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Central Bank will intervene if rupee moves on speculation – official
Sri Lanka’s central bank will intervene in the foreign exchange markets if its rupee currency moves for any reasons other than global trends, Nandalal Weerasinghe, the bank’s senior deputy governor, told Reuters on Friday. Currency dealers have said the central bank had not intervened much to defend the currency, which has dropped 5.6 percent this year, even after it hit record lows for 13 straight sessions through Thursday. On Thursday, the central bank cut net opening positions (NOP) ...
India’s high-flying stock market weans off foreign buyers India’s stock market has become accustomed to foreign investors serving as a reliable engine of funds, with a net $59bn of money flowing in over the past six years. But so far this year that trend has reversed, with the market on course for its first year of net foreign outflows since 2011 — contributing to a hefty decline in the value of the rupee as the currency has plumbed to its weakest level versus the US dollar in recent weeks. ...
I guarantee you a big market fall. 
Exit Immediately !!!
Buyers - wait till 2020

Daily Foreign Transactions
Aggregate Foreign Buying - LKR 63.25MN Foreign Sales -LKR 61.51MN Net Foreign Inflow -LKR 1.75MN
Time has come to reverse 70 years history
Time has come to reverse 70 years history Sri Lanka Rupee fell by over 2201% against US Dollar in a 41 year history from 1977-2018-September 20 2018 ​ Sri Lanka’s Rupee has fallen by over 2201% against US Dollar in a 41 year history since the economy was opened to the globe in 1977, the analysts notes. Accordingly as at January 1st 1977 US Dollar exchange rate in terms of Sri Lankan Rupees stood at Rs. 7.27 levels whilst as at 19th September 2018 nearly 41 year history US Dollar ...
Daily Stock Market Update
Sri Lankan shares make healthy gains amid heavy local buying Sri Lanka, Aug 29 (Insights Equity) – Sri Lankan stocks made the highest gain in nearly three weeks as local investor participation reached its highest in more than three weeks amid expectations that the country’s largest pension fund would soon re-enter the stock market. Read more at:
Gold climbs as dollar weakens on U.S.-China trade dispute
Gold rose on Wednesday as the dollar weakened, indicating investors are starting to worry about the impact of the U.S.-China trade war on the U.S. economy, luring some buyers back into precious metals investments. The U.S. dollar edged lower against the euro and fell to the lowest level in nearly three weeks against the risk-sensitive Aussie, as investors held off on embracing the greenback amid the latest round of tariffs by China and the United States. Spot gold climbed 0.5 percent to ...
BLI Shares
Hi, can anyone let me know if BLI is looking at offering a share split ? Not too sure how far this is true, but just wanted to know if you are aware of any news pls. Thanks
Banking shares Value picks for long term
I know market is falling and all indications shows economy is moving sideways but banking shares are trading at very low levels. Fundamentally COMB,SAMP and HNB are strong shares showing resilient performance. Debt repayment levy has further dampen the attractiveness towards banking shares. Is now the bottom price to enter these shares?? i don't know but at these price all three shares are trading at below PE below 5. If you're buying these shares now please buy it with long term view. ...
UAL - Going down now?
Looks like it has been pushed up massively!!! May crash in the next few days as has moved on very thin volumes!
Quality Management Systems
[size=40]How Can You Avoid Automated Chaos? Quality Management Systems have become one of the most popular business solution software in the business world. These formalized systems allow the documentation and management of processes, procedures, and responsibilities which help an organization achieve quality objectives and policies.
ASI may go down to 5950 in coming days?
Clarification on the Erroneous Report regarding Sri Lanka issued by Nomura Holdings Inc.
Clarification on the Erroneous Report regarding Sri Lanka issued by Nomura Holdings Inc. September, 17, 2018 Several international media sites have recently quoted an analysis by Nomura Holdings Inc., which shows that seven emerging economies including Sri Lanka are at risk of an exchange rate crisis. The said media sites further quoted the report as saying Sri Lanka’s short term external debt is as high as US dollars 160 billion. As Sri Lanka’s short term external debt is nowhere near ...
Today  Wink
Market going down today?
All Emerging Markets crashing today but SL market up slightly- think this will reverse by afternoon and go down in next day or 2..
HAHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Basketball Basketball cheers cheers

Anilana mandatory offer letter may delay for another two months, better I sell my shares in market.
Weekly Stock Market Roundup
Weekly Stock Market Roundup (27.08.2018-31.08.2018) Sri Lankan stocks make healthy gains backed by local investor interest   Sri Lanka, Aug 31 (Insights Equity) –Sri Lankan stocks recorded the highest gain in more than a month despite slipping to a 17-month low on Tuesday as local investors became net buyers amid expectations that the country’s largest pension fund would soon re-enter the stock market. Read more at:
Janashankthi Ins Deal
Last day Janashakthi genaral & Allians deal was done , Jins will be sell next week .Rs 22 is a good price to  enter the Jins.
Summary of Key Announcements during the week 10 August 2018
We are not exporting at least 60 products under GSP+ list of 6,000 items: PM
We are not exporting at least 60 products under GSP+ list of 6,000 items: PM Sept 14, 2018 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday draw the attention of the country’s top business leaders, the underutilized opportunities they have to enter into the international market. Wickremesinghe took the example of Vietnam that expanded mainly because of the Korean investors followed by Japan and China and FTAs with EU, Japan and even with the countries like Chillie. “Now look ...
Help on enforcement
Can anyone help me on the time period in each stage of enforcement action as per regulation

