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Why should you always credit shared photos on social media.
<tr><td class=Five reasons to like Google Docs
Buzzsaw's 2020 Hall of Shame: The top 15 eye-rolling cliches and buzzwords.
Don't you just love it when someone says what everyone is thinking£ Thank you Buzzsaw.

Blogger fined $420k for #fakenews
Guidelines for starting a travel story
[updated] How to share your Facebook videos with anyone
UPDATE: During 2016, Facebook changed the video player interface and moved the video link. But fear not, it's still shareable with non-FB...
"Because they say so" and famous misattributed quotes.
It sounded right! Homonym horrors

I confess this is not the most original of posts, but the topic is one that continues to interest writers who want to improve their craft...
Writers, isn’t it about time we kicked the bucket list£

So you want to host a travel journalist
Travel journalists, more than ever these days, come in all shapes and sizes. We have our share of prima donnas, snobs and princes/princesses, but...
What the Top Ten overused travel cliches really mean

If you ask me, travel writing is supposed to be informative and entertaining. You either read it for a bit of fun and maybe a giggle, or for...
Downloading High Resolution Images from Flickr

In order for this process to work successfully, this presumes you have been granted permission by the Flickr account owner to access the...
Sending images and graphic files across the Internet - how to get it right.
In search of the world's last pristine seas
PR and Media Survey - You must read this
2014: another 'Annus Horribilis'£
Where does a National Geographic photographer go on vacation£
Flip and Linda Nicklin

Blogger 101: Adding a caption to an image

Here is a 'quick-and-dirty' method for adding captions to images in your Blogger post.

The thing to remember is that by invoking...
Sir John Franklin and the lost expedition: A Fate as Terrible as the Imagination Can Conceive
EagleRider 3-day NSW Harley-Davidson ride with Best Western
How to search Facebook group messages
Media Case Study: G Adventures
Tips for DIY press photography (or how not to)
Hey PRs, you want your client portrayed in the best light possible (pun intended) so take a few seconds to think about that pic you are going to...
How to search your Facebook timeline
Here's a useful tip for searching your Facebook timeline that I haven't been able to find on any of the forums.

Frustrating isn't it£...