Stock Market Talk
Eps very high even bear market 
7% devi granted == xd date 1st August 
Net asset more than 80 rupees per share
P/e ratio is very low 
Strong director board 
Lot of government water and electrical projects
Currently some one collecting around 35 rupees
Big turnover around last week
Who is Next President Candidate
Million Dollar Question Because SLPP and UNF both side having problem, In the UNF rural area Every one wants Sajith Premadessa.
who is our next president
Guys, many of them hoping Mr Godabaya Rajapaksha is sri lanka next president , any commentsගෝටාභය-ජනාධිපති-අපේක්‍ෂ-16
Sri Lankan Billionaire Dhammika Perera may Spend Rs. 10 Billion for a Presidential Campaign without any Risk! His Daily Casino Profits said to be over Rs. 50 Million
Close circuits associating Sri Lankan Billionaire Dhammika Perera has been surprised recently by Kulappurachchige Don Dhammika Perera who has told his Business friends that he can afford to loose Rs. 10 billion or US $ 56 Million wealth without any risk for any Presidential Election in Sri Lanka.  According to Election Research agencies cost of a Presidential Campaign in Sri Lanka is about US $ 11 Million or Rs. 2 billion and the researches note that thus lots of Traditional and Existing Politicians ...
Dump junks and pump to value stocks
2nd Quarter statements won't look very handy. So keep your focus on value stocks.
CBSL to reduce lending rates further to help SMEs
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka requested licensed banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) to reduce interest rates on deposits with effect from 29 April 2019. This measure was taken to accelerate monetary policy transmission through the financial sector, enabling licensed banks to reduce their interest rates on lending products in general, and to SMEs in particular, and thereby enhance credit flows to the real economy. Accordingly, interest rates on savings and other deposits with tenures ...
Nest Down By -34.60 Carson-13.10 MORI-47.60 and NEH-99.
wining and Speculative stocks
Today The Market is Down by 51 ponts But following stock prices are holding. Bill Kazoo,Ldev,Hva.Ldev Acme, But Tomorrow after 12 market will will be green.
Look PAP Amazing company
Guys look PAP, My innovative target circle PV inners shows immediate price to be adjusted Rs.3.80, its a good company with a positive cash flow as well as better Peg. if you have cash in hand go for it. teller said is said
Medium to long term will be a good investment @ current market prices . technicaly sound stock. New trend line to business is 94.5 % means price buube can be expected upto 3.30 LKR very soon .
Plantation sector
plantations sector shares are tend to be getting accumulated. Anyone have any idea? Is it due to budget or any other reason??
Think about BFN - Rund is due 
Collect around 12-13 and avergae and soon will be able to sell at 16 -17 

Private placment the owners are waiting for the right green market and it is coming now 

LDEV ALSO due to run to 6 easily 

ACME too
Guys Look for DPL@5.20
Look For DPL, My PV inners are so bullish and may reach to 6.80 soon & ill tell you more reasons in coming
LLUB Pattern reversed. Good buy @60, target +20%
once upon a time , one of the cash cows Lanka Liubricants entered itd low point of downward curve and same time trend line to RSI with high force towards 93.85% , definitely price can be upward upto 72 in very short. As a low risk or risk free investor should touch the share @60-61 , a guaranteed return short to medium even 100% in long term return is possible. As we aware its a high dividend yeild company ,regular dividends with better share holders policy. fundementals highlights will be available ...
Why AAIC Should trade above RS.50/-
A total of 22 registered Insurers compete in terms of market share of which 12 are composites (Life Insurance and General Insurance). Ceylinco leads the Long term insurance business with Gross Written Premium (GWP) of Rs.10, 829mn with 26.93% market share (2013 IBSL Annual report). SLIC, AIA, UAL and Asian Alliance were able to secure top five positions in the market.   Life insurance penetration in Sri Lanka is currently 0.5% as a percentage of GDP (2013 data) which is very low compared to ...
Look APLA its trending to 98LKR
Hi Guys ,
Look APLA , Ineer double digit to inverse is trending to positive. price to be adjusted 98 rupees.

APLA is one of the best @ CMV .

recommend you to buy (do study prior to buy  if u dont trust me).

