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Airbus designs inflight Covid quarantine tent
Airbus' PaxCASE concept offers a solution for isolating an airplane passenger displaying Covid-19 symptoms by sealing them off in a pop-up bubble.
He bought a cheap house in Italy. This is what happened next
Roy Patrick paid $16,500 for an old school building in the village of Carrega Ligure. Despite a few minor disasters, he says he's now living in "Nirvana."
How to go backpacking (and why it's worth the effort)
Each summer, Emily Davenport spends days at a time hauling heavy loads through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Thanks to a sinkhole, this is Florida's largest waterfall
The hidden gems of the Florida panhandle include the state's highest waterfall at Falling Waters State Park, the meandering cave system at Florida Caverns State Park, and the secluded Cypress Springs that you can only reach by personal boat or with tour groups like Coldwater Excursions.
Why I love going to nudist beaches
My appreciation for nude beaches officially began in 2016 when I embarked on my first naked sunbathing experience on the uninhabited Lokrum Island in Croatia. Soon I was seeking them out everywhere I went.
Big Bend sheds a different light on the US frontier
It's late afternoon in Santa Elena Canyon -- a 19-mile gorge that separates Big Bend National Park in West Texas and three national parks in Mexico -- and we're setting up camp along a remote stretch of the Rio Grande.
3,000 unruly airplane passengers reported this year, FAA says
Authorities have received more than 3,000 reports of unruly airplane passengers this year, and the majority of those involve face mask rules, the Federal Aviation Administration told CNN on Monday.
See Airstream's first all-terrain adventure van
The maker of the iconic aluminum travel trailer is jumping into the off-road van business with the Interstate 24X.
Isles of Scilly: The exotic island paradise off the coast of England
Strewn out into the Atlantic off the southwestern tip of the England, the Isles of Scilly are an exotic escape from the mainland that bring almost Caribbean landscapes to the UK.
10 of the world's best hotels for when it's time to splurge
After more than a year of lockdowns and quarantine and social distancing, we're all more than ready for a big, celebratory, I-just-endured-a-pandemic vacation.
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