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New JConcepts Big Bore Shock Limiter and Up-Travel Kit
Up and down travel are huge adjustments, with one taking place outside the shock and another, inside the shock. JConcepts has refined lightweight injection molded spacers in multiple increments to make solid vehicle adjustments.
IFMAR ISTC 2022 World Championships Stage 2 Report
Take a look at this article to download the stage two report for the IFMAR ISTC 2022 World Championships.
Greiner Wins 2022 EFRA 1/8th IC Track European Championships
Dominic Greiner has battled his way from last place in the main final to take his second EFRA European Championship of 2022.
Flashback Friday: 2020 Mugen Challenge Nitro Buggy Main
The annual Mugen Challenge held at LCRC Raceway takes place next week, to get ready for the event check out the Expert Buggy A-Main from 2020 posted by RCJerz.
New JConcepts RM2 T-Shirt
The time has come for the product under the careful eye of Ryan Maifield to have a proper JConcepts t-shirt in the lineup. Ryan Maifield Momentum (RM2) has a variety of products ranging from fluids to vehicle stands, all the way to camber gauges.
New MXLR On-Road Flex Bumpers
The MXLR FlexBumper is 3D printed with thermoplastic polyurethane for the optimal strength and flexibility.
New Team Xray X1'23 Kit
Check out the presentation for the Team Xray X1'23.
New Exotek CB6 B6.3 Carpet Chassis Conversion
Co-developed with John Cravotta, Exotek Racing brings to you the next evolution of carpet chassis that has been secretly dominating a few East Coast tracks.
New Exotek F1Ultra CW Chassis Conversion
The new Exotek CW (Carpet Works) F1Ultra chassis set is designed for maximum performance on carpet tracks.
New STRC Enduro Machined Aluminum Option Parts
These new STRC aluminum option parts for the Trailrunner/Knightrunner will help improve the durability and precision of the steering assembly and improve the durability around the front gearbox of the Trailrunner/Knightrunner.
2022 BRCA 1/10th Scale Off-Road Championships R5 Report
The 2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships has been absolutely thrilling so far this year with five rounds now done and just one to go. Round 5 of the series was hosted by TORCH a few miles outside of Southampton.
2022 Peach State Classic Announcement
The Georgia Peach State Classic is coming to Rabun Arena in Tiger Georgia on September 16-18 2022.
New Team Xray Composite 1/8th Scale Wings
Team Xray has released new composite 1/8th scale weeks for mounting further forward than before.
New Sinaracing P10w Evo2 Front End
The new Sinaracing front end for Roche P10w Evo2 is now available on their website.
New Sworkz S35-4 Higher Capacity Shock Kits
From the limited Elliott Boots Edition Shock Conversion Kit, the SWORKz design team has made more improvements with the latest Arched-Bridge-System.
New Donathen RC 2mm and 4mm Bullet Connectors
Donathen RC has released two new bullet connectors including an all new 2mm design and a matching 4mm connector.
New JConcepts Flag/Light Bucket/Bump Stop Accessory Kit
JConcepts is bringing more fun accessories to market in a variety pack featuring some of the most sought-after items for finishing off a look or identity. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, flags, and lights were on just about every custom truck on the road.
New VP-Pro RC8B4e Body
VP-PRO is excited to launch the latest body shell made for the RC8 B4E 1/8th scale buggy.
Dog Days RC Series Returns
The Dog Days RC crew has been busy planning a comeback tour after ending the race series in 2019 and was made official during an announcement made during a Facebook Live video held on August 4th, 2022.
New Tekno RC NB48 2.1 Spare and Option Parts
Tekno RC is pleased to announce that spare parts for their newest kit, the NB48 2.1, are now available through and their dealer network!
Industry Analytics: Weekly Stats [8/3 - 8/10]
This week in the LiveTime Scoring System, RC racing had just under 10,000 entries which seems to be about the average for the summer months. #IndustryAnalytics
2022 FRCC Round 4 Podiums
The 4th round of the Florida RC Championships Series took place this past weakend at Dean's All Out RC in Apopka, Florida, check out all the podiums here.
New Reedy Charge Leads
Reedy's new charge leads are the ideal solution for enthusiasts that want to step up from the basic leads that are included with most chargers.
