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Mutual fund queries answered by Suresh Sadagopan, Founder, Ladder 7 Financial Advisory
These are turbulent times and debt MFs also have been affected by the appreciation in yields. Hence, it is going to be difficult to predict that they would offer "Guaranteed" better returns than FDs.
Mutual funds Queries by Deepali Sen, Founder, Srujan Financial Advisors
Deepali Sen, Founder, Srujan Financial Advisors explains how one should invest in funds
ET in the classroom: Making your first mutual fund investment
Investors should also read the scheme related documents and understand the investment objective of the mutual fund scheme, know the securities in the scheme where money will be invested.
ET in the classroom: Loan against mutual fund units
You can pledge your mutual fund units as security to banks or other financial institutions and borrow against them.
ET in the classroom: Dynamic Equity Funds
To help investors against the cheers of high market and gloom of downturn, there is a category of funds called dynamic equity funds.
Indexation helps you to save taxes on long-term debt mutual funds
Most investors forget to include the most important factor in their calculations: indexation benefit.
Learn with ET MF: How to Invest in Mutual Funds in a Minor Child's Name?
Experts suggest parents use this money fruitfully and invest it in mutual funds in the name of the minor child. They can start with amounts as little as Rs 500.
Do you know about cut-off timings in mutual funds?
There are different cut-off timings for liquid, debt and equity funds. You can be allotted the NAV of the same day, the previous day or the next day according to the time you submit your application and funds.
Learn with ETMF: Here's how to stagger investments using STP
STP is a facility provided by the mutual fund house that allows investors to invest a lump sum amount in one scheme and transfer regularly a pre-defined amount into another scheme.
3 reasons why you should start a SIP
Have you ever wondered what is so special about SIPs? Everyone talks about maximising profits as the main reason for recommending the SIP strategy.
Does Net Asset Value (NAV) really matter?
The NAV only impact the number of units you may get. It is the performance and the returns generated by the mutual fund scheme that matters.
How to start a Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) online
Fulfilling KYC requirement by submitting an identity proof, address proof and a photograph is a must for mutual fund investments. You can complete all these requirements electronically through eKYC.
Mutual fund queries answered by Pankaj Mathpal, CFP, Optima Money Managers
Every week, an expert selected by ET answers queries from our readers on mutual funds.
5 mutual fund myths that need to be busted
Many investors feel that to earn meaningful returns, they need to put in a large sum in mutual funds. That’s not true.
What should be your first equity mutual fund scheme?
Irrespective of your choice, stay invested and keep on investing a small sum regularly over a long period to maximise the returns from your investment.
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