Teller said is said
SLTL should touch 30/-
with recent development in the industry and competitor performance superbs result , SLTL to be traded above 30 LKR, and DIAL should tpuch 13.50 LKR surely. SLTL still maintains its monopoly in some point of view and mobile giant mobitel gives a satifactory suppprt to achieve a solid result . As SLTL charts moves to 73.67 towards to positive and linear upward curve upto 50 basis points of course trending chance is positive to 29.50 to 32 LKR for a share. Be on alert on SLTL and DIAL will be ...
Sri Lanka Dialog Axiata net profits up 21-pct in June quarter
Profits at Dialog Axiata Plc, a wireless mobile and fixed operator grew 21 percent from a year earlier to 2.8 billion rupees from a year earlier, helped by higher mobile and broad band revenues, despite currency depreciation. The group reported earnings of 35 cents per share for the quarter. For the six months to June Dialog reported earnings of 70 cents per share on total profits that grew 46 percent to 5.7 billion rupees. Dialog shares closed at 14.20 rupees on Wednesday. Gross profits for ...
RCL.N0000 - Trading at a discounted prcice.
One of the fundamental shares, RCL trading at a very low price. 61 rs. its the best time to grab it
SFIN.N will hit Rs 15.50 today
SFIN.N will be the next bull
AEL lovers good news..Rusi again back on the track to AEL....
Rusi will keep  eye on this counter..good news for AEL lovers.. Smile Smile :)ROCKET will start..
TKYO.X0000 will it move furthur?
TKYO recorded a revenue of LKR 7.04bn (+1.8% YoY) for Q1 FY 15. The company recorded LKR 28.91bn (+5.9% YoY) for FY 2014 and LKR 27.3bn (+19.1% YoY) for FY 2013. The value added prod- ucts in the likes of ready made concrete, tile adhesives, ready to use wall plaster and masonry mor- tar were significant contributors to the revenue in FY 2014. TKYO recorded a GP margin of 21.6% for Q1 FY 15 and 25.0% for FY 2014. Share Price Movement and ROE% is fine. TKYO.X0000 will it move furthur?
Softlogic Eyes Asia, Africa For Expansion
SOFTLOGIC Holding PLC is looking forward to expand its interest beyond Srilanka are likely to commence operations of their successful sectors in Asian and African markets. Shocked
Tommorow's winning encounters
lOFC definitely will hit 6/-
Due to my extraordinary analysing skils shows LOFC will touch 6 sooner rather than later. Even im in the negative mind set of finance companies but i i can see 4 hidden factors to touch this share above 6 LKR, usually i dont investment with my feelings but this time i can recommend this share @3.50 or below as a best buy. As LOFC hold so many holdings its not a miracle .

BFN BFN BFN ගොන් කම අත ඇරල ටික කාලයක් අල්ලන් හිටියනම් ඔක්කොමලා ගොඩ BFN BFN BUY AND HOLD -
අපේ මිනිසුන් ට කියල වඩක් නැ බන් ඒක්යි කියන එක නැවත්තුවේ  මට එන තොරතුරු එක්ක මම BFN 13 ගනන් වලින් තව එකතු කරගන්නවා මොකද මට හොදටම සුවර් මේක හිතන්නේ නැති වෙලාවක හිතන්නේ නැති ගානකට උඩ යනවා කියලා   අපේ උන්ට කොච්චර කිව්වත් බ්‍රෝකර් ලගේ ගැට වලට අහු වෙලා පොඩ්ඩක් අඩු වෙනකොට හෝ හෝ හෝ ගාලා විකුනනවා සල්ලි කාරයෝ අරගෙන එකතු කරගෙන අර විකුනපු එකාලටම ආපහු උඩට යද්දි දෙනවා ඔය විදිහට කරල පොඩි එකා නැත්තටම නැති වෙනවා  ගොන් කම අත ඇරල ටික කාලයක් අල්ලන් හිටියනම් ඔක්කොමලා ගොඩ  BFN BFN BUY AND HOLD -
Market will test 4700

I think I must give you early warning about next ASI level.

4700 will be immediate support level for CSE.

