Don’t be a Stranger – by Robert McCann
Not long ago I called up my best friend.  It’s been awhile, I said, and I’d really like to see you.  Can you come by or I drop by over there£  He replied, ‘I’m very busy right now and it is really not a good time, but you are my best friend.’  How about we just talk on the … Continue reading Don’t be a Stranger – by Robert McCann
THE MARTYRDOM OF ANDY – Written by Ben Burton – Contributed by David Pittman
Andy was a sweet, amusing little guy whom everyone liked yet harassed just because that was the way one treated Andy Drake. He took the kidding well. Andy always smiled back with those great big eyes that seemed to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” with each sweeping blink. For us fifth graders, Andy … Continue reading THE MARTYRDOM OF ANDY – Written by Ben Burton – Contributed by David Pittman
Who Moved – by Suzie McCann
Who Moved£ Many (many) years ago, as a teenager, I heard a sermon on marriage. The preacher talked about the importance of the relationship between the husband and wife and the ongoing need for effort on both sides at closeness, not taking each other for granted, keeping the marriage healthy. I have never forgotten one … Continue reading Who Moved – by Suzie McCann
Forty Years in the Desert – by Robert McCann
The old man was tired. Day after day the hot sun brutally lashed him with its rays. Three days of desert lay behind him with each step having taken its toll. A great multitude of people followed him and their thirst was a fierce pain in their throats. With death behind them in Egypt and … Continue reading Forty Years in the Desert – by Robert McCann
Love at First Creation – by Robert McCann
We have all heard about love at first sight.  That electric moment when a man and women gaze across space and the very air seems to suddenly sparkle.  Though they just met they know immediately in their hearts that here is someone special.  Someone they should not pass by.  Here is someone whose very existence … Continue reading Love at First Creation – by Robert McCann
A Near-Life Experience – by Robert McCann
Have you noticed over the last few years a surge in stories and Television shows about Near Death Experiences£ Tune in to the daily talk shows and sooner or later you will certainly run into a so-called expert on the subject. We are almost entranced with excitement and awe as the speakers relate studies and … Continue reading A Near-Life Experience – by Robert McCann
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