Students are still using tech to cheat on exams, but things are getting more advanced
Whether it's a smartphone, earbuds or an Apple Watch, students are using tech to cheat in class. Here's how teachers try to stop it.
Tesla relaunches its solar-panel business: You can rent one for $50 per month
Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk took to to Twitter to announce the restart of the company's solar-panel sector.
Hey, Siri, how about some shortcuts to help save me some time. Siri says, 'Sure'
Siri Shortcuts, now an iPhone and iPad app, will be built into the upcoming iOS 13 operating system. The feature can figure a tip and give directions.
Textbooks are expensive: You can get major discounts using these websites
From Amazon and Chegg to lesser-known websites, this is where you can find your required textbooks for a major discount.
Billions of records exposed: 2019 on track to be worst year ever for data breaches
Is your information safe? The skyrocketing number of data breaches is cause for concern.
Cutting the cord could get costlier with CBS and Viacom
Latest media marriage could follow past history: removing popular shows and asking you to pay more to see them, a la Friends and Netflix
As MLB's 'robo-ump' experiment unfolds, Atlantic League feeling the benefit – and downside – of an automated strike zone
Umpire-player conflicts may be few. That doesn’t mean players, managers and umpires don’t feel somewhat conflicted about their roles as pioneers.
Facial recognition scanners are already at some US airports. Here's what to know
The next time you go to the airport, you might notice something different during the security process: A machine scanning your face.
Harvard engineers develop Tony Stark-like exosuit
Real-world Avengers assemble! Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details.
Palm's $5 smartphone plan: A cellphone bill cheaper than a Netflix subscription
US Mobile has partnered with the cellphone maker Palm to create a cheap smartphone plan starting at just $5 per month. Unlimited plans start at $20.
New Sept. 1 China tariffs could include these Apple products
New 10% levy on Chinese imports runs the gamut from film cameras, golf balls and ducks. Apple's higher priced computers and phones could be hit later.
Doctors say most metrics provided by your Apple Watch, Fitbit aren't helpful to them
While more and more of us are wearing fitness trackers, doctors are trying to figure out what to do about data provided by wearables.
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This planet is so hot, it's bright magenta pink
Correction: The planet GJ 504b is located 57 light years from Earth. A previous version of this video incorrectly stated the planet’s location.
If you're traveling, be careful with free Wi-Fi and protect your data
Here are six tips to beef up your digital security on the road or at your local coffee shop this summer
Tesla Model 3 owner implants key card chip into her arm to unlock and start her vehicle
No key, no problem. This Tesla Model 3 owner removed the RFID chip from the vehicle’s key card and implanted it in her arm so she can unlock her car.
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Electric scooters: Love or hate them? Here's what you need to know
Scooters gain in popularity due to its convenience, but draw criticism over safety concerns. Cities and companies are coming up with solutions.
Video game accessories let you fine tune the feel, sound and seat of your game
New controllers aren't the only driver of the multibillion-dollar video game accessory market. There's chairs and even drinks from game company Razer.
Influencer, celebrity, journalist? Teens are turning to YouTube for news, survey shows
A new study from Survey Monkey and Common Sense Media shows teens are consuming most of their news on YouTube, even though they say it's not reliable.
Chips and cheese: Google's latest doodle honors Ignacio Anaya García, the inventor of nachos
On Thursday, Google paid tribute to Ignacio Anaya García, the inventor of nachos, who was born on this day 124 years ago.
Why quitting tech and social media is harder than quitting cigarettes
We go digital to bank, invest, shop, socialize. In an age of too much tech and social media, how do we unplug from the Matrix and break bad habits?
Google watch, Fitbit, hearables: How big will the wearable tech industry become?
A new report says yearly wearables industry revenue will jump 135% by 2023. This is good news for Apple and other major players in the space.
WiFi can be a free-for-all for hackers. Here's how to stop them from taking your data
It's easy to hop on Wi-Fi networks while you're out, but you are opening yourself – and your data – up to unknown attacks. Try these four suggestions.
