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GRAN - 75.00 - 85.00 HVA - 8.00 - 9.00 UBC - 16.00 -17.00 TYKO.n - 65.00 - 70.00 REEF - 12.00- 15.00 RIL - 10.00 - 12.00 (with RIGHT issue and quater report) CFVF - 40.00 - 50.00 RAL - 3.00 - 3.20 Analysis the graph pattern... And also last quarter reports..... All the companies making profit.... comparing to the last Year.... Good to enter... now..... Valuable thoughts are most welcome... Dont post promotion.....
Now all the things are over. ALHP will move up soon. Collect and hold, Alhp will be like lamb, first private placement and next offer. Then it will be move up.
Customers : If you are looking for a hospital in Ratnapura look no further.  Government : its high time you gave concessions to local hospitals that have advanced emergency treatment units& are owned by none other that Sri Lankans. Investors : If you have not bought this share- which is of a company that is going to be the biggest blue chip in the nation, then yoi are about to miss out on this windfall of wealth I know I will receive. HIGH TRADING CALIBRE
HVA 50 cents profit for the year NAV 8.50 market 6.60 Good potential to go up
HVA 50 cents profit for the year NAV 8.50 market 6.60 Good potential to go up.
SFIN going up
This time sfin going to high level.. cheers cheers Basketball Basketball
VFIN Share
What about VFIN shares?
Last quarter EPS = Rs 8.26
Year end will be =Rs 33.05
P/E will be - 65/33.05= 1.97
Short Sell instead of Bill and Bond
I noticed Bill and Bond trades are slow moving.
It is a wastage @ online trading system.
Let it be a manual process.

I suggest to introduce 'Short Sell' function for equity trading. Stock markets would be more active, even at side-way and bearish markets.

Article on short sell:

Comments are welcome.
janashakthi shares
did you all see this cse circular?
CALF doubled price genuine?
CALF rights issue 559:309 at Rs. 23.30

Current Price: Rs. 62.10
Feb-26 Price: Rs. 25
May-02 Price: Rs. 40

In few (3) months, price doubled.
Is this price manipulation or are there genuine reasons for doubling the price?
If it is manipulation targeting at rights issue, there will be a sudden huge drop in price after XDate.
Need expert advice ASAP before investing.

Thank you.
Will CRL.N000 rise?
Does anyone have info on CRL.N000? Have some shares at hand. Seems they are not offering any dividend even.
JINS Share Repurchase
Its an opportunity, where the repurchase will be at 36.70 and current price is 33.
No news from LAUGFS GAS (LGL). for more than one month??
There is no announcement from LGL regarding the issue of shares from 3 companies which they have segregate from LGL. looks like taking so long.

Any idea??
Hi all, I am collecting #LLUB as a long term investment considering their high DY [Rs 8/- p.a. after profits adjustments] which gives about 9% dividend yeild. Together with this if we can get a rebound in share price we would definitely can get a return more than 25% by end 2018. Also, I am expecting #LLUB to perform comparatively high in profits starting from 2Q 2018 as the YoY comparison would be much more realistic. Please share your thoughts?
FLCH 4.30 Next BIL ....
Now BIL Should be 3.60.....
Warning sounded over China’s Debtbook diplomacy,16 countries identified loan billions that they can’t afford to repay
China’s “debt book diplomacy” uses strategic debts to gain political leverage with economically vulnerable countries across the Asia-Pacific region, the US state department has been warned in an independent report. 16 “targets” of China’s tactic of extending hundreds of billions of dollars in loans to countries that can’t afford to pay them, and then strategically leveraging the debt. [size=16][/size] ...
MOBITEL Sri Lanka new company to be listed in the CSE
Is that true saying that mobitel will be separared from SLT and going to be listed in the CSE? Please share Any further research and comments about?
China approves funds for Central Expressway
Chinese Ambassador in Colombo Cheng Xueyuan has informed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that the Chinese government has approved USD 1 billion as funding for the phase one of the Central Expressway project. The loan would be granted through the Exim Bank of China. Chinese Ambassador had informed this when he met Prime Minister Wickremesinghe at Temple Trees this afternoon. [size=16][/size] ...
Any idea why RCL.N000 and COMB.N000 is falling?
RCL.N000 has been falling since the past several months and COMB.N000 has been falling recently too. Any idea why that is? What is the idea about buying and holding these counters? Will they be profitable in the long run? (i mean in the next 12 months)
China approves loan for Central highway
Any good luck for AEL?
Last few months REEF highlighted price will move between 12.00 to 16.00. But now price down to 7.00. Expert any comments?
AMANA TAKAFUL PLC (ATL.N0000) will move up soon. Many have collected. A big announcement can be expected after the 2018-05-08 AGM. Be Vigilant
Any one let me know about PAP ?  
Huge collection going on at 2.90

Is it good stock to invest ?
Average investors actions.
NTB may be the next Sampath Bank
Nations Trust seems to be touching hearts of people of Sri Lanka flower
ANY ONE BUYING ALLI RIGHT SHARES  Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
Next run...
RAL.N will hit tomorrow....
Need help from experts
Can you explain below jargon which I see in my target shares in online trading platform, and signals it gives to me

1. RSI
(what if MACD graph goes up but below 0 axis, is it Buy signal)
IF MACD moves very close to 0 axis although moving average curve Movement volatality is high

If you also have any materials on this pls share
Alumex PLC ALUM.N0000
Any Reason for ALUM.N0000 reaching the lowest of 16.40?
Any Recommendations... for Buy/Sell/Hold?
How about TKYO.N000?
What is the status of tkyo.n000? is it good to buy and hold?
FLCH will hit next week.....NAV 7  Very Happy
Most family-owned businesses like Abans revolve around their founders. Their values set the example and the tone. Their words carry gospel-like weight. Understandably, it was their wisdom along with their blood, sweat and tears that built them. These businesses differ culturally from the average corporate, and regardless of size, are more intimate. Employees work for a real person or the legacy of one, not for an entity owned by faceless shareholders. Some family companies like XXXXXXX ...
Family owned Abans Group for sale?
Shareholders of Abans PLC have transferred their share holding to P N P Logistics (pvt) Ltd , a fully owned subsidiary of Abans International (pvt) Ltd.

