Stock Market Talk
INSURANCE companies finally falling!
see JINS / UAL!!! Already down and will go down further....JINS - in my personal opinion, I think will test 21 levels and UAL - 230 levels as most of the profits are one off and will probably have lower earnings going forward...
Dusit Thani Sri Lanka project halted?
ECONOMYNEXT – China’s Sino Great Wall International Engineering has got the contract to build a high-rise five-star beachfront property in southern Sri Lanka under the brand of Dusit Thani, Thailand’s hotel and property development company. Dusit Thani Sri Lanka is promising investors estimated returns of 8% a year or guaranteed returns of 6% net paid quarterly in US dollars for five years on its apartments on a 500-metre strip on the Balapitiya beach.  Buyers can lease back the apartments ...
Sad situation of expressway !!!!
PM to meet Japanese ambassador over delayed Phase III funding  China funding from Exim Bank for Phase I and II still unconfirmed  Maharaja
UBC - What is going on
Something something is happening with UBC 
Some brokers are collecting little by little @ 11-11.20 lEVELS 

Any one knowes  any thing ?
UBC TO HIT 24 ??
Keep watching and collecting UBC brokers say within few weeks it may hit high as 24  due to some key change in ownership 

keep collecting 
Dont buy on Credit
MR’s time no “golden era”: PM Comments /  312 [size=11]Views / Friday, 15 March 2019 00:00[/size] [size=11] Facebook [/size]  Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe with Mahinda Rajapaksa   Insists achievements were limited to reducing economic competitiveness and increasing corruption  [size=15] [size=17]By Ashwin Hemmathagama – Our Lobby Correspondent Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday challenged the Opposition assumption that the former Government ...
I guarantee you a big market fall. 
Exit Immediately !!!
Buyers - wait till 2020

SEC Chief welcomes PM’s remark on EPF’s return to stock market
[size=48]SEC Chief welcomes PM’s remark on EPF’s return to stock market [/size] [size] Comments /  351 Views / Thursday, 21 March 2019 01:52  Facebook [/size] [size=15][size=17]The Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Ranel Wijesinha yesterday welcomed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Tuesday announcement on the return of Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) to the Colombo stock market. “It is indeed encouraging to note the PM’s statement at the Daily FT, ICC SL and ...
Daily Stock Market Update
Sri Lankan shares make healthy gains amid heavy local buying Sri Lanka, Aug 29 (Insights Equity) – Sri Lankan stocks made the highest gain in nearly three weeks as local investor participation reached its highest in more than three weeks amid expectations that the country’s largest pension fund would soon re-enter the stock market. Read more at:
පැලවත්ත කිරි සමාගම කොටස් වෙළද පොළට,DRINK pelawaththa milk & help sri lanka
Pelwawaththa milk proceesing company plans to be listed in colombo stock exchange with in next 3 years one of employees said. More details yet to be followed. How ever companies like pelawaththa is much needed to achieve better sri lanka.
CSE is promoting Life Insurance companies whilst Stock Market is crashing.

Singapore rejects Sri Lankan leader’s allegation on trading scam suspect
Singapore rejected Wednesday Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena's allegation it was sheltering a former central bank chief wanted for fraud, saying Colombo failed to provide documents to support its extradition request. Sirisena on Monday accused Singapore of sheltering Arjuna Mahendran, one of his country's former central bank chiefs wanted in connection with a high-profile $74 million insider trading scam. Sirisena said he appealed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in January ...
BALA.N potential

In my opinion it a good buy.
Sri lanka tourism income reached 4.4 billion USD 2019

Sri Lanka Tourism is targeting four million tourist arrivals and US$ 5 billion foreign exchange earnings for 2019. Its better to study some hotel shares.

presidential election very soon ?
presidential election very soon ?
UBC - Stake up by big invester
One of the biggest fund is keen in taking a sizable stake in UBC is in talks with UBC 

some of the brokers reveeled to close parties 

Take seats with cash 11 -11/50 will be attractive as the deal is above 18 ...

