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'This event should result in a significant threat to life and property,' the National Weather Service said
The issuance of a high risk is rare
If you live in this area, this is a dangerous day
CNN meteorologist Chad Myers looks at the dangerous weather heading toward Texas and Oklahoma-- states that have already been battered by thunderstorms and tornadoes.
Could you survive an extreme weather disaster?
Ranee Roberts feels lucky to have survived the impact of a tornado that hit her Alabama convenience store in April.
After Cyclone Idai, climate chief warns of more extreme weather
Extreme weather events, such as Cyclone Idai, are becoming more frequent due to climate change and will intensify if countries do not take urgent action to curb global warming, the UN secretary general warned on Thursday.
Extreme weather shatters records around the world
US cities as cold as the Arctic. An Australian inferno. The UK covered in snow.
Transgender woman attacked in April found dead on Dallas street
• Killings of transgender people in the US saw another high year
GOP throws up impeachment shield around Trump
• Analysis: Don't fool yourself. No Republicans will line up behind Justin Amash
DHS warns of 'strong concerns' that Chinese-made drones are stealing data
Chinese-made drones may be sending sensitive flight data to their manufacturers in China, where it can be accessed by the government there, the US Department of Homeland Security warned in an alert issued Monday obtained by CNN.
Buttigieg slams Fox News on Fox News
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg used a Fox News town hall in New Hampshire on Sunday to slam two of the network's primetime opinion hosts, knocking both Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham by name on the network where they each host an hour.
Analysis: The president gripes about Fox's anchors, showing his disregard for journalism
According to President Trump's own Twitter feed, he detests seeing Democratic candidates on his favorite television channel.
Ford to cut 7,000 white-collar workers
• CEO took home nearly $18 million in 'challenging' year
Prince Charles agrees to meet Trump during controversial state visit
Prince Charles has agreed to meet with US President Donald Trump during his controversial state visit to the UK next month, CNN has learned, in a move that sets up the prospect of a diplomatically awkward exchange over climate change.
Prosecutors examining tens of thousands of Trump inauguration documents
Federal prosecutors in New York are scrutinizing tens of thousands of documents relating to Donald Trump's inauguration in a sign that the investigation into the committee's finances is advancing.
CNN investigation finds tens of thousands going hungry as food aid is diverted away
Issham Beshir is two years old. She's twig-thin and so badly malnourished she's yet to take her first steps. The world is trying to help her and nearly 16 million more hungry people in Yemen by sending food.
Trump might pardon accused war criminals. What they actually did
President Donald Trump is considering pardons for accused war criminals, according to a New York Times report. CNN's John Avlon explains.
Opinion: An attack on press freedoms and echoes of autocracy
On May 10, San Francisco police officers carrying a sledge hammer, and with their guns drawn, raided the home of a journalist named Bryan Carmody. They handcuffed him for six hours and seized tens of thousands of dollars of his equipment along with his confidential work material. They had one goal: to learn who had leaked a police report to him about the death of longtime San Francisco public defender Jeffrey Adachi.
'SNL' has Trump singing Queen song
In the opening skit of "Saturday Night Live," President Trump and members of his inner circle covered Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now."
Fifth child dies after arriving at US border from Guatemala since December
A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died in government custody Monday morning, Customs and Border Protection said.
WH briefing room podium covered in dust
CNN's Brian Stelter speaks to former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart about the importance of White House press briefings.
Eiffel Tower evacuated as man seen climbing the landmark
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is being evacuated after a man was seen climbing up the side of the structure on Monday afternoon, officials told CNN.
Woman dies after collapsing during a marathon
Magic Johnson says Lakers general manager betrayed him
Billionaire will pay off debt of Morehouse College's 2019 graduates. Here's what it means
Teen graduates from high school and Harvard in same month
17-year-old Braxton Moral is graduating from his Kansas high school in the same month he will receive a diploma from Harvard University.
