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Democrats Vote to Increase Military Spending to Record High
Thu, 09 Dec 2021 21:39:04 +0000

Update December 14: Today the U.S. Senate passed this bill by 86-13.  The Democrats voted in favor of it by 42-7.  Thanks, Democrats, for wasting money on military adventurism.

169 Democrats (out of 222) just voted with Republicans to increase military spending to $768 billion per year. That’s more than Trump’s last defense budget. Last year, Trump crowed about his massive $738 billion for the U.S. military. Now, Democrats want $768 billion for the military.

More tha 3/4 of the Democrats in the U.S. House voted with Republicans to throw billions more at defense contractors, weapons, and war. The Democratic establishment has learned nothing from decades of trillion dollar wars and disinvestment in housing, education, and the social safety net.

The Senate is expected to rubber stamp this bill and send it to the White House for signature.

Senate to vote on Nat War Budget after 11-29-21
Sat, 20 Nov 2021 08:22:07 +0000


The US Senate is set to vote for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 on Thursday. This is likely the most important action we each can take today:
Call Sen. Merkley and Wyden and tell them to join Bernie Sanders in voting No to the National Defense Authorization bill due for a vote in the Senate on Thursday.
They have both voted No before and they need to do it again. The budget proposed by Pres. Biden was an INCREASE over 1.4% billion over the last Trump war budget. And then the House and Senate Armed Services committee approved an additional $25B to the Biden war budget.
Sen Wyden is a 503-326-7525;
Sen Merkley is at 503.326.3386.

Tell them to vote no, but to approve any amendments which would decrease the budget. Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed such an amendment. And he as said that he will vote no.

Please call every day.


OPP NOV 2021 newsletter now available
Thu, 11 Nov 2021 20:28:47 +0000

The Oregon Progressive Party Nov 2021 newsletter is now available at https://conta.cc/30irY3h  Read the OPP War and Peace Report, learn about the Portland Tenents Union efforts for a City of Portland ordirance to end landload haressment of tenants, why OPP signed onto a letter written by Veterans for Peace to the Portland City Council and more.

NDAA War bill approved overwhelmingly by US House
Sun, 03 Oct 2021 10:15:13 +0000

Votes on HR4350 – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) For Fiscal 2022 and certain amendments.

Link to Govtrack.us for this bill: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr4350

HR4350 is the first of two bills to enact the national war budget. The second bill will be the National Defense Appropriations Bill, later this year.

HR4350 was overwhelmingly enacted in the US House - 316 yes/113 no. The no vote was 38 Democrats and 75 Republicans. The yes vote was 181 Democrats; 135 Republicans. So this is a bipartisan win for war which would not have been enacted except for the strong Yes vote by the Democrats. In addition to the vote on the bill, there were lots of amendments offered, some of which got votes as well. This bill now moves to the US Senate for a vote. If they approve the bill with changes, a Joint Committee will be formed to work out the differences, with another vote required in both Senate and House to approve the compromise bill. Otherwise, it will go to the President for his signature. Below is the voting summary on certain amendments and the major bill by Oregon US Representatives.

Vote on HR 4350

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National Defense Authorization bill vote due this week
Fri, 17 Sep 2021 09:26:28 +0000

The House of Representative is scheduled to vote on HB4350, National Defense Authorization Act, during the week of 9-20-21. Phone calls to all Oregon Representative are called for with a message of Vote No on HB4350.

Note that ahead of this vote, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced 7 amendments to this bill. One of the amendment would end the transfer of surplus military weaponry and equipment to police departments throughout the US. Other amendments deal with Colombia, Saudi Aradia, and arms sales to Israel. Read about this and the other amendment in this press release by Rep. AOC. We don't know who might be supporting or co-sponsoring these amendments but I would hope that Reps. Blumenauer, Bonamici and Defazio would.

How about calling them and asking them to support these amendments£ Tell them that they should vote Yes on each of AOC's amendments and vote no on HB4350, even if all of AOC's amendments are adopted. HB4350 as originally proposed by Pres. Biden ($753 Billion) was already larger than Pres. Trump's last defense budget and then that was increased by $25 billion by the House Armed Services Committee. It is time for a peace dividend; time to move from war funding to peace funding and filling the needs of the American people.