Hooks Joins Protek RC Pro Team
AMain Hobbies is pleased to announce the signing of Tyler Hooks to a multi-year contract to be a member of its ProTek RC Pro Race Team.
OS Engines Adam Drake AD3 Engine
O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3 (AD3) is developed in collaboration with O.S. Speed. By adopting a boost bypass processing for the crankcase, the engine runs more smoothly, and making it even easier to drive.
2022 RC Pro North Round 3 Results
Check out the results from the 3rd round of the 2022 RC Pro North Off-Road Series held at Indy RC World this past weekend.
Ran Out of Talent: Episode 107
On this episode of Ran Out of Talent, Joe and Joey talk about some race results, upcoming local races, Joe 3 (Joe's son) building his first buggy, and they answer listener questions.
New Mibo Accessories Brand From Mibosport
MIBO is ready to release their own range of professional RC products.
Harris and Drake Split Wins at Hot August Showdown
Steve Harris took Nitro Buggy with Adam Drake taking Ebuggy at the 2022 Hot August Showdown.
Wings and Wing Height Options With The Drake [VIDEO]
Adam Drake has taken some time this week to talk about wing options and wing height.
Top25rc Ranking Following 2022 Wicked Weekend
Top25rc has released the updated ranking list following the 2022 Wicked Weekend.
Rheinard Wins German TC Nationals 2022
Marc Rheinard took the win at the 2022 German Touring Car Nationals ahead of Ronald Volker and Christopher Krapp.
New Moto Obscura Mini-B/T 2.0 Slipper Eliminator
Moto Obscura has released a lightweight Slipper Eliminator kit for the popular Losi Mini-T 2.0 / Mini-B platform.
2022 Swedish On-Road Cup Round 4 Results
The fourth round of the Swedish Cup for the classes 1/8th and 1/10th on-road, as well as Electric TC, was held at the beautiful facilities of Lidkopings RC Klubb.
MW RC Products Reds 521 Sport Ceramic Special Edition
Together with Engine supplier Reds Racing, MW RC Products made a top Racing engine with a unbelievable price.
Bub's Backyard Battle Announcement
The Bub's Backyard Battle will take place on August 21st and is an RCOL qualifying event.
Full IFMAR 1/8th Worlds Driver List as of August 2022
IFMAR has released the full driver list for the 2022 1/8th scale off-road worlds in Spain as of August.
New Redcat SixtyFour Special Edition Dixxon Flannel Co.
Since its release, the Redcat SixtyFour has exploded in popularity among RC hobbyists as well as full-scale lowrider communities. Because of its success, a fellow Arizona-based business, DIXXON Flannel Co., has taken an interest.
ROAR Announces 2022 IFMAR Off-Road Worlds Team
ROAR has confirmed the final World Championship team for IFMAR 1/8 IC Track. This fuel buggy world championship will be held in Spain on September (4-11).
New Team Associated B74 FT LTC Differential Gears
New from Factory Team are LTC (low torque capacity) gear sets for the RC10B74 series buggies.
New Team Xray X4 Roll Center Spacers
Xray has released new roll center spacers for the X4 line of touring cars.
New S-Workz S35-4 Rear Arm Anchored Bridge System
Sworkz has released their new Anchored Bridge system for the S35-4 series buggies which include rear arms, shock bodies, C and D blocks, and rear towers.
New Hudy On-Road Starter Box Bag
Hudy's newest release is a stylish hard case for the Hudy on-road starter box in size 325x125x89mm.
New Team Xray XB2 Graphite Steering Plates
Team Xray has released new graphite steering plates for the XB2 which allow for more finite adjustments.
New Picco Oval Venturi
Picco has released a new oval Venturi option for .21 sized engines to help with smoother acceleration and fuel consumption.
Industry Analytics: Weekly Stats [7/27 - 8/03]
Just under 11,000 entries raced this weekend in the Livetime Scoring System with 1/10th scale off-road leading the way ahead of oval and 1/8th scale off-road.
New Avid RC Truss 1/8th Scale Black Truck Wheels
Avid has released the popular Truss 1/8th scale truck wheel in black to provide another color option.
Air Filter Mounting With The Drake [VIDEO]
Adam Drake took some time this week to show how he mounts his air filter assemblies and the pros/cons between oiled and dry filters.
