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Trump Organisation guilty of tax fraud 07/12/22
Trump Organisation guilty of tax fraud 07/12/22
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry deify ‘insane cult’ of victimhood
The Australian’s Greg Sheridan says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry deify this “insane cult of victimhood”. He said the pair “besmirch every institution” of their own nation and of the West. “Harry seems to have problems with the fact that he is not the heir, that he is not his big brother, and she just seems to be riding every bit of zeitgeist rubbish,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “And as a result, exaggerating all the bad influences in our culture in a really debilitating fashion.”
British media have never directed ‘racism’ toward Meghan Markle
Sky News host Piers Morgan says there “never has been” any racism in the British media directed towards Meghan Markle. “Where did the racism come from£” Asked Mr Morgan. “Tell me who was racist and when£”
Nissan, BMW drivers erupt in carpark brawl
The owners of the two cars appeared to get into a public fight after one car prevented the other from reversing from his spot.
Uber hit with mammoth $21m fine
Uber has been fined a mammoth $21 million by the Federal Court after admitting it misled customers about fare estimates and trip cancellation fees.
Trump is on a ‘losing streak’: attorney on NY verdict
Donald Trump's legal woes deepened on Tuesday (December 6) when his real estate company was found guilty of carrying out a 15-year-long criminal scheme to defraud tax authorities, further coloring the former U.S. president's 2024 re-election campaign.
Inside Sunrise producer’s daily routine
A producer for the breakfast TV show Sunrise has revealed her "crazy" daily routine that includes a 5pm bedtime.
Warning on ‘dangerous and coercive’ China
China’s “dangerous and coercive” presence in the Indo-Pacific has been called out as Australia and the US vowed to increase military co-operation between the two nations.
Mirvac exec accused of taxi heist
A resident of Sydney’s picturesque eastern suburbs will fight allegations he threatened a taxi driver and stole his work vehicle during a wild night out in the city.
Woman found dead in harbour named
Police have released the name of a woman who was found dead in a Perth harbour, as the homicide squad continues to investigate her suspicious death.
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