Toronto Real Estate Unfiltered 2019
Episode 186: Grand Openings 🍾 & Grand Closings 💰
2020 is the beginning of so many new journeys. For many of you, it’s the start of your real estate empire. For those selling, you are not going to make those same mistakes you made before. No more boring open houses and reactive marketing. I’m tired of seeing some of you leave $100s of $1000s on the table after hiring someone who sits at the bottom of a well yelling into the air and not getting the word out about your unique property. I built this podcast stage for YOU. My loyal clients get to step up and have the added benefit of almost 20,000 total plays of my show. The world 🌎 is listening. As the top result for #torontorealestate on #Spotify and #ApplePodcasts, the choice is clear. And remember only 50 spaces open for 2020 so get signed up now. Spaces are filling daily.
Episode 185: The Myth of the #1 agent status
Here’s my take on why the top agent title (sometimes even paid for) isn’t worth the plastic gold trophy 🏆 that it comes with. Your best bet is to focus on becoming friends with those you do business with. If you can’t trust them with $1000 left on a table, you can’t possibly trust them with your life savings. Enjoy the show. And I veer off into Hollywood movies 🎥 that should be made from some of my fav characters like Winston Wolf 🐺 in Pulp Fiction.
Episode 184: 🚨Urgent Message for ALL Toronto & GTA Condo 🏢 & Loft 🕋 owners
Smart condo and loft owners listen 👂 up. Due to the record number of low inventory of units for sale, your LEVERAGE has never been better to finally trade up from your 1 bed 🛌 condo to a 3 bed 🛌🛌🛌 home within 1 hour of Toronto. Recent proof this week via my Verified Solds (link in profile). Plus this may be your chance to build your Emergency Buffer while selling that can help protect you from any major shifts in the economy. In some cases, you may be sitting on enough equity to keep your condo and buy your new home while I keep it rented. Register your condo or loft with me NOW if planning a move in 2020. Timing is critical.
Episode 183: Oakville Sold Report 2019
Many of my #Oakville clients have asked for how their properties are doing so it’s a good time to update all of you. With 2020 approaching, you definitely want to be getting the right info on how your home & condo values are doing here. To get the best experience, register now at and review the latest solds as you listen.
Episode 182: 2020 is the decade of the podcast
I am declaring this today. 2020 is the decade of the podcast. For so many reasons, this medium has been growing over the years and become a great storytelling medium. Sharing the stories of amazing people and their unique homes 🏡 and communities is what I love doing. Enjoy the show and let’s connect soon.
Episode 181: The Ultimate House Hack of the decade of 2020 is here
Listen up. We are days away from the next decade. If you are hoping for a magic potion to help you with rising rents and job security, there isn’t one. This may be the closest solution I can provide to have you living rent or mortgage free in 2020-2030. The first step is connecting with me directly if you want to do it right. No Do overs in life or real estate. Enjoy.
Episode 180: Meet David of Fearless Meat aka the Butcher of Canada 🇨🇦 as crowned 👑 by Julia Child.
Once in a lifetime, there is a place that comes along that is so much more than just another local business. David Brown (aka The Butcher of Canada as crowned by the legendary Julia Child) is that rare kind of business owner & neighbourhood leader. I firmly believe that every home and condo owner in the area owes their local business leaders a great deal of loyalty as they make a neighbourhood worth visiting for others around the city and further away. In many cases, their life savings are involved in these investments. That’s loyalty to a community on an extreme level. The website for Fearless Meat is This is a Kingston Road Village business that is built on the premise of being a fearless leader of change and helping those who help others. If that line sounds familiar, its because its deeply ingrained in everything I do. From helping those in the military, first responders, police, fire, nurses etc with their real estate needs, I have also provided 500 meals to the hungry and homeless in 2019 thanks to your support. Also want to thank the awesome Andrew Buntain for arranging this meeting. He is the premier investment professional in Canada and is my source for all things financially related. Feel free to ask me for an intro. And also a special thanks to my amazing 10 year old son, Adam, for being the tech director and sound editing on this episode. Has his own website and can recite pages of code from memory. He’s going places. His website is
Episode 179: Seller Bootcamp 🏋️‍♀️ 2020 is LIVE!
Can you feel the 🔥? I hope so. It’s go time for the smartest sellers in Toronto & GTA. With only 50 spots available in 2020 for my grand openings, you will need to be ready for your premieres. 2020 IS the decade of the podcast and being featured here is the key to your success. PS There will be surprise gift 🎁 draws over the next few days for those who are signed up early. So much fun!! Sign up now 👉
Episode 178: Verified Solds of the Week for Dec 6, 2019
It’s time to take you all on a tour of the 🆕 verified SOLDS across Toronto and nearby areas. Some very exciting info on here that may end up helping you decide where to call home in 2020. And critical for those who want to be one of my Top 50 Solds in 2020. Now is the time to register. Spaces are limited to 50 listings in 2020. Get started at
Episode 177: November 2019 Toronto & GTA real estate 🏡 review.
The moment you are waiting for is here. The latest numbers are in. And there are some 🔥 segments to talk about. Are you living high in the sky in #TorontoCondos or #TorontoLofts ? If so, you may be sitting on some gold bricks you didn’t know about. Connect with me after you hear this. Full report 📈 at
Episode 176: Housing TO 2020-2030 Action Plan Review PLUS a few bonuses 💰
It’s the plan that many have been waiting on. Now it’s here. The only problem is the plan isn’t fully financed yet. You can’t afford to wait for that. That’s why I’ve put a spin on it that will help me help as many of the 150,000 first time buyers as possible. Tune in now.
Episode 175: The World 🌎 is Yours in 2020
The time for passive marketing in real estate 🏡 is over. 2020 is the decade of the podcast and the decade where you must be both a listener to my show and also featured on it when selling, buying, investing etc. Especially those of you listening with $2M+ properties, your buyers are often on the other side of the planet. And possibly even listeners of mine already. Connect with me via the link as now is the time for action and to decide your future.
Episode 174: Giving 🎁 Tuesday is here
It’s time to do some good deeds as part of my December Good Deeds challenge. Do you own a small business in Toronto or GTA that needs a boost over the holiday season? Do you know someone that does? I want to help. Connect with me so we can tell your story to the world and help get the word out about you. The world 🌎 needs you.
🏡 Property Podcast: Featured Waterfront Condo
Join me for an exclusive tour here at West Harbour City for an inside look at one of the premier lifestyle condos in Toronto. My featured listing is a 1 bed 🛌 1 bath 🛀 with parking 🚗 and a locker🔒 for $2200 a month. Don’t miss the chance to start 2020 in style. More info via my link page at
🏠 Property Podcast: Featured Leslieville Loft Listing
Imagine starting the new year in a stunning toronto loft in Leslieville? This may be the one for you. This 1 bed 🛌 1 bath 🛀 loft space has your name on it and you definitely want to make sure you have a look with me. More info via my link page at
🏢 Property Podcast: Featured Cabbagetown Listing
Join me for a tour of my featured Cabbagetown listing. A 2 bed 🛌, 2 bath 🛀 rental with parking and 10 foot ceilings. This is the ideal place to start the new year if you love this area as many do. For all my links go to
Episode 173: The Untold Stories of Celebrity Homes in Toronto & GTA
I ❤️ Sharing the untold stories behind the Celebrity Homes of Toronto. Over my 20 years in real estate as of 2020, I have made it my mission to become THE sold storyteller of the most amazing Toronto solds. From rock star lofts 🏢 to mega mansions 🏦, each one has a story to tell. Some you’ve never heard before. Sharing some of those with you is part of the reason you want to be sure I am the ONLY one who handles your real estate portfolio. Doesn't your listing deserve celebrity status? In fact, its never ME who is the focus of any of my listings. Its always YOU and the story of the property. From the filming locations for A Christmas Story (one of my fav tours to do) right up to the homes used in films and tv shows you didn’t know were filmed here. For the GOLD star ⭐️ treatment for you & your 2020 listing for sale, register now at And for all my Anchor listeners, hope you like the outro music as my homage to the Irishman movie just released on Netflix.
Episode 172: Introducing the 🆕 Verified Solds Program
What’s even 🔥 than Black Friday? It’s the launch of the portal. Educating you when making real estate moves is why I started this podcast. There is a big difference between SOLD & CLOSED. You need to understand all the subtle aspects that go into this. All of my 2019 listings have both sold & closed. Don’t assume this is the case for all. Just this week I saw a few DFT (deal fell thru) listings on the market so it’s even more important than ever to have experience and knowledge by your side. That’s me. Enjoy the show.
Episode 171: Breaking SOLD records into the next decade
Spent the morning letting some local neighbours know they just got a much better Xmas bonus than just a jelly of the month club certificate 😂. Setting a new SOLD record for a Toronto street is, by far, the most impactful thing you can do for a large group of smart home owners who are hoping for a great return on their investment. I’ve been letting many of you know personally via my Verified Sold Reports in YOUR area that are updated daily. To get signed up today and find out where you stand, here’s the link you need.
Episode 170: A Global 🌎 message of thanksgiving 🙏
Looking at the analysis of where in the world my listeners are is always so humbling. Knowing that someone in Spain 🇪🇸 or Australia 🇦🇺 or France 🇫🇷 is out there listening is an awesome feeling. Although I’m based here in Toronto 🇨🇦, there is no limit to my reach in helping you make smart real estate moves. If I’m helping you make a move around the world, I have an amazing network of people that help me and I can still promote your property here on my show. I would love to start my Podcast World Tour in 2020 and visit each of you in person. Be sure to let your local real estate conference organizers know I should be there and I will do what I can to attend.
Episode 169: World 🌎 Premiere 🎬 of
Welcome to the new home of It’s a big day indeed. As big as Black Friday? Not sure yet 😂. No I didn’t hire an orchestra to play me in...yet. I will likely do that for my next multi million dollar listing in Toronto so stay tuned. This has been a big part of my success plan going into 2020 and I want you all up there on the world stage with me. Make sure you are putting your listings where they be seen 👁 and heard👂and that your story is being told on the right stage. This is the only place you need to be to ensure the world 🌎 finds out about your unique real estate, your small business and much more.
Episode 168: Share your Story Saturday’s
Only 5️⃣ Saturday’s left in 2019 so it’s a good day to start something 🆕. Does anyone know your story? Where you came from? What you had to struggle through to get where you are? Over my almost two decades in real estate, I’ve heard some amazing stories and have become the storyteller of the most amazing Toronto and GTA real estate along the way. Now it’s time to share your story here. Let’s connect soon and tell the world 🌎 about what you do. Link in profile to connect.
Episode 167: Real Estate Regrets are the worst kind of regrets. Stop 🛑 the madness now.
Imagine finding out you left $100k or more on the table on closing day? Not a great day for any seller. I’ve seen it happen to many and it’s becoming even more common due to many sellers making rookie mistakes and hiring the wrong person to represent them. And seeing as there are still some doing open houses for houses that were listed in the summer, you better not be one of those. Find out why my Grand Opening Events are a game changer to the psychology of how marketing unique properties work. Most don’t think of it this way and promise you to do open houses until it sells. That’s not a promise. That is a threat. Know your shit before you leave far too much money 💰 on the table. And if you are like me, and didn’t come from money, you will know my golden rule of “never count MY money for me”. You should follow this rule too. Connect with me today to make sure you don’t have any real estate regrets.
Episode 166: National Housing Week 2019
It’s time we talked about housing at the podcast dinner 🥘 table. This affects every single one of us. With 1000s in need of housing across our province, it’s something that has become an epidemic. Until the basic needs of a society are met, they cannot focus on their wants and become more productive members of the community. Pride of ownership is a big factor in this and I am going to do my part in helping you understand this.
Episode 165: Welcome to my Leslieville Podcast Walking Tours & 🆕 Featured Leslieville Loft on Tour
After almost 20 years of helping the most amazing people buy, sell and rent in Leslieville, I wanted to invite you all along for a sneak preview of how my unique real estate 🏡 walking 🚶‍♀️ tours work. I’ve always been convinced that you have to truly put feet 🦶 on the ground of any area you are going to call home 🏡. My tours are a mix of history, music 🎶, architecture 🏛 and even some local celebrity sightings have happened and always FUN! Enjoy the show and let’s connect soon if you like this approach. My featured listing is here. 🆕 Your Leslieville Dream Loft For 2020 Is Ready. Hot Off The Rolph Clark Stone Printing Presses Circa 1913. Stunning 1 Bed Unit At The Printing Factory Lofts W 12 Ft Ceilings. 664 Sqft Plus 160 Sqft Balcony. This One Has It All. Amazing Layout In The Original Warehouse Portion And A Great Landlord Too. Located Inside The Courtyard For More Privacy. Link for more info at
Episode 164: The key 🔑 info on the new AirBnb & Short Term Rentals rules in Toronto for 2020
In case you missed it, a landmark decision has just happened in Toronto rentals. Short term rentals will now only be allowed in landlord principle residences (aka the home they live in) for up to 180 nights a year. Back to more of a “home sharing” vs “commercial hotel” approach it seems. With that, as many as 5000 rentals could be back on the long term rental market. For that reason, smart landlords need to be ✍️ signed up for my ViP Landlord & Tenant Bootcamp sessions. Make sure you connect with me today and get signed up via link in profile.
Episode 163: Monday’s are for breaking SOLD Records & do you know how old your house 🏡 is?
I put my t shirts 👕 on one arm at a time just like you. Except when I put on my t shirts, I also break SOLD records. And yes, you can get a shirt like this from me whenever you work exclusively with me. Just got back from a few hours of meetings and letting one entire street know about a recent SOLD Milestone being reached as a home in this area just crossed the $2M mark. As someone who keeps track of SOLD records, I am often the first one ☝️ to tell many people. Some are in awe. And also, did you know I also celebrate House Birthdays? Pop quiz, you know how old your house is? If you own one and you don’t, we need to talk. This is something you should know before signing any offers. In recent years, there is more access than ever to technology that gives us so much insight that there is no excuse. If you want to find out yours, just go to and register for your report + home history report bonus offer.
Episode 162: Real Estate 🏡 Santa 🎅 is coming to town for the 20 trips 🏖 in 2020 contest!
Today is the big day. Our local Santa Claus 🎅 parade is on and it’s always a great event. To make this holiday season even more memorable, I added a new travel 🏖 bonus for all the smart buyers and sellers who sign up from Nov 17 to Dec 31, 2019 to make a move in 2020. It’s called #20TripsIn2020. My goal will be to give out 20 resort vacation certificates in 2020 valued at approx $20,000 to those who successfully completed a purchase or sale in 2020. Each offers 1 week of accommodations at locations around the world 🌎. To qualify just make sure you are officially registered to buy or sell with me by Dec 31, 2019 and once the transaction is completed anytime in 2020, the certificate is available within 60 days of closing. Connect with me for more details and let’s make your dreams come true!! Sign up with me via
