Our Feature Talent
Roya Marsh

# About The Talent

Bronx, New York native, Roya Marsh, is a nationally...

Peete Roze

About The Talent

Peete Roze is the answer to Hip Hop's desire for a...

Royale Jelly

Episode Notes

Royal Jelly RoyaleJelly is a music Producer, looking...

Amani O

Episode Notes

*Amani O* This is from her Soundcloud page,...

Janet Dawson

Episode Notes

Janet Dawson Has been writing poetry for the past 20...

Rakeda Akasha

Episode Notes

Rakeda Akasha has been writing since the tender age of twelve and has,...


Episode Notes

Spiritual Poetry Is A Very Emotional Experience as Artwizz Takes You,...

Tshombe Sekou

Episode Notes

Tshombe Sekou is a literary and oral-poetry expressionist; he became a...

Shana Tucker

Episode Notes

From Her Website:

Billionaire Brown

Episode Notes

Billionaire Brown is an incredible Spoken Word Artist who will make you...


Episode Notes

Come and listen to one of the best poets in the world, it's Effluence....

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