International Association for Identification Job Postings
Forensic Chemist - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Receive and inventory evidence. Analyze controlled substances including but limited to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and amphetamines, including identification and quantitation. Proficient in the use of GC/MS and FTIR. Experience with NMR is a bonus. Create examination documentation for work performed
Crime Laboratory Analyst - Crime Scene - Florida Department of Law Enforcement
This position is a Crime Laboratory Analyst within the Crime Scene Section of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Tallahassee Regional Operations Center. The location is Tallahassee, Florida. This is professional work conducting technical and scientific examinations, gathering instrumental data and documenting results. Analysts utilize highly technical procedures and processes in the recognition, identification and collection of various types of physical evidence.
Crime Scene Investigator (Non-Sworn) - Baldwin County, Alabama Sheriff's Office
The Crime Scene Investigator conducts investigations using correct protocols, regulations, and procedures to document, locate, preserve and collect evidence of crimes. Successful applicants must pass a criminal background check, polygraph examination, psych evaluation and will be subject to a pre-employment drug screen.
Crime Scene Technician I - High Point, North Carolina Police Department
City of High Point Police Department seeks qualified person to perform responsible technical and investigative support work involving the documentation, collection and preservation of evidence. Individual will respond to crime scenes and document through note-taking, photography, videography, and sketches with measurements; develop fingerprints with powder and chemical techniques, collects and preserves evidentiary items while maintaining chain of custody; process crime scene with chemicals for additional evidence; prepare written reports and testifies in court as an expert witness; obtain finger and palms prints; and ensure crime scenes are secured.
Forensic Trainee - City of Omaha, Nebraska
This is trainee work in the field of criminal identification. Work involves receiving on-the-job training regarding all tasks performed by Forensic Investigations and performing less complex, repetitive tasks, as well as testifying in court regarding evidence gathering. Instruction and supervision are received from the shift supervisor or designee.
NamUs Fingerprint Analyst (Examiner) - National Missing and Unidentified Persons System
The Center for Human Identification Department at the University of North Texas Health Science Center is seeking to hire a NamUs Fingerprint Analyst (Examiner) to join our team and support investigating agencies with cases of missing and unidentified deceased persons.
Operational Support Manager - Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)
Under general supervision of the Assistant Deputy Director, the Operational Support Manager is responsible for the administration and the daily operation of the Evidence Receiving Section of the GBI Crime Laboratory. Directs and provides guidance and leadership to subordinate supervisors and staff. Coordinates, ensures, and maintains accountability of the intake, storage, transfer, and release of forensic evidence. Evaluates, recommends, and implements policies, procedures, and processes. Determines and provide training to ensure goals and objectives of the section/division are met. Produces administrative, operational, and/or statistical reports as needed. Identifies trends and discrepancies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
Police Services Support Technician II - Howard County, Maryland Police Department
Performs advanced technical level police support services work, which may include supervision, under regular supervision from a technical superior. Work involves providing civilian advanced technical support within a police related activity. Work includes responding to and examining crime and accident scenes; and identifying, collecting, recording and preserving evidence. Work may also include being responsible for the forensic field of identification, technical work in a police laboratory; operating and maintaining laboratory equipment; and preparing and analyzing evidence.
Police Services Support Specialist - Howard County, Maryland Police Department
Performs intermediate professional level investigative support work which may include supervisory responsibility. Work may include chemical testing, analysis and determination of unknown substances in support of criminal investigations; analysis of traffic and criminal intelligence information; preparing, giving and interpreting polygraph examinations. May testify as an expert witness.
Forensic Analyst - BAE Systems
Performs forensic analysis of digital information, gathers, and handles evidence. Identifies network computer intrusion evidence and perpetrators. Investigates computer fraud or other electronic crimes, crack files and system passwords, detects steganography and recovers deleted, fragmented and corrupted data from digital media of all types.
Junior Biometric Examiner (Fingerprint / Face / Iris) - Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Perform biometric examination services using government-provided equipment and technology for biometric modalities other than fingerprints, such as face and iris. Review and resolve instances where a biometric system cannot determine a definitive result. Receive and process of biometric files/images and associated data for search of biometric system(s) to include pre-processing of images (e.g., image enhancement), image quality analysis, submission for search of biometric systems, comparing biometric images and providing/recording comparison results and associated case data when applicable, reviewing and resolving conflicting biometric identity records, and creating biometric files as requested by the Government.
Latent Print Examiner (Part-time 16-32 hrs./week, Contract Position) - Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office
Responsible for the examination and comparison of latent fingerprints by examining fingerprint evidence left at scene of crime and attempting to identify suspects, comparing latent prints to the prints of known suspects, and compiling reports on examination findings and entering data into computer systems. May be required to testify in court hearings about work performed.
