Risk Management
ERM in Action in Higher Education
In an effort to address a wide range of risk exposures, colleges and universities are strengthening their enterprise risk management programs.
Standard Insurance Policy Coverage for Sexual Abuse, Harassment and Assault Claims
Organizations faced with sexual harassment and assault claims should understand that there are many types of standard form insurance policies that can provide coverage.
Human Trafficking: How Businesses Can Combat the Modern Slavery Epidemic
Businesses must take steps to help identify and combat modern slavery on their premises and mitigate the risk of liability claims.
Making the Grade: Managing Evolving Risks in Higher Education
An enterprise risk approach may better manage the unique risks colleges face, as highlighted by recent scandals.
Wrong Numbers: The Risks of Inaccurate Financial Statements
Inaccurate financial statements can add up to serious trouble as the SEC looks to crack down on accounting fraud.
Can AI Transform Compliance?
Artificial intelligence and other advanced tools may help modernize compliance departments.
Root Cause Analysis in Higher Education
The college admissions scandal illustrates the need for root cause analysis in higher education.
Seven Myths About Identity Governance
A comprehensive identity governance program can provide greater data security.
The Multi-State Workers Comp Conundrum
Jurisdiction matters when companies choose their workers compensation coverage.
SEC Scrutiny Highlights Risks of Social Media
New online communication channels require updated governance and compliance strategies.
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