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Spironolactone Has No Effect on LVM in Hemodialysis Patients
Patients treated with the mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist had a higher frequency of moderate hyperkalemia compared with placebo recipients.
Elevated Phosphate Linked With Mortality in Peritoneal Dialysis
In a new study, patients with serum phosphate levels above 1.78 mmol/L at the start of peritoneal dialysis had a nearly 2-fold increased risk for death.
Study: Dialysis Is a Bigger Mortality Risk Than Some Cancers
Compared with patients on maintenance dialysis, men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer have better unadjusted 5-year survival probabilities.
Shared Decision-Making About Dialysis Initiation Needs to Improve
In a real-world study, patients' preferences did not weigh heavily in clinicians' decisions to initiate dialysis.
Parathyroidectomy-Associated Hyperkalemia Common in HD Patients
Hyperkalemia developed in nearly 67% of hemodialysis patients during or immediately following total parathyroidectomy with autotransplantation for secondary hyperparathyroidism.
Hemodialysis Patients May Benefit by Staying on Loop Diuretics
Patients who remain on loop diuretics after starting hemodialysis (HD) experience lower rates of hospitalization and intradialytic hypotension during the first year on HD, a study found.
VDRAs Do Not Lower Cardiovascular Event Risk in HD
Trial results do not support use of vitamin D receptor activators to prevent cardiovascular events in patients with end-stage renal disease and low intact parathyroid hormone levels.
Multiple Comorbidities in CKD Patients Up Dialysis Initiation Risk
Patients with stage 3-5 chronic kidney disease who have 3 or more comorbidities are 3 times more likely to start dialysis than those with no comorbidities, a study found.
Home Hemodialysis May Offer Better Survival
A study of new dialysis patients showed that home hemodialysis was associated with a 23% decreased risk of death at 1 year compared with in-center hemodialysis.
Hemodialysis Patient Muscle Relaxant Use Tied to Falls, Fracture
Use of muscle relaxants was associated with a 68%, 29%, and 30% increased risk of altered mental status, falls, and fractures, respectively.
Comorbidity Burden in Hemodialysis Population Greater in Women
Higher percentages of women than men on hemodialysis have anemia, infections, hypertension, and diabetes, study finds.
High Mean Corpuscular Volume Ups Death Risk in PD Patients
Peritoneal dialysis patients with MCV of 96 fl or more had a 29% greater risk for early death compared with a reference group.
Higher Magnesium in Hemodialysis Patients Predicts Better Survival
Serum magnesium levels of 2.6 mg/dL or higher at 1 year predict a 52% decreased risk of death from any cause.
Frequent Hemodialysis Improves Serum Phosphate, Left Ventricular Mass
Patients who received hemodialysis 6 times per week instead of 3 showed improvements in biomarkers of mineral metabolism and left ventricular remodeling.
Cardiovascular Event Risk in Dialysis Patients Higher Among Women
In the first year after starting dialysis, women have 16% increased odds of major adverse cardiovascular events compared with men.
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