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Biden criticizes Texas and Mississippi for lifting Covid-19 restrictions despite pleas from health experts
Live updates | Track US cases | State-by-state travel restrictions
Indiana expands Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to those 50 and older
The long-awaited, one-dose Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine has now been administered in the United States.
Why this Republican is urging the GOP to support Biden's Covid-19 bill
Jeff Williams, the mayor of Arlington, Texas, is urging his fellow Republicans to support President Biden's Covid-19 relief bill to help local cities recover from the pandemic.
CDC director urges people to keep masking and distancing
The director of the US Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday said she hopes people will decide to individually "do the right thing" about distancing and wearing masks, even in states moving to eliminate restrictions against the CDC's recommendations.
These Texas chains will still require masks once the state's mandate is lifted
The end of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi has created a dilemma for businesses: Keep such safety rules in place to protect against Covid-19 spread, as leading health officials advise, or follow the two states' decisions and loosen restrictions.
He was days away from getting dosed. Then he got Covid-19
Just days before he was supposed to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, 88-year-old Leonard Davis contracted coronavirus and died 10 days after being admitted to the hospital. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022
• Analysis: Roberts' second chance to diminish the Voting Rights Act • Sign-ups for Biden's Obamacare special enrollment period nearly triple • Pence pushes false election fraud claims
Rep. Jackson made sexual remarks and drank while working as White House physician, watchdog finds
• Analysis: What will the GOP do about their Ronny Jackson problem£
Senate bill will narrow income eligibility for $1,400 stimulus checks
President Joe Biden has agreed to a compromise with moderate Democrats to narrow the income eligibility for the next round of $1,400 stimulus checks that are included in a bill the Senate is expected to take up this week, a Democratic source told CNN Wednesday.
US bishops take issue with new Covid-19 vaccine
• LIVE UPDATES: Austin city leaders slam Texas governor's decision to lift mask mandate • How the White House convinced two pharmaceutical giants to collaborate • CDC director urges people to keep masking and distancing 'regardless of what states decide'
'Highly misleading at best': Dale reacts to Pence's op-ed
CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks claims former Vice President Mike Pence made in an op-ed, where he alleges that there were "voting irregularities" that took place during the 2020 US election.
Cuomo says he 'never touched anyone inappropriately' and rejects calls to resign
New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday apologized for his behavior toward several women who have accused him of making unwanted advances but denied that he ever touched anyone "inappropriately" and rejected calls to resign.
Cuomo addresses women's allegations
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) addresses sexual harassment allegations made by several women.
DC National Guard general says 'unusual' Pentagon restrictions slowed riot response
The commanding general of the Washington, DC, National Guard testified Wednesday that he did not need authorization from Pentagon leaders before deploying troops in response to protests at the nation's capital last summer but that changed in the days before the January 6 insurrection.
Pipe bomb found at Iowa polling location for local election
A live pipe bomb was found at an Iowa community center serving as a polling place for a special election on Tuesday morning, Ankeny Police confirmed in a statement.
At least 13 people killed in horrific crash in rural California. Here's what we know
The details surrounding the deadly accident in rural California on Tuesday are still unclear, but what is known is that an SUV was struck by a semitruck towing two trailers -- and at least 13 people were killed in the fierce collision.
Extinct 400 years ago, these animals are back in England
Beavers have been extinct in England for 400 years. Now they're back and proving a useful ally against the effects of the climate and biodiversity crises.
Buckingham Palace to investigate allegations that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, bullied UK staff
Buckingham Palace said Wednesday it would investigate allegations that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, bullied several staff members after a British media report cited unnamed royal aides saying a complaint had been made against her in 2018.
Microsoft says a group of cyberattackers tied to China hit its Exchange email servers
Microsoft says that a sophisticated group of hackers linked to China has exploited its popular email service that allowed them to gain access to computers.
Instagram accidentally hid likes for some users
An Instagram bug briefly hid likes from some of its users on Tuesday, after the company accidentally expanded a long-running test of the feature.
2,000-pound World War II bomb detonated
Authorities in Exeter, England, evacuated more than 2,000 homes before detonating a German World War II bomb found at a construction site.
How a flight attendant and a CIA man fell in love on an airplane
In September 1970 Jocelyne Nowaski was working as chief flight attendant on a Pan American World Airways flight from Paris to New York when her life changed forever.
This piercing chain thinks it has found a new way to get people through mall doors
Consumers typically have flocked to malls because they're a one-stop shop for everything from socks to sofa sets. Now, one of the biggest mall jewelers in the United States is giving some folks the chance to cross another item off their shopping lists.
Curvy influencers are frustrated and confused after TikTok took down some of their posts
After losing her marketing job due to the pandemic and then gaining 40 pounds, Remi Bader, 25, began spending more time on TikTok. She built up a following by posting about clothing items not fitting her correctly and her struggle to find larger sizes in New York City stores.
Iconic actors reunite for long-awaited sequel
"Coming to America" stars Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall join "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about reprising their many roles in the upcoming sequel of the 1988 hit film.
'iCarly' star quits acting and resents her career
Don't look for Jennette McCurdy to appear in the planned reboot of "iCarly."
Tom Cruise deepfake is so good, it's baffling fans
A series of deepfake videos of Tom Cruise is confusing millions of TikTok users. See the convincing videos and learn how this technology could be used to spread misinformation.
Dr. Oz helped save a man who collapsed at a New York City-area airport
Dr. Mehmet Oz sprang into action and helped save a man who had collapsed at an airport Monday night.