Finding Contact information
Find phone number and other contact info for our OR Representatives here.   If you live in Washington, find them here.

OPP files Amicus Brief to support the initiative process
Wed, 01 Sep 2021 07:08:48 +0000

If a voter as been classified as inactive by election authorities, should that person lose their ability to sign an initiative petition£ That is the heart of a OR Supreme Court case now being argued.

The OR Secretary of State has said, “Yes, you should.” But her decision has been challenged in a case now before the OR Supreme Court.

Dan Meek, legal council for the OR Progressive Party, will argue on the Party’s behalf that the right of an inactive voter to sign petitions is retained by the voter and the signature should be counted, noting that prior decisions in Maryland and New York, both with similar constitutional language to Oregon’s, have found that inactive voters do not lose their right to sign just because they have been labeled inactive. As long as they meet the qualifications to be a registered voter, their signatures should be counted.

This is of interest to us at OPP because we have been active users of the initiative process. Mr Meek has pointed out that there are about 500,000 Inactive voters in Oregon and that in every signature drive, 3-5$ of all signatures are disqualified because the signers are labeled Inactive.

Rally/March for Peace and Justice 9-10-21 in Portland
Thu, 26 Aug 2021 04:32:10 +0000

Oregon Progressive Party has endorsed a rally organized by Peace & Justice Work marking the 20th anniversary of the beginning of America's endless wars.

9/11: Twenty Years of War, Stoking Fear, Erasing Rights and Misdirected Funding
Expanded Friday Rally/March for Peace and Justice

Please mask up and stay distanced for safety

Location:  Pioneer Courthouse Sq, SW Yamhill & Broadway, Portland
Date/time:  Friday, September 10-2021, 4:30 - 6 PM

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Join with Code Pink supporting Rep. Lee call for $350 bilion Pentagon budget cut
Sat, 07 Aug 2021 07:33:15 +0000

Support Rep. Lee legislation to cut Pentagon budget $350 billion.

Code Pink action is call for US Representatives to support Rep. Barbara Lee's legislation to cut US Defense Dept budget by $350 billion. https://www.codepink.org/leepentagon21 Note that at this point no OR Rep is co-sponsoring this legislation. We need to ask Sen. Merkley and Wyden to introduce this into the Senate as well.

Rep. Lee's bill here.https://www.codepink.org/leepentagon21 Note that at this point no OR Rep is co-sponsoring this legislation. We need to ask Sen. Merkley and Wyden to introduce this into the Senate as well. Rep. Lee's bill here. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-resolution/476/text£q... "> The bill number is HR 476.

Find contact info for members of Congress here:  https://www.congress.gov/members/find-your-member

National Securites Power Act (S2391) needs support
Fri, 30 Jul 2021 09:06:16 +0000

Win without War notifies us that Senators Lee, Sanders and Murphy have introduced a bill into Congress to reassert the constitutional balance between the Congress and the Executive Branch in the exercise of the war power, an unbalance which currently favors the executive branch in pushing the nation toward war. The bill is the National Securities Power Act, S2391, text here.

Win without War also has a petition addressed to our OR Senators asking that they co-sponsor this bill in the Senate. Sign the petition here.

Let's Tax the Rich, Bezos
Sun, 25 Jul 2021 06:42:11 +0000

David Delk, Chair of the OR Progressive Party, submitted this letter to the editor July 22, 2021

After returning from his self-indulgent space joyride, Jeff Bezos said, “Every astronaut who’s been up into space, they say that it changes them.” He added that his joyride was thanks to the efforts of Amazon customers and employees, “You guys paid for all of this.”

In 2007 and 2011, Bezos, the world richest man (worth $177 billion) paid no federal income tax while the median American household earned $70,000 and paid 14% ($9800).

Perhaps his changed mindset will include a desire to pay his taxes.

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Democratic Party Endorses Nuclear Power Plants (existing and more), Not Reducing Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Tue, 20 Jul 2021 07:20:31 +0000

Forbes Magazine reported in August 2020:

It took five decades, but the Democratic Party has finally changed its stance on nuclear energy. In its recently released party platform, the Democrats say they favor a “technology-neutral” approach that includes “all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, and carbon capture and storage.”

That statement marks the first time since 1972 that the Democratic Party has said anything positive in its platform about nuclear energy.

