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News about Gianni Bini
New from Gianni Bini, single Keep You (Anyway I Can), a collaboration with The Rituals.
News about Captain Hollywood
Captain Hollywood just won a Lifetime Frankie award
News about Carlo Fath
Carl Fath's song I Don't Know, featuring former T-Spoon singer Greg Dillard, will be released as a single. It was originally included on compilation Na Balada 13 12 years ago.
News about Vengaboys
Vengaboys' hit We're Going to Ibiza tops the charts again in Austria, as it became the hymn of anti-far right protesters after a scandal leading to vice-chancelor resign.
News about Alexandra Prince
Alexandra Prince announced a new collaboration, this time with the Daft Punk
News about Frank Bulow
Frank Bülow (Culture Beat, Linda M, ATC) is planning to release on May 24th a new album entitled Von Pop Poeten and Moneten. First single from album will be called Das nächste große Ding.
News about Felicia Uwaje
A new remixes package for Tom Civic featuring formar Bass Bumpers singer Felicia Uwaje will be soon released.
News about Savage
Savage will release a 35th Anniversary Remix package for Magic Carillon.
News about Rios de Gloria
Discover the videoclip for Rios de Gloria's new single Vete.
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Shimon Ohana just released a new flashback for the month dedicated to May 1994
News about DJ Sonic Elite
DJ Sonic Elite will release his first single Party Vsetko Napravi from current album Poriadne Pecky on June 13th
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