Kathleen Ball Western Romance
Tattered Hearts
Sun, 09 Sep 2018 17:29:00 +0000
Amid the aftermath of the Civil War, Georgie O'Rourke the last surviving member of her family decides her only choice is the leave her beloved state of Tennessee by answering a Mail Order Bride Advertisement. With only a few items of rag like clothing she travels the Southwest Trail by covered wagon to meet up with her Groom in Texas.
Captain Parker Eastman formally of the Confederate Army travels from his cattle ranch to the Southwest Trail to intercept a woman his mother hired as a companion. He soon finds out that Georgie traveled to Texas to become his wife. Duty bound to make right on his mother's promise of marriage he marries the Southern Belle. But she is unlike any pampered woman he'd ever known. She was a survivor and did what needed to be done to make a future for herself.
Reconstruction in the South is anything but peaceful. Anger and hatred are harbored on both sides. Fear and violence become the norm. People are no longer the same as they were before the war. Upon arriving at the ranch, Parker leaves Georgia in the hands of his mentally unstable mother in order to address land grabbers.
Mother Eastman thinks that Georgie is to blame for everything that was lost in the war, leaving Georgie beaten and broken.
Can Parker find the wife he'd come to love and admire beneath the terrified and untrusting woman she'd become?
This Historical Western Romance is full of twists, suspense and amazing romance.

Sun, 22 Jul 2018 17:50:00 +0000
After being jilted at the altar, Scarlett Settler can't show her face in town. She becomes a mail order bride to a blacksmith in Silver Falls Oregon. She only skimmed the letters that she and her intended exchanged and was very disappointed to find he was a blacksmith always covered in soot.
Dillon Stahl built a huge house and now he wants to fill it with a wife and children. When his friend Smitty Settler writes to him about his daughter, Scarlett, he's intrigued and proposes. He expected a sweet biddable wife that he can build a life with. Instead he ends up with an opinionated woman who does not know the word compromise.
Getting to know Scarlett is near impossible. She refuses to allow anyone into her heart because she knows they won't like her. Everyone always leaves her. Her fear of rejection takes over each of her actions.
Can Dillon break through her haughty facade and find the women of his dreams?

Greg (The Settlers)
Mon, 26 Mar 2018 16:44:00 +0000

From Award Winning, Best-Selling Author Kathleen Ball
A handsome man, Greg Settler, one of the many orphans taken in by Lynn and Smitty Settler, decides to go and make his own mark on the world. He travels to California to try his luck at gold mining. From the first day he realizes he knows nothing about gold mining. Luckily for Greg his claim is next to Hugo Watkins and his daughter Mercy’s mine.
Mercy Watkins has grown up traveling from mine to mine. Her father, a dreamer, always believed that they’d make it big at the next mine. Unfortunately her father dies but not before he asks Greg to take care of his daughter.
In order to save Greg from hanging, Mercy marries him. Both are stubborn and it makes for an unconventional marriage as they mine for gold. 
Will they be able to survive, claim jumpers, bushwhackers and Greg’s family? Can they tell each other what is in their hearts before Mercy goes her own way?

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