Reuters: Oddly Enough
Zip-wire calamity to wild rugby tackles: The comedic face of UK's Johnson
Dangling helplessly from a zip-wire while waving British Union Jack flags, Boris Johnson and his attempt to publicize a party in one of London's parks became one of the most memorable non-sporting moments of the 2012 Olympic Games.
Chicago alligator stakeout snaps shut after professional catches reptile
An elusive alligator residing in a Chicago lagoon was caught early on Tuesday after the reptile, thought to be an abandoned pet, captivated locals for nearly a week.
Colombian caught in Spain with cocaine under toupee
A Colombian man was detained at Barcelona's international airport after half a kilo of cocaine was found hidden under an over-sized toupee, Spanish police said on Tuesday.
The longest toilet break? Belgian sits for five days in bid for record
A Belgian man sat on a toilet for nearly five days this week in a bid to set a world record.
Sneakers give art a run for its money at first-of-a-kind Sotheby's auction
Move over Monet. Nike is hot on your heels.
Lithuanian couple defends world wife-carrying championship title
A Lithuanian couple won the World Wife-Carrying Championship for a second time in a row in the Finnish town of Sonkajarvi on Saturday, triumphing in a contest where men complete an obstacle course with their wives slung over their shoulders.
Later alligator: Chicago wants scaly resident out of local lagoon
An alligator has taken up residence in a Chicago lagoon, surprising locals after a winter of polar temperatures in the third-largest U.S. city.
'Best day ever!' Internet pokes fun at Mexico's finance minister grim-faced job acceptance
Mexico's Arturo Herrera looks grim in a viral video in which President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador names him finance minister, a job Herrera's predecessor left in a huff at a time when Latin America's second largest economy is signaling weakness.
Flight crew restrains 'God' aboard Delta flight, returns to Puerto Rico
Delta Air Lines flight attendants restrained a passenger on a flight from Puerto Rico to New York after he shouted "I am God!" and claimed he would save the world, forcing the plane to return to the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rican police and the airline said on Wednesday.
Stowaway falls from plane over London, narrowly missing sunbather
The body of a suspected stowaway fell hundreds of meters from a plane flying over southwest London, landing in the garden of a man's home, just missing him as he sunbathed, according to neighbors.
Feeling the heat? Estonian takes his sauna on the road, literally
A lot of Europe has felt like a sauna this month, which makes Willem Maesalu's weird car seem even weirder: the bright yellow Audi 100 Avant is a rolling sauna.
Cricket: Busy bees interrupt South Africa and Sri Lanka … again
A swarm of bees forced the players of South Africa and Sri Lanka to dive onto the ground during their Cricket World Cup clash at the Riverside Stadium on Friday -- but for many on the pitch there was a sense of deja vu.
Trump's half-cocked and loaded tweet draws barrage of reaction
U.S. President Donald Trump, whose Twitter malaprops often set off a deluge of social media criticism, was targeted on Friday for a linguistic misfire involving the phrase "locked and loaded."
Bar scales back 'free shot per goal' promotion after U.S. 13-0 win
A Miami bar that offered customers "free shots" for every goal scored by the United States at the Women's World Cup has scaled back its offer in the wake of the team's record-breaking 13-0 thrashing of Thailand this week.
Fowl ref! Scotland bring out the rubber chickens at World Cup
Scotland's hopes of reaching the last 16 at their maiden women's World Cup were dented by defeat to England in their opener but they have responded by bringing out their secret weapon for their next game against Japan - rubber chickens.
Unlucky 13 for Miami bar that offered free shots for U.S. goals
Customers at a bar in Miami had more reason than most to celebrate as the United States women's soccer team went on a record scoring rampage against Thailand at the World Cup on Tuesday.
Polish activists try to save cows condemned to death
A herd of about 180 free-roaming cows in Poland must be slaughtered, authorities have ruled, to the dismay of activists fighting to save them as a cause celebre for animal rights.
Duvets discarded, cushions thrown at Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship
The Japanese may be known for their neatness, particularly when it comes to making their bed in the morning, but all social norms went out the window on Saturday during qualifying for the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Belgian monks resurrect brewery after two century break
Belgian monks at the Grimbergen abbey are on the verge of brewing beer again after a break of more than 200 years.
Cambodia's royal oxen predict plentiful rice harvest amid EU tariffs
Cambodia's royal oxen predicted a plentiful harvest of rice, the country's biggest crop, at an ancient plowing ceremony on Wednesday.
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