Here is a video from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez saying that the Green New Deal includes nuclear plants.

Note that endorsing "advanced nuclear" means supporting a new generation of nuclear power plants, in addition to those already operating (which are not "advanced").  The Democratic Party 2020 Platform also forwards the myth of using "advanced nuclear that eliminates waste associated with conventional nuclear technology."  There is no such thing in reality.  If there were, it would exist somewhere in the world.

Scientific American of August 29, 2020, reported:  "The Democrats’ 2020 platform doesn’t include a goal of eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, even though the 2016 version did."

If you like nuclear power (and its wastes and catastrophic accidents) and government subsidization of dirty fossil fuels, the the Democratic Party is for you.

Rally for Medicare for All - July 24, 2021
Fri, 02 Jul 2021 06:28:45 +0000


Rally for Improved Medicare for All

March for Medicare for All

Hosted by Medicare for All PDX and

Oregon Progressive Party because

Health Care is a Human Right

Saturday, July 24th, 12:00 PM

Shemanski Park, 1010 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 15 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored health insurance. This in addition to the 87 million that were uninsured or underinsured before the crisis. It's time for universal, public healthcare - free at the point of service and guaranteed for all. It's time for Medicare for All.

On July 24th, Medicare for All supporters from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to Portland are holding a national day of action for Medicare for All. Join us in Portland at Shemanski Park starting at noon. More details TBA soon! 

Please let the OR Progressive Party know if you can join us, as we will be there with our banner, some flyers, voter registeration cards. 

More information at the March of Medicare for All PDX website:  http://medicareforallpdx.com/

Serin Bussell endorsed for PCC Board Zone 4
Wed, 24 Feb 2021 10:14:40 +0000

Portland Community College Board - Zone 4

By unanimous vote of the Oregon Progressive Party state council, Serin Bussell has earned the endorsement of the OR Progressive Party for the Portland Community College Zone 4 Board position.  Serin was endorsed because of her dedication to progressive values including values she will pursue on the Board - Free Tuition, Healthcare for All, and Housing and Food Security. Serin has been actively involved in social justice movements, serving as Board Chair of the Crag Law Center, and Chair of Portland’s Open and Accountable Elections Commission. Learn more about her candidacy at her website.

Demilitarise the (Portland) Police Webinar
Thu, 11 Feb 2021 08:08:22 +0000

Demilitarize the police

Join grassroots organizers (Code Pink) for an action-oriented online gathering where you will learn about the ways in which the US military and private companies provide military weapons, equipment and training to our local law enforcement agencies - putting community safety at risk.

We will also, in real time, take action against this together by:

Signing the “Demilitarize the Portland Police” petition
Share the petition with others and encourage them to sign it
Directly contact local City and County officials to encourage their endorsement

Please RSVP to receive the zoom link!


February 12, 2021 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm (PST)

Merkley/Wyden: File a Resolution of Disapproval
Sat, 26 Dec 2020 08:02:33 +0000

Oregon Progressive Party hopes that each of you will call both Sen Merkley and Wyden as well as whoever your individual Representative is with a request for they file a Resolution of Disapproval of a $500 million sale of precision bombs to Saudi Arabia, which will likely be used by Saudi Arabia in their immoral war on the people of Yemen. Congress has 30 days (ending Jan 21, 2021) to approve such a resolution, so it is important that such a resolution be acted on immediately. Find their contact info here: https://congresslookup.com/

You might also thank both senators as well as Representatives Bonamici and Blumenauer for their No votes on the National Defense Authorization Act, which funds the Department of Defense to the tune of $740.5 billion. Oregon was the only state besides MA where both our senators voted No.


American War Party in Senate approves 2021 war budget
Tue, 15 Dec 2020 00:31:54 +0000

Following the approval by the House of Representatives, the record breaking budget ($340.5 billion) went to the Senate. The Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act - 2021 by a Yes vote of 84 - 13 No vote. Oregon was only one of two states where both of our US Senators voted No, joining Oregon House members Blumenauer and Bonomici, who also voted No. MA was the other state with both senators voting No.

Please contact both Sen Wyden and Merkley with your thank you for their support for trimming the annual war budget and voting no on the budget itself.

President Trump promised to veto the NDAA if it including provision for changed base names to rid us of names which honor confederate and civil war generals. The bill includes that provision.  But in  spite of his threat, such a veto is not expected.