'American Idol' crowns new winner
It was a win many didn't see coming.
Boy George storms off set of 'The Voice'
Do you really want to hurt Boy George?
Man makes unreal baseball catch during game
Baseball broadcaster Marc Schwartz was elated when a foul ball flew to the broadcast booth at an Atlantic League game.
The nearly 400-pound college football player
Out with the old kilogram, in with the new
A kilo is a kilo is a kilo, right?
Tim Cook to grads: My generation failed you
"We spent too much time debating," Cook told Tulane University graduates during a commencement speech in New Orleans.
A plastic bottle was left in a shot during the finale
The convenience stores of Westeros have done good business in recent weeks.
'Game of Thrones' is over, so now what?
Do you need a hug?
Opinion: Why 'Game of Thrones' denied us a fairytale ending
'Game of Thrones' actor addresses angry fans
"Game of Thrones" actor Kristofer Hivju discusses the series finale after more than a million people signed a petition to get the show's last season remade.
Finale recap: Everything looks like it will work out, except it doesn't
Some say the world will end in fire. / Some say in ice.
The 'Game of Thrones' finale didn't air in China. Some fans are blaming the trade war
The burning question for millions of "Game of Thrones" fans in China on Monday: Is the US-China trade war now being fought in the battlefields of Westeros?
Turn back time in this Cher-themed hotel suite
A jukebox musical about one of the world's most iconic singers, "The Cher Show" is on Broadway. And now Cher is also in a hotel suite.
Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage in historic first for Asia
Lawmakers in Taiwan have approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, a landmark decision that makes the self-ruled island the first place in Asia to pass gay marriage legislation.
Pride beyond parades: How the LGBTQ celebration is enjoyed around the US
In June, New York City will host WorldPride and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, known as the commencement of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.
80,000-strong beehive removed from couple's bedroom wall
Bee populations are under threat around the world, but one house in Spain apparently provided the perfect conditions for a huge hive.
My wife said this ... so I decided to get a vasectomy
When W. Kamau Bell and his wife Melissa knew they didn't want more kids, they had to have an honest conversation about their family planning. This is the story of one couple's journey to choose a vasectomy.
World's biggest cave is even bigger than we thought
Thanks to discoveries made during a recent expedition in Vietnam, it appears the world's largest cave, Son Doong, is even bigger than previously thought.
What a shot! 30 amazing sports photos
Take a look at 30 amazing sports photos from May 12 to May 19.
Little Caesars is testing out an Impossible pizza
Little Caesars is joining the plant-based protein trend with a pizza topped with non-meat sausage.
How a cheap, brutally efficient grocery chain is upending America's supermarkets
War crime pardons would be immoral
On Saturday, the New York Times reported that President Donald Trump was considering pardons for several US military members accused -- including some who have not yet gone to trial -- or convicted of heinous and high-profile cases related to actions on the battlefield.
Secret recording casts harsh light on far right
A secretly recorded video allegedly showing a corrupt far-right politician -- the number two figure in Austria's ruling coalition -- has nearly brought down a government that has been the shining hope of Europe's rising nationalists. The true cost of this scandal will likely be measured next weekend, when Austrians vote in the European parliamentary elections.
Amash's tweets put country before Trump
Finally, a deeply conservative member of Congress, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, has put the US Constitution before partisan loyalty to President Donald Trump. The question is -- will this inspire other Republicans to do the same, or will they continue to defend Trump against any claims of wrongdoing arising from Robert Mueller's investigation? If social media is any indication, it's likely they will do the latter -- at least for now.
The only way Biden can win the presidency
Former Vice President Joe Biden officially launched his presidential campaign in Philadelphia on Saturday. Presenting himself as the antidote to President Donald Trump, Biden promised that he would unite and bring the nation together again. "I am running to offer our country -- Democrats, Republicans and independents -- a different path," he said.
