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Orolia and Saab collaborate on Navigational Cyber Security
Wed, 12 Jun 2019 15:54:41 GMT

Orolia and Saab are collaborating on a suite of technologies that detect and mitigate cyber-attacks on navigation systems onshore or on vessels. Together, they will showcase Saab?s AIS and GNSS navigation systems, alongside Orolia?s SecureSync Maritime Navigation Protection System (M-SecureSync), at this year?s Nor-Shipping in Oslo.

As the 2021 deadline for the International Maritime Organisation?s ?Maritime Cyber Risk Management...

Confusion over GPS problems
Wed, 12 Jun 2019 10:20:06 GMT

This week has seen confusion in the US over reported failure of GPS with, on 10 June, the FAA publishing ?Outage Summary? maps of the country.

The problem imerged when Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B), used to track and identify aircraft, failed in many areas. ADS transponders use GNSS as the reference for aircraft position and height.

But, with other modes of transport unaffected, it soon became apparent that the problem did not stem from GPS itself, but...
Prof Terry Moore Appointed to U.S. PNT Advisory Board
Mon, 10 Jun 2019 14:10:32 GMT

The Royal Institute of Navigation is delighted to acknowledge the official appointment of our President, Prof Terry Moore, to the U.S. National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board.

The PNT Advisory Board provides independent advice to the U.S. government on GPS-related policy, planning, program management, and funding profiles in relation to the current state of national and international satellite navigation services.

Prof Moore is one of only five international (non-U.S.) members of the board. The new board met for the first time last Thursday, in Alexandria VA, close to Washington DC.

Feedback Request on Intent to Withdraw UKHO Printed Weekly
Mon, 10 Jun 2019 11:48:07 GMT

Statement from the UKHO: 

UK Safety of Navigation Committee

The UKHO is intending to change its supply of the NM weekly to be online only. The bulletin will be available free of charge on the UKHO Website and FTP sites. Printed copies will remain available from ADMIRALTY Value Added Resellers.

UKSON Committee is requested to note and provide feedback.

We anticipate that the final UKHO printed version will be at the end of September 2019.
Announcements will be...

UK entrepreneurs invited to help shape future of Space in international competition
Fri, 7 Jun 2019 10:58:24 GMT

Press Release from The University of Nottingham:

The call is out for aspiring entrepreneurs across the UK to enter into an international space competition, with the opportunity to win thousands of pounds in cash and business support for their innovative idea.

The Galileo Masters competition is open to anyone who has an idea that uses satellite navigation technology - be it for position, time, navigation or any other use,...

GNSS jamming in London for US Presidential visit
Thu, 6 Jun 2019 17:41:00 GMT

From the evening of 3 June until midday on 5 June, during the presence of President Trump, GNSS users near London were warned of possible loss of satellite signals.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) warned that jamming could be centred within 2 NM of 513013N 0000812W - just down The Mall from Buckingham Palace. It stated that it could affect aircraft within 11 NM up to, or above, 40,000 ft - but would not exceed 15 minutes at any one time.

Within the...
D-Day and Decca
Thu, 6 Jun 2019 16:56:32 GMT

Decca Navigator - History


David S. Jones, a former Decca employee, provides this very fitting introduction to the Decca Navigator system

"I have been struck by one fact that is perhaps unique to Decca amongst the hyperbolic systems featured in this web page. The fact is that Decca was proposed, developed, designed, promulgated, manufactured, sold-by, operated, maintained and supported by one company during its entire fifty year life.

All of the other systems were developed as part of a quasi-government research program and...

The aviation innovations behind D Day and how they have influenced modern air traffic control
Thu, 6 Jun 2019 15:55:21 GMT

On Friday 24 May 2019 more than 8,700 flights were handled in UK airspace in what is likely to be our busiest day of the year.

Highly specialised and experienced controllers, assistants, engineers, analysts, software developers and many other people, possessing more than 10,000 years of combined...

