Microsoft’s Latest Patch Hoses Some Antivirus Software
McAfee, Sophos and Avast are among the antivirus software suites impacted.
Three-Fourths of Consumers Don’t Trust Facebook, Threatpost Poll Finds
On the heels of several Facebook data privacy snafus this week - and over the past year - users no longer trust the platform.
Insecure Ride App Database Leaks Data of 300K Iranian Drivers
A researcher said that millions of records were leaking 300,000 Tap30 drivers' names, ID numbers and phone numbers.
Weather Channel Knocked Off-Air in Dangerous Precedent
The incident was the work of malicious cyberattackers.
Shopify Flaw Exposed Thousands of Merchants’ Revenue, Traffic Numbers
The flaw, which existed in a Shopify API endpoint, has been patched.
Poll: Facebook Harvests Email Contacts for 1.5M Users – Is Enough, Enough?
Take our short poll on how far Facebook can push its luck.
Easter Attack Affects Half a Billion Apple iOS Users via Chrome Bug
The U.S-focused eGobbler malvertising attacks are exploiting an unpatched Google Chrome bug.
Cisco Patches Critical Flaw In ASR 9000 Routers
The flaw could enable an unauthenticated, remote attacker to access the devices, Cisco said.
Ubiquitous Bug Allows HIPAA-Protected Malware to Hide Behind Medical Images
The ubiquitous nature of the flaw opens the door for rapidly spreading, crippling cyberattacks.
Researchers: Facebook’s Data-Leveraging Scandal Puts Users on Notice
After a report revealed that Facebook used user data to leverage its relationships with other companies, researchers are stressing that both firms and users need to re-assess data privacy.
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