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US sanctions Chinese military over purchase of Russian weapons
Girl raped with hose, paid 10 rupees not to tell anyone
EU to May: Brexit was sold by 'liars' and your plan is rubbish
Trump suggests allies are concerned about release of Russia documents
President Donald Trump suggested that some of the information related to the Russia investigation that he sought to publicly release may not be disclosed, at the request of US allies -- a stark reversal just four days after issuing an unprecedented directive for "immediate declassification."
Woman kills multiple people in Maryland warehouse shooting
A gunman killed three people and wounded two others Thursday at a drugstore distribution center in Harford County, Maryland, officials said Thursday.
At least 44 dead after ferry carrying hundreds capsizes
At least 44 people died when a passenger ferry carrying hundreds of passengers capsized in Lake Victoria on Thursday, officials said.
'You can't do that': Why Ronaldo deserved red card
"Absurd," "wrong" and "scandalous" screamed the Italian sports newspapers in their analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo's sending off against Valencia.
Alibaba's Ma: Trade war kills pledge to create 1M US jobs
Australia fruit crisis: Needle found in mango
Australian police have confirmed that a mango was sold with a small needle in it, prompting fresh fears over the country's fruit.
Pregnancy is more dangerous than skydiving -- birth control should be harder to market
Moon: North Korea deal depends on Trump
Germany approves arms sales to Saudi Arabia, breaking coalition promise
The German government has approved the delivery of controversial weapons systems to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, despite a January ban on arms sales to countries embroiled in the bloody conflict in Yemen, a German lawmaker confirmed to CNN on Thursday. 
ABC: Michael Cohen has done multiple interviews with Mueller team
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former attorney, has spoken with special counsel Robert Mueller's team several times over the past month, ABC News reported Thursday.
25th James Bond gets surprise new director
Kavanaugh accuser 'open to testifying', but not Monday
Jetliner turns back after passengers suffer nose, ear bleeds
A Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur was forced to turn back Thursday after around 30 passengers complained of nose and ear bleeds due to low pressure in the cabin.
Two shark attacks in Australian tourist hotspot in 24 hours
Team Trump says NBC News edited Holt's exclusive interview. Here's the truth
Paging Mr. Spock: 'Star Trek' planet Vulcan found?
Maybe the final frontier isn't so far out of reach. Astronomers have found an exoplanet reminiscent of the planet Vulcan from "Star Trek," orbiting a star in a system only 16 light-years from Earth.
Spanish FM: Trump told us to build wall across Sahara to stop migrants
Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell claims that US President Donald Trump suggested Spain should build a wall across the Sahara desert to deal with the issue of migration from Africa.
Ex-Malaysian PM hit with 25 more charges
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been hit with 25 more corruption-related charges over allegations that he siphoned off $681 million from the public.
Hundreds of thousands back bus driver who slapped teen
More than 290,000 people have signed a petition in support of a Paris bus driver facing disciplinary action after he was filmed slapping a teenager.
Israel's high-speed train -- that's 10 years late
'Three big ivory rings exposed in Africa'
A DNA sampling technique on elephant tusks has helped expose three of Africa's ivory trafficking rings, a new study says.
Trump admin takes $260M from cancer, AIDS programs to cover migrant children detentions
The Trump administration is planning to shift more than $260 million to cover the rising cost and strain of housing thousands of undocumented immigrant children in their custody -- including millions of dollars from programs like cancer research and HIV/AIDS prevention.
Mum appeals abortion pills prosecution
A court in Northern Ireland will hear a landmark abortion case Thursday as a woman appeals the decision to prosecute her for buying abortion pills for her 15-year-old daughter in 2013.
Greek town draped in thousands of spider webs
It sounds like a something out of a horror movie: A town covered in thousands of webs, each crawling with hordes of spiders.
Puppies to blame for drug-resistant infection in 118 people
From January 2017 through February 2018, puppies sold at six pet store companies led to infections in 118 people in 18 states, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.
First K-Pop group to address the UN
Korean boy band BTS will make history next week as the first ever K-Pop group to speak at the United Nations.
Great white shark lair found in Pacific Ocean
Just one in 10 English people will be smokers by 2023, study says
Just one in 10 English people will smoke cigarettes in five years and Britain could be a smoke-free society by 2030, according to Public Health England (PHE).
This cannabis company's stock is having a wild week
Rare Titanic relics could sell for millions
The world's busiest airport revealed
It's not just you: Airports really are getting busier.
Stunning giant artworks only visible from above
French artist Saype has created what he calls a "message of hope" for refugees across the world.
See a satellite net collect space junk
A satellite successfully tested its new space-cleaning technology as part of a plan to clean up the thousands of pieces of rubbish floating around Earth's orbit.
Prison island was 'hell on Earth'
Giant fresco created on banks of Lake Geneva
French artist Saype has created what he calls a "message of hope" for refugees across the world.
What these photos say about modern China
In September 1999, an underground photography exhibition titled "Wushirenfei" was shut down by Shanghai police on its opening afternoon. To this day, it is unclear what precisely had irked the city's authorities.
Is this the future of cruise ships?
In an age of ever-bigger cruise ships, it can be hard to stand out without constructing something the size of a small city and pushing it out to sea.
World's plastic problem solved?
It's estimated that, since the 1950s, humanity has produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic. Almost 80% of this is sitting in landfill, or has been left to clog our seas, cities and countryside. By 2050, it is predicted plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish.
What is Trump doing about Russia?
CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with, looks at Hillary Clinton's misleading comments about President Trump's actions to deter Russian election interference.
Moon: North Korea progress depends on US
The North Korea ball is thoroughly back in Washington's court.
Suge Knight faces 28 years in prison
Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight pleaded no contest Thursday to manslaughter in connection with the death of a man during a hit-and-run incident after a confrontation on the set of the movie biopic "Straight Outta Compton."
Kavanaugh accuser 'open to testifying'
Christine Blasey Ford opened the possibility she would testify before Congress about her accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
China's bullet trains are coming to HK
Hong Kong will soon be more connected to mainland China than ever, with the city's section of the high-speed railway scheduled to open on September 23.
Trump to Spain: Build a wall across Sahara
Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell claims that US President Donald Trump suggested Spain should build a wall across the Sahara desert to deal with the migrant crisis. The White House disputed the account.
4 diseases cause majority of human deaths
More than half of all UN countries will fail to honor their commitment to reduce premature deaths from cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes by 2030, a new analysis predicts.
New accusers come forward in rape case against surgeon, girlfriend
Prosecutors say at least six more possible victims have come forward in the rape case against Grant William Robicheaux, who charmed TV audiences by lamenting how hard it was for a busy surgeon like him to meet the right woman.
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