Episode 161: Sold 🏡 Stories Podcast. The stories behind the SOLDS!!
As promised, here is the latest update to the Sold Stories podcast updates. This week there are some amazing solds from Danforth East to Etobicoke and more in between. Access the link via
Episode 160: Special 🔥 Episode for Toronto Lofts 🏢 owners and future buyers.
The stories behind the most amazing Toronto lofts for sale and the SOLD stories are all right here. I have been a big loft fan from day one. 4000+ followers on twitter in my loft army via @loftsellers will tell you the same. Register today via to get the inside scoop all my most successful sellers are getting as the begin the process of breaking sold records. Some may even be in your own building.
Episode 159: The 🆕 Experience Based approach to moving to/from Toronto & GTA
I call it the Indrigo Moving Experience and it’s been almost 20 years in the making. Along my journey I have collided with the best of the best on all levels and services that are essential to those of you moving. A free can of paint is nice but not nice enough to make a 6 or 7 figure decision over. Instead of assuming you need that, I sit down with each of you and customize a report of what YOUR needs and wants are. From having the best concierge on the planet to the premier Pet 🐈 Concierge to chefs 👨‍🍳 to personal trainers 🏋️‍♀️ to travel 🌴 rewards to $1000s in pre arranged discounts on many items you will need when moving. This is the next level of real estate and it’s happening now for the smart ones. Register with me via
Episode 158: The Canada 🇨🇦 Remembers Edition
First things first, it’s Remembrance Day each day we wake up in this great land. And those who make it possible are the ones to thank. Both past and present. I’ve had the pleasure to assist many veterans and it’s hard for them so I’ve added a bonus for those buying and selling with me of 2X the resort vacation certificates as my thanks. 14 days of accommodations in resorts around the world. Also discussing the importance of using your voice in whatever you do to ensure the world knows what you do. I want to help you with that. Enjoy the show.
Episode 157: Top 11 🔥 Secret 🔐 Locations to review in Toronto Real Estate 🏡
Far too many of you are busy looking at open doors 🚪 and open houses on Saturday. That stops now. Closed Houses are way cooler to look at. The smart ones are out with me looking at top secret hyperlocal locations around the city that are on the verge of greatness. There’s no arrows or neon lights in these areas. If you really want to cash 💰 in, you need to look 👀 where no one else is. Join me for the next tour and be sure you are on my tours at least once before you ever sign with any realtor.
Episode 156: Small Business Saturday Podcast Giveaway Contest 2019
Since it’s #smallbusinesssaturday, it’s a great time to announce my #Holiday #Vinyl Giveaway contest for 2019. As a way of helping to support my fav #Toronto #record store aka @pressbookscoffeevinyl, I will be doing a draw for $25 gift cards each time 25 of you subscribe to my #podcast email 📧 alerts via link in profile. Hoping to do at least 10 prize draws over the holiday season so get registered today and enter the #vinyl heaven that is this local shop in #DanforthEast. Show your support for #smallbusiness in your area. And be sure to comment below once signed up and confirm the email 📧 you get to set up alerts🚨. If not in your inbox, could also be in spam.
Episode 155: The True SOLD Story behind the 1300% return for one of my amazing real estate 🏡 clients
Telling the stories behind the most amazing Toronto Solds is why I started this podcast. Just seeing those sold postcards in your mailbox rarely gives you the insight behind why and how the lighting is bottled. The quality of life and peace of mind a well managed sold can provide is life changing. Many will know that money alone cannot buy happiness. But it can help you help others and help make them more secure. Enjoy the story. If you are the next success story I am going to share, start like all the smart ones do and register at
Episode 154: October 2019 Numbers are in for Toronto & GTA real estate
And boy are they some big numbers! You may be sitting on a gold mine and not even know. Especially true for those of you with condos and lofts in the 905. Make sure I am only you hire when buying or selling.
Episode 153: The 1st ever Podcast 🎙 & Pints 🍺 Meetup is this week
November is always a special time for me. I try to make sure and slow it down a bit to connect with all the amazing people out there that I haven’t met in person. For me, that’s what it’s all about. Relationships will always be my first priority whether in real estate or in podcasting. Hope to see you there.
Episode 152: Meet the Toronto/GTA Top Mortgage Brokers Podcast
Very excited to begin a new segment on my show. Connecting with the best mortgage brokers, lawyers, inspectors, contractors etc is critical for today’s buyers, sellers and investors. Today’s episode is with Steve Benmergui, mortgage broker at Mortgage Alliance. Having worked with Steve many times over the years, he always takes the time to understand the reasons why each person needs a mortgage and can provide the right options for them. Enjoy the show and make sure to reach out to him if you have any questions. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where I connect with the top mortgage brokers across Toronto and the GTA. You can reach Steve at
Episode 151: Happy Halloween 🎃 2019. All treats 🍭, no tricks 🎩 here.
Instead of giving out candy, I’m giving out something much more important. Good advice for your future. With key interest rates remaining below 2%, this is your time to make the jump out of renting. Will be diving into this more deeply in coming episodes but if you are going to control your future, it starts right here and now.
Episode 150: Major Announcement 🔊. The 1st Annual Toronto/GTA Small Business Podcast Summit.
Wow! Episode 150!! Thank you 🙏 for all your support. Here’s how I hope to pay it forward in my way. Today is a huge day. Since November is National Podcast Month, I want to celebrate it all month long. My goal is to record a podcast with a new toronto/gta small business owner each day of the month. If you are a client of mine, be sure you are signed on as you get first in line access. If not a client yet, be sure you connect with me ASAP to reserve your space. You won’t get a better gift 🎁 than this under the tree 🌲. Being on this stage with me is the best I can do for those who have supported me so take advantage of it.
Episode 149: Pay It Forward Podcast for Toronto & GTA small business & pop up shops
It’s a good day to pay it forward to all the amazing small business & pop up shop owners in Toronto & GTA. A few years back I started a site for Toronto pop up shops and it remains a great place to connect and help promote those who help others. First step is to subscribe to my podcast and then connect with me to plan our podcast interview. Let’s make sure the world knows about you.
Episode 148: Find out which Toronto Neighbourhood Average Sold Price has gone up 490% since 2000
As I get ready to begin the biggest year long cross province party of all time for my 20th year of real estate in 2020, I’m also busy preparing reports for all the amazing clients I’ve been able to help over those years. One area in particular has seen growth that is way off the charts. Tune in for the full story and be sure to register at to find out if your bricks have turned to gold too.
Episode 147: Toronto average 🏡 sold prices are up approx 350% since 2000.
Another busy weekend for me helping smart sellers get ready for the fall market. Part of that is working on the sold reports for many areas. Having started back in 2000 when prices were in the 200s and now they are in the 800s, it’s important to understand how linear vs exponential growth works and how other factors may contribute. For many, your home values may be at a level you never dreamed of. Your bricks 🧱 may be gold bricks. To find out where you stand, visit
Episode 146: Halloween 🎃 House 🏚 Tours 2019
T-2 weeks until Halloween and if you are selling your house in the next few weeks, this is the time to do it. I need 10-20 more listings to add to my Halloween tours and be sure they are on full display over the next 2 weeks. Spaces are limited so be sure you sign up at
Episode 145: The Anatomy of a house 🏡
Today’s episode is a massive one. There are literally 1000s of components in a house, condo or loft and the realtor you hire MUST know what they are and what they do. When selling, how can anyone tell the story of your property unless they know all the details? The truth is, they can’t. Enjoy the show.
Episode 144: Thanksgiving 🦃 Thank You 🙏 Podcast 2019
Although it’s a 🇨🇦 holiday, it’s never a bad time to say “thank you”. Celebrating my 19th year as a realtor in October of 2019 so there are a LOT of you to thank. Also hoping you enjoy the new podcast platform too. Sign up now for the podcast mailing list alerts to ensure you don’t miss a beat and you are also automatically entered into my Random Party 🎉 Pizza 🍕 Podcast 🎙 Prize draws for all the awesome listeners that sign up (Pizza gift cards valid in Ontario only).
19 years in Toronto Real Estate today 🍾
6939 days aka 19 years in real estate today...but who’s counting 😂. Some days have been great and others I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies (in case you are listening too ya jerks). Just wanted to send out a quick thank you 🙏 to ALL of you that have been on this journey with me. Whether it was early on, recently or upcoming. I’m grateful each day for the opportunity to help each of you reach your highest life and real estate success goals. Here’s to many more. PS Since it’s year 19 going into 20, my goal is to create 19 more Toronto real estate millionaires. If you are my next one, register your property here to find out how much 💰 you may be sitting on. It’s often a lot more than you think.
Episode 143: The September 2019 numbers are in!! Fall 🍁 is on 🔥!
The September (early fall) numbers are in and they are big. Average sold price for city of Toronto is now $900K+. You may be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it. Find out now at
🎙Special Podcast Report 📊: Success Planning for Ontario Teachers 👩‍🏫 and Support Workers.
With many clients in the education field, it was time to do a podcast show about planning for the future during these turbulent times. If you aren’t sure where you may be working in the next 5-10 years, be sure you have investments that make money for you while you sleep. Nothing does this better than real estate. Connect with me via to begin the next chapter of the journey.
Episode 142: Tale of 2️⃣ Toronto 🏠
This is the tale of two homes 🏠 for sale in Toronto and how one sold and another did not. And why not. Stop 🛑 being suckered into signing a BTL (buying the listing) scam where you are told a price so far out of reality that can’t be real. It’s literally deteriorating your property value. Listen closely and be sure to ONLY sign up at to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
🆕 Client Experience Review Podcasts
It’s time to take the usual client reviews to the next level. There is nothing more authentic than their actual voices when looking for info on how I was able to help. Here is a recent seller of mine telling the story in her own words.
🎙Special Podcast Report: Cross Canada 🇨🇦 Real Estate Report Card-Fall 2019.
This is the moment you have been waiting for! My Cross Canada Real Estate Podcast report for fall 2019 is now live. I’ve been working on this all week and talking to the top agents across the country to get their insights. You may be surprised at the top performing areas but it’s important that you understand how. The first stop 🛑 to make when moving anywhere across this great land is at
Episode 141: Fall 2019 ViP Buyer, Seller, Renter Bootcamps are in session
Happy first podcast of fall 2019! This week has already been incredible and its only getting better. Its taken many years to get you guys to understand this but if you are making a huge investment in anything (real estate, stocks, fitness etc), you MUST do the prep work before you do. The next 2 weeks into Mid October are getting filled up for my online bootcamp sessions so its time NOW to make your move.  The waiting list is approx 2-3 weeks right now so be sure you are signed up today at
Episode 140: Friday Top 5 Sold Areas for Week of Sept 13-20
Wow! Not only is it Area 51 day today, there is also some out of this world SOLD activity going on! From as far as Port Union to Mississauga to Leaside to Riverdale to Wychwood Barns. There are some big money 💰solds that happened and many more on the way. Make sure you are one of the smart ones signed up at to ensure you are my next record breaking sold.
Episode 139: If the rent is too high, it’s time to buy
Since the year 2000, I have been helping people in Toronto and GTA find the perfect homes, condos and lofts for their needs. This includes buying, selling and many, many rentals. Back then, $1000 a month went a long way. Fast forward to today and its a much different story. Fact: 59 per cent of all renter households spend 30 per cent or more of their income on housing via the RentalHousingIndex. Renting is NOT your only option. If you have paid a landlord over $20,000, you CAN put a deposit together. You just need to time it out. You may not know how and that's where I can lend a hand. This is about YOUR future and that of your family and loved ones. The right multi family home bought NOW can be the difference between a great life or one of struggle over the next 2 decades. Rent will not get lower. Your mortgage payments over time do reduce until eventually you are only paying property taxes and maintenance costs.  Lets connect and work on your 5-10 year success plan before 2020 begins. Your future is decided NOW. 
Episode 138: No Story. No Sold.
It always blows my mind 🧠 how some listings have no story, no history, no grand opening, no nothing. How can you expect to get TOP dollar 💰for your property if the value doesn’t exceed the cost? It can happen occasionally, but it’s not the way to break a sold record. Seeing one listing sell for close to $500K less than it’s original listing price, it tells you that many of these listings are as random as it gets. Here’s the full scoop. To make sure your listing gets the royal treatment, sign up at
Episode 137: Register now for up to $5000 in Neighbourhood Grants from the City of Toronto
Attention Toronto neighbourhood supporters. As one of the biggest supporters of our communities and having had many Street Appreciation Events over the years, this is a great initiative being organized by the City of Toronto to help bring your community together. Are you a community facebook group leader in one of these communities? If so, we need to talk.  Online groups are ok but nothing is better than getting everyone out on the street for an Ice Cream Cart party (I have my own cart that I use) and talking to each other. That is what is missing. Once you apply for the grant, be sure to connect with me also and I will gladly provide my ice cream cart for your events as I do several times a year as I am often the one who is handling the real estate in your area. Here is a link to the list of 39 areas of the Improvement and Emerging Neighbourhoods mentioned, full program details and my neighbourhood real estate links for each one:
Episode 136: To Rent or Own in Retirement aka the Toronto Real Estate Crystal ball 🔮 discussion
Welcome to Retirement Bootcamp 2019. This is where you will get the real info you need from someone who studies the real numbers. No bullshit allowed here.  The recent story about rents going up 3% for a TCHC building are just one example of why those of you who are planning to retire in the next 10-20 years better listen up. With average rents in the $2000s range now, it’s not difficult to understand they could reach $3000 a month by 2030 and $4000 a month by 2040. This is also according to a leading economist (see link below). The smartest thing any of you can do TODAY is to have a goal of paying down your mortgage as cost of living increases. You cannot control what your rent will be. You can estimate what your payments will be on your mortgage. If your concerns are about interest rates going up, those costs get passed on to renters. Owning vs renting report link: Recent Story on the 3% rent hike:
Property Podcast Series 2019: 78 Cedarvale Ave (For Rent)