The Senate vote on HR6395 is available here. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/116-2020/s264£utm_campaign=govtrack_email_update&utm_source=govtrack/email_update&utm_medium=email

What does this all buy America£  Read the DOD Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Request:  https://comptroller.defense.gov/Portals/45/Documents/defbudget/fy2021/fy2021_Weapons.pdf for a detailed look at the weapons systems funded.

Perspective on the military budget by Mike Klare/Tom Dispatch:  Trump Pernicious Military Legacy: From the Forever Wars to the Cataclysmic Wars.

Dem-Rep American War Party in House approves war budget for 2021
Thu, 10 Dec 2020 09:41:46 +0000

While Congress and the President have been trying to negotiate a COVID-19 relief package hopefully to benefit the American people, Congress has easily approved a $740.5 billion defense funding bill for 2021, which largely benefits the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex's private military contractors. Democrats and Republicans are again united as the American War Party. This bill was approved in an overwhelming bi-partisan vote of 335 - 78 with more Democrats (195) than Republicans (140) voting in favor.

Only 37 House Democrats voted No. Included in the number were Oregon Representatives Blumenuaer, and Bonamici.

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Sarah Iannarone: An Open Letter to Mayor Wheeler on Police, Houselessness, and Housing
Mon, 26 Oct 2020 23:52:56 +0000

Oregon Progressive Party urges you to vote for Sarah Iannarone for City of Portland Mayor. 

This is her most recent email to supporters:

Over the weekend, the Oregonian reported that during the last three years, Portland Police have made a majority of their arrest of houseless individuals. Further, they demonstrated that housing is the key to preventing their being arrested again. The team and I are shocked at this waste - this morning, I sent an open letter to Mayor Wheeler making concrete demands on how to address this problem. I sent the letter to all of Council and community leaders, because the people of Portland deserve transparency on where these solutions originate.

The letter pushes to reallocate wasted money to housing, to authorize purchasing hotels as emergency shelters for the houseless, and to stop prosecuting victimless crimes that the houseless can't avoid. Read the letter here.

It concludes: "The solutions detailed here are actionable and the need for them urgent. As back in March when I suggested the City push for a community coronavirus response weeks prior to implementation, Portland needs timely leadership that’s rarely forthcoming from your office. You recently mocked my campaign for proposing a Guaranteed Basic Income pilot program for low income Black mothers, only to announce a new partnership days later to provide gift cards to low income people. You slander me as 'antifa,' and deny there are people identifying as fascists in Portland the same week a neo-Nazi plastered my Foster-area neighborhood with recruitment stickers and awful slurs against Jewish people. Portland is not well served by your refusal to see the real problems in our midst, nor in your rejection of progressive solutions. You have appropriated my policies many times. I implore you to listen to me when I give you a blueprint to addressing issues at the intersection of policing, housing, and houselessness."

As Mayor, I'll stop the waste of our resources on failed tactics that harass the unhoused. While Wheeler is busy fighting for the right to buy elections, we're fighting for the rights of the vulnerable, and to invest in the supports they need to thrive.


Sarah Iannarone
Candidate for Portland Mayor

OPP supports People's Rebate initiative for 2022 ballot
Fri, 23 Oct 2020 19:54:02 +0000

Now that you’ve already voted, congratulations! But of course our votes now are not going to fix everything we want to change, so we press on! 

Oregon allies have filed a ballot for 2022 that we think you would like: the Oregon People’s Rebate (www.opr2022.org).  And the Oregon Progressive Party is supporting this initiative.

What will the Oregon People's Rebate do£

In short, the Oregon People's Rebate will do two things:

  1. Rebate about $750 to every Oregonian, every year. “Oregonian” is defined as universally as possible (including minors, dependents, people who are unemployed, unhoused, incarcerated, undocumented, etc.). The only requirement is being in Oregon for more than 200 days of the previous year.

  2. The revenue for the rebates comes from increasing the minimum corporate tax *after* $25 million to 3%, currently it is less than 1%.


Could you use $750£ 


The Oregon People’s Rebate is people-powered, non-partisan, and explicitly running a state-wide campaign.

Currently, the campaign is in the “sponsorship” phase so they only have to collect 1,000 signatures from across the state. There are country-specific signature goals, so this is very doable!