NEXT RUN People's leasing and Finance WAIT AND WATCH ENJOY RIDE..
PLC COLLECT  @  14...
SFIN.N will be the next bull run
Reason for prediction

Highest eps 
Lowerst p/e ratio
Highest net asset per share Rs 17
Highest revenue in the history 
Good director board
Currently collecting around Rs13 to Rs 14
Definitely well hit Rs 20 if break Rs 17.10 resistance level
Next super star SINGER FINANCE..
EPS 2.65


LOFC -XR big transaction
Any one knows what’s going on with LOFC.
CSE shows 8.9bn worth transactions but trading volume not the equivalent to that.
Momentum will begin after 5400
Similar situation to 2015 pre election.This time shares are more attractive
WATA future looks good
Watawala Plantations will be investing 1 billion rupees into its dairy operations, a top official said. Watawala Plantations Managing Director Vish Govindasamy said that 1.06 billion rupees will be invested in Watawala Dairy Ltd as equity. The funds will be used for capital restructuring of WDL, including converting a related party debt of 450 million rupees into equity. WDL has a dairy farm with over 1,000 milch cows, set up in 2018. The business is expected to become profitable in ...
RICH is not bad @ 9/-
guys, look for RICH , its value for money , good Beta. Business is expanding especially retail sector how ever plantation has some minor issues but based on DY, ifeel its better , good dividend payout. less risk investment
NEXT GEM.. HNB Non voting (HNB X)..
Foreigners  are collecting  every day. 
52 week low..
Banking sector valuable share...
Net asset 264
EPS 15
LIOC upward curve
In technically , LIOC seems good , double reversal to negative diverted to inverse 89% means high chances for the recovery prices. buy at current MKT price @ 17 is worthy.
Current price is good to enter. See the trading patters before you buy
No Confidance motion against the Government was defeted by 119 and 92 against. 13 Absent
13MP's who were absent who are the culprit? ------------------------------------------- 1. Udaya Gamanpila      2 .Wijayadasa Rajapakse 3  deleted 4 Chandrasiri Gajaweera 5  Mahinda Samarsinghe 6  Douglas Dewananda(EPDP) MR Faction 7. Mohanlal Grero 8  S.C Mutuhukmarana 9  S.B.Navina 10 V. Radha Krishnan 11 Dunesh Gankanda   12 Sivasakthi Ananadan(TNA)
Contact us for your bank instruments such as SBLC/BG/LC/MTN 100% Protected
We are direct to a project Funder who is also known as private lender they specialized in bank instrument lease and sales their funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin.With the group capital fund which are specifically for lease/sale in form of bank instrument. The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction ...
Any one let me know about PAP ?  
Huge collection going on at 2.90

Is it good stock to invest ?
Today JVP's No confidance motation in the Parliment is Very cruicial .WHY?
If government loose Cabinet will dissolved and new cabinet will be formed (Probably Under Sajith Premadasa) and it will be National government  with my3 faction.wait and see 5.30PM Good Luck.
CIND , 10% guaranteed return
Guys looks for the CIND( Central industries sub of CFIN ) , its really value for money . the management also good as real kandians are not thieves like us., My Pv inners to innovative circles sets the price 32.50 immediately. you can expect 7% dividend compare to current market price per share around 28 LKR, Also I hope they will manage their loss making switches market to profit 7 good fight for Z-lon in coming days ( Hidden factor)
BUY AEL Few crossings on the way..
There is a rumor is going around  Few crossing expectation @  range.. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Unisyst Engineering Known as(Alufab) have annouced a right issue
5 Shares For every 6.0291 @ 10/= Current market price is 15.5/= There's a possibility this go up to 20 o rabove.
AIA Insurance Payment Method @ 2500/= per share
Payment Method I. Those sent there acceptance letter on or Before  4.30PM on Friday 07th June 2019 payment will sent On or before expiry of fifteen market days from 7th June 2019 . 2.Those who sent there Acceptance letter during  period  10th June 2019 Before 4.30PM Payment will be revived on or Before the expiry of fifteen market days from  current closing Date. 3.Others who sent there acceptance  letter 23rd June 2019 Before 4.30PM Payment will dispatched on or Before the expiry of ...
The decision taken by HE in order to save the future generation from drug menace is praiseworthy. The people who are opposed to this should put themselves into the shoes of the thousands who are suffering owing to their kith and  kin being a drug addict.  The argument of the pundits who are opposed to capital punishment is that it would not solve the problem, failing to realize that it would act as a deterrent for drug smugglers. For that matter, rapists are punished, but has it totally eradicated  ...
Good News! The De-listing  of CTCE has been approved by the stock exchange. The offer letters will go out next week by registered mail. The share holders will have then two weeks to submit their acceptance. After that you will receive the check for Rs. 2500/- per share without any deductions.
Regarst to 8 FINANCE Copmany's to be closed But no body knows excatly but avoid SFL,and MFL
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