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LeAnn Rimes says she had ‘some pretty heavy depression’ during the pandemic: ‘This is the human journey’
The country star appeared on The Verywell Mind podcast with editor-in-chief Amy Morin, LCSW, and discussed how her mental health was impacted during the pandemic.
2 ships off UAE in Gulf of Oman warn they've lost control
Two ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates broadcast warnings Tuesday that they had lost control of their steering under unclear circumstances as authorities reported "an incident" was underway in the area.
Jason Momoa calls out reporter for 'icky' question about 'Game of Thrones' that left him 'bummed'
Jason Momoa had an awkward encounter with a New York Times reporter over a "Game of Thrones" question.
Pentagon on lockdown due to 'shooting event' outside building near Metro station
The Pentagon entered into a lockdown due to a "shooting event" outside the building, police confirmed to Fox News.
White House silent on if admin agrees with nominee that Omar's dual loyalty comments were anti-Semitic
In 2019, President Biden’s pick to be his administration’s envoy against anti-Semitism Deborah Lipstadt said she believed Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments from that year about U.S. lawmakers having an “allegiance to a foreign country” referred to Israel and were anti-Semitic.
Kim Jong Un photographed with mystery spot, bandage on head
Kim Jong Un has appeared in public with a dark spot, at times covered by a small bandage, on the back of his head – stoking more speculation about the slimmed-down North Korean despot’s health.
Dramatic hot-air balloon landing: Report details how passengers took control after pilot killed in accident
A preliminary report released Monday details how three passengers were able to radio for help and crash-land a hot-air balloon without injury in July, after their pilot and a fourth passenger were thrown overboard by the impact of an initial crash and bounce back to the sky.
Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in violation of state and federal law, NY AG finds
New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday that her office's investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo has concluded and that they have found that Cuomo indeed sexually harassed multiple women.
Waters urges CDC to ignore Supreme Court ruling, extend eviction ban
After the CDC could not find legal grounds to extend a moratorium on evictions that began early in the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is pushing the CDC to do it anyway.
DOJ drops case of Vermont hospital allegedly forcing nurse to participate in abortion
The Justice Department has declined to pursue a case involving a nurse in Vermont who was allegedly forced to participate in an abortion.
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