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Flooding in South of England as Low-Pressure System Moves In
Flooding hit various parts of southern England on the night of October 20-21 as a low-pressure system moved in from the continent brining heavy rain and strong winds. Footage here shows the street flooding in Aldershot. Hampshire Live reported that a vehicle crash had closed a road in Aldershot amid the extreme weather. Credit: @morganmcl99 via Storyful
Taxi industry needs a ‘lot of help’ from the NSW government: Minns
NSW Labor leader Chris Minns says taxi owners in the state are in a “really terrible position” at the moment. Discussing proposed reforms which would see taxi licences scrapped, Mr Minns told Sky News host Paul Murray taxi owners are “really going out the door backwards”. “Several years ago, the New South Wales government as they introduced Uber and other ridesharing platforms into New South Wales gave a $20,000 payment to everybody that had a taxi licence plate in New South Wales,” he said. “But the $20,000, many of them were worth over $400,000 and on top of the paltry amount of money that was given to them, it was taxed by the federal government so they ended up with just $11,000 in their hands. “These people are really going out the doors backwards … and basically they’ve heard crickets for the last four years.”
South Korea’s First Domestically Made Rocket Fails to Deliver Payload Into Orbit
South Korea’s space agency launched its first domestically built rocket, Nuri, on October 21, but the planned deployment of a dummy payload into orbit did not go according to plan. Reports citing comments made by President Moon Jae-in said that while the rocket completed its flight sequence, it failed to put the dummy satellite into orbit. This footage, posted by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) on YouTube, shows the rocket launching from the Naro Space Center in Goheung. Credit: Korea Aerospace Research Institute via Storyful
China playing ‘geopolitical games’ with bans on Australian exports
Independent Senator Rex Patrick says China is playing a “geopolitical game” with its frequent bans on Australian exports. It comes after China banned beef exports from the Australian Country Choice beef company on October 18 amid claims it had been contaminated by chloramphenicol. “This is just the new norm,” Mr Patrick told Sky News host Paul Murray. “China wants us to kowtow and of course we cannot do that.”
Satellite’s Reentry Creates Fireball in Skies Above Michigan
NASA said on October 20 that a “bright, long-lasting” fireball reported in the early hours in US Midwestern states was caused by the “reentry and fragmentation of a satellite” rather than a “natural object”. Brian Mersmann said he recorded this video of the fireball trailing across the sky in Mount Pleasant, central Michigan, at 12:43 am. Credit: Brian Mersmann via Storyful
Celtics Games Pulled in China in Wake of Enes Kanter’s ‘Free Tibet’ Video
US reports said Boston Celtics games had been pulled from online broadcast in China in the wake of pro-Tibet social media posts by center Enes Kanter. In a video posted on October 20, Kanter accused China of violating the rights of the Tibetan people as well as religious repression and the cultural erosion of Tibet. He referred to President Xi Jinping as a “brutal dictator”. “Under the Chinese government’s brutal rule, Tibetan people’s basic rights and freedoms are non-existent,” he said. On the day of the post, Chinese video-streaming giant Tencent cut the live broadcast of the Celtics’ game against the New York Knicks. The next day all Boston Celtics games were pulled from the site. Credit: Enes Kanter via Storyful
Labor is ‘so duplicitous’ when it comes to mining
The Labor Party is "so duplicitous" when it comes to mining, says Defence Minister Peter Dutton. "Anthony Albanese goes out to central Queensland, doesn't take the media with him, pats the miners on the back says everything's going to be okay," Mr Dutton told Sky News host Paul Murray. "And then goes back to the coffee shop in his electorate, inner-city Sydney, and tells them the complete opposite: that the industry's going to close."
Republican senator ‘has some advice’ to help Biden turn around sliding approval ratings
Sky News host Paul Murray says a Republican senator “has some advice” for how US President Joe Biden can turn around his sliding approval ratings. “His polls are falling and you know why, not just Afghanistan, not just the supply chain, not just the failures when it comes to COVID, but apart from his inability to finish a sentence the polls are pretty clear,” Mr Murray said. A Quinnipiac University poll taken in May found 49 per cent of people viewed the president favourably but the number has dropped to 38 per cent in October. Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana said President Biden has just got to “try harder not to suck”. “And the best way to do that, in my opinion, is stop worrying so much about the wokers, you’re never going to make them happy," Senator Kennedy said on Fox News. “They hyperventilate on their yoga mats at the slightest provocation.”
National security ‘incredibly important’ at the next election: Defence Minister
Defence Minister Peter Dutton says the issue of national security is important at the next election “more so than any in recent history”. “There is no more important issue than keeping our country safe, keeping our people secure, making sure that we’re making the right decisions,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray. “If you are passionate about our country, if you are a patriot and you want us to be the most safe and secure country that you can be, then vote for the Liberal National parties on that reason alone.”
Rescue Teams Search for Victims After Landslide in North Indian Village
Uttarakhand Police rescue teams searched for eight people they said were buried by a landslide in northern India on October 20, after heavy rainfall led to deadly flooding in the region. Police said the landslide occurred in the village of Sukna in the Nainital district of the state. Flooding in Uttarakhand had killed at least 60 people by October 21, according to the Times of India. The India Meteorological Department warned of continued heavy rainfall and thunderstorms through to Sunday. Over 150 people have been killed by the widespread flooding across India and Nepal. Credit: SDRF Uttarakhand Police via Storyful
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