Dolly Parton adapts famous song to encourage people to take vaccine
Dolly Parton is showing everyone how it's done by receiving her first Covid-19 vaccination shot.
Solange Knowles says she was 'literally fighting for my life' while making her last album
Solange Knowles is opening up about her health while making her last album.
Libraries oppose censorship. So they're getting creative when it comes to offensive kids' books
It's a wondrous thing to introduce a child to a beloved book, to read with them as they enter a literary world generations before them have enjoyed.
Opinion: The real reason for the Dr. Seuss freakout
As social mores and cultural preferences change, companies adjust. They change what they sell, adding or updating products and letting others go. This isn't news -- or at least it wasn't, until American right-wing media outlets became obsessed with so-called "cancel culture."
Cooper talks to LeVar Burton about the Dr. Seuss decision
Anderson Cooper reads to his son Wyatt on 'Read Across America Day' and talks to longtime host of "Reading Rainbow" and recent recipient of the PEN/Faulkner Literary Champion award LeVar Burton about the decision to discontinue six Dr. Seuss books. Anderson Cooper Full Circle airs Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6p E.T.
CNN Investigates: These neighborhoods were once more affordable -- but the climate crisis is changing that
The Civil War's aftermath explains everything about the Capitol riots
On April 11, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln delivered what would be his last speech from a window at the White House to the crowd below. They had gathered there expecting a celebratory speech on Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender to Ulysses S. Grant just two days earlier. 
Vaping marijuana linked to lung injury in teens, study says
Teens are about twice as likely to report "wheezing or whistling" in the chest after vaping marijuana than after smoking cigarettes or using e-cigarettes, a new study has found.
Moment between Anderson Cooper and his son will melt your heart
Anderson Cooper celebrated "Read Across America Day" by reading to his son Wyatt. Watch "Full Circle" on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6p E.T.
Exclusive: Wall Street is in for a rude awakening, former NY Fed president says
Wall Street threw a fit last week when Treasury rates spiked. The stock market tanked and investors feared the economy was overheating. Former New York Fed President Bill Dudley is warning that the temper tantrums are only just beginning.
Iconic Las Vegas casino sold for $2.25 billion
Las Vegas Sands Corp., the upscale resort and casino company founded by the late Sheldon Adelson, is leaving its namesake city and selling its two Nevada properties in a $6.25 billion deal.
Opinion: We desperately need a global Covid vaccine plan to stop more deaths
Even though the US death toll stemming from the coronavirus is declining and the Biden administration is putting the pedal to the metal with vaccination efforts, a spate of new virus mutations is causing alarm within the medical and scientific community -- and for good reason.
20 Amazon products our readers couldn't get enough of in February
Best sales to shop today: GameStop, Bose, Baublebar and more
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The best computer monitors actually worth splurging on
You should be using two monitors — here's how to get started
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20 of the most anticipated new books to read this March
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Alyssa Milano: Pay moms for getting us through this crisis
In December, following the Thanksgiving holiday when lockdowns again became necessary because millions of people selfishly decided to ignore Covid-19 guidelines, the economy lost 140,000 jobs. On its own, that's bad enough, but it's not even close to the whole story. The truly shocking part is that women made up 100% of those job losses, losing a total of 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000 jobs that month. While women fared better than men in the January jobs report, 275,000 left the labor force that month.
I'm racing against time to find out more about dad
I have a question for my father so I jot it down on a postcard. I figured it would be a new way to communicate. When I visit my parents, who are in their 80s, two weeks later at their home in New Jersey last fall, I say excitedly to dad, "Did you get my postcard£ What is your favorite piece of music£"
Vernon Jordan -- Clinton's friend and my mentor
Some years ago, on PBS News Hour, I interviewed the historian David Herbert Donald about his new biography of Abraham Lincoln. "What is the most important asset a president needs£" I asked. Without hesitation, he replied: "A friend."
The veterans who need Congress to act in 2021
As members of Congress, we all share a deep respect for our men and women in uniform, as well as a collective responsibility to ensure that our veterans are appropriately cared for upon their return home.
Party of Lincoln became the party of Alex Jones
At a news conference held in the hours after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, a man asked then-Gov. Deval Patrick whether the attacks had been carried out by the US government as part of a plot to clamp down on civil liberties. The governor, who had spent the day scrambling to respond to the crisis and begin coordinating the search for the perpetrators, dismissed the question with a quick "no."
Prince Harry's brave decision
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle recently spoke with Oprah Winfrey about their struggles, in the first interview they've given since quitting as working members of the royal family last year. What we learned from clips released in advance of the interview's airing on March 7: It's not easy being a prince.
Biden is right about 'aliens'
Last month, an email obtained by Axios revealed that Joe Biden's administration is encouraging the elimination of the use of the term "alien" or "illegal alien" in favor of "undocumented individual" or "undocumented noncitizen" in all official documents, outreach efforts and other communications, to describe those in the US who are not citizens. It's a significant development that is welcomed by advocates of the undocumented, since the long-standing use of "alien" is a not-so-subtle dog whistle that has been effectively used to dehumanize not only the undocumented, but actual American citizens.
Daily news briefings from CNN
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The Point: Politics behind ending Texas' mask mandate
Politically Sound: Delivering on the promise of racial equity
Axe Files: Fareed Zakaria
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5 cards charging 0% interest until 2022
How the UK failed to impose an effective quarantine system
Three female journalists killed by gunmen
Three female media workers were shot dead in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Tuesday, government officials said, amid a wave of killings that is spreading fear among professional workers in urban centers.
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