Feast your eyes on the hottest new home for rent in Toronto. This 3 bed, 3 bath home is in the Danforth East area of Toronto.  Just did a huge grand opening event this weekend and was able to show many of you through the home. Freshly painted and lots of upgrades. Listed at $3000 a month. 

To have a look at this one, click here:

Episode 135: Friday Top 5 Solds from Aug 30-Sept 6 + Bonus Top 5 buying areas review
Happy first Friday of September! Its TIFF month so all my grand openings and client events are even more fun filled! Sign in and check out the top 5 sold areas of the week. If you live in York Region, you better make sure I am the ONLY one you contact when selling your property. Listings needed all over the city after some amazing grand openings. Check out more info at
Episode 134: Back To School Ice Cream Cart Party & Grand Opening
Wishing all of you a great back to school week whether its grade school, high school or university or beyond. Learning never stops but its also important to learn the right stuff they do NOT teach you in school. My events are all about connecting people in real life. Social media is a great tool but not even close to the same thing as meeting in real life and discussing important matters. Stop by this Saturday for a FREE ice cream 🍦 on me and lets discuss your success plan while you do. Plus, I will have a limited amount of free champagne 🍾 for the teacher and principals who attend as my way of thanking those who have hired me to help them reach their real estate goals this summer. Let me know. RSVP ▶️ at
Episode 133: 🏦 Welcome to the Luxury Sold Report
Happy September to all of you. I am very excited to announce a new program called the Luxury Sold Report. For many years I have handled all levels of real estate from homes to condos to the most famous lofts. The $2M+ segment of real estate in our city is some of the hottest on the market and deserves a new gold standard. This is it. Check it out at
Episode 132: 🆕 🥊 Tale of the Tape 🥊
Introducing an exciting new segment that gives you insight on my record breaking Solds you can ONLY get when you are signed up with me. The showings, offer info and more that is not made public.
Episode 131: Friday Top 5 from Aug 16-23
The waiting is over! Here is the Friday Top 5 for this week. If you live in west end of Toronto, you will appreciate this one. And yes more listings needed as the final hot months of the year wrap up. Link to sign up is at
Paul’s Netflix Movie Reviews: Apollo 13
With TIFF season about to start, I thought this would be the perfect time to add a new segment. As a life long movie fan, I have decided to add my movie reviews for the Netflix movies I love watching. And yes I am hoping that Netflix will offer me a giant deal for a Netflix special purely based on my podcast 😂😂
Featured Property Podcast: 541 Lauder Ave

Where is the first place I will post my featured listings? Right here on my podcast. This 2 bed. 2 bath, 2 kitchen classic home was built in 1931 and is filled with much of its original character. The podcast and the photos will help but nothing comes close to seeing this one in person. Stop by this Sat Aug 24 from 2-5pm for the MEGA Grand opening event with Ice Cream Cart on site. You will be transported right back to the 30s. Here is the link for more info. 

Episode 130: Introducing my new Home Safety Bootcamp Classes

One of the first questions that many new buyers will ask me is often...."is this area safe?". Aside from the usual stats and local alerts, you can make your own property safer using some of the things Ive learned over the years from some of the best in the business. To keep it simple here, I review 5 of the 21 tips I offer during my in person Home Safety Bootcamp classes for past, present and future clients.  Just connect with me and leave me your email to register for this program. No cost at all. Just trying to pay it forward whenever I can.  Here is the link to Toronto safety alerts you can keep handy. 

Episode 129: The process of forgive by forgetting
I’m no Dr Phil but I’ve learned a few things. One of those things is that the best way to forgive someone is to forget about them. I’ve literally been doing this since childhood by instinct and it’s worked wonders for me.
Episode 128: Friday Top 5 Solds for Aug 9-16

Happy Friday folks! This weeks Top 5 are pretty awesome. Maybe one is near you? Sign up now at for all the inside scoop on what sold near you. 

Episode 127: Ignore the Noise & How I saved my buyers $135,000 on a Toronto house
If there was a way to go back in time in the Back to the future DeLorean and say 3 words to myself as a teenager, those words would be IGNORE THE NOISE.  In 2019, there is more noise than ever that you have to learn to block out. This is all about that. PLUS find how my amazing buyers just saved $135,000 on a new purchase in the Toronto area. In case you wonder why my clients pay me more, it’s because I am the opposite of the discount agents that are giving away their first born for your business. That’s the reason you don’t want them representing you. I am the only one you want when negotiating high ticket real estate in Toronto. Enjoy the show. 
Episode 126: What is YOUR market value?
In real estate 🏡, I am often asked by buyers, sellers and investors about the market value of their properties. Each day I get asked “what would add more value to my home etc”. What you don’t hear as much about is what people feel their own market value is and how to improve on it. Today is all about getting you the raise at work or asking for what your value is once you know all the facts. Enjoy the show!
Episode 125: Friday Top Solds in Toronto Aug 2-9

Hey guys,

Got a little busy this weekend so I wasnt able to post this until today. Some awesome numbers this week in Toronto for home sales and condo/loft sales. For many areas, this is one of the top 3 months of the year to be listed for sale. As always, the SMART sellers who want to be on the TOP 5 list, will get signed up at the Sold Report site.

If you want to find out if YOUR property is in one of those areas, get signed up today for your Property Evaluation.

Taste of the Danforth. Food Review #3.
Our last stop was for a classic dessert option. One of our favs is the Greek Baklava Sundae. A $5 treat that is worth much more. Hope you enjoyed my festival food reviews and hoping to do many more. If there are any you are involved with and want to be featured on my show, get in touch with me.
Taste of the Danforth. Food Review #2.
My 2nd food review today was the Original Grill on the Danforth. We tried the souvlaki and the feta fries. Both delicious! Be sure to check them out too.
Taste of the Danforth. Food Review #1
My first food review of the day is Gabbys wings and ribs. $6 each. Absolutely delicious! Plus you get a free t shirt as a bonus.
Episode 124: The future of renting in Toronto
For almost 20 years, I’ve been on the ground level of the Toronto real estate market. I don’t need no stinking crystal ball 🔮. Advice is far more useful than opinion. Those of you renting need to understand where rental prices are going and how that will affect you. Predictions are that prices are going up 11% for rentals in 2019. Right now averages are in $2000s. By 2030, likely $3000s. By 2040, likely $4000s. And property values will go up from almost $ $1M now to possibly $2M by 2030. And $3M by 2040. The time is now to reverse engineer your future. The goal is to pay down your mortgage and be ready to rent out your spaces as a way to supplement your income as you get older. If you are ready to get started, the time is now.
Episode 123: Who are YOUR power 5? Aka the good people in your life
Ever heard of the Dunbar 150? It’s based on the concept of each person only being able to have 150 relationships they can maintain. If you have that many close friends, you must know a lot of people. I don’t. Even back in school I had 1-3 close friends at any one time and that’s all I wanted. I knew a lot more people in high school but I learned over time that most were “acquaintances” not friends. That’s cool too. I had 1000s of acquaintance after a decade in the fitness business and still have many of them. Then I added a lot more when I became a realtor in 2000. Would love to hear your experiences also. Leave me a message on the anchor app if you want to share a story also.
Episode 122: Friday Top 5 Solds in Toronto July 26-Aug 2

Hey folks! Happy long weekend to those in Ontario. 

Sorry for the late upload here but this week I have been spitting pure fire (in my best Dave Chappelle voice). The sold activity has been just as hot across the city. Summer time is a great time to be on the market as long as you are doing it right. Having my Ice cream cart causing line ups around the block for my grand openings are now the summer tradition in Toronto real estate. This weeks top 5 sold areas include Forest Hill, Bayview Village, BirchCliff area (near the Bluffs) and Lawrence Park South. If you are ready to be my next record breaking sold in Toronto, be sure you register today at And to review all the latest top solds in the city go to

Episode 121: Friday Top 5 for Week of July 26, 2019

Its the moment you all wait for. The review. This is where you visit my site, sign in and we review the top 5 solds on my site and see if any of them affect YOUR property values also. This week they range from Bloor West to Rosedale to Davisville Village to Casa Loma to Leaside.  Enjoy the show and be sure YOUR listing is featured on my page if you are serious about getting the word out to the world and breaking a sold record in the process! 