check and collect
AEL.N0000 is the Next AAIC.N0000 -
Best time to collect.
World Bank approves USD70Mn to Sri Lanka
The World Bank approved a US 70 million dollar credit to improve the quality of life of around one million people living in Northern, North Central, Eastern and Uva Provinces in Sri Lanka. The new local development project will put local communities at the center of planning and delivery of essential services such as roads, healthcare and sanitation through closer collaboration with local government authorities. This project will also pilot the provision of infrastructure services that will ...
Sri Lanka shares end little changed; rupee rises
Sri Lanka’s share index ended little changed on Monday, hovering near its 5-1/2-year low, as investors awaited direction from the third and final vote on the 2019 budget, market sources said.  Parliament last week passed the second reading of the 2019 budget that raises spending while setting an ambitious goal to reduce the country’s large fiscal deficit. The final vote is scheduled for April 5. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe-led government’s political stability has been questioned ...
Diversification of Sri Lankan economy, must to garner more economic benefits
Diversification of Lankan economy, must to garner more economic benefits Thilan Wijesinghe The diversification of Sri Lankan economy and the greater representation of the diversified companies in the local stock market will help Sri Lanka to better garner more economic benefits, Thilan Wijesinghe, Chairman of National Agency for Public Private Partnership said. Noting that Sri Lankan government doesn’t have any more low hanging fruits to generate economic growth due to its inability to ...
ALHP Right issue......!!!!1
We can buy share at 1.20 and why we have to be worry to buy at 2.00.  Any day dreamer will not join this to buy,.  Somap did not allow them to offer Right down than 2.00. At least ALHP must be above 2.50 to buy the Right. So they will show its value after on going re-valuation. So within a few days,ALHP will move up above 2.00. Next report and their revaluation report will  bear evidence why ALHP should trade above 2.00 Time to think and research yourself for the future according ...
UBC.N0000- Donnt miss this
UBC still have time to collect- below 12 rs.
BFN - DEAL OVER - TO BE DE LISTED SOON AFTER THE PRIVATE PLACEMENT ඩීල් එක ඉවරයි @ 19-59 - කොටස් වෙළදපලෙනුත් ඉවත් කරගන්නා බවට ආරන්චි
BFN - DEAL OVER - TO BE DE LISTED SOON AFTER THE PRIVATE PLACEMENT  ඩීල් එක ඉවරයි   - කොටස් වෙළදපලෙනුත් ඉවත් කරගන්නා බවට ආරන්චි  කලයක සිටන් ම JINS / BFN  ඩීල් කිය කියා සමහරු අසරණ අලුත් කොටස් වෙළදපල ගණු දෙනු කරුවන් අනාත කරහ  අපෙ මූඩ අයද කියන කියන විට නටමින් අනාත වූහ  හෙටත් අනාත වෙති  මෙම සමගමේ JINS AND BFN ඩිල් ඩිල් කිය කියා බ්‍රොකර් වරු පෝසත් වුහ විශේසයෙන්ම BARTLEETS - EQUVITY - CAPITOL TRUST  කෙසේ නමුත් බ්ෆ්න් සමාගමේ පුද්ගලික කොටස් නිකුතුව ඉතා ඉක්මනින් සිදු වනු ඇති බවට  සමාගමේ ආරන්චි ...
While waiting for the market to rebound, look for bargains if you can afford the risk. Try to be active at the right time to gain something
Stock market for beginners Talking to individuals who are knowledgeable and have expertise in the strategies and methods related to stock trading will be very helpful. They will be able to give you invaluable information and details about the most effective methods to take to make your trading experience profitable and successful. Don't think you have to know everything. It takes years to understand investing, and no one fully knows exactly what's happening all the time. Experienced traders ...
ඉතා ඉක්මනින් සේවක අර්තසාදක අරමුදල නැවත කොටස් වෙළදපල ට
ඉතා ඉක්මනින් සේවක අර්තසාදක අරමුදල නැවත කොටස් වෙළදපල ට පසුගියදා පැවති සාකච්චාවකදී මහ බැන්කුවේ අදිපති සහ නිලදාරීන් පවසා තිබුනේ කොටස් වෙලද පල ආයෝජනයට පුහුණු කල කණ්ඩායමක් පවා දැන් සිටිනා බවත් ටිරිලියනක පමණ මුදලින් 5% පමනක් මුලින්ම කොටස් වෙළද පලේ අයෝජනය කරනු ඇති බවත් ය ..  බොහෝ ශක්තිමත් ආයතන වල කොටස් මේ දින වල ආයෝජනය කිරීමෙන් ඉත ආකර්ශනීය මුලකට සේවක අර්තසාදක අරමුදලට තම එකතුවට එක් කරගෙන තබා ගත හැකි බැවින් මෙය ඉතා වාසිදායක ආයෝජනයක් වනු ඇති බව මහ බැන්කුවේ මතය වී තිබේ .. ඉතා ඉක්මනින් මෙම අයෝජන පිවිසුම් ...
Central Bank targeting early return of EPF to stock market
Central Bank targeting early return of EPF to stock market March 16, 2019, 8:26 pm  The two trillion rupee Employees Provident Fund (EPF), the country’s richest investment fund holding the retirement funds on non-public sector employees, is targeting an early return to the now depressed Colombo Stock Exchange where it has been inactive since 2016, well informed sources said yesterday. This has been actively pushed by market players and investors who believe that the EPF’s return to the ...
Lofc delisting??

