Major partners drop out, Warren fires back: Facebook's Libra faces a tough road ahead
The alternative currency plan proposed by Facebook could still launch, but the road to get there has just gotten way harder, according to analysts.
'My loans are dead': 28-year-old pays off $102K in student loans, celebrates in cemetery
Mandy Velez graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 and had accrued more than $102,000 in student debt over the course of six years.
BMW's extra Apple CarPlay fee on luxury SUV is a money grab
Should BMW charge $80 a year for Apple CarPlay, a driver assistance system that's free from Chevy, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and others?
Aston Martin reveals what it calls 'the greatest car lineup in a Bond movie, ever'
The company's classic DB5 and V8 Vantage, along with the new DBS Superleggera and Aston Martin Valhalla, will be spotlighted in the movie.
When's the right time to replace your clunker with a new or lightly used car?
My philosophy has always been to pay cash for a lightly used car and then drive it until the doors fall off. But which repair should be the last?
Stop stressing about lattes. It's bank fees that cost you money.
We should stop lecturing people on how they spend their money and focus on where they keep it. Look at the fees banks charge, for example.
GE's pension freeze raises a question: Should you take a lump-sum buyout or keep benefits?
Buyout offers present a quandary to employees who must decide whether to take a one-time payout or stick with the guarantee of a pension.
The market & impeachment: May Trump process be worse on stocks than Nixon, Clinton probes?
Here's how stocks fared when Nixon and Clinton faced impeachment. What could happen to markets and your 401(k) during a Trump impeachment?
Save, manage, retire, spend: The Daily Money is here
Welcome to The Daily Money, your daily destination for news on what makes the world go 'round.
More than 3,600 workers go on strike at Mack Truck plants in 3 states
More than 3,600 hourly workers at Mack Trucks Inc., in Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania went on strike at six plants at 11:59 p.m. Saturday.
Many women didn't pick their financial advisers. But they can fire them when this happens.
Many women find themselves working with a financial adviser they may not have chosen or like. Here's how you know if it's time to fire your adviser.
More store closings coming: An estimated 12,000 shops could close by the end of 2019
Nine months into the year, more than 8,200 stores already are slated to close, which is 40% higher than all of 2018 store closures.
The 5 best Amazon deals you can find this Sunday
These are some of the best prices on DNA kits, Instant Pots, Lego kits, and egg cookers. Plus, avid readers will love the latest Kindle offer.
Free coffee, doughnuts, cheeseburgers and more: How to fill 2019 with freebies and deals
Since planning is usually needed to snag a bargain, we've rounded up some of the biggest deal days of 2019.
Aston Martin cars through the years
Ultra-luxury carmaker Aston Martin of James Bond celebrates 100 years of coachbuilding.
Texting or e-mail: Which gives you more secure communication?
E-mail is the most non-secure form of communication. A few clicks to private apps will keep your chats more secure, as will iPhone to iPhone messages.
UAW boosts strike pay to $275 per week as talks with GM continue
The UAW also will allow members to work part-time and receive strike pay as long as they continue their picket-line duties.
Streaming showdown: How to decide what's best for you
Our guide to the latest terms, rates and programming. Apple TV + debuts Nov. 1, followed by Disney + on Nov. 12. HBO Max and NBC service set for 2020.
Boeing 737 Max fallout: Blasting Boeing, FAA, safety panel recommends changes in certification process
The report from the Joint Authorities Technical Review criticized the certification process for the plane as being too narrow, among other things.
The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Saturday
Saturday serves up solid Amazon deals on DNA kits, faux fur rugs, Instant Pots, and more.
The 10 best sales and deals for Columbus Day weekend
Columbus Day is a great time to score a deal on a new mattress, winter clothes, workout gear, DNA test kits, and more.
Car collector's dream: NY car auction to sell off classics, rare finds and supercars
The event is spearheaded by an entrepreneur who has produced glitzy unveilings for the likes of Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Bentley.
These top-rated toothcare essentials are on sale on Amazon right now
Keep your smile clean and bright with these two Amazon deals on Crest Whitestrips and a Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.
From California to New York, states are raising minimum wages in 2019 for 17 million workers
Workers in as many as 22 states, including California and New York, plus the District of Columbia will get higher minimum wages next year.
How banks are helping you budget and track your money to avoid overspending
Mom can't always be there to tell you when to stop spending. But Huntington Bank and others are promoting new tracking tools to keep resolutions.
Vegan and meat-free fast-food options are growing. Here's where to find them.
Del Taco and Blaze Pizza are joining the growing plant-based protein movement. The two restaurant chains are launching new vegan tacos and pizza.
These 22 new vehicles are the highest-quality models of the year, according to J.D. Power
The three Korean automotive brands are producing the highest quality vehicles in the U.S., according to an influential annual survey by J.D. Power.
Millennials: Want to save money? Do what I did and join AARP
The American Association of Retired Persons isn't just for people 50 or older. Younger people can join and get AARP travel deals and other benefits.
Looking to catch a break? Why you need to create a financial planning calendar for the year
I want to help you find your breaks – when you experience an unordinary influx of money or the disappearance of a monthly obligation.
Millennials, you've got this all wrong. You need to stop 'saving' for retirement.
Target date funds are one way Broke Millennial Takes on Investing author Erin Lowry says millennials can get over fear and invest in a 401(k) or IRA.
Financial planning: How to meet your money goals in 2019
At the start of each year, I declare goals that can be quantified. And by New Year's Eve, I've either delivered or not. Here's how I succeed.
See photos of the Lamborghini Gallardo off-road ultra-luxury vehicle
The Lamborghini Gallardo is an ultra-luxury vehicle made for off-roading.
WeWork's CEO is just one of many executives to be ousted from the top job
WeWork and Juul are just two of the companies whose CEOs have been ousted recently in the wake of financial losses or scandal.
These 1960's Ford Mustangs hold an electrifying secret
Charge Automotive is a British company that's selling 499 vintage Ford Mustangs that it converted into EVs.
Low and slow: These Lowriders celebrate the culture of custom cars
Lowriding culture has a Mexican-American heritage and emerged in the '40s and '50s. It was later popularized in music.
JD Power says these 22 vehicles are the highest quality in their segments
J.D. Power released its 2019 Initial Quality Study, showing how new vehicles are faring once they're out in the real world.
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