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Inability to phosphorylate Y88 of p27Kip1 enforces reduced p27 protein levels and accelerates leukemia progression
Evidence supporting that the attribution of first success in use of arsenic for the treatment of leukaemia should be to David Lissauer (1836–1892)
Inhibition of mitochondrial complex I reverses NOTCH1-driven metabolic reprogramming in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
PU.1 and MYC transcriptional network defines synergistic drug responses to KIT and LSD1 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia
Clinicobiological characteristics and treatment efficacy of novel agents in chronic lymphocytic leukemia with IGLV3-21R110
Pediatric T-ALL type-1 and type-2 relapses develop along distinct pathways of clonal evolution
Mutant IL7R collaborates with MYC to induce T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
The absent/low expression of CD34 in NPM1-mutated AML is not related to cytoplasmic dislocation of NPM1 mutant protein
Idelalisib activates AKT via increased recruitment of PI3Kδ/PI3Kβ to BCR signalosome while reducing PDK1 in post-therapy CLL cells
Co-variates associated with outcomes of tyrosine kinase-inhibitor therapy in persons with chronic myeloid leukaemia initially presenting in accelerated phase
Impact of donor kinship on non-T-cell depleted haploidentical stem cell transplantation with post transplantation cyclophosphamide for acute leukemia: From the ALWP of the EBMT
Oncogenetic landscape of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphomas compared to T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Dual targeting of IKAROS and MENIN in MLL-r AML
Pre-diagnostic trajectories of lymphocytosis predict time to treatment and death in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Germline mutations in mitochondrial complex I reveal genetic and targetable vulnerability in IDH1-mutant acute myeloid leukaemia
Improved outcomes of single-unit cord blood transplantation for acute myeloid leukemia by killer immunoglobulin-like receptor 2DL1-ligand mismatch
Detoxified pneumolysin derivative ΔA146Ply inhibits autophagy and induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells by activating mTOR signaling
Ivosidenib combination improves OS
Gut microbiota regulates acute myeloid leukaemia via alteration of intestinal barrier function mediated by butyrate
IKAROS and MENIN coordinate therapeutically actionable leukemogenic gene expression in MLL-r acute myeloid leukemia
The scaffold protein NEDD9 is necessary for leukemia-cell migration and disease progression in a mouse model of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
CCL22 mutations drive natural killer cell lymphoproliferative disease by deregulating microenvironmental crosstalk
Somatic FOXC1 insertion mutation remodels the immune microenvironment and promotes the progression of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Increased expression of RUNX3 inhibits normal human myeloid development
Impact of conditioning regimen intensity on outcomes of second allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for secondary acute myelogenous leukemia
Loss of SIRT1 inhibits hematopoietic stem cell aging and age-dependent mixed phenotype acute leukemia
Allogeneic TCRαβ deficient CAR T-cells targeting CD123 in acute myeloid leukemia
Targeting CD123 in blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm using allogeneic anti-CD123 CAR T cells
Development of [211At]astatine-based anti-CD123 radioimmunotherapy for acute leukemias and other CD123+ malignancies
Cystine uptake inhibition potentiates front-line therapies in acute myeloid leukemia
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