Episode 120: Coffee talk with Ethel, 20th century living in Danforth East in the 21st century.
Won’t you be my neighbour? For me, this is a way of life. Making my neighbourhood into the best place on earth has been my goal since I moved here. Getting to know the stories behind those who feel the same way is one of the perks of doing this podcast. This week I meet with the owner of Ethel, a legendary local shop that moved to our area last year and has made a permanent home here. The moment you walk in the store, you are transported back to a different time. I’ve often wanted to take clients who live in 1930s home into a place to show them what their home may have looked like. This is that place. Tune in for a trip back in time and then stop by a visit them at 1781 Danforth Ave or via
Episode 119: Even bigger news than the Turnkey Amazon Realogy Home Buying Plan

Ever since the big news release yesterday in the US, I have been hearing from many of my clients here asking about this program. Here is some big ass news for all of you here in my neighbourhood. Mister Rogers isnt the only one who knows about neighbourhoods, ok? The best news ever is that I already have the most awesome client perks plan in place and the value is priceless! From a session with the top concierge on the planet, travel rewards, discounts on moving, storage, hotel rentals,  car rentals, local business perks and more.....those of you here in Toronto and the GTA signed up at are always treated like VIPs even before the purchase or sale is finalized. That is a massive difference with my approach. I appreciate your loyalty on day one of our meeting and ensure that value always exceeds cost from that day on. 

Episode 118: The truth behind a $500,000 price reduction

No bullshit. I just saw this today and it blew my mind. Could be the biggest example of a BTL scam I have ever seen. For those who dont know me, BTL= Buying the listing. After almost 20 years in real estate, it still upsets me to see people falling for this way of getting your business.  Its the same stupidity involved in hiring the cheapest of the bunch and expecting them to get you top dollar. There is NO logic on this at all and it has to stop. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression and, in real estate, it can take weeks or months to ensure that you have created enough value to exceed your cost.  Avoid the bullshit altogether and sign up at and make sure all the friends, family, co workers and neighbours you know do the same. I promise to make YOU the hero whenever you refer someone my way.  And I thank you in advance. 

Episode 117: Salary Negotiation BootCamp starts now
Pop quiz hotshot: You are sitting across from your future boss. They offer you a salary amount. What do you do? Do you take the first offer or do you counter? For most jobs, you don’t get what you deserve, you only get what you negotiate. In some cases, many of you will have left enough on the table over a lifetime to pay off your home or condo. That stops now. BootCamp is in session for past, present and future clients. Let’s get you paid your full value and leverage that in real estate to build your empire.
Episode 116: Friday Top 5 Solds in Toronto for July 12-19

Hey Toronto and GTA! Hot enough for ya? Imagine having my vintage ice cream cart outside your front door when selling your house this weekend? Lets just say the lineups would be historic! Here is hoping YOU are my next smart seller. Sign up at today and join the real estate revolution. As promised here are the top 5 sold areas this week for homes and condos (which includes lofts). If you live in any of these areas and area planning on selling this year, you MUST make sure you are added to my Featured Listings section here and on my website.  Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong realtor that cannot add the proper value to your listing. This can be disastrous. 

  • Top 5 Solds in Homes category:  Casa Loma, Forest Hill, Rosedale/Moore Park, Lawrence Park North and Willowdale East. 
  • Top 5 Solds in Condos/Lofts category: South Riverdale, Annex, Kingsway South, Don Valley Village, Dovercourt

    For a look at some of these properties, just sign up at

Episode 115: Introducing the Inside Scoop on Toronto/GTA Real Estate

Welcome to the Inside Scoop on real estate. I am your host and your favourite real estate ice cream man. Since 2014, I have declared open houses as dead and starting doing grand opening events for the smartest sellers in our city. I hope you are on my team. If not yet, you should be. Are you settling for second best in life? I hope not. When it comes to real estate, its just as important. In fact, the real estate process has been described by some as a "short term very intense relationship". I disagree. Its much more of a long term relationship when done correctly. That is why you need to sign up my Inside Scoop Neighbourhood buzzer alerts in your area OR the area you want to call home. Sign up now via There is NO excuse for not ensuring your listing is getting the most attention possible on the world stage and the smart sellers know that this is the place to be. 

Episode 114: The ABCs of Ancillary Spending aka Spinoff spending in Ontario real estate

The magic number is $67,000. Check out the main graphic for a breakdown. This is the approx amount of money that is spent by each person in Ontario when they were buying real estate in 2015. From renovations to general household items to financial services to furniture and appliances....this could be a big part of YOUR bottom line so be sure you are not missing the boat. As a local business owner in Toronto and the GTA, I want to help you boost your small business in a way that NO one else can. Each time a real estate transaction happens near you, you should benefit from it. Are you? Be sure you are signed up with me at and even become part of my new Client Perks list. Could be a giveaway item or something you might use for promotions but it could lead to much more for YOU. 

Episode 113: The ABCs of DFTs aka when Real Estate Deals die
Picture this. You just sold your house.  It closes in 2 months. You decide to buy a new one in the meantime but its all based on your home selling. The buyers for your home lose their financing just days before the closing. The deal is dead. Your listing then becomes a DFT (deal fell thru). In 2019 so far, there have been 60 of these across Toronto in all price ranges and areas. 30 of those were for condos. Is it important who you work with selling, buying or even renting? 1000% important. With almost 20 years of real estate flight experience, I have experienced every kind of turbulence possible on all sides and landed the plane safely. This analogy is key to understanding how you need to focus when making a real estate decision. You dont just choose someone you know or a friend of a friend unless they are also the most qualified.  That is one of the many reasons we should connect long before you plan to move so you can experience my 5 Star client services first hand. Sign up today at PS And be sure to ask me about the ONE ☝️ essential step that can help prevent your sale from falling thru that my ViP sellers have found out. Must be registered to sell with me for this one.
Episode 112: Happy 12th Business Birthday to Tarra aka World's Greatest Personal Concierge

The behind the scenes of rock and roll, sports, celebrities and real life stories is way more interesting than real estate. No denying that. That is why I love being connected to the amazing people behind those stories. This week turns 12 years old!! As those of you who ever moved will know, its a stressful experience. As a realtor for the last 19 years, I have been on the lookout for a way to make your move as stress free as possible and Tarra has been the key to that. Not only does she sit down with each of my clients for a FREE moving audit to offer suggestions and help, she is always ready to lend a hand long before that time comes. In this episode, she talks about how she got to where she is and how she has helped some of the world's biggest superstars from Mick Jagger to Kawhi Leonard and all points between. You can connect with her via her website or I will be happy to introduce you when you are buying or selling with me.  Whether you are buying your first condo with me or selling your luxury home, I promise you an experience like no other can. Including exposure on this podcast which is the TOP result for Toronto real estate on Spotify and in the top 20 search results on the planet for "real estate" podcasts on Spotify.  You deserve to be on this world class stage with me. Join me anytime via

Episode 111: Introducing the new Verified Rentals program

As you may have read, there was a recent story about a rental scam artist who used fake ads to steal $20,000 from renters who thought they were getting a good deal. Stop using online classified ad sites like this for your rentals.  How can you possibly send anyone any money until you verify that they are the actual landlord and that the place is actually for rent? As of today, you will ONLY use my site to do this. Sign up at and lets begin.  I will need job letter & credit report with score for each applicant to ensure I will be able to assist you. Whenever you are signed up exclusively with me, I will verify each rental and ensure your deposit is protected. 

Episode 110: Happy Canada Day 2019 & 1st Ever Cross Canada Real Estate Podcast Report

Happy Canada Day to all of you. For us, this is a big day. As part of my commitment to all the amazing Canadians here and abroad, I want to ensure you are getting the absolute best access to information and advice from someone who handles some of the most amazing clients and their moves across the world. Today I bring you my report of the average sold prices across Canada from May 2018-May 2019 to give you a look at what its like in each of those areas. With some areas still under $200k, the idea of selling your Toronto or area home for $1M+ and moving to a smaller area may be the right thing for you. For first time buyers, you may want to consider this also and be sure to ask about my special reports and access to over $200,000 in government rebates depending on where you buy. The smart buyers, sellers and renters all know that was created for you and is constantly improving to give you the best info possible. Wishing you all a great day eh!

Episode 109: Friday Top 5 Solds in Toronto for week of June 21-28

Starting this week, I will be doing a recap of the Top 5 solds in Toronto homes, Toronto condos and Toronto lofts each week. As part of my goal of helping YOU get the most exposure possible for your local listings, you will want to connect with me via if you live in any of these areas. For the full report on how your property may be affected by these solds, visit my website and lets discuss. There is no excuse for not having your property listed on my specially built stage that ensures your property is being seen and heard of around the world. I can show my clients the list of where my listeners are based and its a map of the world at its finest.  Enjoy the show!

Episode 108: The biggest scam in Toronto real estate is....

Many of you have asked me about this and here is the answer. Its the "overpricing" scam that many agents will use to get your listing. They promise you a number that is clearly not possible but get you to sign on the line. This is the classic bait and switch with smoke and mirrors. Do NOT fall for this. I can show you a number of listings that did this recently that have lost far more than they know. You dont get a 2nd chance to do a grand opening event. Open houses died a decade ago. So reactive and inefficient. I am shocked by how many sellers allow repeated open houses. After 5 of these, most of the neighbours start to wonder what is wrong with the house. Stop making stupid choices and falling for the lies. What kind of relationship starts with a lie? Not a good one.  And if you are going to sign up with anyone else, be sure you include a clause to cancel the listing if a price reduction is requested in the first 30 days.  That is how you know for sure. Instead of going through the bullshit of all that, just sign up now at and get the rockstar treatment you deserve. 

Episode 107: 1st day of summer 2019 in Toronto/GTA

Hello everyone in the land of the NBA champs! And yes, I will refer to us as that often. Happy 1st day of summer! So excited to kick it off today with a charity event for George Webster elementary school at 50 Chapman Ave near Dawes Rd and St Clair Ave East today from 3:30 to 7. I will be there helping give out cold ice cream treats and being part of the fundraising. I have done this for almost every school in the area over the last 5 years and this is my 5th summer of doing them. So many great reasons for you to get signed up at right now as summer begins. Some of the opportunities are amazing. Renters especially should take note as many of you are overpaying for someone's mortgage via your rent and its time to pay yourself instead.  Lets discuss it over a coffee or a beer soon. Timing is key!!

Episode 106: Lets Go Raptors! Toronto is ready for the NBA championship!!

Yes I said it here. This will be the big night for the Raptors. Also, I really want it to be a great night for the fans and the small businesses in Toronto and GTA. Support those local businesses in your area if you can. Go watch the game at a local pub. Order some game food from a local place. Let's make sure everyone gets a piece of the victory. In my case, I want to throw a massive street celebration for the victory on my next listing in Toronto and give out a ton of free ice cream via my Bike powered Ice Cream Cart. Let's go Raptors!! 

Episode 105: May 2019 Toronto & GTA area real estate recap

Good morning! Its been a busy month here so my May report is a few days late! My apologies. All the good, bad and ugly all rolled into one podcast. Grab your morning beer and enjoy! As always head over to for all the latest goodies!

Episode 104: Top Toronto/GTA Real Estate Lawyers Series with Lisa at

In my line of work, there is a lot of teamwork that happens behind the scenes. From the moment you decide to buy or sell a home, there are a number of essential people on the field. One of those is a good lawyer who understands the process. I started this series to ensure I share these stories with each of you who are in the process also. Each time I work with one of the best in the business, I invite them on my show. For me, its about celebrating those who treat their clients very well and and also those able to explain complex matters in a simple way. Lisa is one of those lawyers. Enjoy this episode.  You can reach Lisa via If you are a great lawyer, mortgage pro or inspector that I should also partner up with, connect with me via

Episode 103: Friday Sold Reports are on fire 🔥 🔥!

Wow! What a week. Raptors 1 and Toronto Sellers that are NOT signed up at get a 0. Yes, I said it. I dont play games when it comes to your real estate and you shouldn't either. Today's podcast is all about how awesome the Friday Sold Alerts are for those of you who are selling and EVEN those buying to get the best overview of what is going in the market. There is bad pricing epidemic going on and it can be cured. Too many times, I see many agents that are "buying the listing". That means taking on an overpriced listing and chopping it down over time. The only problem here is that you dont get a do over in real estate. Many of these listings did NOTHING to get the attention needed, no grand opening, nothing. Stop making these lazy choices and lets discuss your options before you sign. That is all I ever ask. Just be sure you meet with me as the last person before you sign with anyone else. I will know you did your homework then.  