Madonna's Eurovision show missed the mark
During her much-anticipated Eurovision set Saturday night, Madonna appeared to call for peace between Israel -- this year's hosts -- and Palestinians. Her set was undoubtedly the most controversial moment of the evening, but whether her statement sufficiently captured the nuance of the situation, or will be remotely useful in terms of de-escalating violence, is far less certain.
Trump needs to learn how to pick his battles
We are fighting a lot of wars right now, with more looming on the horizon. From trade wars to information wars to increasing nuclear threats, the list of issues competing for substantive presidential attention gets longer every day. And this as news reports detail an increasingly divided national security team.
The dangers of the new SAT 'adversity score'
The College Board, the nonprofit that administers the SAT (originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test) taken by many university applicants as a part of their admissions packages, just announced that it was introducing a new "adversity score" that measures how challenging the test-taker's environment was growing up -- incorporating metrics like the average poverty and crime levels of the applicant's home neighborhood and the quality of the high school they attend.
Forget Your 401k if you Own a Home (Do This)
9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
5 Stocks for Building Wealth After 50
'We can live or we can die': How cricket redefined a war-torn nation
He closes his eyes and the memories flood back. No clean water. No clothes. No shoes. With temperatures north of 45 degrees, his was a world about survival.
India is more divided than ever
The wait has begun. Polling in India's marathon elections concluded at the weekend, with the results due on May 23. Private polling commissioned by Indian media outlets points to a second term for the incumbent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), although, given the patchy record of these polls, which have been wrong in past elections, we won't know for sure until later this week.
UK is violating human rights by leaving families to starve, report says
The UK government is violating its obligations to ensure families have enough food to live on, according to a damning new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).
Virtual kidnappings are rattling families across the US
"I have your son and I'm going to f*ck him up," a voice on the other side of the phone said.
Walmart says it will raise prices because of tariffs
Walmart, America's largest retailer, said Thursday it will raise prices on some products as a result of the Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods.
Country star Travis Tritt's tour bus sideswiped in deadly crash
A tour bus carrying country musician Travis Tritt was sideswiped during a crash that left two people dead in South Carolina, he said.
Police arrest 51 and seize guns, cash and drugs in a massive heroin bust
Local, state and federal law enforcement conducted a massive heroin bust in Connecticut on Friday, resulting in 51 arrests and the seizure of guns, $15,000 in cash and thousands of bags of heroin packaged for sale.
Aerial photos show human impact on natural world
Viewed from above, the Mediterranean's salt farms take the form of abstract paintings. Piles of crystallized salt, which divide the artificial ponds, appear like lines of white paint between blocks of saturated green, red, orange and pink -- colors created by algae and other microorganisms in the shallow seawater.
I.M. Pei, a disarming and determined visionary
I.M. Pei, who died Thursday at the age of 102, was an architect of singular vision. One of the great figures of 20th century modernism, he was perhaps best known for his powerful use of geometry. He employed it to create forms and spaces of exquisite refinement, from his glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris to the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
Crazy history of the 'Back to the Future' car
The unpainted stainless steel body, the gull-wing doors, the rear-mounted engine. When John DeLorean set out to create his own sports car, he knew these features would set it apart from everything else.
Finding the beauty in America's mundanity
Stephen Shore's remarkable career started early. Born in New York in 1947, he was given his first photography set at six. When he was 14, the trailblazing fashion photographer Edward Steichen -- then a curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York -- purchased three of his photos. By 17, he was a regular at Andy Warhol's infamous Factory, photographing the artist and the eccentric personalities who surrounded him.
Why Anna Wintour always wears sunglasses
Anna Wintour's omnipresent status, crafted over a three-decade-long career at the helm of Vogue, is unrivaled in the fashion industry. Her reputation has transcended that of the magazine she edits, her image -- immaculately sliced bob, sunglasses -- now instantly recognizable in silhouette or line sketch.
Fantasia finds her peace
Fantasia is glowing.
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