You can help make the Oregon People’s Rebate happen by: 

  1. Request a signature sheet by mail (https://opr2022.org/en/sign/#request-signature-sheet) for yourself and those you quarantine with, fill it in, and return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope as soon as possible.

  2. Reach out to your other Oregon friends and invite them to do the same. 

Now that you’ve already voted, let’s get going on 2022 with the Oregon People’s Rebate! 

We look forward to seeing you at the informational and training online meeting and helping get the Oregon People’s Rebate on the ballot for 2022!

Final 2020 Nominating Convention
Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:06:22 +0000

The Oregon Progressive Party will conduct its final nominating convention for the 2020 election on Monday, August 24, 7:00 pm via Zoom.  If problems, call 503-502-8973 or 202-465-2764.

OR Progressive Party endorses Chris Smith, Metro Council Position #5
Tue, 04 Aug 2020 08:35:51 +0000

The state Council of the Oregon Progressive Party has endorsed Chris Smith in his race to Metro Council Position #5. While the limits on campaign contributions enacted by both the voters of Portland and Multnomah County do not apply to Metro races, he has of his own accord decided not to accept any donations over $500. That is as opposed to his opponent, who is accepted contributions over $1000. He supports the creation of municipal public banks, and municipal public broadband fiber optics networks.  He has worked as an advocate for public transit systems, including the Portland City Car system and has been active in the opposition to the widening of the I-5 freeway in the Rose Quarter area. We recommend that Chris be elevated to Position 5 on the Metro Council.
Learn more about Chris on his website.

OR Progressive Party endorses Dan Ryan for Portland City Council position #2
Fri, 24 Jul 2020 21:16:32 +0000

The Oregon Progressive Party has endorsed Dan Ryan in his race with Lorette Smith for Portland City Council #2, which became empty with the death of City Commissioner Nick Fish.  Learn more about Dan on his website here

OR Progressive Party Nominations for Nov 2020 ballot
Thu, 09 Jul 2020 09:08:38 +0000

OR Progressive Party has nominated these candidates for the November 2020 ballot:

Office Candidate
US President/
Vice President
Dario Hunter/
Dawn Nepture Adams
US Senate Ibrahim A. Taher
US Representative Dist 3 Alex DiBlasi
OR State Treasurer Chris Henry
OR Secretary of State Nathalie Paravicini
Benton County
Commissioner # 2
Michael Beilstein
OR State Representative
House District 19
Jackie Leung
OR State Representative
House District 23
Alex Polikoff
Non-Partisan Races
Portland Mayor Sarah Iannarone
Metro Council-Dist 5 Chris Smith 
Sign initiative petition to end Oregon Gerrymanding
Sun, 31 May 2020 20:52:56 +0000

Oregon Progressive Party supports the People, Not Politicians Oregon coalition, promoting voter passage of Initiative Petition #57, which would replace the Oregon system of how the state draws political boundaries every 10 years following the US Census. The current system requires the state legislature to draw those boundaries, thereby putting those elected officials in charge of drawing their own district boundaries. And because only legislators do this work, only Democrats and Republicans are involved, leaving members of other political parties and non-affiliated voters unrepresented in the process. That is not how democracy should work.

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Endorsements in May 2020 Primary Election
Fri, 13 Mar 2020 08:15:52 +0000
Candidate Office

Party Primary or

Endorsements 2020 May Primary
Julia DeGraw Portland City Council #2 Non-Partisian  
Seth Woolley Portland City Council #4 Non-Partisian  
Chloe Eudaly Portland City Council #4 Non-Partisian  
Timothy Dubois Portland City Council #1 Non-Partisian  
Candace Avalos Portland City Council #1 Non-Partisian  
Sarah Iannorone Portland Mayor Non-Partisian  
Ryan Moore Eugene City Council # 8 Non-Partisian  
Cameron Whitten Metro Council #5 Non-Partisian  
Leigha LaFleur Metro Council #6 Non-Partisian  
Albert Lee U.S. House #3 Democratic  
Nik Heuertz U.S. House #2 Democratic  
Mark Gamba U.S. House #5 Democratic  
Amanda Siebe U.S. House #1 Democratic  
Chris Henry State Treasurer Independent  
Bernie Sanders U.S. President Democratic  
Complaint Filed Against Campaign of Lori Stegmann for Multnomah County Commission for Violations of Campaign Contribution Limits
Fri, 20 Dec 2019 07:41:15 +0000
December 19, 2019

Portland resident Ronald Buel today filed a formal complaint with the Multnomah County Director of Elections against the campaign of Lori Stegmann for County Commissioner (District 4).

