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Forget the diving stop
What to do when you forget the diving stop? If you go up very fast and without stopping.
Never hold your breath when diving
Scuba divers are warned never to hold your breath when diving. Why?
Finding A Diving Buddy
Having a diving buddy is like having a best friend, is a friendship you want to last.
Diving Internship Courses
Some diving companies hire people on diving internship courses in the high season. How to Apply?
How deep is 3 bars
How deep is 3 bars and could you use a watch that is limited to 3 bars for any serious diving?
What to wear under the wetsuit?
What do you wear underneath a 3mm wetsuit? We will be diving in Bonaire in September. ScubaDivingFanClub Answer: A 3mm wetsuit (long or short) is the
air conditioning and scuba diving
I heard that if you spend a night in an air conditioned room, you shouldn't dive the next morning as you can develop sinus problems. Is there any
If Cuba offers PADI ?
Do you know if Cuba offers PADI referral open water dives (just the 4 open water dive) for certification?
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