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The age at which you should get health insurance and the cover size you will need
How well are you protected? Find out the age at which you should get insured and the cover size you may need.
All you need to know about buying domestic travel insurance
While travelling within the country, here's what you should consider at the time of buying travel insurance.
Pick bite-sized insurance policies only for small, temporary needs
Small-ticket plans can be a starting point for new buyers. But don’t treat them as substitutes for full covers.
Personal accident insurance vs life insurance: What should a young earner opt for?
Insurance is an important aspect of one's financial stability and security. However, the type of insurance one requires depends on his specific present needs.
8 major death cases which are not covered in term life insurance
Death due to any condition that existed while availing the term insurance policy will not be settled by the insurer.
Suicide is covered under life insurance: All you need to know
Suicide is usually covered after 12 months from the date of the purchase of the policy.
How well does your seller understand your life insurance needs?
Here is a checklist for you to evaluate whether your seller understands your needs well enough to make a difference to your larger goal of financial protection.
Jeevan Saral: Why you must evaluate endowment plans very carefully
A PIL was recently filed against LIC by investors in the Jeevan Saral plan. Here’s a look at how such endowment policies work.
7 ways how life insurance policies are set to change
The regulator has announced new rules for life insurance policies. Find out how this will affect buyers.
MobiKwik & Chola MS offer Rs 1 lakh accident cover at Rs 20 premium
The product can be purchased on the Mobikwik app, which claims around 110 million users.
Leave a tax free legacy for your children with whole life insurance plans
Can standalone OD car insurance policy remain valid if third-party insurance expires earlier?
What if the new vehicle owner does not renew the standalone OD policy on expiry of the previous 1-year OD policy but buys a new OD policy after a time gap?
IRDAI may relax rules for pension plans & ulips, make surrenders easy
Now, minimum sum assured on death can be seven times the annualised premium.
5 Factors to consider while buying a new car in India
Buying a car is one of the most crucial decisions that we make. From looking for the right design, model, and features to choosing the right accessories that make a car the perfect fit for you and your family- there are numerous factors that come into play.
‘5% TDS on life policy gains fair’
A provision in the finance bill has revised the TDS on policies that do not qualify for exemption from income tax to 5% of the gain rather than 1% on the total maturity benefit.
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