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Have an RSS feed you want displayed on your site?  This tool is for you!  To use it, just input the RSS feed URL and configure the options and click the button.  The code (HTML, PHP, or JavaScript) will be generated for you at the bottom of the page.  Then just copy/paste that code into your website.  EASY AND FREE!

Widget configuration options

Input here the URL of the RSS feed you want to display on your web site
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Server-side Mode Better SEO
Javascript Mode More Universal
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Find and display only items containing keyword* Beta
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Show Publish Date
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  • Supports RSS and Atom feed types.
  • Javascript, PHP, or Iframe integration.
  • Configurable output options.

Advanced Style Configuration:

You can configure the output styles using CSS class "rssdog" (PHP and Javascript methods, does not work with Iframe).  For example, to make the font larger, place the following code in your HTML <head> </head> area:

<style type="text/css">
.rssdog {



  • Improved multilingual character support. Improved https.


  • Upgraded Snoopy for better feed compatibility.


  • Option to make nofollow links.


  • Now supports Twitter RSS.


  • Better support for ATOM feeds
  • Added option to include publish date (PubDate).
  • Moved "fetched by" link to right side (less intrusive).
  • Minor text changes


  • Added ability to exclude feed title
  • Added ability to filter by keywords

Sites using RSS Dog:


Using it

To display the output as you see it, use this URL in your IFRAME or server-side include:

Eg, for an iframe, just add the following HTML code to your HTML source:

Server-side includes will depend on the language in use on your webserver. Here is example PHP code:

No instructions for this mode yet!

Example Output Trump
Trump: The Art Of The Insult


Directed by:Joel Gilbert
Runtime:1 hr 36 mins
Fahrenheit 11/9


Directed by:Michael Moore
Runtime:2 hrs 7 mins
Besti Make America Great Again Donald Trump Slogan with USA Flag Cap Adjustable Baseball Hat Red


Fear: Trump in the White House


President Predicto - Donald Trump Fortune Teller Ball - The Greatest Way to Discover Your Future - Ask a YES or NO Question & Trump Speaks the Answer - Like a Next Generation Magic 8 Ball – Funny Gift


Trump and Russia


Starring:Sarah Ferguson, Donald Trump, et al.
Directed by:Sarah Ferguson
Trump: The Art of the Deal


In God We Trump


Starring:Donald Trump
Directed by:Christopher Alan Maloney
Runtime:1 hr 26 mins
Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House


Donald Trump Doll - This Bobblehead Trump Has A Bobbling Middle Finger Instead of Head - F.U Media/Liberals
Aahs Engraving President Donald Trump Life Size Carboard Stand Up


1 Nation Under Trump


Directed by:Jim Gufferson
Runtime:1 hr
Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10261 Donald Trump Fake Sound Button Gag Gift Novelty - 7 Fake Sayings, Red


Military imagine Donald Trump Cap Keep America Great MAGA Hat President 2020


Republican Statement Socks Donald Trump American Flag Pattern Unisex Adult Crew Fashion Novelty Socks


PRINGCO Donald Trump for President Make America Great Again 3x5 Feet Printed Flag with Grommets Republican MAGA


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