1. No days from non compliance to watch list transfer in
2. Watchlist to announce enforcement
3. From announcement to suspension
4. Suspension to delist

Will your answers differ based on type of noncompliance such as interim fs, annual report, qualified audit report

Your answer will help all forum members
Which CryptoCurrency Exchange is The best?
Any one who has expertise in latest currency market can tell us all about the present cryptocurrency position in the market and which Cryptocurrency Course is the best to learn every thing regarding cryptocurrencies?
Sri Lanka’s debt burden is higher than Ethiopia, Uganda & Ghana
It doesn't matter which government in power, for lat 70 years politicians drag this country down and under Sri Lanka’s debt burden is higher than Ethiopia, Uganda & Ghana-Apr 09 2018 (LBO)  Sri Lanka’s government revenue as a share of GDP is lower than many peers, while the government debt-to-GDP ratio is much higher, Moody’s Investors Service said in a statement. Debt-to-GDP ratio in Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana among other countries is lower than Sri Lanka even though revenue-to-GDP ...
CBSL still waiting for Nomura to correct report slamming the LKR
CBSL still waiting for Nomura to correct report slamming the LKR September 11, 2018 (LBO) – Global investment bank Nomura shocked the Sri Lankan financial community yesterday by publishing a report that said Sri Lanka was the number one country in the world most at risk of a currency crisis. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) as well as finance ministry officials have pointed out that they have made a significant calculation error. This error has significantly skewed the results of their ...
Sri Lanka could gain from US-China trade war
Sri Lanka could gain from US-China trade war-Sep 11 2018 Sri Lanka could get more manufacturing investment as economic tensions between the US and China grow, and companies try to re-organanize supply chains, a Singapore based trade economist said. "We’re increasingly going to see relocation of fragments of production into territories where they can escape tariff increases," Amitendu Palit, a senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore's Institute of South Asian Studies ...
! Very Unorthodox Strategy In Volitile Market ..
! What an unorthodox way to get the both job done : - Much needed funds in a volatile market, - The group equity appreciation in one single day.   The Schaffters, knew very well that it was absolutely not possible to obtain needed funds in current volatile market. Instead of other options such as rights, they used the reserves of Janashakthi Insurance PLC of the Group to buy the 31.15% stake of Dunamis Capital PLC at an inflated price to the current market price ( between 70% to 80% ). All ...
EPF in few weeks
Governor said fairly soon and as per rumours in two three weeks. Tighten  your seat belts guys. alien alien alien
Anilana announced the mandatory offer on 6th August 2018 35 days letter will receive.
COLO.N going down?
i thought COLO.N will have small up after dividend announcement. may be market ongoing situation + rs.6(in 2015,2016,2017) down to rs.2(in this year)
You may do your own research
WATCH OUT LDEV IS GEARING UP. ITS A LONG OVER DUE ........ Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Sri Lanka budget gap contained by June 2018, despite weak revenues
Sri Lanka budget gap contained by June 2018, despite weak revenues Sep 11 2018 Sri Lanka's tax revenues grew 3 percent to 845.3 billion rupees in the six months to June 2018, and current spending grew at a faster 8 percent to 995.6 billion rupees, but the budget deficit was down in real terms, official data show. Total revenues with non-tax revenues of 75.3 billion rupees (up 32 percent) grew 5 percent to 920.8 billion rupees, and current spending of 995.6 billion generated a revenue deficit ...
Company ID: - COCR 
Date of Announcement: - 29.June.2018 
Rate of Dividend: - Rs. 0.75 per share /First & Final Dividend 
Financial Year: - 2017/2018 
Shareholder Approval: - Required 
AGM: - 13.Aug.2018 
XD: - 14.Aug.2018 
Payment: - 23.Aug.2018
Rupee and Debt burden
Rupee and Debt burden now at a critical stage September 9, 2018, 9:42 pm  By Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Former Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy has, recently, stated that the Central Bank is to soon raise USD 250 million through the issuance of Panda Bonds. Such funds would be in addition to the Syndicated Loan of USD 1,000 million that it has already raised recently through the China Development Bank. Sri Lanka’s public debt ...
Port of Colombo Ranked World’s No.01 Highest Growth Port in the First Half of 2018 – Alphaliner September 10 2018
The Port of Colombo is  ranked as  world’s No.01 container growth port among the top 30 container ports for the 1[size=11]st half of 2018. In container handling Port of Colombo has  recorded a 15.6% growth for the 1st half  of  2018 over same period last year according to Alphaliner Monthly 2018. It is also a very significant achievement as it is the first time in history the Port of Colombo reaches the top of a global maritime ranking.  With this growth, Port of Colombo has leaped ahead many ...
Corporates facing higher borrowing costs, Will hurt their repayment ability- Moody's
ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan companies face higher borrowing costs owing to a rise in benchmark interest rates, rating agency Moody's Investors Service said. Banking sector asset risks will increase after excessive credit expansion in the last two years and a rise in borrowing costs, Moody’s said in a new report on Sri Lankan banks.  “Nonperforming loan (NPL) ratios have risen, and corporates are facing higher borrowing costs due to a rise in benchmark interest rates.”   Moody’s said corporates’ ...
Indian Rupee Breaches 72 Mark To Hit Lifetime Low Against US Dollar
To all my keyboard warriors.  It's not just SL rupee that falling against USD but other currencies as well. Don't just think because your king and the clan is not there the SL rupee is falling. Indian rupee devalued more than 12% since the beginning of the year. Rupee Breaches 72 Mark To Hit Lifetime Low Against US Dollar: Key Things To Know The Indian rupee collapsed below the 72-level for the first time ever against US dollar today, reported news agency Press Trust of India (PTI). ...
Is SWP better than dividend plan?
Hello guys! I’m a quite a beginner investor in the stock market and planning to invest a fund which can give a regular flow of return on monthly basis. But, I’m quite confused about the systematic withdrawal plan and dividend plan. Some of my colleagues suggested me to invest in the SWPs since it provides a consistent flow of returns on a consistent interval of time (weekly, monthly, and quarterly). Moreover, it is up to the investor to decide on the amount and period of time. Plus, there is ...
Maharaja Loweth naha Lowi Gaheth naha
Maharaja Loweth naha Lowi Gaheth naha
Bathbala Balaya...
A massage and my reply.. About bathbala balaya... [05/09 07:14] Ranjith Fernando: Unverified information - ------------------------ The Joint Opposition ( JO) is planning to carry out a huge mass protest called “Janabalaya Kolabata” against the Government targeting Colombo on the 5th September 2018 from 1400 Hrs. They plan to congregate their supporters in the environs of Colombo City. The potential locations are Kiribathgoda on main A1 Colombo / Kandy road, Mount Laveniya on main A 2 Colombo/ ...
Maharaja forecast !!
Maharaja forecast for next week Market will RISE!! Below are reasons ; 1.)  Brexit effects to financial markets slowly reducing, no more shocks to markets because of Brexit.  Britain already going to sign Trade agreements with India, USA, China etc. SL will soon sign a trade agreement with UK,   so globally the situation is getting better.   2.) China is investing again in SL. A Chinese government company is trying to buy Holcim cement Ltd. This is a very good sign !! They will need ...
Do we have a super human in this forum known as Maharaja????????????????????????????????

