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May survives confidence vote but Brexit remains in utter chaos
How is Theresa May still in charge?
Nancy Pelosi just pulled a major power move on Trump
Good day for Putin as turmoil grips US and UK
The news just keeps on getting better for Vladimir Putin.
Trade wars. Brexit. A US shutdown. Uncertainty is everywhere. Where will it lead?
Trade wars. Recession fears. Market mayhem. Oil turbulence. Brexit. And the longest government shutdown ever.
ISIS claims responsibility after US troops killed in Syria blast
Turkey seeks warrant for NBA star, report says
Turkey has put in an extradition request and requested an Interpol red notice for the arrest of NBA star Enes Kanter, according to Anadolu, a Turkish state news agency.
Rescuers find 'biological traces' of 2-year-old believed to have fallen into well
Rescuers have found "biological traces" of a 2-year-old boy who fell down a 360-foot well three days ago in southern Spain.
Death toll in Kenya hotel siege keeps rising
An American and a Briton were confirmed as among 14 people killed in a terrifying attack at a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, as it was brought to an end Wednesday.
'Upskirting' to be criminalized in England and Wales
"Upskirting" -- the practice of filming up someone's clothing without their permission -- is on its way to becoming a crime in England and Wales after the House of Lords passed legislation that will see offenders face up to two years in jail.
Lawyer in Ronaldo rape case to meet woman claiming to be star's ex
The lawyer of Kathryn Mayorga, who has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009, will travel to London to interview a woman who claims to be the soccer star's ex-girlfriend.
China will do 'whatever it takes' to defend Taiwan
Germany's far right groups under surveillance
Germany's domestic security agency has said it will put sections of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party under surveillance.
Arsenal 2.0 hits a glitch as 'diamond eye' nears exit
The age of post-Arsene Wenger looked so clear, so structured, so very un-Arsenal.
How Zimbabwe became world's most expensive place to fuel a car
In the Fall of 2017, Zimbabweans took to the streets in mass protests against a regime that was presiding over a broken economy and collapsing living standards.
Australia busts flight attendants accused of smuggling millions of dollars of heroin and meth
Cabin crew for international airline Malindo Air have been accused of helping to smuggle heroin and methamphetamine worth millions of dollars from Asia to Australian cities, as part of a multinational syndicate.
US, UK hold rare joint drills in the South China Sea
The US and the UK finished six days of coordinated drills in the South China Sea on Wednesday, in a move likely to antagonize Beijing, which views a large swathe of the contested sea as its territory.
Italian town of Sambuca in Sicily sells homes for a dollar
Looking for a dose of instant sunshine to help you through the winter? This latest deal out of Italy could be just the warm jolt of vitamin D you need.
Jayme Closs rescued herself. Should she get the $50,000 reward money?
A couple who called 911 and alerted authorities that Jayme Closs was at their home said they did not want a $50,000 reward for providing information on the abducted girl's whereabouts.
YouTube bans dangerous pranks and challenges
YouTube has banned users from sharing videos of dangerous pranks on its platform because of concerns about challenges that put people's lives in jeopardy.
The world's most popular coffee species are going extinct. And we're to blame
Savor that cup of coffee while you can. New research shows 60% of coffee species found in the wild could soon go extinct.
Activist pastor arrested for 'inciting violence on social media'
Evan Mawarire, a renowned Zimbabwe pastor and activist, was arrested at his home in Harare on Wednesday, his lawyer told CNN.
'Stay indoors': Australians warned over heat
Australia is sweltering under record-breaking temperatures as an extreme heat wave continues to sweep across the country, causing wildlife to die and fruit to cook from the inside out.
Killings of transgender people in the US saw another high year
For decades, every year she's been active in the transgender community, Isa Noyola has attended a funeral for a friend.
Secretive China tech founder gives rare interview praising Trump
The reclusive founder of Huawei has denied allegations that his telecoms company spies for the Chinese government.
2018 was the hottest year ever recorded for the planet's oceans
Last year was the hottest for the planet's oceans since global records began in 1958, according to an international team of scientists who track the data. Their findings were published Wednesday in the scientific journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.
The Beto buzz might be a bit overblown. One interview shows why
There's zero question as to who the buzziest candidate -- or potential candidate -- in the 2020 Democratic presidential race is. It's Beto O'Rourke. And it's not close.
