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Fannie, Freddie to Allow Desktop Appraisals on New Construction Loans
The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced several loan processing flexibilities for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, including allowing desktop appraisals on new construction loans.
Workers on Home Building Sites Should Strictly Adhere to Coronavirus Precautions
The health and safety of home builders and contractors is our top priority. NAHB helped develop a Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan specifically tailored to construction job sites, and workers need to use it.
What’s New in Water Technologies for the Home
Water has been around since the beginning of time, but technology regarding water continues to evolve. Here’s a snapshot of some of the latest trends in residential water technology.
Profile in Leadership: NAHB’s Former Female Presidents Share Their Stories
NAHB's National Women's History Month celebration concludes with a look at two powerhouses in the industry: NAHB's two former female presidents — Shirley Wiseman (1989) of The McVay Group in Lexington, Ky., and Sandy Dunn (2008) of BJ Builders in Point Pleasant, W.V.
Register for Member Webinar: COVID-19 Update for Your Workplace
Join a free member webinar on Wednesday April 1, to understand the paid sick leave and the expanded family leave provisions in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
FHA Announces Policy Updates Related to COVID-19
The Federal Housing Administration has announced new guidance for property appraisals and other policy updates due to the COVID-19 national emergency declared by the president.
DHS Designation for Home Building as ‘Essential’ is Not Mandatory
The Department of Homeland Security designation of residential construction as an "Essential Infrastructure Business" is good news for the housing industry. However, the designation is advisory in nature and should not be considered a federal directive or standard. To help members determine where builders can stay on the job, NAHB has created a map detailing which states and municipalities have enacted orders that may impact builders.
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