More Workplace Lessons Learned During the Pandemic
The pandemic forced HR professionals and employers to rethink how their workforce operates. SHRM Online collected these lessons learned when COVID-19 changed the way work is done; more responses are shared here.
How to Purchase an Applicant Tracking System
ATS technology has undergone considerable change, with providers introducing AI capabilities, automated workflow features and reporting tools designed to make the lives of recruiters, hiring managers and job candidates easier.
As Employees Catch Up on Their Delayed Health Care Needs, Claims Could Surge
Health claims in 2021 could reflect the consequences of letting risky health conditions go untreated for more than a year, exacerbated by stress, poor diets and suspended gym memberships.
How Young Candidates Can Show They Are Ready for Senior Roles
Right now, you may feel that you are perceived as too young and inexperienced to be taken seriously at the level of your next target job. Here's how to boost your own confidence and your perception by senior leaders and hiring managers.
Court: Montana Wrongful Discharge Act Applies to Out-of-State Employer
Montana law requires employers to have just cause for firing employees after an initial probationary period. A recent Montana case highlights issues for employers to consider if they have employees who work in Montana—even if those employees live in or are based out of another state.
Virginia Enacts Overtime Wage Law
Virginia currently follows federal overtime pay rules, but beginning July 1, employers in the state will be subject to new requirements.
Workers’ Comp Bars Claim That Bullying Led to Employee’s Suicide
The family of a worker alleging that he committed suicide after experiencing workplace bullying could not bring a wrongful death claim against his employer and supervisor, a California appellate court ruled. Workers' compensation was the exclusive remedy, and therefore, barred the lawsuit, the court said.
Your Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems
Legacy applicant tracking system platforms have long been the targets of scorn by recruiters for their inflexibility, cumbersome functions and disregard for the...
Answers to the Most Common Coronavirus Questions
Find the answers to common questions about coronavirus as it relates to the workplace in general, employee leave, and employer policies and practices.
As Offices Reopen, Hybrid Onsite and Remote Work Becomes Routine
Many workers aren't eager to return to their offices full time. Those who do come back are likely to find office designs and routines have changed as businesses rethink...
Preparing California Workers to Return to the Worksite
With COVID-19 vaccines reaching more Californians, it's natural for employers that have been operating remotely to think about bringing workers back to the physical...
Ask HR: Feeling Out of Step with Remote Team
How can a new team member bond with colleagues while working remotely£ And what are some tips for people searching for their first jobs in HR£ SHRM President and CEO...
Amazon Defeats Unionization Drive in Alabama
Amazon defeated the unionization drive at its warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., according to a count on April 9. The president of the union that led the organizing drive...
Labor Law Poster Report
April 2021 Copyright 2021 J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Employment Law Poster ReportPosting compliance for remote workers: Top 5 FAQs Electronic posters are a...
Labor Law Poster Report
DOL Issues COBRA Subsidy Guidance and Model Notices
The Department of Labor posted guidance and model notices to help employers comply with the federal COBRA premium subsidy put in place by the American Rescue Plan Act....
Pandemic Prompts Global Initiatives for Women in the Workplace
The COVID-19 crisis has disproportionately affected many women worldwide as they struggle to meet the needs of their families and employers—and the pandemic has...
Court Says Texas Law Prohibits Sexual Orientation Discrimination
For the first time, Texas law has been interpreted to provide workplace protection for LGBTQ+ workers. The state appeals court decision follows on the heels of the June...
First-Time Jobless Claims Edge Up
States reported that 744,000 U.S. workers filed for new unemployment benefits during the week ending Apr. 3, an increase of 16,000 from the previous week. The total...
The First 100 Days: President Biden’s Employment-Based Immigration Agenda
President Joe Biden has “hit the ground running” as he directs changes to the U.S. immigration system in his first 100 days in office.
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