoffs at Meta, Twitter, Amazon: The good people helping Indians find jobs
Tech workers are rallying together to help peers who face having to leave the US after being laid off.
Nigeria 2023 election: The hunt for children and the dead
Suspicions are raised as Nigeria's first online electoral register reveals a raft of underage voters.
Cyril Ramaphosa: How Arthur Fraser landed South Africa's president in trouble
The allegations against South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa could be straight out of a John le Carré novel.
Haiti: Inside the capital city taken hostage by brutal gangs
Orla Guerin reports from Port-au-Prince, where Haitians live in fear of killings, kidnappings and rape.
China Covid: Xi's face-saving exit from his signature policy
If you want to know what the government's plan is, look at what it does rather than what it says.
Do you need to change your accent to get a top job£
Student Chris explores trying to change the way he speaks, out of a concern his accent may hold him back.
Ukraine war: Two generations share bed after Russian strikes
Sofia lives in cramped conditions with her boyfriend and his mother after strikes destroyed their home.
China protests: Why is it struggling to vaccinate the elderly£
China has not vaccinated enough old people, making it difficult to abandon its zero-Covid policy.
Meta, Amazon, Twitter layoffs: 'Tech layoffs won't destroy American dreams of Indians’
Surbhi Gupta, who was laid off in the US, on the uncertainties she and other visa holders are dealing with.
Taiwan's front-line battle against mobile phone fraud
How Taiwanese phone fraud fighters are able to warn the world about the latest scams.
Nigeria's Kaduna train attack: How I survived hijacking and captivity
Nigeria's reopening of a high-speed rail link brings back traumatic memories for hostage survivors.
World Cup 2022: Alan Shearer answers your England questions in Pundit Q&A
Alan Shearer sits down with Liam Loftus to answer questions from the BBC Sport audience about England, Jude Bellingham and whether "prime" Alan could get into this England team.
Novak Djokovic to make Australia return in Adelaide one year after deportation
Novak Djokovic will return to Australia at January's Adelaide International, almost a year after being deported from the country because of his Covid-19 vaccination status.
World Cup 2022: 'Cristiano Ronaldo reduced to role of superstar nobody wants'
Cristiano Ronaldo is reduced to the role of the superstar nobody wants as Portugal follow Manchester United's lead in deciding they might be better off without him, writes Phil McNulty.
World Cup 2022: How have travelling fans found Qatar tournament£
The historic first World Cup in the Middle East has been controversial, but how have the travelling supporters found the host nation£
World Cup 2022: What next for Spain & Luis Enrique after shock loss to Morocco on penalties£
Spain are out of the World Cup after losing on penalties to Morocco in the last 16, so what next for the team and manager Luis Enrique£
World Cup 2022: The man who replaced Cristiano Ronaldo - who is Goncalo Ramos£
Before kick-off in Portugal's 6-1 win over Switzerland, all the talk was about Cristiano Ronaldo. By full-time, it was all about 21-year-old Goncalo Ramos.
World Cup 2022: Kylian Mbappe - seven ways he's France's superstar
As England prepare to face France in the World Cup quarter-finals, here are some key things to know about Les Bleus' star forward Kylian Mbappe.
World Cup 2022: Morocco’s heroic win over Spain gets royal approval with call from the King
Morocco's history-making win is given the royal seal of approval with a call from their King after Achraf Hakimi’s penalty proves him the coolest man in the stadium.
Quiz: Can you name the last 10 players to score World Cup hat-tricks prior to Goncalo Ramos£
Can you name the last 10 players to score hat-tricks at the men's World Cup prior to Goncalo Ramos£
Are women getting angrier£
An annual poll suggests that women, on average worldwide, are getting angrier. Why might this be£
Nirbhaya 10 years on: The lives the Delhi gang rape changed
A horrific gang rape and murder shocked the world in 2012 - has anything changed for women in India£
BBC 100 Women marks 10th year with focus on progress
The innovative BBC season reflects on a decade of change in a tumultuous year which has seen women taking centre stage.
'They allow us to name something we know is wrong': The new words defining sexual abuse
From stealthing to downblousing, the coining of specific terms is allowing women around the world to share experiences of abuse that have traditionally gone unrecognised - but what is actually changing£
Iran protests: BBC identifies many more people killed in demonstrations after Mahsa Amini's death
BBC journalists have been able to identify more people killed in Iran, and research confirmed that high numbers come from ethnic minority groups.
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