Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over Massive 2018 Data Breach
An attempt by Facebook to block a lawsuit, regarding a massive 2018 data breach, has been shot down.
Iran Targeting U.S. With Destructive Wipers, Warns DHS
The Department of Homeland Security is warning that U.S. agencies are being targeted by Iranian-backed cyberattacks with destructive wiper malware.
The Modern-Day Heist: IP Theft Techniques That Enable Attackers
There's more than one way to get inside a company.
MobOk Malware Hides in Photo Editors on Google Play, Siphons Cash
Pink Camera apps secretly signed users up for premium subscription services.
Microsoft Outlook for Android Open to XSS Attacks
A spoofing bug (CVE-2019-1105) can open the door to an email attack chain.
Podcast: Dating App Privacy and NASA Cyberattack
The Threatpost team discusses the top news of the week - from a NASA cyberincident to dating app privacy issues.
Mozilla Fixes Second Actively-Exploited Firefox Flaw
Mozilla has patched a second actively-exploited vulnerability in Firefox this week.
Millions of Dell PCs Vulnerable to Flaw in Third-Party Component
A component in SupportAssist software pre-installed on Dell PCs - and other OEM devices - opens systems up to DLL hijacking attacks.
Match, Tinder Swipe Right For Privacy Red Flags, Say Experts
Analysts at ProPrivacy say the dating apps collect everything from chat content to financial data on their users -- and then they share it.
Post-Ransomware Attack, Florida City Pays $600K
Riviera Beach, a Florida city, is coughing up $600,000 to hackers after a ransomware attack brought down its computer systems.
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