Myeloma : subject feeds
The aspartyl protease DDI2 drives adaptation to proteasome inhibition in multiple myeloma
Cytogenetic testing by fluorescence in situ hybridization is improved by plasma cell sorting in multiple myeloma
Supporting the gastrointestinal microenvironment during high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation by inhibiting IL-1 signaling with anakinra
KRD vs. VRD as induction before autologous hematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation for high-risk multiple myeloma
Impact of body mass index (BMI) on the efficacy of plerixafor for hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) mobilization
Unsupervised machine learning improves risk stratification in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: an analysis of the Spanish Myeloma Group
Plasma cell-free RNA profiling distinguishes cancers from pre-malignant conditions in solid and hematologic malignancies
Adding bendamustine to melphalan before ASCT improves CR rate in myeloma vs. melphalan alone: A randomized phase-2 trial
Nutrition perceptions, needs and practices among patients with plasma cell disorders
Exploring racial disparities in treatment patterns and outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma using real world data
CS1 CAR-T targeting the distal domain of CS1 (SLAMF7) shows efficacy in high tumor burden myeloma model despite fratricide of CD8+CS1 expressing CAR-T cells
Daratumumab plus lenalidomide/bortezomib/dexamethasone in Black patients with transplant-eligible newly diagnosed multiple myeloma in GRIFFIN
Combining CAR T cells effective in RRMM
Correction: Tracking daratumumab clearance using mass spectrometry: implications on M protein monitoring and reusing daratumumab
Autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma patients with chronic kidney disease: a safe and effective option
Cutaneous manifestations of monoclonal gammopathy
Success of the autologous stem cell boost after autologous graft failure in multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis
Identification and validation of ecto-5' nucleotidase as an immunotherapeutic target in multiple myeloma
Body mass index and risk of progression from monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance to multiple myeloma: Results from the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial
The impact of G-CSF alone vs G-CSF and cyclophosphamide mobilisation on autograft immune cell content in multiple myeloma
Induction therapy prior to autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: an update
SUMOylation inhibition enhances multiple myeloma sensitivity to lenalidomide
Autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation for myeloma patients with hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus in the era of novel agents
LocoMMotion: a prospective, non-interventional, multinational study of real-life current standards of care in patients with relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma
Extramedullary disease in multiple myeloma: a systematic literature review
Impact of maintenance therapy post autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma in early and delayed transplant
secDrug: a pipeline to discover novel drug combinations to kill drug-resistant multiple myeloma cells using a greedy set cover algorithm and single-cell multi-omics
A drug repurposing strategy for overcoming human multiple myeloma resistance to standard-of-care treatment
NEDD4L binds the proteasome and promotes autophagy and bortezomib sensitivity in multiple myeloma
The m6A reader IGF2BP3 promotes acute myeloid leukemia progression by enhancing RCC2 stability
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