Dark Reading: Attacks/Breaches
Failing Toward Zero: Why Your Security Needs to Fail to Get Better
Each security incident should lead to a successive reduction in future incidences of the same type. Organizations that fail toward zero embrace failure and learn from their mistakes.
Look Beyond the 'Big 5' in Cyberattacks
Don't ignore cyber operations outside US and European interests, researcher says. We can learn a lot from methods used by attackers that aren't among the usual suspects.
How Ransomware Defense Is Evolving With Ransomware Attacks
As data exfiltration threats and bigger ransom requests become the norm, security professionals are advancing from the basic "keep good backups" advice.
CISA Warns of Holiday Online Shopping Scams
The agency urges shoppers to be cautious of fraudulent websites, unsolicited emails, and unencrypted financial transactions.
US Treasury's OFAC Ransomware Advisory: Navigating the Gray Areas
Leveraging the right response strategy, following the regulations, and understanding the ransom entity are the fundamentals in any ransomware outbreak.
What's in Store for Privacy in 2021
Changes are coming to the privacy landscape, including more regulations and technologies.
Printers' Cybersecurity Threats Too Often Ignored
Remote workforce heightens the need to protect printing systems against intrusion and compromise.
Ransomware Grows Easier to Spread, Harder to Block
Researchers illustrate the evolution toward more complete and effective ransomware attacks designed to cripple target organizations.
Manchester United Suffers Cyberattack
Premier League soccer club says the attack didn't affect its website and app, and it doesn't appears to have exposed any fan or customer data either.
Chinese APT Group Returns to Target Catholic Church & Diplomatic Groups
APT group TA416 reemerges with new changes to its documented tool sets so it can continue launching espionage campaigns.
3 Steps CISOs Can Take to Convey Strategy for Budget Presentations
Answering these questions will help CISOs define a plan and take the organization in a positive direction.
How Retailers Can Fight Fraud and Abuse This Holiday Season
Online shopping will be more popular than ever with consumers... and with malicious actors too.
Security Pros Push for More Pervasive Threat Modeling
With the release of the "Threat Modeling Manifesto," a group of 16 security professionals hope to prompt more companies to consider the threats to software.
Iowa Hospital Alerts 60K Individuals Affected by June Data Breach
The data breach began with a compromised employee email account.
Cybercriminals Get Creative With Google Services
Attacks take advantage of popular services, including Google Forms and Google Docs.
2021 Cybersecurity Spending: How to Maximize Value
This is a pivotal moment for CISOs. As their influence increases, so does the pressure for them to make the right decisions.
As Businesses Move to Multicloud Approach, Ransomware Follows
The average US company uses 16 cloud services, but only a third of IT professional believe their security measures have kept up with the change.
How to Identify Cobalt Strike on Your Network
Common antivirus systems frequently miss Cobalt Strike, a stealthy threat emulation toolkit admired by red teams and attackers alike.
Researchers Say They've Developed Fastest Open Source IDS/IPS
With a five-processor core, "Pigasus" delivers the same performance as a system with between 100 and 700 cores, according to a team from Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab.
EFF, Security Experts Condemn Politicization of Election Security
Open letter, signed by high-profile security professionals and organizations, urges White House to "reverse course and support election security."
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