Episode 102: The importance of real time marketing and pricing

On a daily basis I am in shock over what some sellers agree to when listing their properties.  You cannot be the next one to make that mistake. Talk to me as part of your due diligence anytime you are selling your Toronto or GTA property. I promise you will be better informed to make the decision and then choose whoever you wish. Get signed up today at to ensure you are part of the hottest Spring market possible. 

Episode 101: The Top 5 New Condo Developments near Danforth East

Good morning all,

Just attended a new condo development consultation meeting last night in Danforth East. Its a major development for this area and long overdue in fact. Whether you are an existing owner in the area or a future investor or owner, its critical that you know all the details of each project. That is my goal here. To connect with you long before the shovels are in the ground is key.  Enjoy my preliminary report of some of the projects in our area and lets connect in person soon to discuss in more detail. All my links are at

Episode 100: The Pay It Forward 2X Edition

The Pay it forward 2X Episode. Welcome to episode 100. Almost 12,000 total plays.

I could not imagine this day back when I started this journey. Seeing as many are jumping on the podcast train almost daily, it seems like they want to share a piece of the stage with me. As the top result for toronto real estate on Spotify and in the top 20 for "real estate" in podcasts on Spotify, that space is reserved only for two. Me and each of you who have been part of this amazing success. 

Here is a list of the amazing people I have been able to interview since I started this back in March of 2018.

Tarra Stubbins at

Chef Jagger Gordon of

Christine Hibbard at Looking Glass Adventures, the premier escape room in Toronto

The folks at Muddy York Brewery

Andrew, Bass Player Extraordinaire and all around great guy of the best local rock band in Toronto, Second Pass

Milad Tafakori of Tafakori Law, Real Estate Personal Injury, Wills and Disciplinary cases

Tyson Staples, premier personal trainer in the Kingston ON area.

Amanda Munday at the Workaround, the premier co working space in Toronto.

The team at Virtual XPerience Arcade and Lounge in the Danforth East area. The most amazing 3D arcade in the east end.

One of the top Toronto stagers, Red at Redesign4more

And lastly, part of how I pay it forward is to discuss the Importance of giving back. Each time 5-10 of you move with me each month, I am able to provide 25-50 meals for the hungry and homeless in our community.  A few of these places include....

Thank you all again for your support and look forward to many more episodes.

Episode 99: April 2019 Sold Report Recap and Forecast

Good morning Toronto & GTA,

The April numbers are in and they are looking good. And its not about the average sold price either. That only went up a bit in recent months. I am more happy to see that the number of solds is up close to 17% since April 2018. That means more of you are buying vs renting and many are making smart leverage moves with your real estate. The smart ones signed up at know this full well.  You make money when you buy and the key to making your investment its best is to leverage it whenever you can. This means making the move up or down that will lead to your highest quality of life. For some its the bigger family home that will fit extended family. For others its to cash out of the mansion and make a move down to a condo or loft and travel more. I am always happy to help with each of these and do so often. The smart sellers here also know that making sure your listing is featured on my podcast is a must. My 5 Star approach to helping my sellers and having YOU featured on my Top 20 podcast on Spotify is an advantage that only very few will have. And its made my sellers very happy. You deserve this too. 

Episode 98: Just Sold Podcast Update

Wow! What a week in Toronto real estate.  I have just sold what is arguably the most incredible home in the city this week to my amazing clients.  Those of you selling in 2019 really need to understand that the demand for certain properties is out of this world. So, for that reason, your marketing and exposure should also be out of this world. Being on the world stage is where you are when selling with me via  At the time of this podcast, this podcast is in the top 20 of real estate podcasts on Spotify. There is simply no comparing this to any local real estate award or level. None of that translates to this. Be sure you are signed up NOW to get on the waiting list if selling in 2019. May and June are almost full and the next few months are filling up. 

Episode 97: Happy 1st of May, Al Pacino impression and National Homeowner Day
Is this guy serious? Al Pacino impressions? Having watched Scarface 400x and Heat 1000x, I have earned the right. Happy May folks! It’s been a great 2019 already and things are only getting better. For those of you who working with me, you just got some amazing new perks added this year along with the 5 ⭐️ Star Service Plan you rely on. If you haven’t signed up yet, head over to now and get started.
Episode 96: Short Term Accommodations in Toronto 101 & Verified Landlords Club

Good morning all,

Did you know that I handle all types of rental accommodations for my clients? Since 2000, I have been helping many people find their first home, first condo, first rental and even short term options. Aside from having the experience of helping many of you, it also offers you the most protection for your hard earned rental money along the way.  All deposits are protected by a government regulated trust account. That means you will NEVER email the money to a phantom/fake landlords again.  I hope you understand how important this is. I make sure that every property I lease is background checked and that the owner of the property IS the one you are dealing with. This is a MUST. Not a tenant trying to sub lease the unit on short term against the rules of the lease and possibly the condo. As always, connect with me via my link page at to get started. 

Episode 95: Thankful to be on the Top 10 list of real estate podcasts on Spotify & Buyer Wishlist!
What a rush! As I was seeing where my podcast appears on Spotify for “real estate”, I was so excited to see mine listed in the top 10 of this search at the time of this recording. Even more amazing is that each of you who have made this possible are rockstars. As a home seller in Toronto and GTA, you deserve to be on this global stage with me vs one of 1000s on the market. Be sure you are on my waiting list for 2019 as the next 3-6 months is filling up. You will be glad you did. Plus this is the NEW segment for my ViP buyer wishlist podcasts. I need all the best listings in Danforth East for my serious buyers. 4 beds, 4 baths needed. Modern is good. $1.4-1.6M. Contact me for info.
Episode 94: Dedicated to my wonderful kids
Each day I wake up and am thankful for my amazing family. A wonderful supportive wife and two amazing smart and kind kids. I am truly grateful for this. Understanding how to attract health, happiness and wealth has always been an interest of mine and it works the same for kids and with what they need and want. This isn’t a lesson you will ever get in school and I hope it helps all of you listening also.
Episode 93: The Secret to Oprah’s success
I have always loved the stories behind the success and how they happened. This one is especially amazing and you will love it and how it applies to each one of us. You need to own your future also. If you are ready to begin, you know what to do. Let’s talk.
Episode 92: Millionaire Monday Update

Due to the long weekend, I wanted to do this update today for all of you. With 145 properties sold over $1M in Toronto since April 15, it makes sense to keep you posted on what is going on in this market. In fact, some of you may be living in a $1M+ home and not even know it.  Either way, be sure you are signed up at right now to be part of one of the hottest times of the year to be on the market with me. Having just broke a sold record for my most recent sellers, I am hoping to do the same for you too. 

Episode 91: Meet the Top Toronto Stagers Series

Today I wanted to introduce all of you to Red Barrinuevo at ReDesign4More. If you don't know this name yet, you certainly will if you have seen many of my amazing listings over the years. I had the opportunity to discuss some of the most important elements in getting your homes, condos and lofts ready for sale and wanted to share them with all of you.  As a professional, my focus is on getting you top dollar for your property and finding you the best opportunities out there. I don't offer free staging or free painting or free foot massages. That's not what I do best. Let Red help you focus on living well and once the place is picture perfect, I take over and focus on breaking sold records. 

Episode 90: Toronto/GTA Small Business Survival tips for 2020 and beyond

Anytime I hear about a small business going out of business I always ask why. In some cases its due to the business. Many times its due to the rent being too high. For those of you with 5-10 success plans in place, maybe its time to consider owning the building you are in. I have spoken to many local business owners and the key to success for many of them is that the ones who own the building have the most control over the largest expense, either rent or mortgage.  I have helped many small business owners find live work spaces around Toronto and the GTA and I can do the same for you.  Connect with me here and lets get started! 

Episode 89: It doesn’t have to be perfect
As I was listening to one of my fav podcasts, Tigerbelly with Bobby Lee and Khalyla, I heard this great story told and had to make a podcast about it. Too often in life, we are so focused on getting it perfect instead of being in the moment. Regardless of whether you are an actor at an audition or a realtor auditioning for a new listing or deciding to start your own podcast, this applies to each of us. Enjoy the show!
Episode 88: 10,999 total plays and counting! Thank you all!!

Good morning to all. Today's episode is a great one. I am announcing a new podcast site in the works that will be the new home to my podcasts, those of my supporters and a new sponsored option that will be available for my Canadian podcasters who are looking to get their shows promoted to my growing audience. And I also discuss the importance of not hiring an electrician to do your plumbing. Some of you are still not getting how important it is to meet with me BEFORE you sign on the line to sell your largest asset, your Toronto/GTA real estate. Do what the smart sellers do and sign up at and make sure I go over the Top 5 mistakes that other sellers near you have made. You cannot afford to skip this step. 

Episode 87: Bye bye 👋 Bully offers?
Some are saying that bully offers are not fair in the real estate market. It’s important to discuss what is fair if sellers can and should have the right to have a bidding war. Buyers should have the right to compete and this is one way to do this.
Episode 86: The importance of Relationships in real estate

Good morning! I wanted to do this one as its a big part of my Buyer and Seller Bootcamp courses in 2019. The road to success starts LONG before you ever put an offer on a property or the sign goes in the lawn. The importance of a strong trusting relationship is way bigger than any 6 or 7 figure transaction. If you leave $1000 on your kitchen table and you leave the house, are you able to trust that person to not steal it? That is a big part of this process. The best thing to do is ensure you sign up and we meet to discuss your goals and where you want to be in the next 5 or 10 years. Hope we can connect soon. 

Episode 85: I sell all over Ontario!
Yes indeed! Did you know that I am the perfect 👌 realtor to handle your real estate listings all over Ontario? I know where the buyers are coming from in each area and make sure your property gets the exposure it deserves. Sign up 🖊 at to ensure you join me on this amazing stage I built just for us.
Episode 84: OSAP, Teacher pay and a new option to consider for those interested in building empires
Today I decided to go off the rails and get really personal. I got screwed by OSAP a long time ago and have never forgotten the experience. Avoid student loans debt if at all possible I say. Plus I discuss my feelings on what teachers should be paid and a new approach to learning about real estate investing via my new e learning courses for 2019.
Episode 83: Toronto real estate Millionaire Master Class Podcast Spring 2019 Edition

Hello present and future Toronto real estate millionaires.

Just completed the Spring 2019 review for my amazing clients across Toronto and the GTA and wanted to share the results with you.

There were just over 1000 properties sold in the $1M+ range so far in 2019. 

More than ever, you have the chance to be part of this growth cycle and getting you started is the key. 

If you have already paid your landlord over $20,000 in 2018, you need to give them notice TODAY.  You cannot leverage rent money.

Connect with me here to sign up for 4 week E-learning program designed to help you learn all the ins and out of becoming a Toronto real estate millionaire. The cost of the class is $99 (via email money transfer) or FREE for registered buyers or sellers. If you own property,  you can sign up at

Episode 82: Time vs Money
This is a big discussion with many of my smartest sellers. Which one can you leverage the most? You trade your time for money 💰 each day you go to work. Do it smart in real estate.
Episode 81: Property Podcast for 312-25 Strangford Lane
🔥 Hot new listing in Toronto. Just listed a stunning 2 bed 🛌 2 bath 🛀 townhome in the East end near East York. Great layout and underground parking too. Listed at $399k. Stop by Sat and Sun 2-5 for the grand opening. More info at
Episode 80: Report on the Top 5 mistakes that New Condo buyers make

Another new condo project bites the dust. This time in my neighbourhood of Danforth East. On the Danforth is now dead in the water.

I feel terrible for those buyers who were hoping to become part of our new vertical neighbourhoods here. Sadly you cant look back but there is a way to look forward from here. This report should be the FIRST thing you read before you ever consider buying a new condo in 2019 or beyond. I have been handling new construction since 2001 and have a spotless track record of choosing the right projects for my clients along the way. Their success stories have been amazing.  Download your report here

Episode 79: Stop leaving money on the table when selling

How much money could you lose and have it not bother you? In Toronto, I have seen many leave $100s of $1000s on the table due to bad decisions they made.  This has to stop. Some listings have been on the market since 2018, clearly overpriced (aka someone bought the listing) and yet the sellers continue to repeat the mistakes. This does cause a stigma on the listing.  47 open houses later, everyone is asking  "what is wrong with that house?".  It may even be a perfectly built home but now all that is secondary. That is bad news. BEFORE you ever do this, make sure you are signed on at You will be so glad you did. PLUS the added exposure my property podcasts get is something you can only get here. Whether its a condo, home or belongs on the world stage. 