that means they are going to announce De-listing plan?
Weekly Stock Market Roundup
Weekly Stock Market Roundup (27.08.2018-31.08.2018) Sri Lankan stocks make healthy gains backed by local investor interest   Sri Lanka, Aug 31 (Insights Equity) –Sri Lankan stocks recorded the highest gain in more than a month despite slipping to a 17-month low on Tuesday as local investors became net buyers amid expectations that the country’s largest pension fund would soon re-enter the stock market. Read more at:
Today is UBC.N0000 day.
Try to collect below 12 rs,
What do you  think dear members?
SOMAP BOUGHT ANILANA A FEW DAYS AGO.And also company offered mandatory offer to buy at 1.30.  So now they have settle all their matters.  Any one could sell at 1.30 a few days ago. So no need to be affraid of not being able to submit their ANNUAL REPORT. They surely submit the report on or before 07th of December. Now you all have a lucky chance to buy ANILANA AT LOW PRICE NOW.So better to buy than selling foolishly. SOMAP never gets a loss from their business and they have good leadership ...
ANILANA's bad time is over. IT shows a profit first time in the history. SOMAP is showing only profits in the past.

So next report will be more actractive than this. 

Buy and hold, time will answer for the best!!!!!!

Good luck!!!!!
Excellant performance as expected.

181Million net profit in this quarter(86% increased from same quarter last year).
P/B 1.5
PE   4

350Million cash available.Could we expect 20rs dividend... Razz Razz Razz
ලාංකීය හෙදියකට ලක්ශ 9 ක් ගෙවන ඇමෙරිකාව
රජයේ පඩි දෙගුණයක් වුන හැටි
UBC.N0000 Vs AEL.N0000 - What will be the best
which one will give the best return ?
EFP TO start again invest in Stocks
CBSL is hinting after talks with trade unions after the Budget passed in Apr ..EPF will take psotions in investing in selected stocks 

I think the things are chainging and a BIG FUND had invested more in UBC and coming days are good for UBC
Second reading of budget passed by 119 Votes - Shows this Government is Confident
[size=33]Second reading of budget passed[/size] The second reading of the Budget-2019 presented by the United National Party (UNP) Government was passed with a majority of 43 votes in parliament a short while ago. A total of 119 MPs voted in favour of the budget while 76 MPs including JVP MPs voted against it. The SLFP MPs abstained from voting.
Fall of stocks - Big Players are behindThis is the time to buy and collect stocks
The big players are like killers 
They are pushing prices down and waiting suck blood from the small scale medium range traders ..
If we are wise and holding on to what we have we can be sucsessful

when no sellers are there after few days it will start a support level at 5500 and start moving on 

IMF AND WB is confident of a better economey in Sri lanka by 2020 ..

This is the time to buy and collect stocks
Government salary hike almost double..
Governments employees are the luckiest gents in sri lanka.

Reuters - Sri Lankan shares ended at a 5-1/2-year low and the rupee fell on Monday as investors awaited a budget vote on Tuesday to assess the political stability of the government led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. ** Sri Lankan Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera last week presented the 2019 budget that raises spending while setting an ambitious goal to reduce the country’s large fiscal deficit. An interim budget vote is scheduled for Tuesday. ** Wickremesinghe-led government’s political ...
UBC.N0000 ? Expert ideas please ?
what will happen to UBC in future? is it a good price to enter nw?
UBC.N000- keep eye, something is happening
Union Bank active. any deal or news?
How about EAST @ 10/= end of march
Will it reach to the 10/=. I believe in.
Anyone know about it?
Why Access might be over Rs. 2000/ per share valued along with Banks by 2049, due to New Budget Proposals on Joint Venture Construction projects
Currently Access Engineering has made deals with Japanese and Chinese for all Harbour projects and Airports projects. The company will soon expedite Joint Ventures with China's China Harbour Engineering and JICA connected companies of Japan to get construction business.  Port City project will be done by 2049 and will be fully completed by that year. That time AEL share or the Access Engineering share will be worth over Rs. 2,000/- share if no bonus shares (capitalization of Shares) or ...
HPWR-Unnoticed Gem?
They have announced a Rs 9\= Dividend-At current Price the Yield is appx 32%-with such a high yield-why is the share not moving?-Recently they also mentioned of a Rs 1.3b project-Maybe they are sweetening the share to announce a mega Rights later on?-This is my opinion
What is going on with TFC.N0000
Guys, Any idea about TFC? I have over 25 000 shares  Sad Sad Sad
Any idea about the large trade volume ?
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