Chris Hayes Says “Confront and Destroy” The American People
Establishment talking head pushes anti-American propaganda
Comey Embedded Secret Agent in White House To Spy On Trump — Report
Revelation comes ahead of much-anticipated Inspector General report into FBI abuses
Leaked Docs Show Huawei Secretly Built Up North Korea’s Wireless Phone Network – Report
White House concerned with tech giant's foothold in US tech
Why Powell Fears a Gold Standard
Although Trump himself is not calling for a gold-pegged dollar, one of his nominees to the Fed Board of Governors is
Will Persian Gulf ‘Tanker War’ Become a Shooting War?
Will Trump continue to follow his neocon advisors down the road to a failed presidency?
Live Show: As War with Iran Looms, Deep State Attempts to Crash US Economy
The global quickening is upon us, and we are all in this together! Watch live!
Flashback! Alex Jones is Right: China is the Threat, and it May be Too Late
Alex Jones has been very spot on regarding the threat communist China poses to our future and our way of life
Exclusive: Gulf Cartel Leader Caught Sneaking Across Texas Border
Illegally entered the country in a remote rural area
Pirates Storm Korean Ship In The Singapore Strait; Steal Cash, Clothes And Shoes
Two people sustained minor injuries
Millions Of Barrels Of Iranian Crude Are Piling Up At Chinese Ports
Any nation "caught" importing Iranian crude would, presumably, be in violation of Iranian sanctions
Watch Live: Bloody Civil War Looms In South Africa, Coming Soon To The USA
Can Americans stop the racial division being pushed by mainstream media and establishment politicians?
MSNBC: The Word “Trump” Is A “Modern-day Swastika”
The MAGA hat "is the new Nazi symbol."
Algerian Soccer Fans: “France Used to Colonize Us, But Today We Colonize Them”
Another clip shows two French women being harassed & robbed
Trump Says Iran’s Claim it Captured CIA Spies is ‘Totally False’
More lies, propaganda from Tehran, President says
South Bend Cops Warn of ‘Mass Exodus’ as Morale Tanks Over Buttigieg Handling of Shooting
2020 Dem hopeful ruining his home city
Thousands Join Protests Demanding Puerto Rico’s Governor Resign
Unrest building since 2017 hurricane
New York City Hit by Another Power Outage
Thousands without power in Brooklyn
Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office
A total 205 miles of new and replacement barrier has been funded in the two and a half years since Trump took office
At Least 14 Illegal Aliens Amongst 22 MS-13 Gang Members Charged with Murderous Machete Attacks
Records obtained by Breitbart News confirms that of the 22 MS-13 gang members charged with the vicious murders, at least 14 came to the U.S. as illegal aliens
Creator of ‘Storm Area 51’ Movement Fears Event Could Lead to ‘Military Base Slaughter’
"It started out as just a pure stroke of imagination, just funny."
‘We are stronger together’: Hillary invokes campaign slogan during Atlanta speech
Clinton called it an “out of date notion” that some people can be “more American” than others
Vanity Fair: ‘Prominent Republicans’ Think Jeffrey Epstein ‘Was A Mossad Agent’
How many prominent politicians do they think our "greatest ally" has blackmail on?
The U.S. Is Staging Troops At A Key Saudi Military Base That It Used During All Of Our Previous Middle East Wars
Unfortunately, so far only a very small portion of the U.S. population seems alarmed about any of this
Bernie Sanders Mocked For Admitting He Will Have to Cut Staff Hours to Pay Them $15 Minimum Wage
Well, this is awkward
Neuralink: The War Against Humanity Goes Mainstream
Establishment wants to insert Number of the Beast tech straight into your cortex
Live Sunday Show: ‘Confront & Destroy Trump Supporters’ Says MSNBC
Plus, Ilhan Omar comes from a tribe of Somalis still practicing slavery today -- learn what they don't want you to see or hear!
Five Reasons Why Trump Will Lose 2020 Election
Or could WIN if this happens instead!
Watch: V for Vaccine Damage Protest at Comic-Con 2019
Medical freedom! Forever!
Pirro: ‘The Squad’ Knows ‘How to Weaponize Their Hate’
Far-left socialist group 'presents a dangerous assault on everything we hold dear,' she says
Arizona Dem Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Backs Plan to Quickly Deport False Asylum Seekers
Operation Safe Return will remove economic migrants in 2 weeks
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