Dark Reading:
Microsoft Uses Machine Learning to Predict Attackers' Next Steps
Researchers build a model to attribute attacks to specific groups based on tactics, techniques and procedures, and then figure out their next move.
New Malware Downloader Spotted in Targeted Campaigns
Saint Bot is being used to drop stealers on compromised systems but could be used to deliver any malware.
Wake Up and Smell the JavaScript
The SolarWinds attack showed the true meaning of a supply chain breach. And it's the canary in the coal mine for sensitive data on the Web.
Omdia Research Spotlight: XDR
Few emerging cybersecurity market segments are garnering more attention than XDR. Here, Omdia highlights its recent research on XDR.
Unofficial Android App Store APKPure Infected With Malware
The APKPure app store was infected with malware that can download Trojans to other Android devices, researchers report.
CISA Launches New Threat Detection Dashboard
Aviary is a new dashboard that works with CISA's Sparrow threat detection tool.
Battle for the Endpoint
How to build a new cyber strategy for 2021 and beyond.
8 Security & Privacy Apps to Share With Family and Friends
Mobile apps to recommend to the people in your life who want to improve their online security and privacy.
Women Are Facing an Economic Crisis & the Cybersecurity Industry Can Help
Investing in women's cybersecurity careers can bring enormous benefits and help undo some of the significant economic damage wrought by the pandemic.
Zoom Joins Microsoft Teams on List of Enterprise Tools Hacked at Pwn2Own
White-hat hacking event shows yet again why there's no such thing as foolproof security against modern attacks.
Fraudsters Use HTML Legos to Evade Detection in Phishing Attack
Criminals stitch pieces of HTML together and hide them in JavaScript files, researchers report.
600K Payment Card Records Leaked After Swarmshop Breach
A leaked database also contains the nicknames, hashed passwords, contact details, and activity history of Swarmshop admins, sellers, and buyers.
Handcuffs Over AI: Solving Security Challenges With Law Enforcement
We've tried everything else ... now it's time to make the prospect of getting caught -- and punished -- a real deterrent to cybercrime.
SecOps and DevOps: From Cooperation to Automation
Omdia Principal Analyst Eric Parizo discusses the major obstacles SecOps organizations face as they seek to build ties with DevOps teams, and offers a programmatic approach to help create a path toward DevSecOps.
Did 4 Major Ransomware Groups Truly Form a Cartel£
An analysis of well-known extortion groups and their cryptocurrency transactions reveals the answer.
Voice-Changing Software Found on APT Attackers' Server
Security researchers believe the presence of Morph Vox Pro could indicate APT-C-23 has new plans for their phishing campaigns.
Cring Ransomware Used in Attacks on European Industrial Firms
Attackers exploited a vulnerability in Fortigate VPN servers to gain access to target networks, researchers report.
Fortune 500 Security Shows Progress and Pitfalls
Fortune 500 companies have improved on email security and vulnerability disclosure programs but struggle in asset management and high-risk services.
Rethinking Cyberattack Response: Prevention & Preparedness
The SolarWinds incident is the starkest reminder yet that complacency can exact a terrible price.
5 Ways to Transform Your Phishing Defenses Right Now
By transforming how you approach phishing, you can break the phishing kill chain and meaningfully reduce your business risk.
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