Tru-Form/RaceCraft 2022 Worlds Collab Special Edition T-Shirt
Tru-Form and Racecraft have collaborated on a limited release T-Shirt to commemorate the 2022 IFMAR Worlds in Spain.
New Team Associated FT Shock Shaft Multi-Tool Pliers
Building and maintaining your Team Associated kit has never been easier with the new FT Shock Shaft Multi-Tool Pliers.
2022 BRCA 1/8th Electric Nationals R4 Results
Check out the top 3 podium from the 4th round of the 2022 BRCA 1/8th Scale Ebuggy series.
Greiner Wins The 2022 1/10th IC On-Road Euros
Your winner of the 2022 1/10th IC On Road European Championship is Dominic Greiner.
New SRT T1 High Torque HV Brushless Programable Servos
SRT announces the launch of the new T1 high-torque series products, namely T65 and T75,  which can provide more than 55 - 70.0 kg-cm of torque and 0.12 - 0.065sec response speed.
2022 Wicked Weekend Podium Pictures
This past weekend Racetime Entertainment hosted the Wicked Weekend, check out all of the podiums from the 2022 event.
New LSB Asphalt Touring Car Tire Additive
LSB has introduced their brand new additive for 1/10 Touring Car.
New Hudy Hard Case Starter Box Holder
Hudy has released a new super-stylish exclusive hard case for Hudy starter box off-road in size 355x150x109mm.
Ran Out of Talent: Episode 106
On this episode of Ran Out of Talent, Joe and Joey talk about this past weekend at the MNRC, the Visions race, and the new boat racing pond in Minnesota!
New TPro LiHV 4800mah 2S Shorty Pack
A new TPRO 4800mAh 120C 2S HV Lipo has been added to the TPRO battery range.
Amain Hobbies 2022 Silver Dollar Raceway September Events
AMain Hobbies is announcing a pair of races coming to its Silver Dollar RC Raceway in Chico, CA in September.
New SMJ Brass M4 Flanged Wheel Nuts
SMJ has released high-precision serrated flange wheel nuts machined from brass material.
2022 Scotty Ernst Straight Line Showdown Winners [VIDEO]
Take a look at all the winners from the 2022 Scotty Ernst Straight Line Showdown and huge congratulations to the big winner and Queen of the Street Lindsay Murphy.
New VP-Pro XB4'22 Body
VP-PRO‘s latest body shell made for the XB4 2022 1/10th scale buggy has landed.
New Donathen RC Standard and Magnetic Accessory Charging Cables
Donathen RC would like to announce their new v2 Fast Charging Phone Cables.
Starter Box Alignment With The Drake [VIDEO]
Check out a tutorial on starter box setup and alignment from Adam Drake.
New Tekno RC NB48 2.1 Nitro Buggy Kit
Tekno RC is finally ready to release all the information on the new NB48 2.1 Nitro Buggy Kit.
New Team Xray LSM XB8 Rear Arms
Check out the product information on the new Team Xray XB8 LSM rear arms as well as a video from Ty Tessmann explaining why and how to use the arms.
New JConcepts B6.4 S2 Body
JConcepts is releasing the ever popular S2 body for the new Team Associated B6.4 platform.
Pro-Motion RC Introduction
Check out the information regarding all new tire manufacturer, Pro-Motion RC.
Top25rc Driver Rankings Following Visions
Check out the new Top25rc driver rankings following the inaugural Visions RC Race.
New Team Associated RC8B4 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower
This new Team Associated RC8B4 FT carbon fiber front shock tower is ideal for reducing weight and lowering the overall CG of the vehicle, especially when used in combination with #81506 FT rear shock tower.
New JConcepts Nessi Pre-Mount Carpet/Turf Tires
The Nessi tire, shares styling cues from its successful brother, the Lockness, and now is available as a pre-mounted option.
The Dawn of snagRC introduces a new dedicated radio control platform for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, racers, and enthusiasts to buy and sell new and used R/C items.
SidoXSido Teams Up With Whitz Racing Products
Check out a little bit about the connection between Arrow McLaren SP, SidoXSido and Whitz RC Racing.
New HRC 540 Sized Motor Heat Sink
The HRC Racing Freezer heat sink is easily connected to the receiver of your model.