Episode 78: The top 5 Seller Scams you must know about

Good morning smart folks! Those of you listening in are already in the smart consumer category since you know how important it is to do your due diligence before you ever sign any listing documents. Today I highlight the top 5 seller scams you must know about before you ever proceed on a listing in Toronto or the GTA. It goes without saying that the smartest ones always start at to ensure this and hope you are joining me for the #100Solds Challenge in 2019 so I can help feed the hungry and homeless. If I can help 5-10 people move each month, I can provide 25-50 meals for those in need. That is the best kind of winning. 

Episode 77: Surviving March Break for parents and caregivers
As a parent of two kids, we have been through many March breaks and summer breaks. In some cases, it can cause a break in parents 😂. Here is my survival guide to helping you through this week. And yes, house hunting is the #1 preferred activity for parents during this week. And yes, I will provide snacks.
Episode 76: Be careful who you list with in 2019

If you are serious about selling in Toronto and GTA in 2019, you cant afford to miss this one. There are huge bombshells that many sellers have stepped in and its costing them big time.  As a smart seller, you should make sure I am the LAST person you talk to in person before you sign anything. Get signed up at now and do it. The months of March to May are IDEAL for being on the market and you ONLY want one of my grand opening events happening for you NOT another boring open house. Ice Cream cart, pizza, prizes and so much more with lineups around the block many times. 

Episode 75: The amazing 2019 List of ViP Client Perks and pre arranged discounts

Whether you are buying your first home or moving up to your next place, there are a lot of expenses that come up. From painting to cleaning to storage and much more. This is why I have added even more amazing perks for my ViP Clients. Top secret list is ONLY for those who are signed up with me but it adds a huge amount of value.  You even have access to programs where I can save you up to 30% on tickets to the ROM, Science Centre, Ripley's and more.  If you are ready to get started, just connect with me via

Episode 74: The $5M in offers mark is crossed & almost 10k total plays here!! Sellers LISTEN UP!
Its March 2019. I am happy to say that I have prepared and reviewed over $5M in offers on various properties so far in 2019. Also very close to 10,000 total plays for my podcast and cannot thank you enough. In some cases, there are that many offers at the table for ONE listing alone in Toronto.  Smart sellers listen up and listen closely. This is THE time to be listed for sale with me via Dont make the mistake of just listing with anyone. I have seen it happen and its a disaster when its done wrong. Success is contagious so make sure you are part of my ViP Seller program and ready to succeed. 
Episode 73: My tribute to the great John Candy

Just as any good conversation goes in different directions, I wanted to add another element to my regular podcast. Today I wanted to share my memories of the great John Candy. Passed away 25 years ago today but still a big part of Canadian comedy history. From Johnny La Rue to Harry the guy with the snake on his face to Dr Tongue....he had some amazing characters. Born and raised right here in East York, where I also live,  and I refer to him often when showing properties near where he grew up. I also had the chance to meet the great Juul Haalmeyer a few years back and try on the famous J LaRue smoking jacket.  A great treat indeed. 

Episode 72: Have you had the real estate sex talk?

Yes, I understand that this episode may become my most downloaded of all time but this is important. If you know my humour, this wont be a surprise. This discussion is related to when you are buying a property that is priced for bids and how important it is to also look at the homes that are in the expected sold price range also.  As a smart seller, you know that I can defend your property value. As a smart buyer, hiring me means I am the one who will question the value of that property and ensure you have better value before bidding. Get signed up at today and make sure 

Episode 71: March Masterclass for Smart Toronto/GTA sellers via

The time to make your move is now via The smart sellers in Toronto and GTA understand that the March to May window is ideal for making sure you are being exposed to the right spring and summer buyers.  Knowing this alone is not enough. With out the right preparation and action plan, failure can occur. I have seen several listings that have missed the "secret formula". This is completely avoidable if you simply read the patterns of what is going on in that area. That is what I do and I do it very well. Lets connect NOW and get you signed on. 

Episode 70: The Selling Formula for Toronto real estate home, condo & loft owners

As Bob Shakespeare (Will's real estate agent brother) said "To Sell or not to sell", that is truly the question.  My answer is YES, its time. Since mid Feb its been a great time for my smart sellers. Breaking sold records takes work but each of you loves the results. I am often asked "Is there a formula you use?". Yes, there is. For each property and area, it varies but after 19 years....I have it down. Sold over asking does NOT matter if a sold record hasnt been broken.  You agree, I hope. Listen in and get signed up at for my March Madness events and be part of the #100Solds Challenge in 2019 to help feed the hungry and homeless. 

Episode 69: York Region Market Year In Review for 2018 and 2019 Forecast

Over the years, I have helped many of you buy, sell and rent in the York Region area. For me, its a natural extension of the city and since so many commute to Toronto for work, it may offer more living options for many. Today I review the most recent report on how your real estate is doing and the forecast for 2019. As always, each property tells its own story so be sure to sign up at to find out how much your property is worth today. 

Episode 68: Toronto Real Estate Bootcamp 2019 is on!

Before real estate, I was in the fitness business.  One thing I loved doing is helping people chart their progress in their workouts and health results. So, I decided to stop the usual boring real estate website approach and move over to a Bootcamp and Podcast based approach. These 2 tools alone will change everything for you. Get signed up at today and lets begin your success journey. 

Episode 67: Top 5 Solds in Toronto for week of Feb 22

Good afternoon Toronto & GTA listeners. Its been a hectic week for the smart sellers at getting signed up for spring bootcamp. Make no mistake, the hottest season to sell is here.  Do not let the weather fool you. Since we are in full swing, I have highlighted the top 5 sold areas for homes and condos in Toronto. Be sure to listen closely for YOUR neighbourhood. If you hear it, drop everything and connect with me. Even if you dont, still connect with me as you may still be my next sold record breaking listing. My goal is to help 5-10 of you each month stand out from the crowd. This takes a lot of effort but you are worth it. Sign up now and lets get started. 

Episode 66: Build a life you don’t need a vacation 🏖 from
Do you spend 2 weeks in paradise each year and the other 50 weeks in hell? I hope not. In fact, I hope I can make all 52 weeks of your year as amazing as possible. It starts today. Enjoy this podcast.
Episode 65: The 100Solds Challenge for 2019 is ON!

Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? My 100Solds Challenge via is on and ready to make a big difference in peoples lives. If I am able to help between 5-10 people a month either buy, sell or rent in the Toronto/GTA area, I will provide that number X 5 of meals for the hungry and homeless in our city.  If I help 5 people, that means 25 meals. If I help 10, that means 50 meals. 

Episode 64: Getting access to Real Estate listings NOT on the market

Good morning all.

Today on my tours I am showing several properties that are NOT listed for sale yet they are available. This is something I have done for many years and made exclusive to my clients via my Digital Door Knocking techniques. Whether you are looking for a home, loft or NOT make the mistake of only looking for places that are listed for sale. Due to my focus on relationships in my business, I will often help people buy properties that are NOT actively for sale.  Be sure to listen to this one! 

Episode 63: 50% of Toronto buyers were 1st time home buyers & Free Money Grants for Home Buyers

Helping you find joy and security is a big part of the home ownership process for me. This week there was some big news about this. The Altus Group just released some new stats this week and they are big news for Toronto real estate. 50% of Toronto real estate buyers from 2014-2018 were first time home buyers. As part of my Buyer Bootcamp program, there is a Fire the landlord letter that I created that is part of this freedom. Tune in for details and be sure you connect with me today and lets get started on securing your future. 

Episode 62: The Toronto $230 Million Dollar Challenge via

Are you ready Toronto and GTA area? Ever since the record setting sale happened in the US, I have been obsessed about how to get that done here in Toronto.  I want to set the new benchmark here in our city. I have always been focused on setting new sold record long before I started  Thankfully those of you who know my system know that I am focused on getting you the maximum price. Especially when it comes to multi million dollar homes,  there is a very important formula to follow. I want to break more sold records than ever in 2019 and give out the biggest seller cheques in Canada to YOU. Are you up for it? Sign up today at

Episode 61: The best way to buy/sell/rent Toronto Lofts is via
If you have been on my Toronto lofts tours over the last 19 years, you’ll know it’s a must for all smart loft buyers, sellers, renters and landlords alike. Today I am starting a new podcast series on my dedicated toronto lofts podcast show profiling the top lofts in Toronto. Joining my tours is the only way to truly see these unique spaces. I share the good, bad and ugly of each of them and make sure you see the right ones. Enjoy this podcast loft tour of the Mystic Pointe Lofts in Etobicoke area.
Episode 60: Kickoff to the Toronto Real Estate Season is TODAY!

Are you pumped? I certainly am. Just finished my morning workout and ready to have the biggest grand opening event of all time today in Toronto at my newest listing for sale in Danforth East. I dont do boring open houses and if you own real estate in Toronto/GTA, you shouldnt be paying anyone who does.  The spring market has started and I want to be sure each of you gets the best possible 5 Star Experience when selling or buying real estate in our city. I hope to see you there today at 1 Bastedo Ave Th7 from 12-5. And since its National Pizza Day, there will be pizza!

Property Podcast Series 2019: 1 Bastedo Ave Th 7

 This Professionally Designed Danforth East Townhome Has Your Name On It. 2 Separate Bedrooms & Baths On Two Levels Over 1400+ Sqft Of Finished Space Makes It The Ideal Layout For Anyone Looking For The Comfort Of A Home And Convenience Of Condo Living. No Snow To Shovel Or Grass To Cut Here. Very Intimate Complex Makes It Ideal For All. Stop By The Grand Opening This Sat 12-5. Ice Cream Cart, Pizza And Lots Of Danforth Woodbine Area Treats! Extras:Stainless Steel Fridge, Stove And D/W. Microwave, Washer & Dryer. Elfs. Hwt (Owned). Coxwell Station 5 Mins Away. All The Best Shopping In Danforth East, Parks, Schools, Library, Churches. Take The Interactive 3D Tour And Fall In Love.  More details on my site if needed.

Episode 59: The Power of No

This is a big one for me! First of all, thanks for the 9000+ listens so far. You guys are the best. Being your trusted real estate adviser for life means a lot to me.  Being honest also means saying NO when a client has an idea that wont get the best results. Ive lost many sales being direct and thats ok. The relationships Ive gained are far more important. Hope this inspires you today.

Episode 58: Behind the Scenes of a Toronto Real Estate listing

Oh yeah! The snow is melting and the selling season is heating up! Today one of my new listings is getting turned into 3D imaging to ensure that every one who sees it for the first time online has the most amazing experience possible. I have been investing in the cutting edge tech for many years for a reason. The first showing for YOUR property is going to be online. A shitty cell phone photo is NOT the first impression for your million dollar property. Make sure I am the only helping defend your property value in Toronto and the GTA area instead of the one questioning it. 

Episode 57: The real kickoff 🏈 is today! I declare the Toronto Selling Season 2019 starts now!
Are you pumped? My clients have been in Seller BootCamp 🏋️‍♀️ for all of January and they are now lean, mean real estate selling machines! I hope you are joining my group of the smartest sellers in the city. Sign up at and find out if you are also sitting on gold bricks 🧱 or regular ones.
Episode 56: Meet the team behind Virtual XPerience Arcade and Lounge

Here is another up close and personal interview that allows you to meet the amazing people in our city that are the reason why we are so awesome. These young ambitious entrepreneurs had a vision and decided to make it come true. The best virtual reality arcade in the Danforth East area by far. And not just according to my son, who loves this place. Tune in and enjoy! 

Episode 55: Top 5 Areas to buy under $1M in Toronto

Happy February folks! Instead of sending you a valentine, I wanted to send something better. Here is my list of the top 5 areas under $1M in Toronto to buy your first home.  There are some amazing opportunities here and on my Top Secret Buyer Hot Zones 2019 list (for registered buyers only).  Tune in and check it out!

