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Azerbaijani president lays out conditions for Armenia cease-fire
In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said his country is prepared to lay down its arms.
US Embassy in Turkey issues alert on potential attacks
The U.S. Mission is acting on 'credible reports' of potential terrorist activity against U.S. citizens
Real James Bond£ Declassified files suggest a Cold War spy by that name
News over recently declassified Cold War-era documents about a suspected British agent named James Bond have left some in the intelligence community and the Polish public shaken and stirred. 
How President Trump delivered on a number of foreign policy pledges
Less than two weeks before the 2020 presidential election, with foreign policy a focal point of the final Trump/Biden debate Thursday, the commander-in-chief is set to highlight long-held promises and accomplishments during his first term. 
Ethiopia jailing people for up to 2 years for not wearing masks in public: Report
Ethiopia will start jailing people who refuse to wear masks in public for up to two years, Reuters reports. 
Chinese family of nine dies after eating toxic noodles
Nine members of the same family in China died after eating spoiled noodles that had been kept in the freezer for nearly a year, authorities said.
Eiffel Tower stabbing investigated as racist incident, shouted 'dirty Arabs': reports
French authorities are investigating an apparent racist incident after two women were stabbed beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 
Russia grants Edward Snowden permanent residency, lawyer says
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been granted permanent residency in Russia, a status one step closer to citizenship, his lawyer told state media on Thursday.
US officials targeted on American soil, across the world by purported sonic attacks
Four years ago, dozens of American officials stationed in Cuba started to hear odd cracks and humming in their ears – punctured by rushes of nausea, headaches, muddy vision, memory loss, disequilibrium, and lethargy – all key indicators of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Hurricane Epsilon's eye reveals 'stadium effect' as powerful storm to sideswipe Bermuda
The eye of this powerful storm has been revealed.
French attacker paid teens to point out teacher before beheading, prosecutor says
Two teenagers will face charges in last week’s beheading of a history teacher outside Paris — for allegedly pointing out the educator to his killer in exchange for cash, France’s terrorism prosecutor said Wednesday.
Trump admin approves more than $1 billion in new arms sales to Taiwan, angering China
The Trump administration has approved more than $1 billion in arms sales to Taiwan in a move likely to further ratchet up tensions between Beijing and Washington.
Trump's German ambassador tried to secretly negotiate Venezuelan president's exit
A Trump administration official secretly met with a representative of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro last month in an effort to negotiate the embattled leader's peaceful exit from power amid an economic crisis in the oil-rich nation. 
Spain is first country in western Europe to reach 1 million coronavirus cases
Coronavirus cases in Spain surged to 1,005,295 on Wednesday, making it the first country in western Europe to cross the grisly 1 million milestone. 
Taliban attacks increase as US troops move toward total withdrawal from Afghanistan
National Defense Secretary Robert O'Brien affirmed this week that the Pentagon was working to carry out President Trump's vow to further diminish U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, slashing numbers to just 2,500 by early next year. However, Trump has pushed the envelope even further in recent days – advocating that all troops be brought home by Christmas.
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