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The countries welcoming US tourists now -- and some resources for your visit
Throughout the pandemic, US passport holders have seen an ever-morphing list of international travel options.
7 stunning new Maldives resorts to visit in 2022
It's the definitive escape for celebrities, honeymooners and families, all intent on kicking back in a picture-perfect paradise.
Watch these horses jump through 'purifying' fire
Spain's "Las Luminarias" festival has returned for the first time since the pandemic began, according to Reuters. About 100 horses leaped through bonfires, following a yearly ancient tradition.
Hawaii governor considering Covid boosters as part of state's travel rules
Hawaii may soon require travelers arriving from other US states and territories to have a Covid booster shot if they want to travel to the islands without quarantine or testing requirements.
The world's largest cave castle
Predjama is one of the most extraordinary castles in the world, built in the mouth of a cave complex at the end of a valley in southwest Slovenia.
Turkmenistan wants to close the 'Gates of Hell'
This week in travel, the United States declared Canada a "very high" risk destination, the world's most powerful passports for 2022 were revealed and Turkmenistan's president called for the country's "Gates of Hell" to close.
US National Parks to waive entrance fees for MLK Day
National parks in the United States proved to be wildly popular in 2021. They set various attendance records with a pandemic-fatigued public looking for safe things to do.
You're trapped in a blizzard. Do you know what to do next to survive£
Warm thoughts of young romance -- not the cold, harsh possibilities of a Midwestern road trip in winter -- were on Dawn O'Hair's mind as she left Chicago for Indianapolis to see her boyfriend.
Why airplanes might soon have just one pilot
If you boarded a passenger plane in 1950 and peeked into the cockpit, you would have seen five people in there (almost certainly men): two pilots, a radio operator, a navigator and a flight engineer.
Video: 'Once in a lifetime' rare blanket octopus spotted in Australia
The rainbow-hued octopus, seen swimming on the Great Barrier Reef, was caught on video by marine biologist Jacinta Shackleton.
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