The complaint details $9,152 in contributions received by the Lori Stegmann campaign, which the complaint identifies as exceeding the limits placed into the Multnomah County Charter by Measure 26-184. For violations of that magnitude, the maximum penalty provided by Measure 26-184 would be approximately $183,000.

In November 2016, Measure 26-184 was adopted citywide with a 89% "yes" vote.  It was placed on the ballot by the Multnomah County Charter Review Committee, at the urging of Honest Elections Multnomah County, Portland Forward, and other organizations.

The complaint charges that Lori Stegmann's campaign has accepted 11 donations from corporations and other business entities.  Measure 26-184 prohibits such contributions.  The complaint also lists 5 contributions from individuals that exceed the limit of $500 per individual and one contribution from a political committee that exceeds the applicable $500 limit.

No court has enjoined Measure 26-184, which has been in effect since September 1, 2017.

Mr. Buel's complaint requests that the Director of Elections apply the penalties against the Lori Stegmann campaign specified in the County Charter of "not less than two nor more than 20 times" any unlawful contribution.

The complaint is available here:
http://bit.ly/he-mult. Click on the "enforcement" folder.

For more information:

Ronald Buel [email protected] 503-358-8677
Jason Kafoury [email protected] 202-465-2764
Call Sen Merkely/Wyden - vote No on 2020 National Defense Authorization Act
Mon, 16 Dec 2019 20:18:58 +0000

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, following its approval by the House a couple days ago.

We need to call Sen Merkley and Sen Wyden office and urge that they vote NO. The House bill originally included amendments which would have put some brakes on endless war, the American assisted Saudi War on Yemen, required preauthorization of war against Iran, Venezuela and more. All those provisions got stripped out of the Conference bill which is now being voted in the Senate. Additionally, this budget increases the war budget over all prior budgets, calling for spending $738 billion. "Defense" budget should be decreased by 10% per year, not increased.

Please call Sen Merkley and Sen Wyden, called for them to vote NO!

This script has been provided by Win Without War.:

I'm a constituent from Oregon and I'm calling to urge the Senator to vote NO on the fiscal year 2020 NDAA, on the floor tomorrow. The Senate cannot authorize $738 billion in Pentagon funding with almost nothing to constrain the Trump administration’s erratic and reckless foreign policy! This year can no longer be business as usual.

Thank you!
And here are phone numbers for the two Senators
Sen. Ron Wyden (202) 224-5244
Sen. Jeff Merkley (202) 224-3753

Conference call about Medicare for All vs a public option - what's what£
Mon, 14 Oct 2019 06:56:36 +0000

Sanders' & Jayapal's Medicare for All, a public option - what's what£ Learn the difference & increase the effectivness of your advocacy!

Monday, October 14, 5:00-6:30 zoom (internet) meeting

Are you interested in learning more about Sen. Bernie Sanders' and Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Medicare for All bills£ Are you interested in learning why single payer advocates do not think that a public option is a step towards an equitable, affordable, universal system£

This month's HCAO-Action National Strategy Committee meeting will be a Zoom meeting with slides, instead of our regular conference call. All are welcome. Committee chair Debby Schwartz and Dr. Mike Huntington will provide a presentation and lead the discussion. This is a great way to achieve greater understanding of the Medicare for All bills and the pitfalls in the alternatives. This presentation will be useful in your single payer advocacy.

This Zoom call will take place Monday, October 14th, 5:00-630. We look forward to seeing you then.

You can register here. You can reply to this email to indicate interest without registering.

If you have any questions, contact Debby Schwartz at [email protected] org

Politicians are Immune to Money
Mon, 30 Sep 2019 06:07:39 +0000

No US War in Iran or Venezuela
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 04:30:02 +0000


"No U.S. War in Iran or Venezuela: Sanctions Kill People Too!"

*Sunday, July 28, 2019*
1:00 PM
Waterfront Park / Salmon

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