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Study Links Texas Earthquakes to Wastewater Injection
By Joel Bahr Berkeley News A new study co-authored by UC Berkeley professor Michael Manga confirms that earthquakes in America’s oil country — including a 4.8 magnitude quake that rocked Texas in 2012 — are being triggered by significant injections … Continue reading
Energy Department Reports Show Strong Growth of U.S. Wind Power
By Energy.Gov Annual reports analyzing the wind energy industry released today by the Energy Department show continued rapid growth in wind power installations in 2015, demonstrating market resilience and underscoring the vitality of the U.S. wind energy market on a … Continue reading
Future Bioeconomy Supported by More Than One Billion Tons of Biomass Potential
By The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Within 25 years, the United States could produce enough biomass to support a bioeconomy, including renewable aquatic and terrestrial biomass resources that could be used for energy and to develop products … Continue reading
Closure of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant
By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams In landmark agreement, California’s last remaining nuclear plant will be replaced by greenhouse-gas-free energy sources A plan to shutter the last remaining nuclear power plant in California and replace it with renewable energy is being … Continue reading
Solar Surges: Renewable Energy Jobs Topped 8 Million in 2015
By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams On the heels of clean fuel milestones in Germany and Portugal , a new report finds that the renewable energy industry employed over 8.1 million people worldwide in 2015. According to the International Renewable Energy … Continue reading
Experimental Biomass Harvest a Step Toward Sustainable, Biofuels-Powered Future
By Jeff Mulhollem Penn State News The first harvest of 34 acres of fast-growing shrub willow from a Penn State demonstration field this winter is a milestone in developing a sustainable biomass supply for renewable energy and bio-based economic development, … Continue reading
How Biofuels Can Cool Our Climate and Strengthen Our Ecosystems
By Evan H. DeLucia Courtesy of EOS Critics of biofuels like ethanol argue they are an unsustainable use of land. But with careful management, next-generation grass-based biofuels can net climate savings and improve their ecosystems. As the world seeks strategies … Continue reading
New Report Details Path to 100% Renewables by 2050
By Jon Queally Common Dreams Greenpeace says world leaders must not let the fossil fuel industry stand in the way of the necessary—and attainable—transition to a clean and safe energy future With scientists and experts from around the world telling … Continue reading
Community Solar: The Utility of the Future
By Timothy Schoechle Courtesy of Solar Today A Colorado community is developing a community-based clean energy economy. Boulder, Colorado, sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains a half-hour drive northwest of Denver. It is a city, but still small … Continue reading
Printed Solar Cells Hold Promise for Unlit Rural Areas
By Sci Dev Net Advances in printed solar cell technology promise clean renewable energy, opening possibilities for 1.3 billion people still without electric power in developing countries. The technology, which only requires the use of existing industrial-size printers, can produce … Continue reading
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