ModelD - Voices of Cody Rouge
Voices of Cody Rouge: three lessons from our time in the neighborhood
Cody Rouge taught us a lot over these last few months. Here are three lessons the rest of Detroit could learn from this resilient neighborhood. 
Voices of Cody Rouge: Warrendale's volunteer radio patrol helps keep the area clean and safe
When lifelong Warrendale residents Joe and Barb Matney noticed an uptick in crime in their neighborhood, they didn't leave the city or ignore the problem. Instead, they started a radio patrol. 
Voices of Cody Rouge: One former foster child's mission to reunite families in her neighborhood
As of last year, families separated by the foster system have a new option for spending time together thanks to the Neighborhoods of Hope initiative. And it's being spearheaded in Cody Rouge by a former foster child. 
Voices of Cody Rouge: How a small developer is working to stabilize housing with Quicken Loans
Dina Harris estimates that she's helped more than 3,000 families achieve homeownership in Michigan. Because of this experience, she was asked to be a part of a home renovation program in Cody Rouge funded by Quicken Loans.
Voices of Cody Rouge: The caretakers of Rouge Park, Detroit's biggest and most forgotten park
Recent efforts from the city and local devotees could open a new chapter for the park and establish a solid identity for a space that has perhaps been an afterthought in the city's development.
Voices of Cody Rouge: Chris Uhl of IFF on the importance of early childhood education
We spoke with Chris Uhl, executive director-eastern region for IFF, about how investing in quality early childhood education in neighborhoods like Cody Rouge will be key to Detroit's continued resurgence.
How to engage with Cody Rouge this summer
With so much to learn and discover about this close-knit community, we thought we'd share ways to get to know Cody Rouge in person.
Voices of Cody Rouge: The residents of Warrendale take pride in diversity
The neighborhood, which borders Dearborn and is part of the larger Cody Rouge community, is one of the most diverse in the city. And that's long been one of its strengths. 
Voices of Cody Rouge: Fostering the youth leaders of tomorrow, today
Cody Rouge has been especially good at developing and retaining youth talent. How? By offering youth ample opportunities to reclaim their agency. 
Voices of Cody Rouge: How a local church and its partners saved a key community resource center
The Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center, which hosts a variety of essential programs in Cody Rouge, was in danger of closing. That's when St. Suzanne's Parish, with funding help, stepped in to save the building. 
Introducing "Voices of Cody Rouge," our latest neighborhood-based series
Over the next few months, we'll be publishing weekly articles from Cody Rouge, showcasing the authentic stories of residents, community stakeholders, and local organizations helping to create positive change in the neighborhood.
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