Risk Management
The Risk of Overlooking Additional Insured Coverage
Additional insured coverage can be an effective way to strategically manage risk, but failing to closely analyze these provisions can be costly.
Workers Compensation Insurance Gaps Expose Employers to Injury Lawsuits
State legislatures and the courts have allowed exceptions to the traditional workers compensation system that may expose employers to additional legal risk.
Incorporating Cloud Security Strategies into the AI and IoT Era
Security leaders can apply several lessons from the cloud era to address emerging AI and IoT risks.
Why Businesses Struggle with Email Security
Businesses and their employees are more susceptible than they realize to an array of phishing attacks and impersonations because of their blind trust in business communications—particularly email.
Sworn to Secrecy: Protecting Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property
Given the key value of trade secrets, companies must evaluate their protection measures to mitigate theft and misappropriation risks.
Checks and Balances: Reevaluating the Role of External Audit
Subpar work, conflicts of interest and recent corporate failures are prompting a reassessment of external audit’s role.
Diagnosis: Risk – The Product Liability Challenges of Diagnostic Health Tech
New digital health technology, especially in diagnostics, poses product liability questions.
New Opioid Lawsuits Hold Executives Liable
In an effort to stem the opioid crisis, prosecutors are taking their fight to the boardroom.
Preparing Employees for Travel Risks
Recent violence in Northern Ireland illustrates the need to prepare for risk in any destination.
Two Overlooked Factors in Disaster Recovery
Disaster resilience hinges on broader factors like prompt economic stimulus and strong local ties.
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