Troubled Abans group which  is already suffering from  steep decline in profitability and high debt is for sale?
DFCC Bank - A very valuable counter
For you all my advise is to look at DFCC very closely.

Well on course for a PAT target of 5Bn

Realized capital gain of over 1Bn from the sale of Commercial Bank block.

The 300 of hexp as it long term glory

U can see it how much will glory . I said it's 40 With great emotional mastermind knowledge and I said u will surprise . As well this is not the end . My target is too long u never see this type investment style . 

I am not the budu mahash . I am a god.
People's Leasing Company
PLC has performed exceptional performances for the March Q 2015. This has become a growth stock now and one of foreign favorite counters in the MKT as well. Visit - Top 20 share holder list is full of foreign funds and this is ever growing.Apart from foreigners lots of local HNWI also go behind this share. High dividend paying counter.The dividend yield counts 5.2% p.a. @ present. Counter peaked Rs28.0 before presidential ...
AEL.N0000 reached 52W Lowest!
According to my analysis, fundamentals of AEL.N0000 seems good.
However, it was recorded 52W Lowest today 4th May 2018.
Any reasons? Whether to Buy/Hold/Sell?
Why still not show of notice of UBC.N
I have been seen the share of UBC.N still moving with high trading and no any clues about Notice. Please share your ideas ... Shocked
CALF.N ???
what is happening with this share?
Sampath Bank achieved a post-tax profit of Rs. 3.3 bn for the quarter ended March 31, 2018, a 41.4% growth in comparison to the profit after tax (PAT) of Rs. 2.3 Bn recorded in 1Q 2017. The results stem from higher profit before tax (PBT), which grew by 39.6% YoY to reach Rs 4.9 bn in 1Q 2018. Meanwhile, the Sampath Group, which includes the Bank and four fully owned subsidiary companies also posted a strong performance for the quarter, with PBT and PAT growing by 39.3% and 41.1% respectively ...
Distilleries profits up 134-pct in 4Q17-18 after adjustments
Watch out DIST. next week.......... May 04, 2018 (LBO) – Sri Lankan business magnate Harry Jayawardena in his statement to the shareholders of Distilleries said net profit after tax for the forth quarter of 2017/18 is an increase of 134 percent. Jayawardena said NPAT for the last quarter was 1,902 million rupees compared to the 811.9 million rupees reported in the same period of previous year, showing an year-on-year increase of 134 percent. “The increase in profit for the quarter is a ...
Avoid investing in Abans Group company shares
ABANS GROUP SELLS FINANCE COMPANY TO LAUNDRY OPERATOR , LOSSES CONTROL  & CAPITAL INFUSION FAILS TO SAVE ABANS FINANCE - Abans Finance PLC profit declines to  55Mn From 78 Mn , after being downgraded to associate status - Worse ever performance by a Company with Equity base of Rs 1.1 Bn. -Non performing assets increased from 534 Mn to 805 Mn. -Interest margin declined from 13.5 % to 11.2 %. -Return on average assets declined from 3.4 % to 2.0%.  -Return on average Equity declined ...
Stock Market Training - Free Registration
VstoX the first ever stock market simulation game based on Sri Lanka's stock market is now open for registration/play.
Game Site:
Game Rules/Forum:

Is Arpico finance relaible entity to invest?
TJL.N0000 52W Lowest
According to my analysis fundamentals of TJL.N0000 has been good.
However, it was recorded 52W Lowest today 4th May 2018.
Any reasons? Whether to Buy/Hold/Sell?
RAL what's happening
Is it good to collect at this level
BIL Selling
3.10 - 11 million, 3.20 13 million selling. Any news?  Shocked
DISTILLERIES........look 21/= good price to buy
Seylan Bank records Rs 1.05 bn PAT in 1Q 2018
Seylan Bank made a steady start in 2018 by posting a profit after tax of Rs. 1,053 million in Q1 despite less than ideal market conditions. Net interest income increased by 17.21% as the volume growth outperformed the impact arising from the narrowing of NIMs. Net fee and commission income witnessed a growth of 14.61% to reach Rs 995 million in 1Q 2018 as compared to Rs. 868 million for the comparative period. Initiatives put in place to harness fee generating business across various customer ...
Economy still vulnerable: Cabraal
Says growth and investment remains below expectations, debt to GDP ratio has increased   Points out reserves shored up largely through borrowings Multiple policy statements but limited implementation,investor confidence remains low FDI earned from pre-2015 projects, Budget deficit targets unmet despite tax hikes By Charumini de Silva Presenting a different point of view, former Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal yesterday sought to flip the narrative on Sri Lanka’s macro ...
Sri Lanka political uncertainty seen undermining investor confidence: Fitch
ECONOMYNEXT - Fitch Ratings has warned that Sri Lanka's political uncertainty could pushback fiscal and economic reforms, and undermine investor confidence ahead of debt repayments worth 15 billion US dollars over the next two years. "Recent political developments in Sri Lanka have created some uncertainty over reform momentum and fiscal consolidation, and prolonged upheaval could undermine investor confidence ahead of large external debt maturities in 2019-22," Fitch said in a statement ...
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