Canadian Women ran secret Loran Navigation station for D-Day success
Thu, 6 Jun 2019 14:41:06 GMT

Loran is short for "Long Rang Navigation" and it was a early hyperbolic radio navigation system which greatly aided the navigation of Ships and Aircraft across the Atlantic ocean for D-Day

"Mary Owen, now 93, worked at the Baccaro long-range navigation installation in Nova Scotia during the Second World War"

Members of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, known as Wrens, did covert work.

75 Years Ago, a Brilliant Invention Decided When D-Day Would Occur
Thu, 6 Jun 2019 13:32:25 GMT

The calculation of Tides for D-Day was very important for Navigation both to and from the beaches and for getting Ships, troops and equipment onto the beaches and over the obstacles placed in their way.  The calculations were carried out at the Liverpool Tidal Institute, by the brilliant Arthur Doodson who was using one of Lord Kelvin's Tidal prediction machines.

In October 1943, the oceanographer Arthur Doodson, head of...

Wartsila starts selling world?s first auto-docking system
Tue, 4 Jun 2019 09:49:05 GMT

World's first Ferry Navigation auto-docking system goes on sale

Ships docking by themselves is now a reality with Finnish technology firm W?rtsil? securing its first order for SmartDock, a revolutionary auto-docking system. While initially aimed at the ferry market, the new system has ramifications for...

GEBCO-NF Alumni robots win ocean-mapping XPRIZE
Mon, 3 Jun 2019 13:40:39 GMT

A robotic boat and submersible have won the XPRIZE to find the best new technologies to map the seafloor.

The surface and underwater combo demonstrated their capabilities in a timed test in the Mediterranean, surveying depths down to 4km.

Put together by the international GEBCO-NF Alumni team, the autonomous duo are likely now to play a role in meeting the "Seabed 2030" challenge.

This aims to have Earth's ocean floor fully...

Summer is upon us
Fri, 31 May 2019 20:09:12 GMT

In meteorological terms, 1 June is the beginning of Summer in the northern hemisphere.

Meteorologists define northern Summer as the months of June, July and August; but many consider that Summer starts at the Summer Solstice - 1554 UTC (~GMT) on 21 June, when the Sun reaches its most northerly latitude of 23? 26.1?.

The Sun will leave the northern hemisphere at the Autumnal Equinox - 0750 UTC on 23 September, when it returns to the southern hemisphere.

And British Summer Time (BST) will cease at 0100 UTC on 27 October, in compliance with an EU directive since 2002, which states that ?Summer Time? will be observed between the last Sundays in March and October, clocks to change at 0100 UTC.

Further details from the Royal Observatory
Russia launches GLONASS-M satellite
Thu, 30 May 2019 21:29:38 GMT

The Soyuz-2-1b, with Fregat-M upper stage, was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 0623 UTC on 27 May.

Despite a lightning strike, the launch is reported to have been successful, and the spacecraft was placed in the desired medium Earth orbit (MEO) at a height of ~19,100 km (~11,900 miles) above earth, with an inclination of 64.8?.

With a design life of 7 years, this becomes the 27th satellite in the current constellation - 24 operational, with 3 in flight-test, commissioning and standby.

Further details from NASA Spaceflight
US Navy to introduce updated GPS carrier landing system
Wed, 29 May 2019 10:46:50 GMT

On 22 May, US Naval Air Systems Command announced a $235 million contract with Raytheon Integrated Defence Systems for an updated Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS).

The low-rate initial production (LRIP) contract covers initial, small-quantity production to test JPALS thoroughly to gain confidence that it will meet requirements before moving on to mass production.

JPALS uses local differential GPS to provide accurate, reliable and...
Largest Ship navigates through expanded Panama Canal
Thu, 23 May 2019 13:50:11 GMT

The Panama Canal has been greatly expanded recently, to further aid navigation of larger ships in particular, and the largest ship ever to pass through the Canal has now successfully navigated it.

The Triton has a Total TEU Allowance (TTA) of 15,313, a 20-row beam of 51.2 meters and a length of 369 meters. It transited the canal northbound from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

?We are excited about the opportunities enabled by...

