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Have an RSS feed you want displayed on your site?  This tool is for you!  To use it, just input the RSS feed URL and configure the options and click the button.  The code (HTML, PHP, or JavaScript) will be generated for you at the bottom of the page.  Then just copy/paste that code into your website.  EASY AND FREE!

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  • Supports RSS and Atom feed types.
  • Javascript, PHP, or Iframe integration.
  • Configurable output options.

Advanced Style Configuration:

You can configure the output styles using CSS class "rssdog" (PHP and Javascript methods, does not work with Iframe).  For example, to make the font larger, place the following code in your HTML <head> </head> area:

<style type="text/css">
.rssdog {



  • Improved multilingual character support. Improved https.


  • Upgraded Snoopy for better feed compatibility.


  • Option to make nofollow links.


  • Now supports Twitter RSS.


  • Better support for ATOM feeds
  • Added option to include publish date (PubDate).
  • Moved "fetched by" link to right side (less intrusive).
  • Minor text changes


  • Added ability to exclude feed title
  • Added ability to filter by keywords

Sites using RSS Dog:


Using it

To display the output as you see it, use this URL in your IFRAME or server-side include:

Eg, for an iframe, just add the following HTML code to your HTML source:

Server-side includes will depend on the language in use on your webserver. Here is example PHP code:

No instructions for this mode yet!

Example Output
The Robin Zodiac Show; Sundays 12pm-PST/3pm-EST

The Robin Zodiac Show is on Blog Talk Radio, Sunday, between 3-4pm-EST, 12pm in California. Call-In at 11:45am-PST/2:45pm-EST: 1-657-383-1845 – 1 Question and Dial: Robin Zodiac at her hotline number to schedule a private and personal psychic reading; 1-8ps-ych-IQue Famous Celebrity Psychic; Robin Zodiac will conduct her ‘LIVE’ Sunday ‘CALL-IN’ show on Blog Talk Radio, between 3pm-4pm-EST instead of iHeart podcasts. WATCH: Psy-Chic Lifestyle (Full TV Show)   ...

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Psy Chic Lifestyle (New Age News)

We are exiting Libra in a few days, but only a moon fire signs have appeared in star gazing days.  Robin Zodiac does a Wednesday nights at 10:30pm-EST television show in Manhattan and can streaming on channel 3. It is a New Age News program that includes the mood of Ophiuchus.  She follow the tradition Georgian calendar to discuss ‘Heavens Horoscopes.’ This is the running ...

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Royal Baby to the People’s Prince

Congratulations to the British Royal Family of the new baby announcement to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  It was a fast courtship that led to quick court proceedings, since their May 19, 2018 wedding.  The Duke and Duchess of Sexxus are expecting their first child. The psychic prediction is that it is going to be a girl that they name, after the late Princess Diana.  ...

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Bare and Colorful Dress this Season

Bright bold solid colored dresses are this summer’s trend.  Off the shoulders and bare collar bone is the sexy in the feminine flow of today’s dresses.  Orange, red and yellow appeared from dark regal colors from the near past.  This colorful fabrics are a pleasant surprise this summer. The current look is inspired from the late 60s or early 70s with go-go hemlines and baby ...

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New Order World Trade by Queens N.O.W.

They say you cannot reinvent the wheel, yet accounting is a “T” square.  Every adult understands debit and credit, yet America debit is plus and Internationally debit means minus, so the every changing currency that was once controlled by politicians are going to be controlled by C.P.A.; licensed accountants. It has been commonly publicized that paper money has gone through many different directions, since 1666, ...

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Anti-Aging Secrets to a Heathy Glow

Skin is the biggest organ on a person’s body. The Oil of Olay ‘Regenerist’ moisturizer is the best on the market with sunblock. It is said not to have a film feeling on the face skin, but does hold a dewy moist texture glow. This is a very good product holding the skin firm and reflects the sun to protect the face from sun damage. ...

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Pantsuit or Jumpsuit Bling is It

In the 70s, the one-piece jumpsuit was the trend that never lasted for very long.  Everyone thinks of Elvis, when the jumpsuit is mentioned, but this spring of 2018, the pantsuit is the fashionable style.  It seems that polyester material has the stretch for women to move in their clothes.  Binding fabrics can give the illusion of a jumpsuit production, or unless there is nylon ...

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“Psy Chic Lifestyle” Reality TV Series

Manhattan Neighborhood Network is proud to announce the ‘Psy Chic Lifestyle’ reality television and ‘live’ stream programming, every Wednesday; 7:30pm-PST/10:30pm-EST for a 30 minute show on Channel 3 for Spirituality. Liz Pressman is a Sugar Hill, N.Y. resident and Robin Zodiac lives in Los Angeles and filming on webcams and iPhones to edit together with plot lines and music video segments with recording artist; Cortney ...

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24/7 Live Streaming at Robin.Today


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North America Has A Queen Now

NOW Watch the Robin Zodiac Vlog: Legends are created by a superhuman actors.  Royalty is gamesmanship of rulers that are anointed by the gods through Judea-Christianity, since the 1400s.  The history of the British Monarchy must be taught in the Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth is Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  South Africa fought to become its own ‘Republic’ of South ...

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