New Ultimate Racing MTS Engine
Check out the new 3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate MTS Ceramic Competition Engine.
New Donathen RC Double Ended Power Supply Cable
DRC would like to announce that Donathen RC is now offering a double ended power supply cable.
New Pro-Line Racing Fox SCX6 Shock Caps
Upgrade your SCX6 with Pro-Line's first FOX branded accessory, new precision machined aluminum shock caps.
Team Xray RX8'23 Presentation
Check out the presentation on the all new Team Xray RX8'23.
New Whitz Racing HyperMod 7.0T Motor
The Brand New #WhitzRacing Products HyperMod 7.0 Modified Motor is a DIRT OVAL RACER'S Dream Motor.
New Team Yokomo RPX3 Speed Control
The new RPX speed controller is finally here! The "RPX3" is the new flagship model that surpasses the performance of the previous RPX speed controller from Team Yokomo.
2022 1/10th Scale UK Nationals R4 Results
The Stotfold Model Car Club was the host for round 4 of the 2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships on the weekend of July 16th and 17th. Find the report here.
New Pro-Line Racing 1.9" Toyo Open Country Tires
Pro-Line is proud to announce the first off-road tire in our partnership with Toyo, the Open Country R/T!
New Mon-Tech Racing TC Evo2 Body
The new Mon-Tech Racing EVO2 body shell was developed with the aim of improving the performance of current TC cars.
Whitz Racing Products Sweet Sixteen Thousand Dollar Challenge
Whitz Racing Products is excited to bring the opportunity for what may be the largest payday in R/C Drag Racing event history with the “Whitz Racing Products Sweet Sixteen Thousand Dollar Challenge”.
2022 Eco Power Servo Line
Versatility, durability, reliability, and at a great price: that’s the easiest and most succinct way to describe the 2022 line of EcoPower servos.
2022 TORC Round 3 Results
Check out the results from the 3rd round of the 2022 TORC Series.
New Mon-Tech Racing Pit Mat
Mon-Tech Racing has released a new black pit mat made of polyester that is washable, light, and practical for travel use.
New Xtreme Racing Traxxas Sledge Carbon Towers
Xtreme Racing has released Traxxas Sledge carbon fiber front and rear shock towers.
JConcepts West Coast Carpet Championships Sign-Ups Open
The 2nd Annual Jconcepts West Coast Carpet Championships presented by Joe Pillars is open for sign ups.The race is held Oct 7-9 at PDX RC Underground in Portland Or.
New STRC Brass and Aluminum Element Option Parts
STRC's new line of aluminum and brass option parts for the Element Enduro Trailrunner/Knightrunner will help add weight to beneficial areas of your rig to improve stability and climbing performance while increasing durability.
2022 Slovak Nationals R5 Report
The 5th round of the Slovakian championship is history and took place on the track in Nemsova.
New Team Xray XB4 7 Degree Caster Blocks and Spindles
Team Xray has released a new 7 degree caster block and spindle set for the XB4 4wd.
New Trinity Revtech Eliminator 10,000mah Drag Pack
Trinity/Revtech is happy to announce the all new Eliminator X 10000 MAH 2s6p battery. Being built in this configuration means that there is less voltage sag and more power available to you.
Kaerup Joins Ruddog Racing
Marcus Kaerup has joined the RUDDOG Racing team!
Adam Drake: Engine Torque Specs
Adam Drake took some time to talk about torque specs on OS Engine engine screws.
New Team Destiny RX-10SR 3.0 Product [VIDEO]
Check out the first product video with images of the completed Team Destiny RX-10SR 3.0 touring car.
New VP Pro XB8'22 Body
VP-PRO is excited to launch the latest body shell made for the XB8 2022 1/8th scale buggy.
Avid RC Introduces New Koswork Products
Avid RC is ready to introduce a new line of Koswork bags, pit caddies, and nitro accessories into the US market!
New LRP Antix S8 Rebel BX3 RTR
As the next vehicle in the ANTIX by LRP series, the LRP team is proud to present the S8 Rebel BX3 in the RTR version.
2022 Visions Off-Road Championships: Podium Pictures
The 2022 Visions Off-Road Championships brought the action and the suspense, check out all the podiums from the first ever event held at Mid-America Outdoors.
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