Why is his posts are the most feared by all.
Sri Lanka banking outlook negative, NPLs rise
Sri Lanka banking outlook negative, NPLs rise, but capital stable: Moody's- Sep 05 2018  ​    ECONOMYNEXT - Non-performing loans in Sri Lanka's banks rose to 3.0 percent of assets in March 2018 from 2.7 percent a year earlier, though the economy is expected to grow 4.1 percent in 2018 from 3.7 percent last year, Moody's Investors Service, a rating agency said. "Credit growth was very high over the last two years, with the credit multiplier (credit growth/GDP growth) peaking at more than ...
UNP will be handed over to new leaders by 2030: Ranil
[size=32]UNP will be handed over to new leaders by 2030: Ranil[/size] 2018-09-06 11:56:26 [size=15] 34  3973[/size]       We need to build up the UNP first in order to build up the nation. I have started to cultivate new generation of leaders. I will hand over the UNP to them by 2030, UNP Leader Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe said. He also said that the media could not destroy the UNP. Addressing at the 72nd Anniversary celebration he said the National Government inherited a neglected ...
Angampora for street crowd; five-star hotels for JO top brass Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 01:09 Print Edition Local Angampora dancers keeping the crowd entertained. While the vast majority of the protestors left Colombo Fort by 8PM yesterday, a small group remained behind for a Satyagraha on Lotus Road outside the Colombo Hilton. The rally organisers got Angampora dancers to keep the small crowd entertained during their vigil. There were also skits by men in demon-masks and ...
LOFC.N000 Highly Under value
Last Quarter LOFC made 30 Cents Profits. we can expect around 1.30 Rs for this year.

now ASPI start to move upward...

then Best Performing counter will be perform very well..
AEL will get the contract of construction of Housing Project Rs. 2,737.35 million
19. Housing Project with 450 house units at Siril C. Perera Mawatha, Bloumendhal Rd. (Document No.60) The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development to award the contract of construction of Housing Project with 450 house units at Siril C. Perera Mawatha, Bloumendhal Rd, to Access Engineering Company for Rs. 2,737.35 million upon the recommendation of Cabinet Appointed Standing Procurement Committee.
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