The Pudding
The Cultural Borders of Songs
We mapped last month’s #1 songs in 3,000 places.
Introducing the Live Music Analyst
An auditory comparison of 770 artists' live and studio tracks
We created a speaker rider. Journalism didn’t have one.
Everyone needs to work together to make events more inclusive.
Every time someone says cool in Community
Watch all 412 cools from Abed, and others.
Oreos and the Art of Crossword Puzzle Construction
A chronicle of a controversial cookie and condiment crossword clue.
How Bad is Your Spotify£
Our sophisticated A.I. judges your awful taste in music.
The Historical Cost of Light
How difficult was it to obtain artificial light before the 19th century£ Well...
The Pudding Cup 2020
The best visual and data-driven stories of 2020
Who’s in the Crossword£
A look at representation and inclusivity in crossword puzzles.
Playble Puzzles About Race and Gender in Crosswords
Minis generated from an analysis of the New York Times, and others.
Welcome to the Cloud Zoo
Live-streamed animals from your favorite zoos and aquariums all in one place
How officer complaints are investigated
A case study of Philadelphia police
This is an Experiment about How We View History
We’re going to show you some photos and ask you when each picture was taken.
Why are K-pop groups so big£
We tracked group sizes and member roles over modern K-pop’s 30-year history.
A Data-Led Theory to Generationally Divide Dance Floors
Some age groups are more likely to recognize certain songs than others
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