Latent Print Examiner: Independent Contractor - Genesee, Lapeer, Shiawassee, Livingston Counties, City of Flint AFIS Consortium
The AFIS consortium is seeking to fill a Latent Print Examiner/Coordinator position. The Latent Print Examiner is responsible for receiving, evaluating and comparing latent fingerprints and palm prints typically in the form of latent lift cards and photographs to known prints of any subjects developed in a criminal investigation or case utilizing ACE-V methodology. Encodes latent prints of known or unidentified persons into the Michigan and FBI Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) accessible by the AFIS consortium. The AFIS Consortium processes evidence from several area law enforcement agencies for the presence of latent prints using acceptable non-chemical and chemical methods. The Latent Print Examiner/Coordinator is responsible of overseeing the day to day operations of the consortium, ordering supplies and equipment, maintaining the budget, reporting quarterly to the AFIS consortium board of directors, trains area law enforcement personnel in techniques used for recovering latent prints at crime scenes by teaching at the local law enforcement training consortium. The work week will consist of 40 hours.
Certified Latent Print Examiner (LPE) Laboratory Analyst - CACI International Inc.
CACI is looking for an experienced, innovative Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE), based out of Charlottesville, VA. You must be confident in your abilities to perform all lab operations independently in a deployed location; to include latent print development, photography, analysis, and encoding. The position requires periodic travel with team members to train students on forensic collection and exploitation. You must also be willing to participate (at a minimum of a 4-5 month) in an OCONUS deployment rotation alternating with the other CLPE team members.
Supervisory Forensic Scientist / Laboratory Director - City of Hagerstown, Maryland Police Department / Western Maryland Regional Crime Laboratory
The Western Maryland Regional Crime Laboratory (WMRCL) seeks applicants for the Supervisory Forensic Scientist/Laboratory Director position. The Supervisory Forensic Scientist is responsible for the administrative and supervisory duties associated with the WMRCL. Additionally, this position applies principles of biology, chemistry, and physics to law enforcement case work providing "expert" court testimony regarding evidence examination, analysis techniques, and interpretation of analysis results.
Faculty - Forensic Science - College of Science, Engineering and Technology - Grand Canyon University
As a full-time Faculty member, you'll provide program instruction incorporating innovative teaching methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and other industry trends reflecting advancements in your discipline. Faculty cultivate a supportive classroom environment, provide for the mentorship of students in our science programs, and have the opportunity to participate in faculty-driven research projects coupled to undergraduate student training. If you are highly motivated and passionate about teaching exceptional quality instruction in modern facilities with smaller class sizes, we'd like to hear from you.
Latent Print and Evidence Specialist - Escondido, CA Police Department
Under general direction, identifies, diagrams, photographs, collects, transports and preserves evidence from crime scenes; provides technical guidance and leadership in latent print analysis and performs difficult and complex examination of latent prints in connection with the investigation of crimes; gives expert testimony in the courts in all phases of latent print examination; performs related work as required.
Forensic Crime Technician - Gainesville, Florida Police Department
Gainesville Police Department is seeking a Forensic Crime Technician to perform specialized technical work gathering evidence at crime scenes. A typical work day may include: detecting, collecting, preserving, packaging, and transporting evidence; processing evidence for latent fingerprints; performing forensic photography and producing crime scene drawings; preparing comprehensive written reports; and testifying in court.
Latent Fingerprint Examiner - Miami, Florida Police Department
This is specialized and technical work in latent fingerprint/palm print examination and identification within the Police Department. Work involves the examination, comparison, and identification of latent fingerprints/palm prints and other specialized methods utilizing chronology knowledge of latent print processing. Work includes the responsibility for the maintenance and identification of criminal evidential records and latent fingerprint/palm print evidence. Work is intellectual and varied in nature as opposed to routine mental, manual, mechanical, and physical work and involves the consistent exercise of judgment and discretion in its performance. Work may be performed on an assigned basis as part of an investigation/prosecution of criminal offenders. Direct supervision is received from the Senior Latent Print Examiner or designee who reviews work for completeness, technical quality, and adherence to departmental standards.
Latent Fingerprint Examiner - Miami-Dade, Florida Police Department
The MIAMI-DADE POLICE DEPARTMENT (MDPD) Fingerprint Identification Section is seeking an experienced friction ridge examiner with at least one year of fingerprint identification experience for an anticipated vacancy. The Fingerprint Identification Section is a large, state-of-the-art facility with modern equipment, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) work stations, and forensic latent laboratory. We seek an individual who will meet the challenge of becoming a court-qualified Latent Fingerprint Examiner, and is able to work independently within a team environment. The ideal candidate will possess Tenprint or Latent Print Certification through the International Association for Identification (IAI), knowledge of ISO-17025 accreditation standards, and knowledge of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. Currently, the Latent Unit has 9 latent fingerprint examiners. We are in Sunny South Florida with great beaches, plenty of fishing, diving, shows, sports, cruises and many other attractions.
Forensic Fingerprint Expert - Dallas, Texas Police Department
Performs the most difficult and responsible types of forensic fingerprint duties in the Police Department. Trains and mentors lower level employees and provides technical oversight of all fingerprinting functions.
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