Episode 54: Introducing my latest creation, Home 🏠 Safety Score ©️
How important is safety to you when moving? How would you feel if someone was just shot in your building the week before you move in? My Home Buyer/Renter Safety Score program via is the way you should start your search if safety is important to you.
Episode 53: The Worst Real Estate Clause. EVER!
 "Seller and/or agent do not warrant retrofit status or legality of basement apartment." I call this the $50,000 clause for a reason. A bad one. Back in 2005, Toronto lawyer Bob Aaron wrote an article about how this clause is full of deception and should not be used. For me, that was enough. How many times do I still see it 14 years later? Want to guess how many listings have this wording being used as we speak? Just under 10 at the time of this podcast.  Blows my mind. And sellers do not seem to care that they are the ones on the hook also if this is ever challenged. This clause is usually added in after some glorious description saying how there is an in law or nanny suite potential. I give you permission to fire the agent if you ever see this on your listing. Better than the lawsuit that could follow by a buyer who has been misled to think the basement "may comply" .
Episode 52: The benefits of a leaseback clause

Over my 19 years in real estate, I have made it my #1 goal to ensure you reach your #1 goal. For most of you that are selling , that goal includes getting from sold to closed and knowing exactly what you have to spend on the next purchase. Did you know that you can still live in your home AFTER you sell it? With the right clauses used, you can. I know them well and will make sure you have all of them at your disposal. Lets connect soon and discuss.  

Episode 51: Toronto Luxury Homes Podcast Intro

Good morning! One of you must have wished for snow. Your wish was answered. If your next wish involves buying or renting a luxury home, condo or loft...I can help with that part. Just started a few new podcasts recently and this one is focused on my Toronto GTA Luxury Collection. For those looking at the most amazing properties in our city, this is where you begin. Join me for these podcasts also at

Episode 50: The $238 Million sale and Relationships

Good morning.  As part of my Toronto GTA Luxury Collection podcast, I wanted to make this my 50th episode. If you read real estate news, this is a big week. The Alexander Team just sold 220 Central Park South's Penthouse unit for $238 million.  Kudos to all involved! The story behind the sale is amazing. On his instagram page, Tal tells the story of how he started with doing lots of rentals. That is the same story for me. For me, helping many of you with rentals (I handle many each month) is more about relationships than anything else. We dont get paid much here for handling rentals. The real gold is in the relationships created along the way. I hope those of you reading this understand the importance of this and connect with me to work on building your real estate empire. 

Episode 49: Friday Real Estate Recap

Good morning folks! Is it Spring yet? In some areas, it is. This is the Friday Toronto Real Estate Recap podcast. My sellers get a detailed report on what sold near them each week as we prepare to list. I also add a special report called the "Top 5 mistakes sellers on your street made" to ensure you dont repeat those errors. Enjoy the report and use the link above to sign up for my Express Listing Plan and lets make your property standout and sell for top dollar. 

