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Dinosaur diagnosed with malignant cancer for the first time: researchers say
Researchers on Monday announced the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive type of bone cancer in a dinosaur, making it the first known example of a dinosaur afflicted by malignant cancer, according to a study.
Florida zoo takes in dozens of sea turtle hatchlings during Isaias but says they 'don't need to be here'
A zoo in Florida took in dozens of sea turtles after Tropical Storm Isaias brushed Florida's coastline over the weekend, but said many of them didn’t need to be rescued in the first place.
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover celebrates 8 years on the Red Planet
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover celebrated 8 years on the Red Planet Wednesday.
What is ammonium nitrate, chemical compound linked to devastating Beirut explosion£
The devastating explosion in Beirut that killed at least 100 people and wounded thousands hit the Lebanese capital with the force of a 3.5-magnitude earthquake.
Elusive Shetland Orcas captured on film, creating once-in-a-lifetime moment
After nine long years, a photographer was able to capture the footage of a lifetime, getting the elusive orca whale on camera.
Ancient Mars may have been covered in ice, not water, study suggests
As the Perseverance rover heads to Mars to look for signs of ancient life, a new study suggests the Red Planet could have been "covered in ice sheets" and not a valley of rivers as previously thought.
World's smallest dinosaur is no more: 2-inch creature likely a lizard instead
Just a few months after a group of researchers trumpeted their discovery of the world's tiniest dinosaur, the same researchers have retracted their findings, noting it was likely a lizard instead.
NASA captures storm Isaias in 'a slice' taken by satellite
NASA’s CloudSat satellite passed directly over Tropical Storm Isaias as it was strengthening back into a hurricane on Monday.
Russia plans to remove radioactive subs, reactors from its Arctic sea floor
Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom is planning to remove the most dangerous radioactive items from the country’s Arctic seafloor.
With Isaias approaching, flood barriers protect historic Brooklyn waterfront building
As tropical storm Isaias makes its way up the eastern seaboard, workers in Brooklyn have been installing flood barriers to protect a historic waterfront building.
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