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We are stiving to maintain maximum uptime and availability. A recent surge in usage opf our service has caused an outage in early December. We were forced to upgrade our service plan for web hosting and will eventually need a private server. Please support us by donating.

Support This Service:


  • Supports RSS and Atom feed types.
  • Javascript, PHP, or Iframe integration.
  • Configurable output options.

Advanced Style Configuration:

You can configure the output styles using CSS class "rssdog" (PHP and Javascript methods, does not work with Iframe).  For example, to make the font larger, place the following code in your HTML <head> </head> area:

<style type="text/css">
.rssdog {



  • Improved multilingual character support. Improved https.


  • Upgraded Snoopy for better feed compatibility.


  • Option to make nofollow links.


  • Now supports Twitter RSS.


  • Better support for ATOM feeds
  • Added option to include publish date (PubDate).
  • Moved "fetched by" link to right side (less intrusive).
  • Minor text changes


  • Added ability to exclude feed title
  • Added ability to filter by keywords

Sites using RSS Dog:


Using it

To display the output as you see it, use this URL in your IFRAME or server-side include:

Eg, for an iframe, just add the following HTML code to your HTML source:

Server-side includes will depend on the language in use on your webserver. Here is example PHP code:

Example Output

Southgate Amateur Radio News RSS Feed
HAM Radionline 2020 statistics released
DARC reports there were 28,000 views on their channel during the HAM RADIOnline 2020 event held June 26-28 but just 3.4% were women and only 1.5% under 35
WIA submission to ACMA on 5-year spectrum outlook
The Wireless Institute of Australia have published their submission to the ACMA draft 5-year spectrum outlook consultation
CW Training Program
In this video Howard WB2UZE and John K2NY of the Long Island CW Club talk to David W0DHG about their CW training program
BBC Local Radio to cut 139 jobs in England
BBC local radio stations in England will lose 139 jobs as the network keeps the simplified schedules it created in March and adds a new all-England late show.
QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
It's time to pack your virtual suitcase and prepare for a virtual journey that will take you to the first QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
Monaco operation
Ennio, IW1RBI, will once again be active as 3A/IW1RBI from Monaco between July 6-19th
CMA, ICO and Ofcom launch the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Ofcom have today announced the launch of a new forum to help ensure online services work well for people and businesses in the UK
GB100RS Special Event
Members of the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society (RSARS) are celebrating their 100th anniversary by using the special callsign GB100RS between June 28th and the end of October
DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League's round-up of the forthcoming week's DX activity on the amateur radio bands
Tony's 10m Band Report
Not a bad week. Plenty of stations active. It was US Field Day at the weekend. I worked 60 stations in the King of Spain SSB contest. It was only 24 hours and 10m died Saturday afternoon. I did work the special call EF0F for extra points
Another Shortwave WebSDR operational in Iceland
On June 27, a new KiwiSDR web software defined radio became operational in Iceland
Successful Foundation Webinar
Denby Dale online talk features RSGB General Manager
In the June 24 online talk from the Denby Dale ARS, RSGB General Manager Steve Thomas M1ACB answered questions about the explosion of interest in Amateur Radio in the past few months
Social distancing the norm for Ramona ham radio club
Ramona Sentinel reports for years, Ramona radio amateurs have been meeting each other, sharing aspects of their daily lives, and participating in large events—usually with physical distancing well in place
The July-August 2020 Communicator
Amateur Radio News from the South West corner of Canada and elsewhere. You will find Amateur Radio related articles, profiles, news, tips and how-to's
Thousands of radio operators band together to practice for the worst
Forbes magazine article reports radio amateurs across North America spent last weekend doing emergency communications practice
IOTA news from the DARC
Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
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