Australia wants you to stop taking wombat selfies
Australia is home to some of the world's creepiest creatures (drop bears, anyone?), but it's also home to some of the cutest.
What that Gillette ad says about the trend of 'woke' advertising
Last year, Procter & Gamble won an Emmy award for "The Talk," an ad showing African-American parents discussing racism with their young children.
Australian Open: Anderson out, Federer wins
After engineering the first big upset of the Australian Open, Frances Tiafoe had a celebration to match.
Burger King mocks Trump's Twitter typo
CNN's Jeanne Moos decodes President Trump's typo in a tweet in which he declared he purchased a fast food buffet for Clemson University's football team.
Historic hotel rooms and their legendary guests
Coco Chanel checked in to the Hôtel Ritz in Paris and left 34 years later, while in London, Claude Monet stayed at The Savoy, where he'd sit and paint the River Thames through the city's fog.
Muslim models' 'modest' fashion moment
Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, shuffling more than 400,000 flights up and down its runways each year.
How Brexit could ruin your summer vacation
It's prime time to start booking summer vacations, but for millions of people, the persistent threat of Britain crashing chaotically out of the European Union could transform their annual break into a misery of delays, cancellations and bureaucratic nightmares.
Watch rare spinning ice disk phenomenon
A rare spinning ice disk has been discovered on the Sheyenne River in North Dakota.
Abby Wambach: 'I should have done more for equality'
Abby Wambach was once the world's greatest female footballer and during those giddying goal-scoring, title-winning years she felt grateful. She was appreciative of any recognition, any respect. She did not make demands, did not push for more. But then her playing days ended and the American's views changed.
Hit song from the '80s will play 'for eternity' in African desert
Toto's "Africa" has come home, so to speak, thanks to an installation by an artist who plans to play the song on loop in a Namibian desert -- for eternity.
New tool calculates breast cancer risk with greater precision
UK scientists have developed an online calculator that could enable doctors to more accurately predict a patient's chance of developing breast cancer.
Meghan Markle gives surprise hint about baby
During a visit to the town of Birkenhead, England, the Duchess of Sussex told the crowd when she's due to give birth to her first child.
Most stunning 'Game of Thrones' locations
The striking scenery of HBO's "Game of Thrones" has inspired scores of travelers to retrace their favorite characters' journeys across The Seven Kingdoms.
Wellness tourism: A trillion-dollar industry
Once, a simple hangover breakfast might have sufficed for a reset on January 1, but not today: The world is moving lightning fast and keeping up doesn't generally include taking a moment to breathe.
It seems only Brexit paralysis keeps the Prime Minister from losing her job
Another day of Brexit drama ends, and Theresa May is still more-or-less Prime Minister of the more-or-less United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. On Wednesday, she survived a vote of no confidence in her government by a narrow majority of 19.
19-vote margin means May's government staggers on
Theresa May will stagger on as Britain's Prime Minister after her government survived a vote of no confidence called in the wake of Tuesday's devastating parliamentary defeat for her Brexit deal.
May says cross-party talks will begin immediately
What a predictable bloody mess
So, that's cleared that up. One Brexit option down, only four (by my conservative count) possible scenarios left. Tuesday's historic defeat for Theresa May and her European Union withdrawal plan leaves the British people and their government with 72 days to come up with a Plan B before the March 29 deadline.
Here's what you need to know about Brexit
CNN correspondents and producers go back to basics to guide you through everything you need to know about the divorce between the EU and the UK.
ISIS claims deadly Syria attack that killed US troops
Several causalities were reported after a bomb exploded in a Syrian city where US soldiers are deployed in the area, a militia controlling the city and a UK-based monitoring group said Wednesday. Deadly blast rocks US-patrolled city in Syria ISIS claims responsibility for explosion in city where US soldiers are deployed, monitoring group says
Dems target Trump's State of the Union address in shutdown fight
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking to move the day of the State of the Union address or deliver it in writing, citing security concerns from the ongoing government shutdown.
Nancy Pelosi just pulled a major power move on Trump
Sometimes the best power moves in politics are conveyed in the most mundane language.
The simple -- but really difficult -- solution to stop climate change
There may actually be a way to keep the worst of climate change at bay, but it's going to take a herculean effort, according to a new study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.
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