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Everglades Jetport: The 'world's greatest airport' that never was
It was supposed to be the world's largest airport, a glamorous intercontinental hub for supersonic airliners with six runways and high-speed rail links to surrounding cities. But today, it's little more than an airstrip in the middle of nowhere.
How American Airlines takes planes out of storage
American Airlines is pulling all of its planes back into service by the end of the month. But it's not like restarting your car. Right now, crews are inspecting everything from cockpits to coffee machines aboard airliners that have been parked during the pandemic.
American Airlines prepares for summer travel demand surge
American Airlines is preparing to return many of its plans to the skies in anticipation of a summer travel surge. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.
Floating hotel concept creates its own electricity
This new concept from Turkish design team Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio may just blow all the others floating hotels out of the water in terms of eco consciousness.
What it's like to visit the Thai island of Phuket right now
Pre-pandemic, Phuket's Patong Beach was not a place you'd go for peace and quiet.
You're vaccinated now, so can you go to a restaurant£ What you should know
As the vaccinated percentage of the population increases, you may be wondering whether now is finally the time to enjoy a meal that isn't homemade or takeout.
The man recreating airplane meals to get through lockdown
Some of Nik Sennhauser's earliest memories are of long-haul flights -- and of eating on a plane.
Queen opens Buckingham Palace gardens for picnics this summer
Green fingered enthusiasts will be able to freely roam the gardens of London's historic Buckingham Palace this summer, as Queen Elizabeth II allows self-guided tours of the grounds for the first time in the palace's history.
The women explorers who changed the travel world
They'd traveled hundreds and thousands of miles between them, but explorer Blair Niles and one-time spy Marguerite Harrison were disappointed to learn that they were deemed unsuitable to join the Explorers Club.
With just $21, Hong Kong man sails to a new life in the US
Sitting in Eddie Fong's living room in Palo Alto is a 55-year-old model of a traditional Chinese junk boat.
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