BeiDou satellite launch
Wed, 22 May 2019 13:32:24 GMT

A Long March 3C rocket launched the spacecraft from the Xichang Spaceport at 1548 UTC on 17 May.

The satellite was successfully placed into an elliptical transfer orbit with a perigee of ~22,000 miles (~35,000 km) above Earth. The spacecraft?s on-board engine will circularise the orbit over a few weeks to achieve a geostationary equatorial orbit (GEO).

This was the 45th BeiDou satellite launched since 2000 and the second launched so far this year. Not all remain...
Progress with the VDES system is of considerable interest to all professional navigators
Mon, 13 May 2019 14:26:17 GMT

The latest edition, edition 30, of the Trinity House journal "Flash", contains a update on progress with the VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) system on pages 20 to 23. The VDES system (sometimes known as "AIS 2.0") is promised to enhance the AIS system with extra messages for exchange of data etc.

"Flash" edition 30 can be downloaded at the following link.

Download Link:

Ship Navigation risks: defining the threat of GPS spoofing
Tue, 7 May 2019 13:53:39 GMT

Ship Navigation risks: defining the threat of GPS spoofing

The shipping industry has been aware of the threat of GPS spoofing for years, but one incident in 2017 pushed the issue higher up the global news agenda. In June of that year, at least 20 vessels in the Black Sea, in the vicinity of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, reported that their automatic identification system (AIS) traces erroneously showed their position as Gelendzhik...

Past Fellow killed in balloon accident
Sat, 4 May 2019 16:59:11 GMT

Julian Nott, who had been a FRIN, died in March, aged 74. He was a balloonist and scientist who set 79 World and 96 British records, among them reaching an altitude of 55,137 ft in a hot-air balloon.

After gaining a MSc in Physical Chemistry at St John?s College, Oxford, he became fascinated with ballooning, acquiring one of the first British balloon pilot?s licences.

Applying his science and engineering background, his many achievements included building...
IMO advocates just in time ship operations
Mon, 29 Apr 2019 14:48:14 GMT

Just in time ship operations" are very relevant to ship navigation ; do you carry out the whole voyage at a slower speed or do you choose to carry our Port arrival and departure at full speed? It can be very complicated

The IMO is pushing 'Just-In-Time' ship operations as a means of to reduce bunker consumption and their associated emissions.

"Implementing 'Just-In-Time' ship operations means ships receive information in...

Migrating vulture arrested as a spy
Sat, 27 Apr 2019 22:35:04 GMT

Yemeni Government forces detained the bird on suspicion that an attached GPS tracker was a spy device for Houthi militants.

The griffon vulture 'Nelson' had migrated from Bulgaria to Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. He was in search of food, but ended up in the hands of Yemeni fighters in the country's third city of Taiz - and was jailed for suspected espionage.

Two-year-old Nelson had embarked on his journey in September...
Overland migration of Arctic Terns revealed
Thu, 25 Apr 2019 15:35:23 GMT

Data from a landmark study of the world?s longest migrating seabird reveals how overland migration is an integral part of their amazing journey.

Analysing the data from electronic tags retrieved from 47 Arctic Terns, the Newcastle University-led team has been able to characterise in unprecedented detail the route and stop-off points during this record-breaking bird?s 90,000 km annual migration.

This includes:


Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN celebrating his 50th Year Anniversary
Tue, 23 Apr 2019 15:18:52 GMT

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, FRIN, celebrating his 50th year anniversary on the 22nd April of becoming the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world.

Image Credit: The Clipper Race (Twitter: @ClipperRace)

Britain?s leading sailors are paying tribute to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN today on the 50th anniversary of the date, 22 April 1969, that he entered history...

Augmented reality technology on tanker bridges
Tue, 23 Apr 2019 09:50:08 GMT

The bridges of many of Japan?s Mitsui OSK Lines? (MOL) tankers are set to get the fighter jet treatment with augmented reality (AR) technology deployed.

The futuristic navigation system has been developed with compatriot Furuno and is now being installed on 21 VLCCs, after a successful pilot last year on one of the group?s new car carriers and another VLCC.

The system displays information on other vessels sailing on...

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