Know Your Data Security Obligations Under California’s New Privacy Law
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect Jan. 1. The law gives California residents the right to know, access and delete their personal data that is stored online, as well as the right to opt out of its sale. But it also allows them to file lawsuits against companies for data breaches of personal information resulting from a failure to implement “reasonable security.”
401(k) Savings Rates Are Up, and SECURE Act May Push Them Higher
Under the SECURE Act, employers offering a safe harbor 401(k) plan with an auto-escalation program can increase participants' contributions up to 15 percent of their pay. Here's a look at common auto-deferral practices that can prod workers to save more for retirement.
The 5G Workforce Needs a Big Boost
The full-scale deployment of 5G wireless communications technology over the next several years promises to significantly grow the U.S. economy and transform the workplace, but first workers have to be trained to deploy the needed infrastructure.
HR Business Partner or HR Director?
Ever wondered what the difference is between an HR business partner and an HR director? How does an HR manager fit in? Columnist Martin Yate breaks down the typical responsibilities of each HR role in this week's career advice column.
EEOC Harassment Charges Reflect #MeToo’s Relevance
Despite a slight dip in the number of sexual-harassment charges filed last year, the monetary benefits of sexual-harassment cases settled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)—excluding the awards obtained through litigation—was nearly $70 million. This was much higher than in previous years.
Employer’s Trivial Adverse Actions Could Not Be Basis for Bias Claim
An Asian-American employee in his 50s who alleged that the city of Los Angeles discriminated against him based on his race and age could not proceed with his bias claims because he didn't suffer an adverse employment action, a California appeals court ruled.
Apple Sues Former Executive for Starting Competitor During Work Hours
Apple is suing a former employee in California who the company claims started a rival business while on the clock. Although California law favors employee mobility and limits employers' use of noncompete agreements, workers generally can't use company time and resources to set up their own shop. Here are some points for employers to keep in mind about using noncompetes.
Former Twitter Engineer Denied Class Action in Gender-Bias Suit
A female software engineer's gender-bias suit against Twitter could not go forward as a class action, a California appeals court ruled. The plaintiff alleged that the company's promotion practices had a disparate impact against women.
Did a Federal Judge Go Too Far in Directing EEOC’s Pay-Data Collection?
The deadline has already passed for certain employers to send EEO 1 Component 2 pay data—broken down by job category, race, sex and ethnicity—to the federal government. But a district court judge is still monitoring the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) continued collection efforts.
Coronavirus Concerns in the Workplace
With reported cases of coronavirus in the United States, U.S. employers and employees are starting to get worried. What steps can employers take to prevent its spread? Should there be travel restrictions for employees in the U.S. who are traveling abroad?
Hotels Tackle Human Trafficking at Super Bowl
It’s not every day you see the terms “Super Bowl” and “human trafficking” in the same sentence. Yet that’s the reality right now as efforts are underway to train hotel staffers how to spot and report human trafficking at busy times—such as Super Bowl LIV. The game kicks off Feb. 2 in Miami and is preceded by a week of events and concerts throughout the city.
Uncertainty Surrounds California Arbitration Bill
The fate of a California bill that restricts the use of employment arbitration agreements is still unknown following the latest development in a legal fight between the state and the business community.
Use the 4 P's of Marketing to Craft Winning Job Ads
The fundamentals of marketing—product, price, place and promotion—create a great framework for writing better job ads.
House Leaders Want to Reduce COBRA Confusion
Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have asked federal agencies to clear up the confusion caused when retirees don't understand the lifetime financial risks of not enrolling in Medicare because they're receiving continuation coverage under COBRA. Employers also can inform departing Medicare-eligible employees about these hazards.
How Can Upper and Middle Managers Get Their Message Across?
As business moves at a faster pace, communication from managers to employees, or between managers, can suffer.
UK: Mind the Pay Gap that Exists for People with Disabilities
It is easy to assume that in the United Kingdom (U.K.) in 2020 a physical or mental disability will not determine your salary. However, figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown that the employment landscape in the U.K. is far from inclusive.
Recertification Q&A: Consulting, Writing, Volunteering
​Have questions about recertifying your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP? In every issue, the SHRM Certification team will answer some of the frequently asked questions they receive from credential-holders. This week they answer questions on volunteering using consulting work, writing and volunteering.
SHRM-Certified CFO: HR and Finance Go Hand in Hand
Archana Remane Dhore, CPA, SHRM-CP, is chief financial officer at a technology and cybersecurity company who oversees all aspects of financial management plus human capital and training services. We asked Dhore about her combined expertise in finance and HR and how her dual professional certifications contribute to her professional success.
Practice Makes Proficient: Selecting Development Activities
How do you, as a manager or employee, select the most-effective development activities in a world of so many choices? Engaging in the right activities is essential for successful development. It is important to consider a variety of developmental activities, depending on the organizational resources available, individual learning styles and the HR competencies to be developed.
HR as Strategic Planning Facilitator
HR is uniquely situated to help organizations with strategic planning because successful strategic plans depend on effective human resource allocation. HR can help identify and clarify the company mission, long-term goals and tactics to achieve these goals. After the plan is written, HR is in an optimal position to ensure follow-up and follow-through in plan implementation. For HR professionals wishing to provide this valuable service to their organization, here are some steps to follow.
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