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Have an RSS feed you want displayed on your site?  This tool is for you!  To use it, just input the RSS feed URL and configure the options and click the button.  The code (HTML, PHP, or JavaScript) will be generated for you at the bottom of the page.  Then just copy/paste that code into your website.  EASY AND FREE!

Widget configuration options

Input here the URL of the RSS feed you want to display on your web site
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Find and display only items containing keyword* Beta
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  • Supports RSS and Atom feed types.
  • Javascript, PHP, or Iframe integration.
  • Configurable output options.

Advanced Style Configuration:

You can configure the output styles using CSS class "rssdog" (PHP and Javascript methods, does not work with Iframe).  For example, to make the font larger, place the following code in your HTML <head> </head> area:

<style type="text/css">
.rssdog {



  • Improved multilingual character support. Improved https.


  • Upgraded Snoopy for better feed compatibility.


  • Option to make nofollow links.


  • Now supports Twitter RSS.


  • Better support for ATOM feeds
  • Added option to include publish date (PubDate).
  • Moved "fetched by" link to right side (less intrusive).
  • Minor text changes


  • Added ability to exclude feed title
  • Added ability to filter by keywords

Sites using RSS Dog:


Using it

To display the output as you see it, use this URL in your IFRAME or server-side include:

Eg, for an iframe, just add the following HTML code to your HTML source:

Server-side includes will depend on the language in use on your webserver. Here is example PHP code:

No instructions for this mode yet!

Example Output

RSS di Ultima Ora -
Bimbo morto, indagati madre e compagno
Novara, il decesso all'arrivo in ospedale. L'autopsia in corso
Pm, non è reato dire fascista a comizio
'E' normale critica politica.No a sequestro cartelli,archiviare'
Trump approva l'aumento di truppe in Mo
Come riposta alle crescenti tensioni con l'Iran
Trump contro Obamacare e transgender
Proposta norma che cancella tutele per identità di genere
Giro: Polanc ha conservato maglia rosa
Lo sloveno l'aveva indossato ieri dopo la Cuneo-Pinerolo
Borsa: Milano chiude in rialzo (+1,19%)
Il Ftse Mib a quota 20.376 punti
Spagna, Parlamento sospende catalani
Si erano insediati con permesso speciale lo scorso 21 maggio
Kenya: respinto ricorso su legge antigay
Alta Corte rigetta richiesta di eliminare leggi coloniali
Presidente Mattarella a Piazza Siena
Capo dello Stato allo Csio Roma, inno Mameli e grande applauso
India: 19 studenti morti in incendio
(Vedi: 'India: 15 bambini morti...' delle 15:04)
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