Another Tesla Model 3 crashes into a truck, reportedly while on Autopilot
Tesla's Autopilot has evolved in recent years, giving cars more advanced self-driving capabilities that are touted as safe. Still, accidents abound.
Simplify the school year with these smart home products.
Don't blame video games for El Paso, Dayton shootings. Leaders like Trump must face facts.
We should look critically not at video games but at politicians who respond to the real-life horrors of shootings by criticizing make-believe violence.
We asked, you answered: you're holding onto your phone forever
The carriers hide list price, showing monthly payments to give illusion that phones not that expensive. Some deals good, but do read the fine print.
Doodle for Google winner: Georgia teen dedicates heartwarming portrait to her mother
Winners can see their art on front page of Google, $30,000 in scholarship money and a technology package worth $50,000 along with bragging rights.
Why Elon Musk wants to 'nuke Mars'
Four years after first suggesting we “nuke Mars” to make it habitable for humans, Elon Musk is at it again!
Awesome images of a volcanic eruption on Jupiter’s moon Io
Back in 2007, NASA’s New Horizons flew by the most volcanically active world in our solar system, Jupiter’s third-largest moon Io. While there, it caught Io’s Tvashtar volcano shooting out a 200-mile-high plume.
Will NASA approve another untethered spacewalk?
The first “free-flying” spacewalk was back in 1984 and the last one in 1994. User @itsjose_irl tweeted #AskNASA inquiring when we can expect the next one and NASA’s International Space Station Program Manager tackled the question.
Pricey Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus does terrific video, at a cost
Video features highlight latest phone, for blurred backgrounds, battery life and huge screen that pops the colors. But would you spend $1,100 for that?
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus photos
Photos taken on Samsung's latest flagship phone
These 7 stores are having amazing sales on jeans right now
If you're in need of some new denim in your wardrobe, retailers like Madewell and Levi's are offering up some incredible discounts today.
13 life-changing planners to help get anyone organized
Keep track of homework, receive daily affirmations, and plan personal goals.
Move over, Apple—these true wireless headphones sound amazing
The FCC continues fight against fraud and abuse of Lifeline low-income subsidies
The FCC is focusing on fraud reduction in the Lifeline program, which gives a $9.25 monthly discount on landline, cellular or broadband services.
This shirt has great reviews, but there's a catch.
This headphone bundle deal will change the way you listen to music
This headphone bundle from Drop features not one, but two industry-leading pairs of headphones, by Sony and Sennheiser.
22 fashion and beauty retailers having incredible end-of-summer sales this week
Now is a fantastic time to save big on back-to-school styles, summer clearance items, and beauty products at all your favorite retailers.
Waking up doesn't have to be so hard.
Back to school: Your guide to buying a cheap laptop
As long as your student is content with mostly reading and writing, a Google Chromebook should work. College students may need a more versatile PC.
Back-to-school tech: 15 gadgets, online services college students can actually use
From smart irons to toothbrush head subscription services, these tech items and monthly services can help young adults transition into adulthood.
Don't make this mistake when charging your phone
Experts say it's not good for your devices to be fully charged 24/7, but millions are ruining their phone's battery every night.
The best hair dryer is at a crazy low price right now
Cut your drying time in half—and 20% off the price tag.
Mattel's Hot Wheels ready for a digital track
The iconic best-selling toy brand now has videogame tie-in with physical toy & digital track. Apple Stores to tout Hot Wheels id with in-store display
20 cult-favorite products on Amazon shoppers love
From charcoal teeth whitening powder to the best oil diffuser ever, these cult products on Amazon have thousands of rave reviews for a good reason.
Smart Lighting products from Amazon, Philips, WEMO, Eufy and others
Take a look at different shapes and sizes of smart lighting products.
Camp tech: Outdoor devices for your next trip
10 gadgets to make your camping trip more enjoyable.
What you can see with a drone: Amazing photographs
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