Episode 48: Operation Skyscraper is a success
Back when I decided to start this mission I had one goal. To make sure this is not just another boring, overproduced podcast that sounds like all the others. That’s not me at all. And it seems that you guys appreciate that honesty. Thank you. Thanks 🙏 to you I just crossed the 6000 plays mark this week. I imagine 6000 of you in a room when I see that and it blows my mind. What’s my secret? I love telling the untold stories of Toronto real estate and the success stories behind those who invest with me. I always love hearing success stories from those in different industries and those are the people I learn from the most. Hope I can hear your story soon also.
Episode 47: You are cordially invited to my 1st Grand Opening event of 2019
First Grand Opening Event of 2019 is in the works! It’s happening in Danforth East and its one amazing property for sure. You won’t see many like this and if you are buying in this area, you will want to wait until you see it. For under $1M, it will be worth it. Be sure to sign up with me to be on the pre VIP event invite list. Email me at
Episode 46: Millionaire Minute Podcast via
A new year means amazing new podcasts for the smartest buyers, sellers and investors in Toronto Real estate. The Millionaire Minute Podcast will give you a glimpse into how the $1M+ category is doing each month. Every time we pass 💯 solds, my report will be released. As an added bonus for those who register at and invite me over to tour your home or condo or loft, you also get my customized “Top 5 mistakes that million dollar sellers near you made in 2018” to ensure you don’t repeat them.
Episode 45: Toronto Rental Revolt 2019
The rent IS too damn high! It wasn’t always that way though. This revolt is about helping smart renters in a big way. I’m hoping to gather all of you that will work with me exclusively and agree to focus on paying $2000 or less in rent when possible. For some spaces it may not be possible but it’s a start. Listen to the podcast and email 📧 me at if you want to join my movement.
Episode 44: The biggest mistake a Toronto seller can make in 2019
When helping my amazing clients make their life moves, their goals are my goals. The smart sellers are also anti bullshit types as am I. In most cases, they are also friends of mine and I care about their quality of life. I’ve seen how moving stress can change people and prefer to avoid it when possible. The stress of not being to sell at a certain price after buying a property is a major one. Sometimes I don’t have any say over it. When I can help you avoid this difficult part of moving, my clients are much happier over all. Take a moment and let’s connect soon if you haven’t as yet. Email me at
Episode 43: What smart sellers do differently
I didn’t sell the most real estate in Toronto in 2018. I didn’t sell the highest price listing. I’m ok with that. One day soon but not yet. What I am very proud of is that 💯 % of my listings sold and also closed in 2018. Don’t assume that’s the case for all who sell real estate. In fact, there are some recent untold Sold stories I’ve seen where those over leveraged buyers in 2018 with 2019 closings don’t have the cash to make it happen. As the pilot 👨‍✈️ of your flight, I am constantly keeping the plane in the air. It doesn’t happen on its own. In fact, 99% of flights are off course and it’s the pilot and avionics that keep the flight in the air and landing safely. Do what the smart sellers do and start at
Episode 42: Open houses are dead. Neighbourhood Appreciation Events 🎉 remain 🔥. 66 planned in 2019!
Yes. Dead. It’s been the case since 2014 when I first started my epic neighbourhood appreciation events. Food trucks, my vintage ice cream cart, the best pizza 🍕 in Toronto, champagne 🍾 and much more. You only get one chance to show your stuff out of the gate. Do it right! Connect with me via email at and let’s get started.
Episode 41: Meet Amanda at The Workaround
As my first Small Business Power Podcast of 2019, I really wanted it to be epic 🤘. And it was. This is the hottest co working space in Toronto and located right here in Danforth East. Listen 👂 here to find out how this business started and why it’s so important to the community in so many ways.
Episode 40: The good, bad and ugly of Toronto Real Estate in 2019
Welcome to episode 40 of my podcast. This is big one. 21 minutes of info you MUST know if you are buying, selling or renting in Toronto or GTA in 2019. Is the sky falling? Not quite. There are some meteors coming though. I’ve heard some shocking stories already in 2019 and hope you aren’t one of them. My best advice to anyone making a move is do it now. Lock in a good rate and let’s cash you out. No one can tell the future so if your 5 year plan was moving, this is the time to sell at near peak pricing. Mark my words on this. Enjoy!
Episode 39: The FOMO is real!
As 2019 begins, many of you are exploring opportunities in Toronto and GTA area. Congratulations to you. However, the real FOMO (fear of missing out) to worry about is missing out on meeting with me to discuss your success plan. If you’ve ever moved without one in place, you deserve better. As I’ve said for many years, pick whoever you feel is the right fit. It may not always be me. But you should ALWAYS make sure you meet with me for 5 mins at least.
Episode 38: Join me LIVE for my first new listing signing of 2019.
It’s a wonderful day! I wanted to invite you all to my first new Listing signing of 2019 so I decided to record a podcast as I did it. The timing of this is also key. Smart Toronto/GTA sellers in 2019 should be signed up with me this week. Interest rates are on the way up. Potentially a few times this year. You want to maximize your selling dollars 💵 and get out there early. We can work on list price and dates as we go but prep starts now. Seller and buyer BootCamp 🏋️‍♀️ sessions begin this week and you should too. Start by finding out your 2019 property value now at or email me at to discuss.
Episode 37: My New Years Day Greeting 2019
Happy new year. Are you seeing double? If so, well done. Now it’s time to get down to work. Today’s podcast is about health and fitness and my success with Keto. For the report I talk about in this podcast go to
Episode 36: Simplify Everything Toronto
Today a new podcast is born! As the saying goes, every day is a new life for a wise man. I live by this and try to help as many people as I can as I go. Since moving is such a big part of most of our lives at one point, it helps to have a solid relationship in place with the person you will trust to help you move your life, work, family etc. That’s me. This new format for my now daily podcast will be all about living your best life. From life to work to health to travel to real estate to music and all points between. Tune in, share this podcast and connect with me anytime long before you are planning a Toronto or GTA area move. You will be glad you did.
Episode 35! Join our community on the ultimate success journey and some amazing new perks!
Thank you 🙏 all for your support here since this podcast started. It’s been amazing. As part of my giveback, I want to make your 2019 even hotter. It’s time to add YOU to my accountability list. If I reach my 2019 goals of 50 properties sold, bought or leased, one 1 random lucky 🍀 email subscriber will win a 1 week resort vacation certificate. The same one those who buy and sell with me via my 5 ⭐️ Client Program get in addition to other amazing perks. Accommodations only. No purchase needed. Just my way of saying thanks for your support.
2019 Success Plan Podcast Intro
Welcome to my 2019 Success Plan Podcast series. This is a sneak peek at what those of you signed up for my Success Plan Alerts via are going to hear in 2019. During this series it will be a combination of success planning tips that have worked for my most successful clients over the years, my own experiences and much more. In doing this, I want the process to be mutual when possible. Let me hear about your success stories and what has worked for you in life, business, travel etc. Visit my site to sign up for these alerts on the main page or email me to sign up now.
Episode 34: The real cost of renting in Toronto.
For much of this year, the hot topic has been the cost of renting in Toronto. Seeing as the avg 1 bed is now $2200 per month, it means you may need to seriously look into what your future plans include. Connect with me to join my 2019 Success Stories email updates and let’s work on getting you where you need to be.
Episode 33: Thank you 🙏& Happy Holidays to all
Just taking a moment to thank you all for tuning in this year and joining the legion of smart real estate 🏡 fans all over the globe who are also listening. 2019 will be a very good year for those working with me so I hope you will be on the 💯 that I will be working with to buy and sell Toronto and GTA real estate. Ask about the BONUS 7 day resort vacation certificate you get on closing for those who register by Dec 31, 2018 for a 2019 move. For some clients, they are using this added 7 days as a honeymoon, family trip etc.
Special Report: Help me build longer tables
December is always a time of year where giving back is the best gift there is. This year I want to thank all of you who have supported me by supporting those who need help. I will donate $1 for the next 121 visits to in December. I will also donate $121 per Sold or purchase this month. This represents approx 30 meals as my thanks to those of you who have helped me feed my and support my family in 2018. It means a lot to me.
Special Report: General Motors Plant shutdown in Oshawa
This is never an easy topic. I’ve been talking to my Oshawa clients in recent weeks as many had the feeling this was coming. In this special report, I discuss the top things you need to know as a local homeowner about the GM plant closure in Oshawa. Having handled many homes in Durham Region (as recently as fall 2018), I know how to ensure you get the best help possible if you choose to move.
Episode 32: Low Appraisals can be deal killers. Smart sellers talk to me first.
The market is shifting. Appraisals can be deal breakers. As a smart seller you want to approach this the right way. You don’t get do overs in real estate. My approach is based on knowing all the details of your property before you make a bad decision and buy something you can’t afford to close on. Visit for more.
Episode 31: Meet Tyson Staples, the secret weapon in fitness and strength training in Toronto.
One of the best parts of doing this podcast has been introducing you to the amazing people that have been part of my success over so many years. Tyson was actually my boss at Goodlife fitness many years ago. How he didn’t fire me I don’t know. What he really did and does to this day, is inspire all those he knows and trains. Tune in to meet this amazing friend, father and award winning trainer.
Episode 30: In 2019, staging is out. Living well is in. You heard it here first.
2019 is the year of living well. Each day, 1000s of people in our city go through the process of getting their properties ready for sale. For many, this includes the act of staging. Some weeks I actually see the same couch in 5 different homes. Why? While I’m not against staging itself, wouldn’t it be nice to simply focus on living well instead? My approach is more holistic than most. I want to help you live well long before you ever decide to move. And some of you won’t move but you will know others that will.
Monthly Toronto/GTA Real Estate Market Review-October 2018 edition.
Welcome to the new monthly segment for a review of how the Toronto/GTA market is doing. Things have shifted quite a bit from Q2 2018 to Q3. Be sure you know where you stand. Leverage means everything in real estate. If you are planning a move soon, we need to talk today. Visit to get started.
Episode 29: It ain’t Spring 2018 kids!
There is no yesterday or tomorrow in real estate. There is only now. For the smart clients who connect with me, they get this. A mix of low interest rates for buyers and motivated sellers who have already bought is ripe with opportunity for those who see it that way. Enjoy the show.
Episode 28: Importance of establishing value
Since I started a new kind of property valuation program,, there have been 20,000+ website visits. This is a big deal to me. As someone who is focused on helping people one on one, this level of success tells me you know I am listening to your needs when moving. Sadly, I still see far too many sellers who haven’t met with me before selling their Toronto/GTA properties. That needs to change. Aside from due diligence, many are missing out on amazing opportunities for exposure of your property, especially on a medium like this one. Tune in and connect with me to discuss.
Episode 27: Luxury real estate toronto, millennials & guacamole.
Good morning listeners! Today I discuss Luxury real estate in Toronto, how well the millennials are doing and guacamole. I also mention DeLoreans and other weird shit too 😂. For me, this is the best way to connect with many of you I haven’t met...yet. Ive always wanted to be a comedian on some level and feel like my material is good on some level. Hope you enjoy the show.
Episode 26: Meet the newest Zillow Premier Agent in Toronto
Today you will hear all about the latest news in real estate and much more. As of this week, I am also a Premier Agent on Zillow. This means a lot to those selling their homes, condos and lofts. I also discuss relationships, music and more. Enjoy.
Episode 25: Thanksgiving 2018 Thank you Shoutouts
Welcome to my thanksgiving thank you podcast and recap of the Century 21 Canada recent conference. Thankful for the amazing clients & fellow Century 21 agents that both educate and inspire me. Lots of name drops here so be sure to listen to the whole 21 minutes. As always, I count relationships not transactions.
Episode 24: 3 major takeaways RE: Sold Data in Toronto
Today is day 1 of the new rules for sold (not closed) data to be released on password ready sites. Hold my beer while I say this. The data is useless without the right analysis. That’s where I come in. Have a listen to my top 3 takeaways from this and don’t waste your time signing up on the shiny sites so you can be on their contact list. Be smart about this. Let’s connect soon and discuss in person.
Red Carpet Property Podcast: 84 East Lynn Ave
Today is the big day. My TIFF inspired red carpet grand opening for my 84 East Lynn Ave listing. As I ONLY do for my loyal clients, I make sure they get the best exposure possible when selling their Toronto homes, condos and lofts. This 1922 built character home has it all. 3 beds, 2 baths and parking. Listed at $1,021,000. This is the actual price, not an offer date price. Transparency is a big deal to me and my sellers feel this approach is the fairest way to do things. If you are also considering selling at these near peak prices, get signed up at
Episode 23: Meet the official concierge for #TIFF & more
Welcome to all of those involved with TIFF and all of you in general. I hope to meet all of you on my various red carpet real estate tours around the city. I wanted to be the first to interview the person who makes a lot of the magic happen during the festival. Tarra has been part of this event for many years and knows whats needed better than anyone. After all, if she can help Mick Jagger while he's on tour, what cant she do. Plus at the end I do my run down of my fav real estate related films. Enjoy her amazing stories and be sure to sign up with me to experience the Vip Rockstar Client treatment. She can be reached via
Episode 22: Back to School. Toronto Real Estate Edition.
Ok class. Sit down. You in the blue shirt, put that beer away. I didnt mean drink it :). As we begin a new chapter in the year, I like to make sure you are all on the same page as me. Lots happening in and around the Toronto/GTA area. If you are hoping to cash out between 2018-2020, most of my sellers are doing so this fall. There are many reasons for this and once we meet I can explain more. Enjoy the show and remember this is actually me. No actors hired here. No ghost writers. Im the real deal!
Episode 21: 3 things about the Supreme Court Sold data news
Ive been hearing from many of you about my thoughts on this big decision, including the media. As I always prefer to have my unfiltered info as my message vs a sound clip, here goes. I am still more concerned about people falling for the sold over asking scam than I am about this. Media requests via email at
Episode 20: Meet my Powerhouse Referral Network
As the saying goes, “drive until you qualify”. For some that could mean a condo in downtown a Toronto. For others, a country home for 1/2 the price of what I may sell your city home for. I’ve got amazing contacts all over Canada, the US and the globe. It’s just a one stop shop for you always. Just call Paul. I handle the rest. Welcome to my latest episode on the matter of where to go once you’ve sold your Toronto/GTA home with me. There are many solutions across the province and country and beyond. With many opting to downsize and live simpler, this is a big part of my business. In order to do my best, I need to partner with the best around the world. Today I’m talking with one of my fellow real estate professionals in the Prince Edward County area near Belleville. Having sent clients her way, Carol (who’s a former client of mine and now also a Century 21 agent) knows this process well. She and her husband lived in Toronto for many years and have seen this change happen also.
Episode 19: Sunday Jam
Long before real estate, I was a fan of music. Got my first guitar at 13 and I was hooked. Decided to learn bass guitar in high school and that was all I needed. The rest was all by ear. I dont play as often as I used to but I find myself coming back to many things I enjoy this past year. And since this podcast is unfiltered, there better be some rock guitar distortion involved! Im all over the map from Guns n roses to Howlin Wolf to Motorhead and back. Im a little rusty but still love the sound a guitar makes.
Episode 18: Meet the top Toronto real estate lawyers series
On every successful real estate transaction there are key players. Think of it as a relay. To be successful there needs to be a great realtor, great mortgage broker, great inspectors and great lawyers. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the great ones and want to share their stories. Today you will meet Milad Tafakori of Tafakori Khan Real Estate lawyers. Having just helped clients of mine in a recent transaction, he took a few moments to meet with me and tell me how he works. As someone who kept us his communication all through the process, this is critical for me. Looking forward to many more together. I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve created with many of top real estate lawyers in the city and am thankful for the many referrals I’ve received. If I can be of any help to any of you, just connect with me here.
Special Episode: Taste of the Danforth 25th anniversary
Join me as I visit one of the most enjoyable parts of living on the Danforth. This marks the 25th anniversary of this historic event. Each year 1000s visit and become a part of this wondefully diverse area. As an East York/Danforth area resident since 1998, this is also part of my own 20th year celebration. Enjoy the episode including a great interview with one of the local business owners here.
Episode 17: The truth about Sold over asking signs
Its time you hear the truth about those "sold over asking" signs you see. I dont use them regardless of what my listings sell for. I feel they are disrespectful to the buyers and also create negative attention for the owners. A plain "sold " sign does the job. And dont assume SOA means a sold record was broken. Sometimes it just means $1 over asking. A dirty trick indeed. Enjoy the show and remember to ALWAYS register at when selling your Toronto/GTA area home, condo or loft.
Local Artist Boost: The Story of Second Pass
Second Pass is a Canadian heavy rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Band members are: Veronica McNamee (vocals), Steve Pass (guitar), Andrew Buntain (bass) and Kevin Costa (drums). The band formed prior to 2008, with Steve and Andrew sharing a long-time appreciation for heavy music. Veronica joined the group in February of 2013, with her vocal talent breathing new life into the band’s performances and songwriting. Kevin joined in the summer of 2015, bringing a powerful drumming attack to the band’s sound. Check them out at or on Spotify via
Episode 16: Just Sold in Yorkdale
Welcome to Yorkdale. Its not the same area you remember from years ago. Things are changing. Having just sold a stunning condo here recently and many others over the years, I can see the way its changing here. Anytime there is a major anchor store in an area investing millions into its area, there is opportunity on all levels. Be sure you talk to me before buying or selling here.
Property Podcasts: Welcome to Cabbagetown
I am pleased to present my first ever property podcast live from the historic area of Cabbagetown. This new listing is a stunning condo for lease. 2 bed and 2 baths. Ideal for anyone looking for a great space in the downtown core under $3000 a month. Aside from the amazing homes, condos and lofts here, there are many more aspects. I’m here at Riverdale Farm recording this segment today as this place has lots of memories for us. Our daughter has attended the farm camp here many times. Many meals over at Park Snacks, a legendary shop across the street. For more info on my listing in this area and to make sure your listing gets the exposure it deserves, sign up now at
Episode 15: The Danforth is my home
Since 1998, I have called East York my home. Danforth and Woodbine has been the main intersection of our lives here. Over the years, Ive had some amazing relationships with the wonderful people Ive helped move here. If you live here, youve likely seen my Community Ice Cream cart around our area. Plus the lineups that follow. Recent events in our area have been difficult to understand. There are far more heroes than villians in our area and those are the ones we take care of.
Episode 14: Your private tour of Muddy York Brewery
A brewery tour on a real estate podcast? Yes. That’s right. Considering this podcast is called unfiltered, what better place than a local craft brewery in my own neighbourhood of East York. I had the pleasure of meeting David at Muddy York brewery when they took part in our Canada Day events here. Supporting local business is a big deal to me. I love seeing those who invest in our community reach a new level success. Be sure to register at
Episode 13: Meet Tarra from TakeItEasyConcierge
This is a podcast I’ve been working on for some time. I’ve known Tarra and her partner Greg for many years. Two of the best kind of people you will ever meet. They have the most incredible lives and can make sure yours is just as awesome. Part of the Rock Star Vip Real Estate Experience is having a concierge to assist with your move. There is nothing that makes your quality of life better than this rock star experience. As part of my unique approach, my clients get a 2 hr sneak preview of how she works her magic for everyone from busy families to doctors to CEOs to the worlds biggest rock star himself, Mick Jagger. It doesn’t get more rock n roll than that and I like it! And so will you. Sign up at for more info. Tarra can be reached at
Episode 12: Casting Call for Property Podcast segment
I want you! The top level listings in Toronto and area needed here. Does your listing deserve to be listed on my Spotify listed podcast. Sign up at
Episode 11: Beach Real Estate Tours
Sometimes, you just gotta hit the Beach. Aside from being such a great area, there have always been additional health benefits to living near water. The rich history of this area is a big part of its draw. Be sure you bring your lotion and flip flops when we see places here.
Episode 10: Empire Phoenix Condo Development
A few times a month, I am often on my New Condo ViP sessions around the city. I’ve been handling new construction all over Ontario in addition to resale for 17 years. During this time I’ve learned the right questions to ask, who to ask them to and how to keep my clients safe in the process. Register at before July 21 to ensure you are on my ViP group buying tours.
Episode 9: The Best Escape Room in Toronto
Today was a true thrill. I spent the morning at Looking Glass Adventures in my part of town, Danforth East. Christine, the owner, has put together an incredible place that must be on your must do list for the top attractions in Toronto. Just like my real estate clients love my overpromise and overdeliver approach, this place does the same. Enjoy...
Episode 8: Exploring the Beach area of Toronto
The BeachBucks program is in full effect. Supporting the small businesses in the area where I buy and sell real estate is the right thing to do. Donated recently to a local school fundraiser and the winner wanted his BeachBucks gift from the Pony Club Mens clothing store. This gave me the chance to meet with Angelo, a fixture in the Beach for the last 32 years. My CommunityCash program is now in effect in every part of Toronto and the GTA and people are loving it! Be sure you connect with me today and find out how you can best support your community when moving with me.
Episode 7: Meet Chef Jagger Gordon at
Today was a great day. I decided to visit the world’s first “Pay what you can” grocery store, bakery and coffee shop here in Toronto. I was in the area meeting a client and decided to do a pop by. Chef Jagger Gordon could not have been a nicer guy. I asked if we do a quick interview and he said “sure”. As busy as he and the staff were, he made time. Be sure to drop by this great place in the Junction and show your support. I’m sure we could use many more of these around the province and the country.
Episode 6: Celebrating Canada Day in 2018
Took a moment to interview Damon from Press Coffee, Books, Vinyl and how they are awesome community ambassadors and local supporters. If your business is doing the same, I want to be on your team.
Episode 5: Toronto Property Alerts Unfiltered
Intro for a new way of searching for your next place. Unfiltered Property Alerts are what youve been asking for and know they are here. No bullshit allowed. Sign up at
Episode 4: Investing in my community
Me on a treadmill talking. It’s not edited. Talking about my Community Cash Idea for Toronto and GTA. Enjoy.
Episode 3: Buy or Sell first in Toronto
In 2018, the game has changed. Buy or sell first is a key issue. Its worth 10 mins of your time. I promise.
Episode 2: Toronto Real Estate Unfiltered
You get what you negotiate in life, not what you deserve.
Episode 1: Toronto Real Estate Unfiltered
Introduction to my new podcast about Toronto Real Estate. As the creator of &, I want to make sure you are hearing what you need to before ever making a move. Courtesy of Paul Indrigo, Sales Representative. Century 21 Regal Realty, Inc. Brokerage. Independently owned & operated.
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