Dark Reading: Attacks/Breaches
How to Mitigate Against Domain Credential Theft
Attackers routinely reuse stolen domain credentials. Here are some ways to thwart their access.
Cisco Plans to Create 'Premium' SecureX Offering With Kenna Security Features
Executives from Cisco share insights on the networking giant's ambitious security strategy.
Latest Security News From RSAC 2021
Check out Dark Reading's updated, exclusive coverage of the news and security themes that are dominating RSA Conference 2021.
DarkSide Ransomware Variant Targets Disk Partitions
A newly discovered DarkSide ransomware variant can detect and compromise partitioned hard drives, researchers report.
47% of Criminals Buying Exploits Target Microsoft Products
Researchers examine English- and Russian-language underground exploits to track how exploits are advertised and sold.
DDoS Attacks Up 31% in Q1 2021: Report
If pace continues, DDoS attack activity could surpass last year's 10-million attack threshold.
Rapid7 Is the Latest Victim of a Software Supply Chain Breach
Security vendor says attackers accessed some of its source code using a previously compromised Bash Uploader script from Codecov.
Name That Toon: Road Trip
Feeling creative£ Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
Security Trends to Follow at RSA Conference 2021
Here are three key categories of sessions that provide an inside look at some of today's most interesting cybersecurity trends.
85% of Data Breaches Involve Human Interaction: Verizon DBIR
Ransomware, phishing, and Web application attacks all increased during a year in which the majority of attacks involved a human element.
Dragos & IronNet Partner on Critical Infrastructure Security
The IT and OT security providers will integrate solutions aimed at improving critical infrastructure security
When AI Becomes the Hacker
Bruce Schneier explores the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) systems gone rogue in society.
Adapting to the Security Threat of Climate Change
Business continuity plans that address natural and manmade disasters can help turn a cataclysmic business event into a minor slowdown.
Defending the Castle: How World History Can Teach Cybersecurity a Lesson
Cybersecurity attackers follow the same principles practiced in warfare for millennia. They show up in unexpected places, seeking out portions of an organization's attack surface that are largely unmonitored and undefended.
Despite Heightened Breach Fears, Incident Response Capabilities Lag
Many organizations remain unprepared to detect, respond, and contain a breach, a new survey shows.
Putting the Spotlight on DarkSide
Incident responders share insight on the DarkSide ransomware group connected to the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.
66% of CISOs Feel Unprepared for Cyberattacks
More than half of CISOs surveyed are more concerned about a cyberattack in 2021 than in 2020, researchers report.
Vulnerable Protocols Leave Firms Open to Further Compromises
Companies may no longer have Internet-facing file servers or weakly secured Web servers, but attackers that get by the perimeter have a wide-open landscape of vulnerability.
Hashes, Salts, and Rainbow Tables: Confessions of a Password Cracker
Understanding a few basics about how password crackers think and behave could help you keep your users safer.
Why You Should Be Prepared to Pay a Ransom
Companies that claim they'll never pay up in a ransomware attack are more likely to get caught flat-footed.
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